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Collide summary Collide, series Collide, book Collide, pdf Collide, Collide 7f6f36103a At Ten Years Old, Noah Jameson And Cooper Bradshaw Collided Mid Air When They Dove For The Same Football For Three Years, They Were Inseparable Until One Day When Noah And His Parents Disappeared In The Middle Of The NightNoah And Cooper Never Knew What Happened To Each Other Now, Seventeen Years Later, After Finding His Boyfriend In Bed With Another Man, Noah Returns To Blackcreek Looking For A Fresh Start And Damned If He Doesn T Find His Old Friend Grew Up To Be Sexy As Sin Coop Can T Believe Noah The Only Person He Trusted With The Guilt Over His Parents Death Is Back And Gay Or That Cooper Himself Suddenly Wants Another Man In His Bed For The First Time There S No Denying The Attraction And Emotion Between Them, But Can They Overcome The Ghosts Of Their Pasts To Have A Future Together This Title Contains Two Strong, Sexy Men, And A Passionate Friendship That Transforms Into A Sizzling Hot Romance

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    4 STARS Sweet,sexy M M book.Noah and Cooper were best friends together in their youth.Suddenly,with no explanation Noah and his family leave town.17years later,Noah has decided to move back to his home town after he caught his boyfriend cheating on him.Cooper and Noah literally bump into each other when Cooper accidentally knocks him over in his truck.As Noah has nowhere lined up to live,Cooper offers him,his spare bedroom.They soon fall back into an easy friendship.Cooper is straight.Noah is gay and while he doesn t flaunt his sexuality he s not ashamed of it.One night Cooper catches Noah kissing another man and he struggles with the feelings this evokes in himhe s never felt an attraction to a man before.They start a tentative relationship with both men trying to come to terms with the fact they are friends and have crossed a line.Secrets are revealed as the real reason Noah and his family left town come out.I know they re not for everyone but I love GFY stories.It s not about being Gay,Straight or Bi but about falling in love with someone who happens to be the same sex.Really enjoyed this and Wes and Braden s story nextI will definitely be reading that

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    3 22 17 Rereading via audiobook 4.5 stars How do I feel about this book Simply put.The blurb does a great job of explaining what you re in for, but it s still so much I can t believe that this is a debut novel Riley Hart, you have now become an automatic one click author for me There s really nothing I could say because it would end up being just a bunch of non sensical, redundant gushing If you love friends to lovers M M.READ THIS BOOK You ask why not 5 stars Too much use of the word prick, not a big fan of the word being used in an erotic way I don t find it sexyat all Also about the ending view spoiler It really bothered me the portrayal of Noah s mom as this siren and seductress Vernon was fully capable of saying NO and keeping his dick in his pants I would have liked development of the resolution of the issue when everything finally came out BOTH parties were at fault and I wanted acknowledgement of that hide spoiler

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    3.5 stars Okay, mixed feelings alert Collide is such a classic, old school GFY story that it s a wonder I ve never read it before I m hit or miss with Riley Hart, but lately I ve been enjoying her work and this one was no different Honestly, you can tell that this is a rougher, older story I listened in audio, but the book struggles with awkward phrasing, too many flashbacks a pet peeve of mine , and a dude bro, VERY fantasy level GFY one of those where the guy insists he would never, ever be attracted to another guy except his love As I ve matured in my reading tastes, I ve come to prefer my sexuality discovery stories to be of a discovery, a transition into a fluid sexuality or at least of a realistic one I think of a passing acknowledgement of bisexuality would have been warranted.Still I can t deny that I found this book to be hot as hell It really ticked a lot of my boxes, and though the story had some iffy moments, if a jaded romance reader like myself can find something scorching hot, well, that s saying something Listening to the story in audio certainly helped because Luke Itzvic was a very good narrator, and that way I m sure I missed many of the grammatical errors that plague early Riley Hart books I d listen to another book by this narrator any day of the week No, this book doesn t rank high on the believably scale, but I m glad I finally took a chance on this older M M book It brought the heat and it left me feeling happy, which is all I could have asked for.

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    4 STARS You re my best friend We ll run away if we have to, Cooper told him I got your back, Noah You and me We ll always be a team Noah hoped so I got yours too Noah Jameson became best friends with Cooper when he was ten years old They were attatched at the hip But one day when Cooper goes away for the weekend with his aunt, he returns to find Noah and his family gone without an explanation He hoped for Noah to send letters to him, but he never did Now, seventeen years later Noah has returned Cooper almost runs him over and ends up offering him a place to stay Things feel like they have never been apart I will never understand why people give a shit who someone love After finding his boyfriend with another man, Noah wants to start over in Blackcreek Noah never thought he would see Cooper again, or that he would find him so freaking sexy I love second chance stories Even though these two started out as best friends Noah doesn t want to put his heart on the line again, especially not to someone who is clearly straight But there is a connection between them they can t ignore Noah wants him bad, but he isn t sure Cooper will be up for it I liked that Noah never really pushed Cooper into anything He was straightforward in what he wanted and expected I loved that about him I didn t want him to get hurt either I also liked that he didn t wait like some poor puppy for Cooper to come to terms with his sexuality He was patient, understanding, and caring And of course, he was freaking hot Cooper Bradshaw was left deeply hurt after his best friend Noah left without a word He thought he let him down His parents were lost to him in a house fire Now, Noah is gone too He blames himself Years later, he is an adult, he sleeps around with women but doesn t do relationships One day, he is driving when he almost runs over a man, that man turned out to be Noah He is so happy to see him again That friendship that existed years ago is still strong But he is completely shocked to learn that Noah is gay And what is worse, that he is starting to notice Noah in a new way He thinks he is attractive and a part of him really desires him That scares the crap out him, since he is straight, after all Real soon, he decides he doesn t care what others think He wants Noah, so, he will have him Jesus I saw you kissing that guy and what the hell is wrong with me I had a beautiful woman in my bed and shit I wanted to kill him I wanted to be him Cooper didn t want to admit that his feelings for Noah were true He thought it was just a result from missing Noah so much I at times got frustrated with Cooper a bit because of that But I can totally understand why he acted the way he did People would influence him that made him try to reject it But I loved that he got over it fast and didn t let others dictate how he should feel or who he should love There were times I thought he was a coward, but he was also so swoony I melted many times because of things he would say to Noah It was really sweet to see them together It was also panty melting HOT The chemistry between these two characters was awesome Loved it We re important Fuck everyone else I love you This was such a cute story I really enjoyed it Just the right amount of drama in it, nothing too crazy But I really loved the characters, even the supporting characters had a piece of my heart Well almost all of them I didn t like Cooper s uncle or Noah s mother But Wes and Braden were awesome friends to Cooper and Noah I can t freaking wait to read their book So excited because I really liked them in this book There were many sweet moments between Cooper and Noah, as well as steamy I think it was a perfect balance but seriously, the steam was really good But there were some parts that had me a bit teary too The ending was beautiful I was really happy with it I loved these characters and can t wait for the next book in this series.

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    4.5 SEXY and SWEET Stars Noah and Cooper..So HOT Friends to LoversSecond Chance Romance.GFYCoop and Noah first collide with each other when they are 10 years old on the football field and spend the next 3 years as best friends They shared a connection beyond what normal friends share.they just didn t realize it at the time Seventeen years later and Coop and Noah collide again Noah s back in town after a bad break up when Coop hits him with his truck From there their relationship and friendship grows to new levels Coop is straight.no ifs ands or buts about it But seeing Noah again and finding out he s gay sparks new feelings in Coop Suddenly he sees Noah differentlyhe wants to know Noah differently Coop and Noah start to explore these new feelings GahNoah and Coop were so perfect together Their chemistry was so sexy and sensual Collide wasn t heavy on angst and dramait mostly centered around the GFY aspect I loved both Noah and Coop Loved that Coop was so honest about his feelings for Noah That he wasn t willing to sacrifice those feelings out of fear of what others might think They just wanted to be together This is a series.but the next book will be about different characters Can t wait to read Wes and Braden s story Highly recommend PS That COVER..

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    Twenty years ago you collided with me over that damn football and my life has never been the same Noah Jameson and Cooper Bradshaw childhood best friends, were inseparable as children, until Noah was forced to move away with his family Now back in town, 17 years later, Noah is looking to get away and landed in the one place he considered home Thinking of the years he left behind, Noah didn t expect to literally collide with his past and none other than Cooper.Looking to help Noah out, Cooper offers a room at his house, with the agreement of Noah helping around his new house All seems well, until Cooper discovers his childhood friend who he use to discuss girls with is gay Things become awkward and strained between the two And desires and lust begin to form between a willing Noah and a reluctant and straight Cooper I ll leave it at that matesits up to you, whether you want to discover and collide between these two vulnerable and sweet men xx I ve never wanted anyone as badly as I want you

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    Written February 5, 20143.8 Sweet Stars nicely told about a missing childhood friend who is your true grand loveThe greatest pleasure of all these romances I read is perhaps the variation One day it s tough hardcore horny men, the next fun insecure nerds Or why not those books with bossy alpha males with a large furry animal that comes out sometimes The variation is infinite All of them are about finding the big love of your life, getting knocked around in bed often and everywhere and to live happy with your loved one Yesterday and today I met two ordinary nice guys, one openly gay and the other completely straight Old childhood friends who were separated and now at thirty meet again Nice, tender, moderately slow, some very hot moments, and overall, a very ordinary heartwarming good M M romance Recommended for a nice read Both Noah and Cooper has a lot of unpleasantness and anxiety ridden events from their childhood in their luggage Two disheveled souls with fear to open up and connect They were for some years the very best friends They could talk about everything, loved and trust each other Unfortunately they parted quickly and unexpectedly when Noah s family abruptly left town Now, seventeen years later, they take up the thread pretty soon The Collide story start when Noah is coming back to town to start a furniture carpentry Already the first hour there he meet collide , with a big bang, his old dear friend Cooper Cooper is nowadays a joyful firefighter with an old house and a spare room for rent Yes, a room to the homeless Noah So admirably good, and fortunately for the rest of this story These two guys are room neighbors within hours You are fucking sexy I want to taste you, Coop Are you going to let me kiss you Fortunately, the guy who has become such a good looking hottie is still single and free But unfortunately very straight But Noah, who likes men and always liked Cooper a lot, can not stop to peak It is sunny and hot, a firefighter is physically fit There are bare torsos, lean legs in shorts, joined carpentry on a new patio and two sweaty men plus a bonus piercing on Noah Collide is told by both MC s and often switches in POV sometimes in a confusing way in the middle of a paragraph In brief flashbacks are also important events from these boys childhood described I really liked the tone and narration in this novel Witty dialogues, fun wrangling and some dirty talk One thing that is extremely positive with this story is that these two men were actually talking to each other and explained mostly with words what they felt, brooded on and wanted Thanks for the great male talking, Ms Riley I might not have known then what it meant, but I would rather been with you than anyone elso, too, Noah Always Something I also, but not all M M readers, usually enjoy, are these Gay For You books It feels like the ultimate romantic love, when you follow your heart and your desire regardless of gender, etc Male or female doesn t matter, it is true love and it s your feelings that is the important thing Oh, that s sooo sweet And it happens right here in our real, a little grayer, life, as well I know, I have living proof.In addition, it s so d mn cute when it s all for the first time Shut up I m about to touch a naked dick that isn t mine for the first time Let me do it without you yappin in my ear Noah and Cooper story is funny, tender and sweet I sincerely wish them all best luck and a nice and happy ordinary life I feelt with, and for them, and their story is very well told Not too fast and unbelievable, but in reasonable pace while the time went Still, I have to say perhaps a little drawn, for me, in the second part But then suddenly rattled it properly there, the last few pages, and their nice road to the happy ending was shaken slightly I enjoyed and I m truly pleased with the whole Looking forward to read Brandon and Wes story in the next book, Stay.I LIKE nicely nice a good one A big Thank You to Lily, my friend who recommended this sweet romance to me back in November last year Lily s review.

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    4 CoopNo StarsWhat a cute m m, best friend story So this story is a about Noah Jameson and Cooper Bradshaw When Noah was 10 he moved to Blackcreek with his parents He meet his neighbor and soon to be bestfriend Cooper when they collided onto each other attempting to catch a ball From then onwards, they became insatiable Fast forward three years later, Coop comes home one day and goes to Noah s house excited to tell him about the game but, Noah is not there any.17 years later Noah returns, and on the same day he was hit by Cooper s truck And that s how the story really begins.Noah is gay, Cooper is not But then they start wanting each other Coop is confused as hell He doesn t know what s happening to him, if anything at all He s confused, lost, and horny smirk Noah is scared though, he doesn t want his friendship to end His friend is the only thing that ever mattered, but he can t help what he s feeling You decide now, Coop You re in this or you re out No games No changing your mind You touch me again, and you won t have a choice You ll be mine And then that s when hotness started coming fanningmyself It s ok, stare all you want, I won t judge.Overall, really good I enjoyed it.Sometimes people come quietly into your life Not Coop Twice, he d collided into Noah s world Years separated them whole other lives, but they d found their way back to each other Found a way to leave everything except each other in the past.Playlist Troye Sivan Wild Troye Sivan fools

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    I have no idea why I kept putting this one off because it was delightful A great friends to lovers and gay for you tale with a great story and a lot of heat I finally ended up reading it because I was really jazzed to read the second book in the series, Stay, and I started it and was immediately lost I will admit to liking Stay better, but this one was great too I can absolutely recommend this sweet tale of two men falling in love after 17 years apart to any and all M M romance readers and highly recommend it to fans of the FTL GFY genre You will be delighted This review is also posted at Gay Book Reviews

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    This was great Collide by Riley Hart is probably one of my most anticipated reads this year The cover whore in me added it to my TBR as soon as I saw the cover So happy it didn t disappoint This story included two of my favorite plot lines friends to lovers and second chance romance Noah and Coop were best friends until Noah is abruptly uprooted by his parents Through the years the two have never forgotten their strong connection They get reunited when Coop collides into Noah with his car.Coop, is one the town s firefighters He is heterosexual but has never settled down Noah, is openly gay and will not go back in the closet after getting hurt in his last relationship This was a great GFY story about two men living in small town America What I loved The friendship between the two characters Both as children and adults Great secondary characters The sex scenes Two things that bothered me The way the past flashbacks were written Maybe if the flashbacks had been written in italics or some warning that we were going into a flashback This is probably of a personal preference for me I wanted at the end I m a big fan of an epilogue and I found the end a tiny bit rushed Overall a great story that I recommend I cannot wait for books from this author 4.5 stars

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