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    5 AHHHHHHHMAZING Stars Three broken pieces Josiah EvansMateo SanchezTristan Croft Part One begins the story of Josiah and Mateo Josiah and Mateo have both had a hard life They are 16 and 17 and living with a foster family together They become friends and over time lovers as well Josiah is soft, whereas Mateo is hard.At 18, Mateo is considered a street thug and eventually kicked out Josiah chooses to go with him and runs away from the foster family Mateo doesn t want for Josiah to live on the streets and have the life they are currently living He feels that Josiah deserves so much than he can give him So he decides to set Josiah free Without letting himself look back, he walked away from Heaven and headed back toward Hell Part Two is the story of Josiah and Tristan Three years later Josiah is still struggling over his loss of Mateo Mateo sent him away, but Josiah still couldn t cut him from his heart He is living in San Francisco and working in a coffee shop He is too scared to let anyone in The years progress and eventually he comes to meet Tristan while feeding the birds outside the coffee shop one morning Tristan propositions him and it doesn t go so well From this encounter though, they become friends and walk together and feed the birds daily.Tristan is a powerful attorney but has also had a painful past filled with sexual abuse so he is emotionally damaged Over time his bond with Josiah continues to grow and he winds up moving into Tristan s house They are still on a platonic level even though.Finally they cross their emotional bridges and get together This is years down the road Their relationship as lovers continues to develop over time as well as Tristan helping to build up Josiah Tristan helps him go to college and get a degree and make something of his life Part Three is the story of Josiah, Mateo, and Tristan Mateo comes back to town on Josiah s graduation day Although Tristan is jealous, he has learned so much about Mateo through the years he somewhat feels that he knows him as well And of course the attraction is definitely there.Josiah doesn t know how he will choose between the two men He wants them both They both give him pieces of the puzzle that makes his heart whole And lucky for us oh and him he gets them both as well He, Mateo, and Tristan were all broken in one way or another Mateo had mended so many of his pieces all those years ago before shattering them again Then it had been Tristan who handed him the glue to put himself together Mateo and Tristan eventually develop a friendship and love for each other through Josiah We might be broken in so many ways, but together, we re whole A few additional comments There were parts of this book where my heart actually broke for each of these guys I felt their pain and just wanted to give them a hug With regard to the sex scenes And my feelings at the end There were some small things I didn t care for but overall I felt emotionally connected to the characters and enjoyed the writing and that s why I gave it a 5.I will say I am scared to read the next book because I feel like eventually it will not remain all three of them together and it will break my heart.To the author And for all those homophobic pricks out there who will ask why I read this stuff and how can I be okay with it

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    Un fucking believably AMAZING I have sat here, trying to write my review for Broken Pieces and I know my words will never do it justice, I want everyone to read it but I could never convey in just a few words how immensely powerful this book is and just how much it moved me How I was so connected to the characters I couldn t part with my Kindle not for a moment did it leave my hands and I was compelled to absorb as much of Josiah, Mateo and Tristan and their story as possible I lived through their years of pain, every single one another knife in my heart This book encompasses everything I love about reading it s the whole package for me, with dark undertones, plenty of angst, tortured souls, enough emotional turmoil to make you feel your heart will surely explode through the burden of it all and that s only me, never mind the characters There was no quick fix to anything it s a slow development of the relationships and trust, the pacing was perfect with each of them in their own way, flawed and damaged by pasts they had no control over It s raw and intense, yet profoundly beautiful, my heart bled for these characters, singularly, as couples and as the resulting threesome because Broken Pieces is such an apt title, that is exactly what they are, broken, not only mentally, but also on their own they are never quite whole, incomplete, a part of them missing, with Josiah being the magnet they gravitate to to complete them and the glue that will eventually keep them all together.Each chapter is a character POV which is just genius and where the intensity of it all comes from because I got to know and understand each of them intimately I could feel their inner most fears and anxieties, the joy in their hearts and the pain of loss and their emptiness, that void that left them all so lonely It s smooth, perfectly written and the transition between the chapters never missing a beat in the story It spans years in their lives, but starts out with the innocence of young love Josiah is so sweet and kind, incredibly self conscious and intimidated easily with a vulnerability that called to the protective side of Mateo Our bad boy, a gang member who has been groomed all his life for his role on the streets Their love story and it s rendition moved me to tears, two boys with a past full of demons and no love to speak of yet they find something in each other, so intense they can barely breath through it, they have nothing and no one, but they have each other Jay has a hidden strength and such commitment in his love for Teo you feel he would move a mountain to be with him Teo, stomped on my heart and completely crushed it, his love is selfless loving so much he is willing to push Jay away to save him from the harsh realities of life, nothing quite so bland as propriety, but life and death, wanting Jay to have a better life, one that he deserved But true love never dies and in the case of Josiah and Mateo truer words have never been spoken. I d never known what it was like to really belong until you, Teo Me too, mi precioso I ve only ever belonged with you We don t initially know why Tristan is so emotionally guarded or what happened in his past to make him so distant, so disillusioned with life and love he focuses on his career as an attorney But like Mateo he is also drawn to the warmth and genuine goodness that emanates from Josiah and also like Teo he s not sure why either. Love equals power So, you ll never love because you never want to hand over the power I have to admit that Mateo being back on the scene after nine years away was an emotional moment that had the tears running down my cheeks and I wanted nothing than for them to fall back into the love that had never left either of them However, Tristan is a man to be admired not only did he save Jay, he understands that he cannot give Jay what Teo can offer him but together they can make the one light in their lives happy Josiah and Mateo together was innocent and as sweet as young love should be, Josiah and Tristan together, well that was HOT but safe Now all three are in the same proximity the sizzling sexual tension between Teo and Tristan is powerful, both strong alpha males vying for dominance which only ignites what is happening between the three of them, making it EXPLOSIVE Yep cold showers at the ready my friends, I LOVE MENAGE I love it when I find a new author that makes my heart sing, where words morph into visions and emotions that can only come from excellent writing, where a story takes over a part of your soul and everything else becomes invisible, their life, hopes, dreams their very existence becomes yours for those few hours and you feel blessed to spend that time with them Then, for some time after, they pop up in your head occasionally and you wonder just how they are doing Did Riley Hart deliver FUCK YEAH She bled my heart dry, punched me in the solar plexus on numerous occasions and left me sobbing, ugly tears that damn homemade chess piece makes me cry every time I think about it Loved every minute of Broken Pieces and so far, the best book I have read this year and definitely on the all time favourites shelf And the best news EVER Josiah, Mateo and Tristan s Story continues in late 2014

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    2 stars Review completed February 26, 2014I need to find that hype gene.Yes, I did enjoy hyped books in the past but often than not I feel odd for not liking them I would love to say instead I end up like this highly consternated It sucks Adding a book to my TBR pile is like playing the lottery.Reading is a subjective experience Even though we ve read the same book, it happens all the time that we have a different reading experience That s the reason why we re here on GR to share our different point of views I m sorry to say that I m swimming against the tide because Broken Pieces didn t wow me I think this story was supposed to be a tearjerker and I must admit that I cry very easily BUT Unfortunately, I wasn t even close to tears whilst reading Broken Pieces The author failed to engage me emotionally I was turned off by a The cheesy drama.b The constant puking or Mateo s urge to vomit Puky Mateo Teo.I recommend you this drug, Mateo It s known to be very well tolerated In fact, my two boys could confirm my statement.c The writing style.d The characters in general.e The weak Josiah and his antics, mainly after the view spoiler Mateo drama Between the age of 18 and 23 Josiah was living like he d been dead I could understand the no smexin part but not going out and having fun from time to time and not making any friends either and staying in his little hole of an apartment is by no stretch of the imagination relatable I was like Grow a pair already Geez And then some inconsistencies irritated me Josiah shaved his hair off because Teo loved it so much Also, he didn t go to college to defy Teo s wish before he met Tris and yet he kept the chess piece and went to the beach to feed the birds What gives Either you really draw a line, leave everything behind and start a new life or you can drown in self pity and obey his wishes I found his behavior contradictory hide spoiler

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    4.5 WHO NEEDS SLEEP STARSThis was hands down the most believable menage as long term relationship book I ve read, and it s going on my Unforgettable shelf Josiah, Mateo, and Tristan complete each other Their relationship is like a game of chess, all pieces required to play, the queen nothing without the others Told in three parts, the book follows Josiah as he meets Mateo in a New York foster home, then five years later as he meets Tristan while feeding birds on a wharf in San Francisco, and finally four years after that as all three men collide and realize they re better together, puzzle pieces that FIT Josiah and Mateo are only teens when they meet Josiah is an orphan, Mateo a gang member who has had to prove his masculinity by hurting people Mateo becomes Josiah s protector, his everything But they are young, and the world so rough, and Mateo doesn t want Josiah to get hurt Tristan is a prosecutor, a suit who still feels guilt over his troubled past He lives to help his mom, a depressed, agoraphobic woman who did the best she could to raise him on the streets Tristan doesn t let people in everuntil he meets Josiahand Mateo The three men completely complement each other The lovin both the twosomes and later threesome is HOT, but the sex does not take over the book Yes, there is angst, and I usually run when angst overflows, but there is hope too hope, redemption, LOVE As much as I loved these guys, I am a little anxious to read the follow up I know there s to the story I want to know about Tristan s mom, Mateo s photography, Josiah s coffee shop I want to see their relationship strengthen and grow BUT I also want them to be happy, damn it, happy together, and I worry the sequel will throw crap their way.

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    UPDATED Feb 7, 2014 For those like me, especially since Josiah and Mateo were so young at the beginning of the book having trouble putting faces to these three boys, head over to Jess i ca s fabulous review to see who she envisioned I think she nailed it There was a lot of happy hoopla going on with my GoodRead friends for this book when it was first released in February 2014 and that had me excited and convinced me to read this right away That and the gorgeous cover photo Most said it was filled with angst but well worth the misery then wrote a rave review and rated the book 5 stars Now, I agree with the lots of angst assessment And I agree that this book could absolutely be a 5 star book for many, many people and will most likely end up with a 4 star cumulative rating over time But for me The angst spiraled out of control and never let up long enough for me to enjoy the story I love the three boys, Tristan, Josiah and Mateo, and look forward to the continuation of their story in a sequel that is in the works, now that they have had their HEA, but the 10 years it took to get there in Broken Pieces kicked my ass and left me in tears for then half the book Uncomfortable, depressed tears that had me popping Advil for headaches and having to put my reader down because I couldn t see the screen through tears.This one still gets 3 stars because it was a great story and I m psyched for the sequel, but it is going on my everyone liked it but me shelf since I am definitely in the minority with this one, so be sure to check other reviews before deciding to pass on it It is a M M romance favorite by many, many good friends whose judgement I trust My feelings about the angst could have been just a bad time for me to be reading this kind of book shrugs I may give it another try when the sequel comes out.

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    4.8 Broken Yet Whole Stars Continuing on after this point, will result in major SPOILERS PART ONE Josiah and Mateo There was something so fucking innocent about him And Mateo wanted that.Wanted to protect it.Broken Pieces begins with Josiah, a sixteen year old orphan, living in a foster home His quiet, vulnerable and keeps to himselfnever getting close to anyone Until he meets Mateo, who also joins the same foster family Mateo is the opposite of Josiah His strong, dangerous and the son of a gang leader Yet the two draw closer together as time goes by.Because even though Mateo was hardthere was something beautiful about him, too.Mateo can t help but want to protect the fragile and innocent Josiah He berates himself for this weaknessa weakness his father tried to beat out of him A father and family that still expected him back homewhere he s to take his rightful spot in the Los Demonios gang.Breathe Walk away Don t come back.It s what I should do.But Mateo can t walk awaycan t walk away from Josiah, and the faith he holds for Mateo He can t stop himself from drawing closer to Josiah, protecting his preciousand giving him his heart Takin care of you is all I have.The only thing I have But sometimes the sweetest lovethe most beautiful beginnings, are easily shattered Everything you dream of, torn away from youand with no hope of recovering from the loss All he wanted to do was love Josiah, to be with him and protect him Was that too much to fucking ask A difficult, emotional and heart wrenching beginningwith a lifetime of hardships still to come Te amo, mi precioso It means what you are to me.Precious ____________________________ PART TWO Josiah and Tristan I m sorry I can t give you thethings you deserve The loneliness Worry Fear Regret.Love Mateo.It has been, five and a half years after Mateo sent Josiah awayand the pain of his loss is still fresh in Josiah s heart He still holds hope that Mateo will come back to him Holds hope that the love they shared, was realthe dreams they discussed was both their dreams and not Josiah s alone Following a dream and hoping for his loved one, Josiah visits all the locations he discussed with Mateothinking to make himself easily found by Mateo But instead he finds a stranger watching him feed the birds by the Warf A man that, for the first time since Teoholds his interest But Josiah doesn t know how to move on from Mateo.I ve never been with anyone but him.I don t want to be with anyone other than him.He doesn t want me.He sent me awayTaking a chance, Josiah approaches the strangerTristan, and they form a slow growing friendship.Tristan has lead his life alone and closed off from other Coming from a dark and difficult childhood, Tristan doesn t trust so easily and keeps people at a distance But as time passes and Tristan and Josiah open up , a connection and a need for each other builds between the two I wanted you Want youI never thought I would care about someone again,but you gave me that too.But will they both be complete together With Tristan always holding himself back, never giving up his control And Josiah loving him, but also keeping a part of his heart for Mateo If I could completely give myself to anyone, it would be you If I deserved anyone to take care of me, I would want it to be you I don t want to push you, Tristan.I know there are reasons you still can t share ______________________________ PART THREE Josiah, Mateo and Tristan Can three broken pieces make a whole Mateo has returned, after nine long and hard years, with the intentions of finally saying goodbye and leaving Josiah to his new life with Tristan But one look, one touch and Mateo can t bare to stay away from him.Fought to be nearer to Josiah.To feel him, touch him, after a fucking lifetime But Josiah is hurt and won t forgive so easily His pain is too deep, still fresh in his mind to be forgotten He fights the pull he still feels towards Mateo, and stay loyal to Tristan You don t get to do thisYou don t get to touch me and tell me you miss me You left, Teo To move forward, with the past behind them, Tristan pushes Josiah to seek closure from Mateo As painful as this is for each of them, Tristan understands the love still present between Teo and Jay.Nine years apart, and the connectionwas still between them,visible even to Tristan s eyes.Confusion and indecision begins to form in Josiah How can he love two men so much and not be able to choose between them How can he love two broken souls so deeply And fear losing one or hurting the other Waiting on Josiah and missing him, Mateo and Tristan visit the Warf in their need to be closer to their Jay Their visits become regular and a connection begins to form Tristan has always felt Mateo was apart of his and Josiah s relationshipso its not long before he wants Mateo apart of them And an attraction is formed Don t we all deserve some kind of happiness What if we can find it together Deeper feelings begin to growand three broken pieces begin to mend themselves, and finally become whole A love shared, but only complete with all three hearts together.He was the glue that made alltheir broken pieces fit to make them whole.I cried, smiled and frowned all throughout this book Its simply captivating It s amazing and well written and will keep you intrigued and have your heart racing all the way Mates this book will blow you away Its dark, heart wrenching and beautiful at the same time So give these three broken, yet unique men a try xx Mi pieza perdida Mi preciosos Or is it Thank you lovely gals, for the fantastic and extremely fun BRIngela, Bev and Andrea HUGS

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    Written February 8, 20144 1 2 Stars stunning romantic I cried, enjoyed and loved these men and their story For me is Broken Pieces an epic , very emotional and from time to time, heartbreaking sad novel It s a story about a long, and sometimes hard, journey of healing for three fragmented souls We are told a great LOVE story about three men in the start boys over a period of ten years This book has maybe been this weeks M M hype Rightly so, I think That hype is this romance so very worth in my opinion, than many others Read, enjoy, be surprised, be upset, cry and blow your nose, try your values, and dare to turn around your own heart, in and out, a few times Recommended Broken Pieces is a romantic tale about three lovely and damaged souls Josiah Evans, the orphan who lost both his parents as a kid He is the sweet and the so incredibly loving good guy it all spins around Mateo Sanchez, Josiah s first love, the son of a gang leader, and later also Tristan Croft, the wealthy attorney who clawed his way up from the bottom Maybejust maybe taking care of this kid would absolve him from some of his sins It all starts when Josiah and Mateo as 16 and 17 year boys meet in a foster home Their past is two sad stories in themselves What is so nice is that nothing emotions, kisses, thoughts, love, touch, sex, etc are stressed up too fast It may take some time Their young love is slowly maturing, and it is an absolutely stunning fine start to this book Years go by and it happens a lot, both good and less good, but their trust, love, tenderness and immense feeling persists And loving someone would make you lose that control Later, even Tristan arrived into Josiah s life It was hard to accept what led to this, but in the end I was so grateful because these two also really needed each other for various reasons Tristan did Josiah stronger and he was there, every day, outwardly very strong but inwardly so scared and hurt He would be kind, loyal Stronger than he realized Braver than most people thought He d like coffee and cooking He d like to walk, and he d always feed the birds The wave eventually became and even What I deep down waited so long for was happening and I had to work a little with my doubts In the end, however, I was completely convinced just as is there love. then everything can be solved There isn t a magical time frame where it s okay to fall in love with someone or okay fall out of it Emotions don t play by rules That s what makes them so incredible There are perhaps a few minor flaws, but d mn, this was magic Sometimes I just want to read a grand emotional melodrama Broken Pieces is Memorable, so heartbreaking with some sad tough parts but also so beautifully romantic, sentimental, tender hot Three amazing men, a lot of love and lust, actually quite believable in the end and forget the beautiful cover for a moment It doesn t say all about this book Don t be scared This is not an erotic m nage story Admittedly, it is about three men and it is, as all romances nowadays, steamy and hot at times, but in no way overwhelming. Nicely done, Ms Hart You gave me three unique men loved them and a wonderful story that dug deep into my heart.Maybe a four star M M but the last star is for dear sweet Josiah You gorgeous boy guy man, you ll stay in my heart for a long time Kiss and hugs I LIKE My heart was broken, healed, cracked again and cheered with happiness in the end Buddy read with My Lovely BR Ladies, Bev, Andrea and from now on also the sweet Aussie girl Mona. The Ladies BR Quartette

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    5 It Blew Me Away Stars Broken Pieces is the story of Josiah Evans , Mateo Sanchez and Tristan Croft We re introduced to each character within three different parts I honestly cannot believe this is only Riley Hart s second book It was so much emotional than I ever expected It was a beautiful journey of self discovery, of second chances, of friendship and love Part One Josiah and MateoJosiah Jay and Mateo Teo met as foster siblings, Jay after the death of his parents and Teo after his father is sent to prison Jay and Teo were two unlikely people who become friends and fell in love, two opposites who found faith and hope in each other Takin care of you is all I have The only good thing I have I told you, it wasn t just you who had to take care of me We ll take care of each other You and me Together When Mateo turns 18 and their foster mom gets sick, everything changes for Mateo and Josiah My heart broke for Josiah and Mateo Josiah was so innocent while Mateo was so worldly, having experienced so much at his young age Mateo doesn t think he s good enough for Josiah or deserves the happiness that Josiah brings him He believes he s destined to follow in his family s footsteps You make me feel like someone for the first time in my life Even without me, you d be something Teo Mateo is torn between protecting Josiah and giving in to his feelings Together they live on the runscraping bytrying to survivewhen Teo s past catches up with him Teo is forced to make a decision that will tear them apart Part Two Josiah and TristanTwo years later and Josiah is living in San Francisco.but he hasn t seen or heard from Mateo Three years later and Josiah is still just existing Trying to move on, but not able to let go of his love for Mateo Still holding out hope that Mateo will one day return to him His heart would always belong to Teo, anyways Five and half years later Jay meets Tristan Tristan has endured his own painful past, and much like Mateo it was filled with a lot of ugly As a result, Tristan closes himself off emotionally Over time, Jay and Tristan become friendsTristan is there for Jay when he needs him the most In a sense, he saved Jay and gave him a second chance Tristan showed him how to live again For years, things are purely platonic between Tristan and Jay And gradually things between them change Their friendship grew into love And while Tristan never could give himself completely to Josiah, it was than he d ever given anyone else With the help of Tristan, Josiah graduates from college On the day of graduation, he and Tristan return to the beach where it all began And there waiting for Josiah is Mateo.Part Three Josiah, Mateo TristanIt s been nine years since Josiah has seen or heard from Mateo He s finally allowed himself to live again and Mateo returning brings back all of Jay s old feelings He s torn between his present with Tristan and his past with Mateo Mateo has always held a piece of Jay s heart Mateo returning forces Tristan to really evaluate what he shares with Jay Is he willing to walk away from Jay or can he give himself to Jay completely Josiah is torn between loving the two men How could he ever choose when they both have given him so much All three men find that they need each other Josiah is the link that ties them all together He was the rock, and not just because he drew them together No, because he held them together He was the glue that made all of their broken pieces fit to make them whole The story of Josiah, Mateo and Tristan literally blew me away It was unlike anything I could have ever expected or imagined It was a such a touching, beautiful journey. We might be broken in so many ways, but together, we re whole.

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    WARNING UNASHAMED GUSH ALERT I m sat here trying my hardest to come up with something clever and sophisticated to show just how much this story affected me and do it justice, and all I can come up with is OMG This totally blew me away Yeah, very sophisticated But that s exactly what it did to me and I can see that phrase coming up in many reviews because if it gets to everyone who reads it, the way it got through to me, there s going to be lots OMG s, Awesome s, Amazing s and Blown Away s on the review horizon The connection was instant And I mean INSTANT. I knew as soon as I d read the first paragraph that this book was going to keep me glued and I wasn t wrong I read the whole thing or less in one sitting, finishing it in the early hours of the morning There was no way I could have put it down and sleep wasn t on the agenda I simply loved everything about it Street tough, but with a conscience, gang leaders son Mateo The one who I think gives up the most and has to make the most agonising choices.Sweet, shy, adorable Josiah, who goes through romantic hell, but its his strength that becomes the glue that ultimately holds the three of them together when the time comes Rich, emotionally stunted, introspective, lawyer Tristan, who because of his poignant past is probably the most vulnerable of all three of them despite his perceived successful and comfortable lifestyle They all had psychological baggage and they all stole my heart My emotions got played like a fiddle and it s fast become one of my most favourite m nage s up to now and I ADORE my m nage s The fact that it takes the three of them ten years and a whole bucketload of heartache to finally get together was what had me on the edge of my seat, unable to look away and pretty much shell shocked for most of the story whilst falling head over heels at the same time I got an emotional battering but OMG it was so worth it and the ending was totally satisfying but still left me wanting from this fabulous threesome They say three s a charm and the fact that this is told in three parts, has three completely different, beautiful but emotionally damaged men and ends up in a threesome that had my heart flipping beats, shows how true the saying is I m not going anywhere near the storyline in this review because knowing what I know now, personally I wouldn t want to start reading this with any prior knowledge of whats to come at all The blurb is a pretty good place to start but I still think with a hell of of a story like this, it s a diamond worth discovering all by yourself and I envy anyone who gets to pick it up for the first time But please don t go into this thinking it s all heart wrenching angst and traumatic events because tucked alongside all the drama there are also delicious moments of pure romantic heaven, passionate love scenes that will have you tingling and sighing like a lovesick fool and as it nears it s conclusion hope lots of hope Damn, I m so pissed it s all over for me Kudos to Riley Hart for pulling such a wonderful story out of her mind and sharing it with us Collide was fabulous This one was even so and will stay with me for a long time I m now on pins waiting in anticipation for their next book because I want of these three men and their heartbreaking pasts I need to see if they can keep their relationship strong despite their past histories, I want to be kept on the edge of my seat again because I m sure there s conflict in store for them before they get to their absolute and true HEA and I need to feel the warm and fuzzies when they arrive there because I know that these guys are each other s heart, life and soul I want to be there when they all truly believe that and I want to sigh again with contentmentI m a greedy reader I want and I m guessing so will you Oh and I ve just thought of two words to describe this Blissfully sublime

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    5 Broken and Put Together Stars Broken Pieces is one of those emotional and angsty books that grabs ahold of your heart strings from the start, never lets go In a lot of ways, the book is than one story of three broken pieces that, in the end, make it whole So, because of the way the book is broken down into three parts, I will too break my review down in similar fashionJosiah Broken Pieces starts out when Josiah was just 16 years old He s living with foster parents after losing both his parents in a car accident He has no family, no home, no friends Until this nice couple takes him in When a new foster kid is added to their household, he s taken back by his rough demeanor yet beautiful exterior He just sits and stares at Mateo Josiah was such a sweet, impressionable soul Beautiful, in fact, which left him at the mercy of bullies in his school It s apparent he lived a good life before it was all snatched away from him I fell in love with his character from the start His heart is huge But with the huge heart, opens him up for predators at every turn Until Mateo is added to their broad, he s never had anyone stand up for him It s clear Mateo s history is filled with violence and crime, yet Mateo softens for Josiah, protects him Mateo Mateo knows this new foster home is temporary Like all the rest His past is ugly and so is henobody cares about him so why even try Until he met his new foster brother Josiah Something about the kid draws a protective instinct to his darkness He s always staring at him, until he tries to make eye contactthen he always looks away He s bullied at school, being called a faggot He has this insane, unnatural desire to protect himnot sure why, but he ll die trying He has nothing to lose, after all Mateo was the dark to Josiah s light A foul mouthed, tattooed street kid that has nothing to lose Until Josiah The slow build of their friendship and bond was the foundation of the book Mateo would stop at nothing to protect Josiah Their draw was from day one and gradually grew to a physical connection Mateo always hid from his sexual orientationhad it beat out of him Until this sweet kid, he could hide his feelings Not any Fast forward several years..Tristan Tristan is a prosecuting attorney living in San Francisco He s suffered from severe insomnia and works all hours of the day and night He has no relationships to speak of outside his agoraphobic mother He has a past that causes him to resist commitments with mensex is it One and done He s not proud of his past and suffers from a fair amount of guilt When he meets this young man on the bay shore of Fisherman s Warf, watching him feed the birds, there s a strange draw to him At first he propositions sex before he quickly learns this is the last thing either of them need So, instead, he stops by the Warf when he can in the early morning hours, feeding the birds with Josiah and taking quiet walks The kid doesn t have much but he finds Josiah is just what his heart needs to heal Tristan was my favorite character in Broken Pieces While all three men are broken, all having pasts that scar them, something about this tortured hero just attracted me most He did so much for Josiah, never asking for a thing in return but his companionshipfriendship On the outside Josiah seems so young and impressionable, but deep down, he s so tough and it s that toughness that begins to break down Tristan s emotional walls Obviously there s three characters I ve just listed So, inevitably I ll be asked if this is a love triangle I guess so But not in the typical sense that we see in so many reads Josiah is the common denominatorMateo has the past Tristan has the present Josiah loves them both How can the rough street kid Mateo fit in with the suit Tristan so they can both keep Josiah They re all broken but something draws them together Broken Pieces is one of the most emotional MM stories I ve encountered I simply loved it There s a fair amount of sadness but so much hope too The build is perfectly timed between every characternothing felt rushed And, in true Riley Hart style, there s a hefty dose of steam I ve grown to expect from her I ve read several books from this author and this, by far, is my favoriteand I have loved them all I loved the depth of the storyline, the character development superbgah I d recommend this book to anyone interested in MM genre I think it packs such an emotional punch, any fan of romance stories will love it Yes, there s a fair amount of steam and it does have m nage but still, at the heart of it all is a PERFECT love story of three perfectly broken men brought together to healone whole And I thank you As a side note I see there s a second book in this series Same characters, just looks like new challenges ahead It s not rated near as high so I m calling it good with their love story Happy how it ended and, quite frankly, have no desire to see them face struggles in the future Ta ta for now

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Broken Pieces download Broken Pieces, read online Broken Pieces, kindle ebook Broken Pieces, Broken Pieces 3721ddceb2c6 Can Three Broken Pieces Make A Whole Josiah Evans Is The Orphan Who Lost Both His Parents He S Sweet, Shy, And All Heart He Wants Nothing Than To Be LovedMateo Sanchez Is The Son Of A Gang Leader He S Seen It All, And Never Hesitates To Do What Needs To Be Done, No Matter What It IsTristan Croft Is The Wealthy Attorney Who Clawed His Way Up From The Bottom To Rule His Own World He Ll Never Depend On Anyone But Himself AgainThree Men Who Couldn T Be Different And Yet, As Their Lives Intersect They Find An Uncommon Balance That Calms The Storms Inside Each Of Them, And Ignites Fires Hotter Than They Ever Thought ImaginableTold Uniquely In Three Parts And Spanning Over Ten Years, BROKEN PIECES Is A Journey Of Healing For Three Fragmented Souls, Finding Love In The Unlikeliest Of Places With Each Other