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Texas Heat pdf Texas Heat, ebook Texas Heat, epub Texas Heat, doc Texas Heat, e-pub Texas Heat, Texas Heat 652d90774b8 Riley And Jack Campbell Hayes Are Doing Well Jack Is Expanding The Double D, Riley Is Close To His First Ethical Based Contract, And Hayley Is Nearly Ten And Happy As All Get OutJack Hires Robbie, Who Is Recovering From A Loss, As His Right Hand Man Riley S Photographer Friend, Eli, Decides The Double D Is Perfect For A Cowboy Themed Model Shoot And Falls In Lust With Robbie Everyone Except Robbie Sees How Perfect Eli Is For HimAgainst The Backdrop Of Twenty Half Naked Male Models On Double D Land, Texas Heat Is The Story Of One Hot Summer With A Gay Rodeo, A Bar Fight At The Rusty Nail, And A Love Between Two Men That Grows Stronger Every Day

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    hanging on by a pinky fingernail3.0 starsSothis is the classic case of suffering from this book is not great but I ve already invested myself into the series and it s not likely that I ll stop now even though the writing is repetitive and the story increasingly unbelievable and my eyes are tired from rolling but I still kinda heart Riley and Jack and their love for one another ITIS The introduction of a new couple in Robbie and Eli was gooduntil it wasn tand it became ridiculous.And the book is missing it s over the top soap opera drama that I embarrassingly kinda loved in books 1 2 And I could really, REALLY, do without one het boy joke But again, it s not like I m stopping now I m in too deepeven if it s deep in something suspiciously stinky Soon to book 4.

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    So here s the thing with this book It was actually about Jack and Riley with a bit of Eli and RobbieWhen I was expecting a NEW love story with some glimpses of Jack and Riley.That threw me off and didn t let me enjoy the book, because every time I ended a chapter instead of looking forward to it, I was just hoping it wasn t another Jack and Riley chapter, because I actually wanted to read about the couple the book was supposed to be about.I do love Jack and Riley, but I WANTED lots of Eli and Robbie, I just was not satisfied with what I got from them.

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    4 StarsIn this third book of the Texas series by RJ Scott, we get sweet and sexy times with Mr and Mr Campbell Hayes like we could ever get enough of these two men When Jack decides to develop a horse training program at the DD ranch, he hires Robbie to help him work the horses Robbie is a broken soul, suffering a great loss, but finding a home on at the DD, with Jack, Riley and their daughter Hayley, might just be what Robbie needs to begin moving on These two men had something he Robbie had never experienced before A love so deep that you could see it In every gesture or touch or word Jack and Riley were what Robbie wished for and had never found They were happy. Then, Riley s estranged college friend Eli makes contact and asks to use the DD ranch as the backdrop for his latest photo shoot The Campbell Hayes quickly agree, insisting Eli stay with them for the duration of the shoot, mainly so Riley can reconnect with his old friend.Eli has been through his own tough times in past years and is no longer the wild and irresponsible guy Riley remembers Eli is eager to live life to the fullest, and when he sets his sights on cowboy Robbie, he makes it his mission to knock down all his defenses and win the man s heart.I really enjoyed the double romance we got here Revisiting Riley and Jack in their established and thriving relationship was an absolute joy, but I relished in the new romance between Robbie and Eli even This series is such sweet, easy reading, with lots of romance and external family and work drama to keep things interesting Reading about these guys just makes me happy pure and simple Off to the next one

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    Wait i skipped book 3. Like, really how

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    Overall book rating 4 5 Stars Audio book N A Book Cover 4 5 StarsI absolutely loved Eli and Robbie I mean what s not to like Eli falls in love with a real cowboy wile he is actually on the D Ranch for a cowboy underwear photo shoot I just whish the book was a bit longer

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    I m so in love with this series Someone tell me there ll be , please

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    3.5 stars.Honestly, I don t enjoy the narrator Sean Crisden s work in this series His voice makes the characters sound like early twenties and not like the men I picture in my head Thankful, the writing and plot remains very solid so I enjoy the story because Jack and Riley love was a gift that touched all those around them Jack and Riley Campbell Hayes are settling into family life with their daughter Hayley and extended family The Double D Ranch is growing and Riley is trying to expand their oil exploration endeavors The main couple is still crazy about each other and then of course, we get a blast from Riley s wild past in the form of a man named Eli Eli was a photographer who was trying to land a solid gig and wanted to use the ranch for his photoshoot While Eli is taking pictures, he meets one of the ranch hands Robbie, who came to the Double D to heal from a past of abuse For the first time in this series, the reader is taken on a journey to coupledom featuring people not bearing the Hayes or Campbell last names From Jack s sister Eden and her boyfriend Sean to Riley s mom getting married to her vet fianc e, it just feels like Jack and Riley s relationship balanced the people around them It is clear that they still are trying to find ways to make time for romance and putting their relationship first, but as a couple, they still make me smile I m thankful that the author doesn t make them have those unnecessary relationship miscommunications and issues Jack and Riley are the reason I love this series but I am looking forward to finding out what s wrong with Eden s boyfriend and having them back on solid ground.

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    Gloriously over the top and dramatic as I d expect this series to be and it s continuing in that vein with another tale of epic soap opera ness.In this one there s new people arriving on the ranch and I loved both shy Robbie, hurting from the death of his lover in a homophobic attack out in Australia and hyper excitable Eli, in remission from kidney cancer and determined to do something with his mixed up life.They provide the secondary plot line to some business shenanigans that one of Riley s father s old cronies is trying to use to take over all of the hard work his new ethical consulting company has put in searching for new oil.Riley and Jack are still molten hot, their barn escapades showing no sign of letting up and we also get another dramatic moment with Eden and her boyfriend Sean, who seems to be suffering a bit from PTSD and ends up in a bar fight with shocking consequences.On to book four

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    I don t think I will ever have enough of Jack and Riley In Texas Heat, we are introduced to a new couple, Robbie and Eli They are a great addition to the clan and I enjoy the romance subplot, but this is still a very much Jack and Riley book I love the fact that both men are passionate about their work, Riley with his oil thingy and Jack with his cowboy stuff They never step in to interfere with each other work, but will always be supportive by the sideline It just warms my heart of read about such a mature and steady couple navigating through their lives.

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