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    this book is a unicorn.kinky, without resorting to brainlessly lazy stereotypes so typical in an MM pond beslimed with the brackish green muck residual to the gleefully heedless objectification of gay men.miraculous, really.funny, and lovely, and sexy without putting anyone down or depending on shitty caricatures.a love story, then like MM should be, maybe about two nice guys who fall in love, experiment a bit, and learn how to take care of one another.thoughtful, good hearted and technically accurate to boot especially the bit with the view spoiler fisting hide spoiler

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    J.A Rock and I wrote this Mostly because of this Yes, it s our oldest argument ever Australian vs American spelling And that s how Mark Cooper was born An Aussie guy who gets dragged off to live in America, and resents everything about the place Like snow and bears and college and what the hell are fraternities anyway But maybe it s not all bad Maybe Mark will actually make a friend or two, and that guy Deacon is pretty hot Shame he can t spell properly.

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    There is a lot going on in this book, for what at first seems like a humorous look at an Australian teen starting at an American college, and dealing with culture shock in his own brash and inimitable way That top layer of the story is amusing, and sweet Mark is funny, rebellious but kind underneath it, sexy and yet uncertain about his own wants and needs Deacon is sweet and steady, the good boy who is just now finally letting himself be something Watching them find each other, and themselves, and explore a few kinks and some emotion, is a very worthwhile trip There are laugh out loud moments, realistic obstacles, and some heated scenes that are not just sex but also tied to the plot Mark has some great lines, as he thinks about some of the Americanisms he encounters.There is some exploration of kinks, of letting yourself enjoy what you enjoy Nothing deep or strange, but an easy interaction of do you like this and would it turn you on if I do this that feels natural These guys are working toward a mutual relationship, and part of how well it works is finding that their kinks do mesh together in a very nice way I thought their times together were beautifully done, with the emotions and uncertainties and desires and sensations blended in a very appealing way.This book is also an exposition, using the microcosm of an American university fraternity, of some of the things that are very wrong with society today Not just in America, but also in Australia, and Canada, and England, and a host of other places, to varying degrees Some people may feel that it is unfair to the Greek system, which to its credit has made an effort to ban hazing and patrol the excesses of the past rush and pledging process However, I think it s pretty realistic Most of the fraternities and sororities in this book are fairly benign or positive, and judging from the experiences of my own two kids now in college, I don t think having one frat that walks the line is unusual I also don t think the we re watching you closely kind of minimal response to low level infractions is unrealistic The pattern I see, in all areas of wealth and privilege in our society, is a tendency to ignore or excuse low to moderate level misbehavior, and then come down hard suddenly when wrong doing passes the bounds that can be allowed, or when outside attention and pressure becomes focused If you read both individual accounts and news stories, and you can see that this behavior still occurs in fraternities and sororities, and although the Greek organizations do respond when it s clearly required, a lot still slides under the radar or is dismissed with a warning Read accounts of high school bullying and the school responses and you see it s not an isolated problem, despite positive strides being made But the point in this story is not to put down the fraternity system For instance, Deacon s frat brothers are his friends, and have been his support system for years.The book lays clear the way the fraternity mimics a broader society We allow those who are wealthy and attractive and white and male and straight to somehow feel they have some inalienable right to out of life than their inferiors That any kind exploitation of others is their due, just for being who they are It highlights the way our culture of take it like a man and if you complain you re weak and a tattletale results in a tendency to let this elite get away with their behavior, whether they are college seniors, or politicians, or athletes or wealthy businessmen As I read, I really wanted someone to stand up and say, This isn t right but we have taught our kids and adults not to snitch , not to speak up for fear of looking personally weak We have made whistle blowing a risky and disdained activity, that can get you branded a traitor as often as it gets you lauded for your courage Maybe often.The book never falls into melodrama, and I loved that There are no giant screaming climactic crises to mar the realistic feel That doesn t mean nothing important or affecting happens, but that every component feels in proportion to the rest The ending is satisfying and while the book made me think and rant a little toward the middle it is first and foremost a sweet, hot and interesting college love story with two guys I d love to revisit This will be a reread.

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    I think this book came for me at the wrong time First of all, I absolutely ADORE all things Lisa Henry and J.A Rock, and I adore them when they are writing together, so I think my 3 star rating is mostly from my frame of mind while reading this one I chose this book because I wanted something amazing after a 6 book M M break, and I think my expectations of this book were a little high While there were parts that I loved, there were also parts that I thought were a bit meh, which evened out to 3 stars I ll start with the parts that I LOVED Though I might look innocent, in reality I m no prude I like kinky books, and there is really very little that I can t handle in the world of consensual sex between two willing adults To add to that, that is very little that doesn t turn me on in the world of kinky sex This book was nooooooo different Cross dressing, hard spanking, and fisting Yup, sign me up I m down for it all, and I think it s all hot as hell These authors did a very nice job with all things sex in this book These ladies know what they are talking about My only pet peeve and this ALWAYS bothers me in romance , is view spoiler unprotected sex without a real conversation beforehand Yes, I know many might call me old fashioned in this regard, but I know sooooo many people affected long term by having unprotected sex, so much so that it dampens my enjoyment of a sex scene when condoms aren t used hide spoiler

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    This would be 4.25 star read was funny, snarky, refreshing and extremely well written.So what could a guy ask for, right Well, I really, really, REALLY would have freaking appreciated something like this at the end of the blurb WARNING This story contains several scenes where an angry little bunny dresses up in Victoria s Secret lingerie, while getting stretched in preparation to be FISTED. Yes, that would have definitely been appreciated.Honestly, the story was perfect except for the cross dressing and the fisting prep leading up to the main event in the final sexy scene It ended up taking over the entire story for me, decreasing my overall enjoyment quite a bit Big ole fisty, pink elephants in the room, if you will When I read a story and one of the MC s says, take my hand, sorry, but I reallllly don t expect them to mean THAT shudders To each their own, but I d sincerely appreciate a warning before I m pulled into sexy scenes where someone s trying to shove their whole hand up someone else s butt.So Not My Kink.So, due to that lack of any warning, this one comes in at around 3.25 stars for me, which is sad, because I truly loved both Mark and Deacon sigh

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    Angry bunny comes to America.Angry bunny enrolls at Prescott CollegeAngry bunny is raging against the American machine.I was thinking it was cute til he started smack talking American football.Uncool, dude Mark would hate me calling him dude.DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDE DUDEAwwww look at that Annnndddddd the icing on top of that DUDE mille feuille Yo, Mark Sorry, had to get that off my chest.Really, it s a charming book I was charmed.The writing is clever, cheeky and laugh out loud funny.The banter between Deacon and Mark feels organic I ve never been an 18 or a 21 yr old dude but they came across as authentic.The secondary characters added to the story and definitely did their job of piquing my interest for the next book.I me some Brandon And Blake I also don t think Blake is as dense as he appears, though he does seem to get trapped in inordinate amount of bathrooms which would suggest otherwise.The Romeo and Juliet thing was cutesy, maybe cheesy, but I still liked it I can take some cheese now and again as long as it s accompanied by wine.There were MANTIES ON A MECHANICAL BULL IN A FRENCH MAID S OUTFIT ARE YOU KIDDING ME Alright, Mark I can look the other way if you want to talk a tiny little bit of smack against football T.I.N.Y.As much as I enjoyed the MANTIES and I did, I soooooo did My favorite was the intimacy between them during the stretching scene I loved their exploration and that sometimes they surprised even themselves They ve got a good foundation going with the trust and good communication I d be curious to catch up with them in a few years to see where their relationship has led them.I ll definitely be checking out Brandon Mills versus the V Card.Definitely.This review feels incomplete.Hmmm Oh, I know MANTIES

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    I just loved this Let s talk about all the things I loved Angry BunnyMark and Deacon together view spoiler cross dressing kink, yes PLEASE hide spoiler

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    4.5 Stars Aw, fuck it I give this book a FISTFUL of stars D

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    I love everything about this book The writing is superb, the plot amazing and the characters are fabulous I love Mark He is an Australian young man, that moved to the USA He is angry, challenging, he is charming, kinky and funny He is romantic without even knowing it but he also needs friends, and someone by his side to give him strength and love I also love Deacon he is smart, romantic, patient, protective and a real friend Together they are an amazing young couple One of those that I will never forget Another thing that I love about this book, is the difference between American English and Australian English It was really funny when there were misunderstandings because of the language I would love to read about Mark and Deacon, on another time when they are older that would be wonderful

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    Fantastic I ll admit to being nervous because I am emphatically not a fan of raunchy, R rated American Frat comedies There were moments, especially in the early chapters, when the authors skirted perilously close to clich in the portrayal of Alpha Delta, but as we grow to understand, 90% of the problem is that the boys themselves have seen too many of those movies and seem intent on living up to their very questionable ideas of fun But thanks to the authors overall self consciousness, especially the clever allusions to Romeo and Juliet, the book deploys and then undermines the usual frat, excuse me Fraternity, clich s, creating a tender, insightful story about growing up, finding your place, and falling in love.With Mark himself, the authors manage the almost miraculous balancing act of creating a character who struck me as being at once the epitome of the modern, disaffected teen and also wholly fresh and original Crucial to this was the avoidance of the usual YA friendly explanations for Mark s behavior a horrible step father, a neglectful mother, some early trauma in favor something far subtle and unexpected Their restraint made Mark feel unusually real In a lot of ways, Mark rebels because he doesn t have much to rebel against He aggressively redefines his world to fit his need to lash out This is a quality that we and Deacon discover gradually over time through dozens of small touches, instead of having it shoved down our throats in some tearful monologue All of this is good, but what made the book truly a pleasure to read was the writing Though all of their books have been great, I think the Rock Henry collaboration really comes into its own in Mark Cooper versus America The narration is tight and energetic and perfectly infused with the highly distinctive idiom and mentality of its two MCs I marked dozens of memorable, witty passages and phrases that just made me happy in the way that only terrific writing can The fraternity thing was just the latest idea out of Jim s Top One Hundred Ways to Get Mark a Friend or Die Trying Copyright Jim, 2013 Angry bunny.The guy, drunk, stumbled and went face first into a bale of hay Everyone cheered It was that sort of party.At what point in your life did you decide you were the sort of guy who wanted to be fisted And then there were the moments of insight that made me know and care about these characters It was fine to be mocked or disliked on his own terms But his sexual orientation was such a naked target, unfortified by nonchalance and lacking the benefit of being a persona he d constructed Gay Mark wasn t sheddable like Smart Ass Mark or Bitter About the Move Mark Deacon smiled He was pretty sure he was just the latest in a long line of people who had no idea what Mark Cooper was thinking Given that in many ways this book is the Mark Circus, I was gratified that I found Deacon as rich and compelling a character in his quieter way Part of the strength of the book is that neither Deacon nor Mark could be fully realized without the other Only Deacon recognizes the vulnerable young man beneath Mark s smart ass demeanor On the flip side, Mark enables Deacon to cut loose and actually have fun On a deeper level, Deacon is someone who needs to take care of others, and with Mark he s finally able to do so in a way that is mutual and fulfilling instead of draining and self sacrificing Perhaps the most unexpected thought I had reading the book was that this was the best YA novel I ve read in ages That reaction created a mini existential crisis because a rebellious part of me, the part who remembers what it was like to be a teenager, really wants to make the argument for why this book is healthier, truer, and just plain better than most of the crap directed at teens Depressingly, the conventional, timid, mother of a teen part of me is not quite ready to recommend a book which heavily features fisting and other kink for the under twenty crowd My hesitations feel all the craven and pathetic given that I know for a fact yes I do know how to check the google search history that my son and his friends already watch really explicit, rasty stuff online I won t solve this today, but if anyone reading this decides to nominate this book for YA Book of the Year, you have my vote In the meantime enjoy Mark et al You re in for a real treat.

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Mark Cooper versus America download Mark Cooper versus America , read online Mark Cooper versus America , kindle ebook Mark Cooper versus America , Mark Cooper versus America 97c489b9c0e2 Mark Cooper Is Angry, Homesick, And About To Take His Stepdad S Dubious Advice And Rush Prescott College S Biggest Party Fraternity, Alpha Delta Phi Greek Life Is As Foreign To Aussie Transplant Mark As Pennsylvania S Snowstorms And Bear Sightings So, When The Fraternity Extends Mark A Bid, Mark Vows To Get Himself Kicked Out By The End Of Pledge Period But Then He S Drawn Into Alpha Delt S Feud With A Neighboring FraternityStudious Deacon Holt Is Disappointed To Learn Mark S Pledging Alpha Delt, His Fraternity Phi Sigma Kappa S Sworn Enemy Mark Is Too Beautiful For Deacon To Pass Up An Invitation For Sex, But Beyond Sex, Deacon S Not Sure He Wants A Relationship, But A Difficult Family Situation Prevents Him From Pursuing Anything Beyond His StudiesMark And Deacon S Affair Heats Up As The War Between Their Fraternities Escalates They Explore Kinks They Didn T Know They Had While Keeping Their Liaison A Secret From Their Brothers But What Romeo And Juliet Didn T Teach These Star Crossed Lovers Is How To Move Beyond Sex And Into A Place Where They Share Than A Bed That S Something They Ll Have To Figure Out On Their Own If The Friction Between Their Houses, And Between Mark And America, Doesn T Tear Them Apart