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  • Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • Die Quelle des Lebens
  • Jürgen Moltmann
  • English
  • 21 March 2019
  • 9780800630997

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    This is a series of sermons, and shorter meditations based on some of Moltmann s substantive work on the Holy Spirit In many ways it is pretty standard evangelical stuff, except he is a robust view of the immanence of God God in the midst of life that is worth the book and hoepfully expanded on in his academic works.

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    This is an excellent book about hope in the midst of hopeless situations and wrestling to find God s blessing in real life Moltmann s transparent and vulnerable sharing allows the reader to see the hope of resurrection found in Christ and the discontentment experienced by those who are already in Christ, yet in our fallen world He shows how the wrestling often brings both a permanent blessing and a temporary limp.

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    Basically a popular level version of Spirit of Life , though with some new material There is some repetition, but that doesn t matter so much as the two works are aimed at different audiences.

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    It took a lot to get through this book As someone who is interested in spirituality, I found it interesting and it did give me much to think about during and after reading it On the other hand, as someone who is not a theologian, I may have bit off than I can chew Moltmann s style is extremely academic and, at times, haughty I did not always have the sense that he is speaking clearly or directly There were numerous references to issues, matters, and subjects that only a theologian would understand If you read it and you are not a theologian, I recommend keeping a dictionary and encyclopedia nearby You will need them.The takeaway for me was that Moltmann presents an alternative Christianity that no longer gets much exposure A less conservative and caring Christianity He talks about caring for the environment, for example, and, in a sense, how Christianity s message of there is always enough was a cornerstone of communism, note little c What he means by that is the caring and generosity that comes with Christianity s followers I enjoyed the book s insights into this alternative belief in and interpretation of Christianity.I should note that Moltmann fought in Hitler s army and was a prisoner of war in England and Scotland It was during this time that he found his faith previously, he had been atheist or agnostic I couldn t tell which Many of the essays relate back to this experience in his youth and the tragedy and guilt he experienced when returning to a war torn Germany I suppose, in that regard, the ultimate impression of and take away from this book is that anyone can stumble upon grace and I believe that is what Moltmann is trying to share through his own experience and through the urgent sense of hopefulness that he has for the future.

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    The Source of Life is by far one of the most accessible Jurgen Moltmann books I have read In it, Moltman offers his views on the Spirit, the Church, the environment and the world Moltmann is one of those theologians I have an interesting relationship with I disagree with a lot of his conclusions and decisions, but he does have a great deal of insight into the world and the faith.Moltmann was a POW after WW2 when he became a Christian after an Army Chaplain gave him a bible , and he writes about this in the opening section of this book This experience, than any other, seems to have shaped his theology Understanding the devastation caused by his people and the war in general, and yet understanding God s love and potential, led Moltmann to develop his own Theology of Hope Other articles deal with Moltmann s views such as the Holy Spirit, with a surprisingly positive evaluation of modern Pentecostal movements He writes about ecology and the future of the world as well as a very positive view of Christian communism The main thrust of a positive critique of Moltmann is that he understands the gospel is for every aspect of life We may be able to disagree with his individual conclusions, but he does raise powerful questions about who we are as Christians and where we should go.I highly recommend this book for pastors, theologians, and serious Christians.

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    I ve become a big Moltmann fan This book is easier to read than some of his other theological books, and includes a chapter that describes his experiences in an Allied POW camp.

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Die Quelle des Lebenscharacters Die Quelle des Lebens, audiobook Die Quelle des Lebens, files book Die Quelle des Lebens, today Die Quelle des Lebens, Die Quelle des Lebens 19c00 Beginning With His Experiences As A Prisoner Of War, Moltmann Anchors His Reflections In A Theology Of Life And The Spirit As Elemental Renewer Of Life Which Links Biblical Manifestations To Contemporary Ones, Hope To Holiness, Creation To Community, And Politics To Prayer In The Spirit We Embrace The Presence Of God, But We Also Embrace Community With People And All Living Things

About the Author: Jürgen Moltmann

J rgen Moltmann is a German Reformed theologian He is the 2000 recipient of the Louisville Grawemeyer Award in Religion.Moltmann s Theology of Hope is a theological perspective with an eschatological foundation and focuses on the hope that the resurrection brings Through faith we are bound to Christ, and as such have the hope of the resurrected Christ Praise be to the God and Father of our