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    Clever and fun with great illustrations and lots of extra dialog in the margins, although poor Mississippi and Nevada and their unrequited love. :(

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    One of my FAVORITE picture books ever. I used to read this almost everyday as a kid! The story is short and sweet, the illustrations are well done and hilarious. I’m gonna keep my copy FOREVER, its so cute.

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    Geography has never come alive as brilliantly as it does here, in The Scrambled States of America, as a discontented Kansas precipitates a massive geographic upheaval with his desire to see something new. Tired of always being stuck in the middle of the nation, Kansas enlists his best friend Nebraska in his scheme to throw a party for the fifty states, a party that leads (yes!) to reorganization on a massive scale! As states move north or south, switching coasts and neighbors, their first reaction is enthusiastic: finally, something new! But then they all begin to long for the way things were...

    An engaging exploration of the fifty states of the USA, this picture-book combines a madcap adventure-story - complete with many little amusing asides, as the states "speak" to one another, in the illustrations - with colorful, attention-grabbing acrylic and marker artwork. An appendix at the rear lists each of the states, with their nicknames, their capital cities, and their populations (now out of date, alas). One of those rare books that is as entertaining as it is educational, The Scrambled States of America proves the old adage that "There's no place like home!"

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    I absolutely LOVED this book! It made me laugh out loud, non-stop! It's a great way to teach geography to students in lower grades. It includes location, place, time zones, each state's unique qualities, and lots of laughs! One way to use this in your classroom would be after reading the part where all the states get mixed up, you can have them put together a class puzzle of the different states and put them in the right places. Then read on to see how the states in the story found their right spots.

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    This book is a delight. I think it’s adorable. It would not be good as a read aloud but is perfect for independent readers to learn U.S. states geography in a really enjoyable way. Each page is incredibly busy; there is so much to read and look at on every page. It wouldn’t flow smoothly to read it out loud but I can see literate elementary school age children pouring over it and enjoying all the detail.

    Unfortunately, it was published long enough ago that the population figures are dated, but the other facts and figures should be accurate.

    It’s a funny and entertaining story that teaches location of the states, population, square miles, and capitals. There’s a bunch of other facts about the various states included in the story. One of my favorite parts is the manner in which time zones are alluded to toward the very beginning of the book.

    The author illustrator photo on the back cover is one of her as a child, which makes for more fun, as does the humorous bio.

    It’s all very charming but the 1998 publication date renders it partially obsolete if used as a geography book. I’d be tempted to put the proper population numbers over the incorrect ones and pass it around to today’s kids.

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    I LOVE this book! It is so cute. It is an awesome way to teach your class not only what the states are but also what they are known for. Each state says little commentary throughout the book that allude to what the people of the state are like. It's funny and has great drawings. Kids would love it!

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    Summary: This book is about the 50 states of America and how they all switch spots on the 'map'. Kansas was tired of seeing the same old things everyday so all the states swapped. Once the states realize that things are different, all the states want to switch back and they are all happy again.

    Evaluation: I rated this book as a 4. I like how this book not only introduces the 50 states, but it also gives a little commentary about each state so that readers know what they are known for.

    Teaching Idea: This book would be great to introduce the students to the 50 states of America, especially to the younger students. For the older students. this book could be read to them and they can begin memorizing where all the states belong.

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    The Scrambled States of America is a fun, quirky way of introducing geography to children. The states wake up and eventually come to the decision to switch locations with each other. After a while, they untimely decide that they do not like their new conditions and move back to their original homes. I give this book five stars because it can be used in social studies classes to learn the state sand can be made into fun interactive activities.

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    I love the personalities and conversations between each state. Can this be turned into a chapter book?

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    Summarize the book:

    One day Kansas wakes up and decides that he has had enough of staying where he is. Kansas is bored and is looking for adventure. As more states hear this, they start to agree with Kansas and at a party that night for all the states they decide it would be fun to switch places. However, the states soon realize that there's no place like home after many mishaps.

    Identify the characteristics from the text that support the specific genre:

    This book shows the geography of the United States in a fun and interesting way. The Scrambled States of America shows how each state fits with each other, where the states are located, and throughout the book offers little pieces of information about each state. It uses humor to inform its reader about the different states that make up the United States.

    Identify specific concepts that could be integrated into the classroom:

    The main concept that this book integrates into is in geography. This book would be a good introduction, or additional, tool when teaching about the different states.

    Provide any other suggestions that would be useful regarding literary content, reading level, and other ways in which the book might be integrated:

    This book is listed for preschool and up, and could be used in different ways depending on grade and classroom. This book could also be used in geography as an example of an assignment where students choose different states, or even different countries, research them, and make them come to life like they did in the book.

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