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    Survival is insufficient.Star Trek VoyagerNovels whose premise strips away the world as we know it can be tricky territory They can be innately dramatic, overwrought, didactic and riddled with Big Questions about Life and Death that leave no room for contemplation Think Ayn Rand on her best day.Or they can be like Station Eleven Quiet Dark Elegiac Lit from within like a mysterious firefly Unhurried Steeped in small acts and evocative landscapes Lonely Elegant Radiant Heartbroken Emily St John Mandel has written something very much akin to a perfect book I didn t want to tell anyone about it because I felt as if it had been written for me I wanted to tell everyone about it because it still radiates softly in the background of my days and haunts me with its delicate characters and existentialist essence If you have watched The Walking Dead , you will know what I mean when I say that this extraordinary novel is another striking version of a post apocalyptic universe where ordinary people have to decide for themselves what it means to be human Survival is insufficient because to be fully alive, one needs to make choices that define one s character and belonging in the world The apocalypse is but a tabula rasa for the reinvention of freedom.From the darkness, you will see incredible things arise A Travelling Symphony Shakespearian actors sleeping in tents The first two volumes of a mysterious comic book A jaded actor A handful of airplanes glowing in the dusk Fake snow falling on a theater stage.An incandescent book.

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    I don t know if you will like this book It s a very particular kind of book done very well, which is not remotely a promise that you will like it The jacket copy is not untrue, but it also isn t helpful Yes, this is book about the end of the world as we know it, yes, this is a book about a post apocalyptic Shakespearean troupe, yes, this is a book about a Hollywood actor s dispiriting love life But that doesn t tell you how the book feels what the experience is like reading it This is less a novel of plot and a novel of theme, a precisely painted mural of people living in extreme circumstances Some of the chapters take place after the apocalypse, and some take place before, but it doesn t change the tone the characters personal worlds are under duress in both timelines.I take back what I said about the jacket copy being true, by the way It says this book is suspenseful I think that s an unfair and incorrect descriptor for a book that shines for other reasons I couldn t put this book down, but that is not the same as being suspenseful My attention was held by the sharp insights on every page, not by a headlong plunge toward the end Like I said, it s a book of theme, not story Station Eleven follows a few central characters faithfully enough to satisfy my need for a human thread, but it might not be enough for those who strongly prefer plot driven novels Verdict unsentimental and clear eyed portrait of what humanity considers civilization.

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    Adult speculative fictionEven since reading The Stand by Stephen King when I was a kid, I ve had a soft spot for apocalyptic plagues that wipe out humanity Er I mean in fiction, of course Station Eleven is in that vein.The Georgia Flu sweeps across the world, killing most of humanity St John Mandel, using beautiful prose and poignant characterization, follows the lives of various survivors, tracing how their lives intersect in a group of entertainers called the Traveling Symphony The thread that connects their stories is Arthur Leander, an aging Hollywood star who on the same night that the plague began destroying civilization was trying to reboot his career when he died on stage in Toronto during King Lear We jump back and forth in time, watching how his life influenced what will happen to our band of survivors.If you re a fan of the TV series The Last Ship or books like The Stand, you may enjoy the premise and the way St John Mandel evokes a world without the trappings of modern civilization The end of the novel hints at mysteries yet to solve for our heroes I hope this means a sequel is in the works .

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    Of all of them there at the bar that night, the bartender was the one who survived the longest He died three weeks later on the road out of the city.on the night the world begins to end, a man has a heart attack and dies onstage while performing the lead role in king lear considering that shortly after this, the georgia flu will have killed off 99% of the population and changed the world as we know it forever, it seems unlikely that he would be remembered among so many millions dead but that s the kind of book this is the story of the people who have touched our lives in unexpected ways, an echoing world in which Hell is the absence of the people you long for, where the little things or the memories of them matter the most.arthur leander is a famous hollywood actor with three ex wives, a son he never sees, a lover, a friend who knew him when, and various people to whom he has been kind, careless, or otherwise meaningful, including a little girl who watches him die beside her onstage, and the paparazzo turned paramedic who tried to save his life twenty years later, pieces of arthur still remain in the wasteland in the memories of survivors, in his blood, in the provenance of talismanic objects, and in the ripple effect of events he set in motion when he was still alive this is a multiple POV novel that jumps back and forth in time, from arthur s rise to fame and the stories of those he loved and lost along the way, to the stories of the survivors, finding and creating meaning in the ashes Kirsten and August walked mostly in silence A deer crossed the road ahead and paused to look at them before it vanished into the trees The beauty of this world where almost everyone was gone If hell is other people, what is a world with almost no people in it kirsten is the little girl who was onstage with arthur when he died, and is now a grown woman touring the wasteland with a group of musicians and actors known as the traveling symphony , bringing entertainment to the scattered settlements she has a tattoo on her arm with a quote from a remembered star trek episode Because survival is insufficient, and this is one of the major preoccupations of the novel the importance of art and a shared cultural history to those who remain whether it is the objects collected in the museum of civilization, the persistence of shakespeare, the significance of portions of a tattered comic book from which this novel draws its name in the hands of two different characters who will take from it wildly different meanings, or even the memory of star trek, these are the things that connect those who are left it is the tenacity of what remains, what endures, and what can still be done with it the clinging to what makes us human to what matters in the aftermath, and to what binds us together that s not to say this is a gentle apocalypse solely concerned with maintaining cultural heritage there are dangers everywhere in a world without pharmaceuticals or technology, a world in which a lack of codified behavior can make a man believe he is a prophet, and to give his dark vision free reign.it s a stunner, straight up and between this and california, it s a great time to be a woman writing lit dystopias i have read oh so many post apocalyptic novels, but mandel managed to show me something new she writes a complicated, multivoiced story in the fragments we are allowed to see the slices of experience from both before and after the cataclysm, where a dinner party scene is just as interesting and fraught with tension as anything from the early days of the disease, and there are so many unforgettable jewels of moments jeevan and his wheelchair bound brother trying to wait out the plague, a quarantined plane on the edge of the tarmac, the memory of oranges she has such a strong, wonderful voice and has created tender and sympathetic characters who may be deeply flawed, but are the very personification s of the stubbornness of humanity.one of the things that surprised me is that wasn t made of the king lear parallels i mean arthur had three wives, lear had three daughters and since there are so many references to shakespeare throughout, both overt and oblique one of arthur s wives is named miranda, another is elizabeth ian , one of the section titles is a midsummer night s dream, the georgia flu is somewhat analogous to the black plague of shakespeare s time i feel like it would have given the novel another layer of ka pow to have developed the theme even further but no one of arthur s wives doesn t even appear in the book except a brief mention that she existed and jeez would it have killed mandel to have given v a chapter you know we want to know about that situation but these are just minor quibbles over an incredibly intelligent and gripping novel and we can still have a little fun with names here, exclusive of shakespeare if we play a little free association game with most notably named, arthur leander roughly translates into king of tragic lovers which is apt.two quick notes if you don t want a very popular four year old book that yes, i know, i probably should have read already spoiled for you, don t read the acknowledgments because yeah oops that was me.and if the graphic novel that plays such an important role in this book is NOT picked up by someone and published as a companion book, it will be a huge missed opportunity because we want it bad.come to my blog

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    Hell is the absence of the people you long for When the Georgia Flu sweeps around the world killing 99.6% of the population there were suddenly a lot of people to long for The people missing from our lives is the hardest part We mourn their loss, but we also have to mourn for the part of ourselves that is lost with each of their passings To survive is painful Civilization in Year Twenty was an archipelago of small towns These towns had fought off ferals, buried their neighbors, lived and died and suffered together in the blood drenched years just after the collapse, survived against unspeakable odds and then only by holding together into the calm I ve met a few survivalists over the years People who are obsessed with surviving the next great catastrophe They have food, water, and weapons stockpiled Some have even went so far as to build bunkers Everyone of them has looked on me with pity when I admit that I might have a weeks worth of canned food in my house at any one time They have all kinds of scenarios mapped out that will help insure their survival They are than willing to kill people to protect what is theirs They are living for the end of the world While they are buying bullets, bottled water, and MRGs I m spending my money on fine wine, collectible books, and wonderful meals I want civilization to continue to keep me in a bubble of protection so that I can continue to spend my money on culture for the rest of my days It so happens that the day before the world ends Arthur Leander, the famous movie actor, is playing a part in King Lear on the stage in Toronto Dying is never a good thing, but when he drops from a heart attack on stage he has no idea how lucky he is Kirsten is a child actress in the play and for a very short period of time she will think this is the worst day of her life In the audience is Jeevan Chaudhary a paramedic trainee who leaps onto the stage and tries to the best of his abilities to save Arthur Leander s life Jeevan leaves the theater thinking he has finally discovered what he wants to do with his life His revelry is interrupted by a phone call from a friend who works in the hospital The Georgian Flu is in the states and the medical staff have no treatment options It is killing people faster than they can initiate medical countermeasures Now most people who get a phone call like this would dither, would maybe even go into denial for a period of time hoping for a miraculous change in the world s prognosis, but not Jeevan He goes to the nearest supermarket and buys seven grocery carts filled with food The image of a man pushing seven carts through the streets of Toronto to his brother Frank s apartment will stick in my mind forever Believing the worst soon enough saved his life Kirsten also survives, by luck, by the dint of her adaptability We find her in the future as part of a travelling theater group They protect each other and continue to perform the plays of the greatest playwright in the history of the world to what remains of human race Shakespeare survives And so do the first and second issues of a comic book series called Dr Eleven because Arthur Leander s ex wife gave him copies of her artistic endeavor and he promptly pressed them into the hands of Kirsten mere hours before he breathed his last Arthur thought it would entertain his young friend for an hour or so Little did he know these two comic books would crucially entertain her for decades The motto of the travelling dramatists is Survival is Insufficient The blending of Shakespeare and a line now immortalized from Star Trek is exactly how I see the future In fact, in my household it frequently happens now, the best of the past, blending with the best of the present, everyone must keep up My kids, now young adults, roll their eyes every time I say you probably need to google that Of course when the world has disappeared and you can entertain children with stories of cool air or warm air just coming out of the vents and they look at you like your telling science fiction stories it is overwhelming to think about what has been lost So what would I miss One scoop of ice cream, not a bowl full, one scoop because when you only have one scoop you shave off these small bites and savor every one of them Movies, I can t even imagine not having movies For a while I could play the entire movies in my head, but we all know the images will begin to corrode over time and I ll be left with highlights Cary Grant running across a field chased by an airplane in North by Northwest The death scene of Rutger Hauer in Blade Runner The scene when the king stumbles out wounded but intent on fighting the final battle in The Thirteenth Warrior Fred Astaire dancing with Ginger Rogers in that dress in Top Hat Marisa Mell frolicking naked in a pile of money in Danger Diabolik Marlon Brando saying I coulda been a contender in On the Waterfront Marilyn Monroe s skirt blowing up on the subway grate in The Seven Year Itch John Wayne staring off into the distance over the back of his lathered horse thinking about what he will find in The Searchers I could go on and on.Hopefully everyone would remember different scenes so we could all remember Taking a hot shower A ritual of thinking that allows me to map out my day while luxuriating in a warm continuous spray For those who have their entire library on their Kindles, well you are out of luck, but for me the Luddite, I d be contending with keeping bugs and moisture as far away from my books as possible Still, books need a controlled environment to continue to be useful so it would be a world with fewer books everyday Like the movies it may not be that long before many books would only exist in my head Trains, planes and automobiles When the world collapses the world would become flat Global trekking would be along the lines of seeing what is going on in the next county I would miss being able to head to Santa Fe, Chicago, or Savannah on a whim Until I m there, sitting in all my odoriferous splendor under a tree reading the tattered remains of a copy of War and Peace, it is really hard to say what I would miss the most Of course the end of the world is never complete without a PROPHET The troop of dramatists make a swing back through an area where a year earlier they had left two of their members They had hoped to reconnect with them, but soon discover that they had to move on A religious element has taken over the region led by a man who is selling the concept of we are the light , but really he is saying he is the sun, the moon, and the stars.As a friendly gesture he offers the troop of actors his protection if they donate one of the lovely young ladies from their company to become one of his wives Why does it always take so long for someone to put a bullet, an arrow, or a knife through a guy like this The troop politely declines his offer, but soon discover after leaving that they have a twelve year old stowaway who is frantic to escape because she is destined to become The PROPHET s next wife Of course THE PROPHET is dissed and it soon becomes a chase as Kristen and her friends try to outrun the ire of a madman Emily St John Mandel blends the future and the past together seamlessly around the life of Arthur Leander and how he continues to live in the mind of his young friend Kirsten Mandel takes this moment in time, the death of Leander on stage, and spreads her tentacles of information backwards and forwards until the reader is captivated by the memories of the past and the people living in this theatrical future This is an impressive performance from a young writer and now we have to wait to see what form her next novel will assume 4.50 out of 5 stars If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews, visit also have a Facebook blogger page at

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    Find all of my reviews at The thing with the new world is it s just horrifically short on elegance Everyone loved this book I m talking EVERYONE I have 1 yep ONE friend or person I follow on Goodreads who gave it less than 3 Stars In order to prove how much of an idiot I am and that no one should take my opinion seriously, I will super giffify this review Station Eleven begins with the story of Arthur, who passes away on stage while performing King Lear, and of Jeevan, the man who tried to resuscitate Arthur, and of Kirsten, a child actress who was also in the play and witnesses Arthur s death We then do the wibbly wobbly timey wimey thing that takes us to a dystopian future where 99.99999% of the population was eradicated by the Georgian Flu and where Kirsten is still an actress, only this time it is with the Traveling Symphony an acting musical troupe who travels the wastelands of the Canadian side of the Great Lakes performing Shakespeare Then we flippy floppy back in time to hear Arthur and Jeevan s respective life stories The author also throws in a second coming of the Lord for good measure.Everyone else talks about the crisp, beautiful writing and how they couldn t put this book down and here I sit and have to confess that it took me three days to get through it and I generally read a book a day I can agree that the story and characters were intricately woven, but my reaction to those characters and their stories Especially when it came to the story of the flu and the prophet No one can ever do the end of the world second coming better than King did with The Stand I like my end of the world stories to grab me by the balls and not let go until I ve become a complete germaphobe who is terrified to leave the house for a few days after reading Station Eleven left me with a reaction kind of like this And for the flowery writing The notes I made to myself look like this No diving into pools of chlorinated water lit green from below No ball games played out under floodlights No porch lights with moths fluttering on summer nights No trains running under the surface of cities on the dazzling power of the electric third rail No cities No films No screens shining in the half light as people raise their phones above the crowd to take photographs of concert stages No concert stages lit by candy colored halogens, no electronica, punk, electric guitars No pharmaceuticals No certainty of surviving a scratch on one s hand, a cut on a finger while chopping vegetables for dinner, a dog bite No flight No towns glimpsed from the sky through airplane windows No airplanes, no requests to put your tray table in its upright and locked position Followed by a brilliant comment by me SNOOZE Then once in a blue moon I have something like this I stood looking over my damaged home and tried to forget the sweetness of life on Earth With my genius observation Oooooh, I like that I also have a bunch of highlights with notes to myself like Explain Will she explain Are they EVER going to explain this Guess what The answer is NOPE.Then there s of this Consider the snow globe Consider the mind that invented those miniature storms, the factory worker who turned sheets of plastic into white flakes of snow consider the white gloves on the hands of the woman who inserted the snow globes into boxes to be packed into larger boxes, crates, shipping containers Consider the card games played belowdecks in the evenings on the ship carrying the containers across the ocean Consider the signature on the shipping manifest when the ship reached port And my reaction of SOOOOOOOOO BORING I didn t like it but everyone else did, so I say give it a shot And if you end up disagreeing with my opinion Ha Just kidding If you want an actual review that gives a well stated counterpoint to this one and uses words instead of pictures to do so , check out Kaora s.

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    A wonderful story about the resilience of people.

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    I don t know why it bothers me so that I thought this book was just ok So many of my GR friends have embraced this Station Eleven and have shouted its praises from the rooftop I struggled through the first 80 pages, didn t want to throw it under the couch, but wasn t finding myself engaged Perhaps I should have quit while I was ahead but stubborn that I am, I carried on It never really got better for me but I did finish At least I won t feel left out Shakespeare is dead and I prefer him to remain so That could have been part of my problem The only character I really liked was Miranda I love stories about pandemics but was surprised that I wasn t cheering for these characters to survive The Traveling Symphony was a unique tool but never captured my fancy.I certainly can t fault the writing Creative Perhaps I have been as positive as I can be in regards to my feelings about Station Eleven Would I try another of Mandel s books Maybe.

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    Until I someday write a longer review you never know, it could happen , I ll just say this I sat down intending to read about 50 pages tonight and wound up reading 200 I also completely forgot the world around me existed for a few hours, and that is the highest praise I can personally give any book.

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    I wanted and expected to enjoy this novel than I did There s much that s gripping and clever but it was spoiled for me by a sloppiness in its construction, most notably an excess of half baked and obfuscating characters Was this novel rushed to cash in on the Hunger Games pandemic At times it comes across as a novel written with heart but equally it can seem sketchy and only half imagined Also should be said that it karaokes most other successful dystopian novels of recent times, most obviously, and by turns, Cloud Atlas, The Road, The Hunger Games and Dog Star Primary weakness of this novel is its characters Too many and sometimes not only incidental to the story but clumsily obtrusive The novel has as its fulcrum two events a performance of King Lear immediately before the pandemic arrives, when Arthur Leander has a fatal heart attack on stage and a dinner party when Miranda, Arthur s first wife and the creator of the Station Eleven comic, first realises her husband is betraying her The most unwanted character in the book, Jeevan is present at both of these events, first as a paparazzo, then as a training paramedic A preposterous coincidence preparing us, in some way, for the tapestry of preposterous coincidences that follow and have to be accepted if the novel is going to work that might have been a brilliant stroke of mischievous humour if Jeevan had any other role to play in the novel But he doesn t Mandel simply uses him to dramatise the immediate aftermath of the epidemic But she has half a dozen other characters who could easily have performed this function In fact it would have given the Travelling Symphony body had she used Kirsten here, the orchestra s principle character As it is the Symphony remains a sketched idea that flits in and out of the book with little body than reflected light Kirsten is another character who for me didn t work at all She seems like a photocopy of the heroine of The Hunger Games never even remotely convincing as a warrior child with her knife throwing expertise Conveniently we re not told what happened to her to justify her transition from innocent child to stalker warrior Everyone in the novel is a custodian another example of characters with cloned purposes Kirsten is the custodian of the Station Eleven comic but so too is Arthur s son Arthur s son is also the custodian of religious fervour, Arthur s best friend is the custodian of the novel s museum, the Travelling Symphony is the custodian of culture and another pointless character called Francois starts a newspaper and so becomes the custodian of the written word the interviews with Kirsten don t work at all except to make the Cloud Atlas shoplifting apparent So everyone s representing something and as a result, with the exception of Miranda, the creator and, to a lesser extent, Arthur, the actor, don t ever come alive in their own right Triumphs Mandel, in essence, is an admirable storyteller And the fluid shape of the novel is great Its flashbacking roving archaeological momentum almost like the act of nostalgia itself the novel is obsessively nostalgic, most successfully through the imagery of the comics, least successfully when nostalgia is constantly the subject of conversation Best character by a country mile is the Station Eleven comic and its creator Miranda The comic book is cleverly used as a kind of portal between the before and after and here the nostalgia theme is at its most poignant Whenever the comic was the novel s focal point it really held my interest Shame that it was cluttered with so many other cloned and conflicting narratives I couldn t help feeling, if only someone had prompted Mandel to do one final draft Hew the thing into a polished form and think out some of the elements that weren t thoroughly thought out As commercial storytelling it s a good novel, as literature it doesn t cut it for me More a collection of catchy pop songs than a moving cello sonata.

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Station Eleven download Station Eleven, read online Station Eleven, kindle ebook Station Eleven, Station Eleven 79a2908b8378 Set In The Days Of Civilization S Collapse, Station Eleven Tells The Story Of A Hollywood Star, His Would Be Savior, And A Nomadic Group Of Actors Roaming The Scattered Outposts Of The Great Lakes Region, Risking Everything For Art And HumanityOne Snowy Night A Famous Hollywood Actor Slumps Over And Dies Onstage During A Production Of King Lear Hours Later, The World As We Know It Begins To Dissolve Moving Back And Forth In Time From The Actor S Early Days As A Film Star To Fifteen Years In The Future, When A Theater Troupe Known As The Traveling Symphony Roams The Wasteland Of What Remains This Suspenseful, Elegiac, Spellbinding Novel Charts The Strange Twists Of Fate That Connect Five People The Actor, The Man Who Tried To Save Him, The Actor S First Wife, His Oldest Friend, And A Young Actress With The Traveling Symphony, Caught In The Crosshairs Of A Dangerous Self Proclaimed Prophet