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  • Hardcover
  • 68 pages
  • Beyond Personality
  • C.S. Lewis
  • English
  • 02 January 2018

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    The following is another verbally pugilistic work of an anti religious apologetics crusader Piss and moan, or ignore, accordingly I accidentally read this last book of Mere Christianity again because I wanted to squeeze in a quick read and this slim volume was tainting my unread and loosely labeled non fiction section alongside Jared Diamond and Carl Sagan It just didn t belong In a sense I saved it It was getting picked on and it deserved appropriate company like those books that claimed the world was going to end in 1985 or any other year.So, I peel the spoiled meat from the otherwise salvageable sandwich of edible substances, and those remaining on the shelf seemed to call out Excuse me there is some residual apologetics rust on our covers Would you mind wiping it off, and while you re at it, perhaps giving us a read, eh We re not as slender, but we re much worthy of your time We promise I did not doubt this, but I went along with my remedial course in the Great Christian Intellect Stroke a thon, yet nowhere in the sixty eight pages did it occur to me that I had read this all before I mean, I knew I had read this all before , but I hadn t realized that I had literally read every single word of this tripe a couple years back For reasons unknown to me, Lewis is the darling bloke of intellectual support for religious Christian, specifically faith The most Praise I ve been able to muster for anything he s purported has been hmm, cute metaphor But, can we actually apply any of this legerdemain to our truth pursuit Is there a logical pathway from what he says to a rational belief in God, and Jesus Christ If Theology is the science of God and if any man who wants to think about God at all would like to have the clearest and most accurate ideas about Him which are available , what exactly is this creature we re speaking about and how please, please, once and for all can we become aware of the clearest and most accurate ideas about Him Surely these ideas are to be found in Scripture Yes, Scripture, of course But, some incredulous folks don t know how to properly interpret scripture and expound upon its themes and ideas Jesus had some trouble getting through to people, but it would only take an additional 2,000 years for a man to come along who would provide for humanity the most comprehensive framework for intellectually satisfying faith Hilariously ironic is the sort of religious fervor that some worshipers express for the cult of the Chronicler of Narnia Modern apologists like to brag that they are continuing in the prestigious vein of Lewis, but are quick to add that they are not comparing themselves to him, as if his propositions could never be superseded, or even adequately contested This brings me to what I think will turn out to be my central point Scientists are constantly chomping at the bit to disprove each other There is respect, admiration, and inspiration for from scientists of years and decades past and present But scientists want to improve upon, progress from, even render irrelevant findings of late and current great minds What if Leonard Susskind had said, Well, Hawking discovered the origins of the universe and the functions of black holes, I suppose all I can do is try to restate that in a modern, relevant way I apologize for the sledge hammer I ve been taking to this very first page, wherein Lewis only attempts to establish the uses for Theology, but it is just so damn frustrating He claims to be discussing a science and doesn t even have the courtesy or humility to deem it a soft science , but there are no references, no data or explanations thereof, no experiments that could be run, no suggestions of demonstrability, no works cited or observations based on his senses It is pure speculation it is fun time at camp presupposition it is hey gang, who wants to justify our beliefs with analogies than there are people who appreciate excessive, overwrought analogies You know what, I ve made my point here This is a review of the first page of the last book of a larger work I am working on a lengthier and perhaps prudent review of the entire volume in which this book is contained My thoughts are not concluded here by a long shot nevertheless, I welcome the consequences of this rather vitriolic, and mercifully short, eruption.

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    For me this book was life changing The second chapter revolutionized the way that I think about prayer and fellowship with God Lewis was absolutely right in saying that Theology is, in a way, less real than direct experience of God, but that without it we cannot find our way to ever deeper experiences This little work by C.S Lewis would hardly qualify as a theological work by today s standards It is far too informal in its tone and not nearly academic enough in its approach But I have gained much personal depth and growth in my understanding of God and my daily relationship with Him as a result of this book Lewis refers to this book as a work of practical theology And it has possibly been the most practical and personally applicable work of theology I have ever read I highly recommend that everyone read this short but sweet little book.

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    I wish I would have read this as a ten year old, I could have then better articulated my distain for Christianity and the Catholic Church that my parent drug me to every Sunday I consider myself neither a Catholic nor a Christian but a very spiritual person C.S Lewis is a phenomenal writer, thus the three stars and why I read the entire book At times I felt it deserved 4 stars but by the end felt 3 was what in total it deserved As a non Christian I would suggest it to others as a short well written piece on Christian beliefs, a much better way to learn about the basic tenants of Christianity than 18 years of forced church attendance

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    Excellent book I d give it 6 1 2 stars if I could It could just as easily have been entitled, On the Process Whereby the Bride Becomes Spotless Thank you, Clive Staples Lewis, for blessing me this day with both your intellect and your imagination You rock my world

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    One of the easier to read sections of the Mere Christianity compendium Is it a compendium Anyways, loved his analogies and metaphors Lewis makes me laugh with his transparency This isn t an exact analogy as it falls apart if you take it very much further I m trying my best I ll detail further in my Mere Christianity review I d rate this book a PG.

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    I was profoundly impacted by this delightful little book It ranks as one of his best and that is saying a lot at least from this reader s perspective Lewis is not, strictly speaking, a theologian But this is theology in its most practical form.

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    Every curious christian should definitely read this.

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    I honestly cannot give this book enough stars Based upon 12 radio talks that Lewis gave concerning the understanding of the Christian God, each chapter addresses a theological issue that are commonly grappled with Every time I read and review a C.S.Lewis book I end up saying the same thing I always forget just how much of an impact his writing has on me until I m reading it What really stands out for me is Lewis analogies and how he manages to bring the most complex theological concepts into a realm which is easily comprehensive For example On the human level one person is one being, and any two persons are two separate beings just as, in two dimensions one square is one figure, and any two squares are two separate figures In God s dimension, so to speak, you find a being who is three Persons while remaining one Being, just as a cube is six squares while remaining one cube Of course we can t fully conceive a Being like that The other reason why I enjoy this book so much is because it encourages and challenges me in my personal faith journey It makes me want to strive to be better, it reassures me that my journey with Christ will never be over and the I continue to seek to be like Christ, the closer I will become to Him Every Christian is to become a little Christ The whole purpose of becoming a Christian is simply that nothing else

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    This short work, produced in 1944, and a previous work titled Christian Behaviour, produced in 1943, are essentially the transcripts of BBC Broadcast Talks Beyond Personality is a theological study of God his nature attributes and his character personality and choices Once again he makes the profound accessible to the layman, even interesting and engaging He begins most chapters by addressing some of the questions and doubts raised by listeners from the previous program It is not an evidentiary apologetic, rather like a fireside chat It is humble, in that he mentions than once his own rational doubts and journey from atheism to faith.

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    Improvement is not redemption, though redemption always improves Based on a series of 12 short radio talks given by CS Lewis in 1944, this little book is a goldmine of wisdom and understanding, bringing to the surface extraordinary insights into several challenging issues on the nature of God and Christian belief Profound in his logic, inspired in his illustrations, simple in his language, Lewis displays the breadth and depth of a beautiful mind put to work for the glory of God Oh, to have heard these at the time what a privilege.

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