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    Many thanks to Vivian and Optimist for this awesome buddy read And for everyone who has joined in too Proper Buddy Read attire, no Twas nice bearing witness to Sean Michael cherries bring popped.Aw yeah Now they, too, can wear their WTF faces with pride.Now going in I pictured a whole lot of this But it was closer to this But SRAL, why It was too soon since my Malting incident That was a frigging train wreck I lost two IQ points after reading that book I thought I regained them back but no, they left once again and took another for me not learning my lesson I m beginning to believe this author has a word blender or mixing bowl where he uses his ten give or take standard words phrases, reassembles them and slaps a new title and puts it out for us readers toenjoy And guess whatthis book is better than Malting barely Hence my rating of 2.75 stars Secrets, Skin and Leather was the smarter version of Malting And SSL ain t smart.I must give props when due I have never read a PWP stretched out to almost 300 pages I didn t think it could be done but SM proved plot schlmotyou don t need that for sex o palooza Anytime the plot tried to sneak in, beat it down with a butt plug or guiche mention, growls or need or want or baby Use sex toys as a means of diversion and if that doesn t work, food, semen superheroes or fisting.Basically, the BDSM Ken Dolls, scuse me, Dillon and Dal are the mayors of SM Warped Zone You need to stretch your sense of reality for maximum enjoyment They don t think in normal tones Think outside the box to transcend into the penis sorcery world of kink that is SM Warped Zone I had an out of body experience to muddle through the smut fluff.So we had kinky Ken Dolls you know hot men with no substnacehollow on the inside , the SM standard words of fuck , mine , need , fill , plug , want , love , yours , lube and baby thrown in together to make this story.The characters were business men who liked to play And one wore brown contacts as a disguise Because it hid the real him Brown eyes serious I don t know and I don t think he even knows.Who cares With winning quotes like fuck him sober , why am I asking This is a one handed read but since this is a novel you might have to tag team it with your other hand in case of hand cramping Fap worthy 1000% Nothing much else.No Sean Michael for me for awhile I can t afford to lose any IQ points.

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    Secrets, Skin and Leather by Sean Michael is one of the best homoerotic books I ve ever read One thing Mr Michael s excels in is writing sex scenes There hasn t been a single Sean Michael book I ve read where I didn t have to get myself a cold drink or turn the air down to cool off WHEW When I bought this book, I wasn t sure I would like it I knew that both heroes were very promiscuous men before they even met, so I wondered if I there was going to be any kind of emotional connection between them, or if it was just going to be one sex scene after another, with no love or affection between them I should have known better.There is a definite connection between Dillon and Scott Daly Dal Yes, their relationship starts out with just a lot of hot sex between them, but as the book progresses, I started seeing them connect on a deeper level and fall in love I read this without interruption from start to finish I loved it.Dillon Walsh is a very successful, wealthy businessman He s bored with his life and the straight laced peers he must deal with on a day to day basis When Dillon first lays eyes on Scott Daly at a business meeting, frankly he s not impressed Dillon thinks that Scott s probably the most boring and vanilla person he s ever met, so he is underwhelmed to make his acquaintance Later than night, Dillon decides to go to the Golden Scabbard, which is a club where anything from Goth boys, transvestites or even leather daddies to meet Just about the time Dillon decides to leave, he spots a beautiful man with his stunningly blue eyes highlighted with glitter and dressed as any gay mans wet dream catches his attention Dillon can tell by the sexy way the man handles himself and dresses, that the man gives the impression he is sex on legs and Dillon is immediately smitten.But there is something very familiar about this man The Dillon watches the sexy man mingle and dance with others at the club, the familiar he becomes Suddenly it dawns on Dillon that the sexiest man he s seen in a long time is the Mr Stick Up His Ass Proper Boy , Scott Daly, from the meeting he had met earlier in the day Suddenly life isn t as boring and it becomes Dillon s mission to unravel and get close to the mysterious Scott Daly, so he sets out to seduce him.I loved this book It will be a book I will re read again and again I will say that it s NOT for the faint of heart SMALL SPOILER Scott and Dillon push sexual boundaries with one another So if you are offended by a lot of toy play, men who look sexy in corsets, fisting and other stronger and very explicit sexual play, Secrets, Skin and Leather may not be for you.I do want to point out that once Dillon and Dal get together, they are together So those of you that don t like m nages, you ll love that they become exclusive and have no desire to share each other with a third or forth partner YAY 5 Stars

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    In honor of the EPIC once in a lifetime event of my SM cherry poppin , I figured I would do a special, somewhat unorthodox review in honor of the lovely SRAL Vivian who encouraged me to take this leap smooches Many thanks to them and their contribution to my depravity support All throughout the reading of Secrets, Skin and Leather I kept picturing them asking me questions, so with that in mind, I m answering what I imagined those questions would be.So, how d you like it nods Not bad Probably a 2.75 Star read SM certainly doesn t believe in circling the wagons There is something to be said for PWP Definite spank bank material.How d you like Secrets, Skin and Leather in particular Sexy and smutty Dal and Dillon are HOT, HOT, HOT for each other LOVED the fun with food Mmmm achilles heel, that is and men in women s lingerie Yes, but how would you rate the characterization Er one of them wears colored contacts for some reason and they both have jobs that require frequent international travel and allow them to vanish for days on end OH and Dal has a guiche eyebrow wiggle AND some hidden ink downtown.Yes, but do you like them Did you get a sense of who they were Ummm yes Ok, ok we re getting nowhere with this Next question How would you describe their relationship development I don t understand the question It ain t called the SM warped zone for nothing Baby snort Ok then, how d you enjoy the warped zone They have hot, kinky sex, rarely leave wherever they are for days on end then separate for X amount of time only to randomly hook up again to have another sex fest That s the extent of their relationship Oh wait, wait, I know You mean their business relationship, right It s oops, maybe I don t know How was the sex Copious Chock a block with growling, melting, marking, sounding, fisting, the word baby , healthy dose of penis sorcery SRAL and let s not forget the corsets and toys Things vibrate a lot SM doesn t lack in the creativity department He must ve went through that line twice Whomever he s dating or married to, congratulations What about the dialogue Well, since about 95% of the book is sex, most of the ahem dialogue consists of Oh , AH FUCK , DAMN , I , yes , , please , right there well, you get the picture The few complete sentences they were able to string together contained a bit of snarkiness which is always a win with me Oh and Mine can t forget that though I was forewarned.How d you like SM s writing style Hmmm seemed a bit one handed missing words, incorrect words, incomplete sentences I imagine he took lots of ah, breaks For science of course, probably in the vein of research and development, if I were to guess I thought the whole Dal baby thing was cute especially since Dal gets dressed up in corsets and kohl How about his storytelling skills This is a trick question, right Haven t we been over this already WARPED ZONE Would you read something else of his Yes Everyone needs some PWP from time to time It s like a mental candy Cotton candy i.e air spun fluff.

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    Before I begin, I feel it s only fair to let the record show that I DNF d this book at 33%.I know that there are a lot of book bloggers and reviewers out there that refuse to review and or rate books that they do no finish I am not one of them I feel that if I make it a third of the way through the book, I have done my due diligence as a reader I have given the author a fair shot to draw me into their world using their characters and plot and dialogue If, a third of the way through the book I am not thoroughly enjoying the story, I see little point in continuing to read it Life is simply too short to spend it reading bad books that do not resonate with me, personally.Still, that doesn t mean that I didn t have opinions on the parts of the book that I did read So here goes Oh, and if you get bored with my review, feel free to DNF it it s only fair.Secrets, Skin and Leather opens with Dillon Walsh sitting in on the most boring business meeting in the history of business meetings A half dozen dull as dishwater office drones are discussing To be honest, I don t fucking know what they were discussing it wasn t that memorable But before you get angry and throw things, I should mention that Dillon wasn t paying attention either No, he was imagining the various stuffed shirts in his favourite fetish wear And what do you know A few hours later, Dillion s having a drink in a fetish club and who s on the dance floor looking totally fuckable but one of the stuffed shirts from the meeting Scott they call me Dal Daley.Dillon needs him He wants him Oh baby, oh baby But instead of walking a dozen steps and asking the man to dance, Dillon decides to leave the club and plot an overly complicated and bordering on workplace sexual harassment type scheme to get Dal in his bed on a tropical island Call me simple, but I didn t really see why it had to be this way.Suspend disbelief, Catherine, you say Okay I will Let s push on.Oh wait, there was no plot From this point until the point where I threw in the proverbial towel, the book was just unrelieved fucking Like, bunnies would feel upstaged levels of fucking Some readers might enjoy this If they do, they ll probably stick with the book and read it through to the end I won t lie, the sex scenes were pretty hot, but they weren t enough and I quickly found myself getting bored with the whole thing.I guess I m guilty of liking a little plot with my porn I wanted the characters to do something together outside of the bedroom, or have a conversation that didn t fully consist of single syllable words grunted at one another in the heat of passion Call me old fashioned, but I wanted them to get to know one another I wanted them to make a connection I wanted to know that these men had redeeming qualities and actual, grown up feelings and emotions.But I got none of that.Instead, I got a 48 hour sexual marathon that left me feeling disconnected from the characters and wondering about chaffing in uncomfortable places.Now, I acknowledge that it s entirely possible that a plot developed in the remaining two thirds of the novel or that the characters became three dimensional after they left the island I even acknowledge that the dialogue and clunky narration may have improved over time However, I make no apologies about preferring to have all of these elements present in the first third of a novel I don t really think that s too much to ask.I can t recommend this book because I didn t enjoy it, but for those of you who love the kink and aren t bothered by porn without plot, have at it You and your battery operated boyfriend will probably be quite pleased with this naughty tale.

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    Fun little jaunt into Minegrowlfucklandia Usual offering of possessive and complete possession with copious smexin going down Dal and Dillon frolic through the toy pornucopia from corsets to sounds and from plugs to fists these boys are BUSY More entertaining than usual or maybe that was just the buddy read Good times, good times.

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    My Buddy Vivian brought up a buddy read and boy was it a good one This is smutastic with m m loving in a kinky way I m confused because it contains all the bdsm elements yet I don t find this to be a BDSM book Regardless, the sex scenes are FABULOUS Scott Dally aka Dal meets possessive Dillon.Meet Dal with the beautiful blue eyes before he puts his black eyeliner on.Dillon the powerful man in a suit.They get it on with sounding, fisting and sexy corsets With piercings and sexy growls, I really don t have much to say about this story except I loved the mine, mine, mine and babies Some may argue this was all porn and no plot I felt there was a little plot and I like it It was predictable and I m okay with it The rest of the pictures are not safe for work view spoiler A man in a corset is hawt I didn t find anything as sexy as described in the story, but here are some men in panties and garter belt.The tattoo on the dick is similar to this below is my guess Except this is a dragon, not a chameleon hide spoiler

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    I don t find corsets on men attractive at all I liked that they liked it The kohl The rouge The toys The attraction Dillon has for Dal when he spots him in little than make up and a tight corset sets the mood for this sorcher of a novel The unassuming start a business meeting leads into an anticipatory meeting between Dillon and Dal a.k.a Scott Daly Only Dal doesn t know he s been spotted Once together there are than sparks These two set flame to the bedsheets and inked pages They are great together and the kinkiness doesn t seem over the top for them It is tailor made for the way Dillon and Dal want to please each other There is sex o plenty but for this Sean Michael novel I felt the characters wanted something from the start Dillon was fansinated with Dal s response to his touch but also he found himself drawn to Dal in an emotional way, almost immediately 4.5 of 5

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    3.5 StarsRead this as a buddy read with the BDSM Group We had lots of fun with it thank you all for a great time and chatter Extra special thanks to Optimist and to Vivian for hosting You know those books you read where you re 80% in and they finally have sex Sean Michael doesn t write those kind of books They are sex, mine, sex, need, sex, growl, sex, hum, well you get the point Let s just say you don t read SM for intricate plot points.Is that not a hot bookcover Yeah, that s what I thought too which meant I HAD to read it Scott Daly is a stuffy prude and Dillon writes him off at his conference until he goes out and sees Dal in a cincher, kohled and hot as sin This is the start of sexy times.Lots of corsets, toys and sex Did I say that already I liked it.

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    4 Star Mysteriously Fab High powered Dillon and Ambitious Dal The CorsetJust Yum and gosh this couple is so Adorable I loved the suits I loved the corset, I love the story within and I so want I love the suitsAndI love the corsets.I also love the mystrical flairThe book.YUMMY, YUM, YUM Highly Recommended just for a fun, hawt as all get out, adorable quick read, but BewareIMOThis book is Soooo Freak in HAWT, if you don t like it super HAWT and SPICY it might not be for you, but, OMG I Really Loved it Re read re loved

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    This book is one of the hottest books I have read in a long time There are some heavy BDSM play, but because of the chemistry and the characters themselves it didn t bother me In fact, I loved it Dillon and Dal are two people that are made for one another Watching them grow from it being all about sex to an actual emotional relationship was so satisfying to say the least.

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Secrets, Skin and Leather download Secrets, Skin and Leather, read online Secrets, Skin and Leather, kindle ebook Secrets, Skin and Leather, Secrets, Skin and Leather 9fbf4c26d66f Scott Daley Is A High Powered Executive By Day, But By Night He Plays On The Fetish Scene He Keeps His Two Lives Scrupulously Separate, Not Wanting His Clients To Have Any Idea What He Gets Up To Afraid It Might Ruin Him, Dal Keeps The Wild Child Firmly In The Closet So When Dillon, A Distant Business Associate, Sees Dal At A Club One Night, Things Take A Dangerous, And Exciting Turn Dillon Invites Him To What He Thinks Is A Business Meeting, But It Turns Into A Weekend Of Debauchery That Sets Off A Torrid Affair Meeting Whenever They Can, High Powered Dillon And Ambitious Dal Explore All Of The Ways They Can Love Each Other, Living Just Enough On The Edge To Get A Thrill And Maybe Get Caught When Things Go Sour, Dal Hits The Road, Running As Far Away As He Can, Trying To Figure Out How To Minimize The Damage To His Life And His Career Dillon Isn T Quite Ready To Let Him Go, Though, And Sets Out To Get Dal Back Can Dillon Convince Dal That Some Secrets Are Worth Letting Out Of The Bag Sean Michael Creates An Exciting World Where Business Meets Pleasure And All Of The Games Have High Stakes In This Steamy Novel Wrap It Up And Take It Home