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Being Sawyer Knight files Being Sawyer Knight, read online Being Sawyer Knight, free Being Sawyer Knight, free Being Sawyer Knight, Being Sawyer Knight da5171526 As Lead Singer And Guitarist Of The Internationally Renowned Souls Of The Knight, Sawyer Knight Is Living A Life Most Men Can Only Dream Of He S Surrounded By Music, Fame, Wealth, Women Throwing Themselves At His Feet He Has Everything Yet He Has Nothing Life As One Of The World S Most Sought After Rock Stars Is Tiring, Oppressive And Lonely He Spends Every Day Being Who The World Wants Him To Be, Who His Manager Tells Him To Be, Who His Mother Expects Him To Be All The While Fighting Against Who He Really Is Truth Is, He S Used To It He S Actually Gotten Pretty Good At Pretending At Living The LieUntil Jake Reed, His Ex Best Friend And The Only Person Who S Ever Made Him Feel , Waltzes Back Into His Life As The Band S New Head Of Security Jake Wants Sawyer Always Has, Always Will Now, He Just Needs To Get Sawyer To Admit That He Feels The Same

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    Big sad not so smiley face Unfortunately this never really worked for me personally because I couldn t find that connection with any of the characters that I need to fully enjoy my books, I didn t really like any of them to be honest and also, like another reviewer has said, there was this strange shift in and out of tenses that although it wasn t enough to put me off reading it completely, it did have me scratching my head as to why it was written like that BUT..there s love for this from other readers out there and I can see the pull hell, I was drawn to the blurb myself, being a fan of rock star stories, but sadly that click I usually get never happened Lots of steamy sex and a bit of a mystery stalker sub plot mixed in alongside the will they won t they romance I did find it clich d and sorry to say it, a bit too predictable so it just didn t hit MY spot Shame..see what you think At the moment it appears I m in the minority on this so who knows

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    4 StarsSawyer Knight and Jake Reed were best friends growing up in the UK, until Jake s family moved to Australia when the boys were 17 Before Jake leaves he confesses his undying love for Sawyer and smacks him with a passionate kiss Sawyer, although surprised, responds with equal fervor, before immediately succumbing to shock and denial He runs from Jake, telling him he never wants to see or hear from him again Over dramatic response Yes Understandable reaction Perhaps Poor Sawyer was taken by surprise and, up until that point, had never questioned his sexuality or his feelings for his best friend, so he acts irrationally and it costs him dearly.Ten years later, Sawyer is the front man of an extremely successful band Souls of the Knight The persona he s conveyed to the world is one of a talented and confident musician, who gets all the girls and is living the high life Truthfully, Sawyer is a moody, despondent and lonely, sleeping with women he cares nothing for.Unbeknownst to the band, death threats are being made by some anonymous psycho, so management brings in a brand spanking new head of security, all the way from Australia, to look after the boys safety Enter an older, wiser and hotter Jake professional security expert.Sawyer is shocked and apprehensive to have his ex best friend back in his life, bringing old and suppressed feeling bubbling back to the surface It doesn t help that Jake immediately informs Sawyer that he will be his Arrogance runs rampant here, but Jake makes it all strangely appealing and less creepy than it sounds The two proceed to play a hot game of cat and mouse, with Jake making insta love declarations and Sawyer poorly denying his mutual attraction These two together were smoking hot And the emotional side of things, although quite corny and fast in its development, was thoroughly entertaining and engaging.So, although this story was fairly cheesy and predictable, I found it strangely addictive I m rating solely on my enjoyment level here which was high Off to the next one

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    Kindle freebie 9 28 15

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    3.75 stars In this corner, you have Sawyer Knight No way is he a gay Rockstar So what if 10 years ago he liked it when his best friend kissed him before he moved away So what if he experimented in college and liked it So what that in the 10 years since his best friend left, he hasn t been able to stop thinking about him He s fucked hundreds of woman No way was he gay And even if he might be, he can t tell anyone What would the world think On the opposite side, Jake Reed.Alpha Openly gay man Newly hired head of security for Sawyer and his band Said best friend that kissed Sawyer before moving away Man on a mission He will have Sawyer He will change his mind He will get what he wants.As much as I was frustrated by Sawyer and his fear of being found out and what it would do to his career, I m glad that he quickly realized he couldn t hide anything from Jake Jake saw right thru him, and called him out on all of his shit Jake made sure not to push too much, and did a great job of giving Sawyer the reassurances that he needed I felt the tension of how hard it was for Sawyer to hide his true feelings for Jake in public The urge to glance over The itch to touch He constantly had to shield his emotions and constrain his natural urges And then when they would finally, privately, get together.it was as though you could finally breathe I really liked Sawyer s relationship with Elle and even his quick bond with Ryder The rest of the band and Claire, rounded out a good cast of side characters I even found myself laughing out loud at crude and rude Matt the Twat The steam factor was, I d say a medium But well paced and put in the perfect parts of the story Jake and Sawyer definitely didn t disappoint in the panty melting department though I wouldn t dare complain if was added.The mystery or suspense portion of the story gets a big fat eye roll from me and I didn t think it was necessary, but I m willing to overlook since without the mystery there was no reason for Jake to be hired for security And the big reveal at the end was a bit cliche The main reason the book didn t reach 4 stars was due to grammatical errors They are sprinkled all over the place Even a couple of instances where the wrong name was used I can usually overlook this, but unfortunately there were too many Too often I found myself having to reread sentences And there you have it.

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    I started this series a few years ago with book 3, which I loved It s something I do often..reading the most interesting book in a series usually it s the last one and forgetting about the rest PAnywaysthe other two books were still on my TBR list and I figured now was the time to finally read them I am glad that I did, because both were very enjoyable, though I must say, that book 3 still remains my favorite.and how can it notit s about Matt the Twat PThis one is about Sawyer and Jake, who used to be the best of friends when they were 17 Unfortunately, Jake s father landed a new job in Australie no less, which means that Jake will be moving far far away But he can t just leave without showing Sawyer exactly how he feels about him.so he doesshow him that is, with a very hot and steamy kissThis confuses the shit out of Sawyer because he is straight and he never thought of Jake that way..so why is his body responding the way it is Fast forward 10 years and these two are about the come face to face again Sawyer is now a part of the very famous band Souls of Knight and his security detail is about to change hehehe PJake has never forgotten about Sawyer and he is pretty determined to finally make the man his.This is were the book lost some stars for me It all went so fast They haven t seen each other for ten years and the last time they were together, Sawyer told Jake he never wanted to see him any and he regretted their friendship.Still, the moment they reunite Jake is on Sawyer like flies on shit, and Sawyer is not putting up much of a fight.It bothered me a bit that things moved so freaking fast.The only thing that s standing in their way is the fact that Sawyer is too scared to come out He fears his friends will judge him and his carreer will be over if they all find out.So they fool around in secret with Sawyer freaking out everytime they are close to being found out Then when he finally does find the courage to stand up for himself and he comes out to all his friends and the rest of the world. he decides to quit the band All this time he has been hiding who he is and who he loves, because he was afraid his career would end and no one would understand and the moment he comes out to the worldhe also quits that precious career. This actually pissed me off a bitas you ca probably tell Anyways, besides the insta love and the this little part that made no sense to me, I did really enjoy this book and I do recommend this series I really love Matt and I think anyone should read this series just to get to his book P

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    Loved Being Sawyer Knight A great m m romance with a perfect mix of steam, emotion and suspense The relationship between Sawyer and Jake is HOT, Jake is bossy but sweet and poor Sawyer is struggling with his sexuality but together they can deal with whatever life throws at them.The story is told from both POV s which I enjoyed I like the rest of the gang I even liked Matt by the end of the story.Would recommend to anyone who likes a good m m read.

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    DNF 75%I really don t know what i was thinking when i picked this book Well who am i kidding I know what i was thinking, i was thinking that it will be as good as Nicola Haken s Broken, because believe me that book was a Gem But i was so very wrong This book was nothing like Broken, it was I don t know what the hell it was I was bored just by reading 25% of this book And i don t even care what the hell happened to Sawyer or another MC whose name i don t even remember That s how much this book was a bummer for me.If your trying to read a good MM romance with some sexy time and a good plot with character development, this book is so not for you Steer Clear from this book Its not worth your time.

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    2.5 StarsThis one didn t work so well for me Sawyer Knight was a bit of a diva and too close to being chick with a dick I wanted to like Jake but, frankly, he came off as a little stalkerish and too pushy I maybe could ve bought his approach i.e., an immediate full court press that bordered on sex harassment if the previous incident didn t happen when they were teens and their time apart had been 1 year instead of 10 There is a shit load of growing up that takes place between 18 and 28 hopefully We re usually talking some major life experiences So, it was completely unrealistic for Jake to come in as hard core bent on turning the straight Sawyer After 10 years of no contact and given Sawyer s reputation with the ladies Nu uh I m not saying it was impossible I simply couldn t believe Jake s absolute confidence arrogance and unwavering persistence Not once did he question himself Not once What.The.Fuck.Ever Sawyer, on the other hand, kinda irked me He was aloof and conflicted but irritatingly so He didn t kick Jake s ass to the curb at the first, second, or even third inappropriate remark or assaultive behavior Instead, Sawyer prevaricated and snapped and threw tantrums Ugh So Not Attractive Sadly, a note about the editing or lack thereof This book had a lot of errors Generally, I try to roll with it and I don t expect a book to be perfect But when the typos and grammatical errors are so prevalent as to be distracting, it s downright sloppy This book fell into that category If I m paying for it, I expect Period And, the shameless overuse of CAPITALIZATION Hated it I don t like when people yell at me.On a positive note the sexy smexy scenes were extra steamy Yum One star for that Bottom line This story had promise but it didn t deliver 1.5 stars 1.0 star for the sexy smexy scenes.

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    3.8 starsI normally dislike books about rock stars people in a band musicians famous people I just don t understand why people would want to live that way Their lives are dictated by a PR person and they have to keep up appearances at all times.But I liked this And even though keeping up appearances played a big role in this book, it wasn t as bad as I expected These guys were not bullied by their record company and mostly decided for themselves what to do with their lives.Yes, PR was important here and Sawyer was extremely worried about coming out, but he was never forced by anyone to stay in the closet He did that all on his own.I loved how patient Jake was and how determined he was to make Sawyer his I also loved that Jake didn t accept Sawyer pulling away from him It s okay to be unsure, to feel scared but promise me when it feels like it s getting too much, you ll come to me even if it s me that s causing you to feel like this It was even less angsty than I expected Yes, Sawyer has a lot of insecurities, and there was a bit of a push and pull at the start, but that ended rather quickly when Sawyer came to his senses and saw Jake was it for him I can t stop thinking about you I can t stop wanting you, needing to touch you You need to know I really care about you, Jake I don t know if that s what love is, but I know I will never intentionally hurt you I don t ever plan to push you away again, but I also can t promise I won t You re the only person in the world who knows me absolutely My whole life is an act, and I can be myself with you These guys have a loving, sweet relationship, despite the fact that Sawyer doesn t want people to know about them Sawyer tried to push Jake away, but Jake just didn t let him.On to the next one

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    This book started off promising enough when 17 year Jake confesses his love and kisses his best friend, Sawyer Sawyer, in great denial, turns his back on Jake They don t speak again for 10 years Fast forward to the present, and Jake is hired as Sawyer s head of security Jake is pushy and immediately insists that Sawyer will be his Sawyer is indecisive and a bit mean view spoiler he has on page sex with a female groupie who had just slept with his bandmate knowing Jake is outside his door hide spoiler

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