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Always summary Always, series Always, book Always, pdf Always, Always 466f19870c Born To A Prestigious Political Family, Avery Adams Plays As Hard As He Works The Gorgeous, Charismatic Attorney Is Used To Getting What He Wants, Even The Frequent One Night Stands That Earn Him His Well Deserved Playboy Reputation When Some Of The Most Prominent Men In Politics Suggest He Run For Senate, Avery Decides The Time Has Come To Follow In His Grandfather S Footsteps With A Strategy In Place And The Campaign Wheels Rolling, Avery Is Ready To Jump On The Legislative Fast Track, Full Steam Ahead But No Amount Of Planning Prepares Him For The Handsome, Uptight Restaurateur Who Might Derail His Political FutureEasy Isn T Even In The Top Thousand Words To Describe Kane Dalton S Life After His Father, A Devout Southern Baptist Minister, Kicks Him Out Of The Family Home For Questioning His Sexual Orientation Despite All The Rotten Tomatoes Life Throws His Way, Kane Makes Something Of Himself Between Owning A Thriving Upscale Italian Restaurant In The Heart Of Downtown Minneapolis And Managing His Long Term Boyfriend, His Plate Is Full He Struggles To Get Past The Teachings Of His Childhood To Fully Accept His Sexuality And Rid Himself Of The Doubts Brought On By His Religious Upbringing The Last Thing He Needs Is The Yummy, Sophisticated, Blond Haired Distraction Sitting At Table Thirty Four

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    Always stand alone Epic m m life love saga that tackles issues makes history I love you, always Always stand alone is a beautiful, spell binding and sexy love story of epic proportions From the moment attorney and aspiring politician Avery Adams, the grandson of a US President, met restaurateur Kane Dalton he knew the direction of his life had been altered A plan set in motion years ago took the back seat so that he could pursue his soul mate.An heir to a political empire and a disowned preacher s son spelled scandal It was the seventies and politics was not ready for an openly gay politician, so Avery walked away and built a life with his Kane And what a life, their love always first, foremost and center.Told from alternating POV it s a breathtaking journey that that spans four decades through life s ups and downs success, miracles, betrayal, scandal, setbacks, heartaches and legacy Always centered around their soul searching passion and unending love.All consuming Bittersweet Unforgettable A must read I know I m wherever I m supposed to be, waiting for you to walk beside me again for all eternity You are my soul, my always Avery s rating Kane s rating Plot Storytelling Sexual tension Sex scenes Story ending OVERALL RATING Angst HIGH FOCUS Darkness LOW FOCUS Humor LOW FOCUS Kink MEDIUM FOCUS Romance HIGH FOCUS Sex frequency HIGH FOCUS Suspense LOW FOCUS

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    5 heartfelt stars When kindred souls meet, they are destined to be together, always This is one of the most beautiful romances I have read in a long time Avery and Kane have a forever kind of love Always starts dramatically in present day, then takes us on a whirlwind journey of 40 years of love and romance We go back to the very beginning Where it first began in Minnesota Avery Adams is on track to be the next senator of Minnesota His family has a strong political history and he is following in their footsteps While going to a popular restaurant, he meets the man who will change his life forever From the moment they meet, Avery knows there is something about Kane Dalton He can t take his eyes off of him You re beautiful That was my only thought when I looked at you in the restaurant on that first day You took my breath away You stole my words I couldn t speak Kane Dalton comes from a family of devout Christians, his father is a pastor Although Kane is estranged from his family, he still loves them His beliefs have been engraved in him since he was a child He has morals, he still believes, but his beliefs conflict with who he is The he is with Avery, the Avery convinces him that they are right There is nothing wrong about their love They were meant to be together Avery, my God doesn t believe in us, Kane said But he does I know he does I know you re meant for me I know you re the other half of my soul We are meant to be together Avery has many tough choices to make early on in their relationship Although he has a supportive mother and friends, America isn t really ready for an openly gay politician Especially one who isn t willing to hide who he is or his partner Avery and Kane go through their fair share of obstacles as time goes on, but they always remember what is most important in life Each other When it comes to Kane and Avery, I can t even begin to tell you which man I loved I immediately felt connected to the both of them They were different, but both so amazing in their own ways Avery was the outgoing, handsome and confident man Kane was a little reserved and almost shy at times, but he was the sweetest man I loved them separate, but most of all I loved them together Even though they started out with a little insta love, it worked It worked because their feelings were real and they worked at their relationship Everything felt real and after the beginning I never felt that things moved too fast between them I ve read my fair share of m m books, and this was an exceptional one I don t want to say this is one of the best m m books I ve read lately, even though it is I want to say it is one of the best romances I ve read lately Even friends that don t read m m, I ve been recommending this to them Kane and Avery s love was unconditional and timeless I was moved by this story It was heartfelt, beautiful and emotional The writing was superb The ending left me in tears, it was heart wrenching, but it showed how meant to be they were This is a story I would recommend to anyone looking for a beautiful romance story ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review

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    Kindle Alexander is a frickin genius.As I write this, she is 31 on in Genre Fiction.Genre Fiction Not romance.George R.R Martin is 2 spots away at 29 You know who rates LOWER in Genre Fiction than Kindle Alexander Ken Follet 36Isabel Allende 38Jodi Picault 50Agatha Freaking Christie 53Kurt Vonnegut 57Dean Koontz 58Kindle Alexander outsells Kurt Vonnegut Just let that sink in for a minute.Whatever she s doing, clearly it works So the fact I could not finish this book makes no nevermind.

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    Well, after just finishing Always by Kindle Alexander I am totally drained, a little shell shocked, with the whole red, puffy eye look going on, because I cried buckets OMG Kindle Alexander ripped the heart from my chest before lovingly putting me back together That ending and I will say nothing further on the conclusion of this book because it s perfect and needs to be experienced first hand just know that you need tissues lots of them Always is an incredibly moving and heartfelt journey A lifetime of happiness is all we can ever hope for, and to be able to share it with someone you love, well, that s the stuff of dreams This book is escapism at it best, it s that happily ever after we all yearn for, a love story pure and simple and one that will without doubt melt your heart, beautifully executed and poignantly delivered with such love and care by Kindle Alexander it was like being enveloped in your favourite snuggly blanket.There is no angst in this book, no misunderstandings for the sake of it, Avery and Kane are perfect for each other and Always is all about the love and romance, a connection and bond so deep that they can barely breath without each other And Kindle makes no apologies for it in the writing, as if to say Hell, I m going to write a love story that is soppy and romantic and it will melt your heart, but do you know what that s good and we re going to make a bloody good job of it too and do you know what, they did The start of this book was the total hook for me, it has impact and opens on the present day with Avery about to go into surgery for a heart condition What becomes immediately apparent is the love these two men have for each other and the life bond they have formed over the last forty years I was drawn in by Avery and Kane, wanting to know their lives and how they got there, and reminiscing in the waiting room of the hospital with his daughter Amber Kane tells us their story.Kane is a Restaurateur and Avery a Lawyer with political ambitions, both men are professional and confident, sure of themselves and their abilities, both using a persona to convey that confidence to the world Yet, in each others company they become adolescent teenagers with the whole tummy tingling, sweat inducing, tongue tied flustered thing going on, with no control over their bodies reactions or the sizzling electricity that arcs between them Both of them are as confused as fuck as to what s going on, but the intensity and raw passion of it is something neither of them can restrain, unable even to recognise their own feelings for what they are yet knowing it is something so much than mere physical attraction.I am no fan of insta love, I am usually all about the angst and drama, get my blood pumping and adrenaline going and I m happy, but sometimes a book or an author comes along and does it right I had no eye rolling moments here, why you might ask, well I ll tell you it s all about the writing and the believability factor, and Kindle makes me believe these two men are soul mates, destined to be together The story itself, as I explained is escapism, is it believable, no, it s fiction and it can be whatever it wants to be but their love is never in question I was like their cheerleader on the side lines, encouraging them every step of the way, whooping at every milestone in their lives So many times we read a book, so invested in the characters, we want to know of their lives beyond that HEA How did their lives turn out Is it a love that lasts a lifetime You become desperate and make up your own scenarios but with Kane and Avery, well, we get to live a lifetime with them and now I want to cry again Kane and Avery s story is just beautiful, there are some great secondary characters, namely Paulie who will also worm his way into your heart It s funny and quirky, you will both laugh and cry, there are plenty of aww moments and a few where you would like to do some serious damage that would be Kane s hypocritical bigoted family The sex as always with Kindle is plentiful and HOT and I could go on and on about this book, but do you know what the synopsis does a pretty good job of telling you what the book is about, any than that and you would miss out on enjoying the first hand experience for yourselves and I really don t want to spoil that for you But be assured Kindle Alexander fans will love this book, they have delivered what I would call a true romance that even those readers like me, that can be a bit sceptical at times will love be assured there is nothing cheesy or too saccharine about Always.

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    It s LIVE CA UK Noble buy itor enter for a chance to win ithttp www.rafflecopter.com rafl dispRead it.love ittell all of your friends about it And here s an awesome book trailer to check outhttp www.youtube.com watch v 877kY04 Emotional Stars Oh my jeez.That got meTo me, Always was so very different from Kindle Alexander s other books. emotional, thought provoking, real Not to take anything away from her books, but this one really tore me up.Always is the story of Kane Dalton and Avery Adams Kane a devout Christian, shunned by his parents when he was 18 and came out He was saved by his mentor and father figure Paulie and is now a successful restaurant owner Avery is the son and grandson of politicians..forced to keep his preferences hidden He is a lawyer, with political aspirations He moves to Minnesota and meets Kane at La Bella Luna, his restaurant and it was love at first sight.Now, normally I am not a fan of insta love And this was definitely insta love so I was worried about how the rest of the story would go But honestly, this story was about Kane and Avery s life post marriage About their struggles to be a normal gay couple, in a world where being gay isn t always accepted To have the family that they both desire, the life they both long for Avery and Kane were soulmates.They were each others always.There wasn t a lot of angst and drama.this was just a really touching, beautiful journey of two people falling in love.their path through life The highs, the lows, the love and the loss.I can t say much else without giving anything away, it s best to read it and experience it yourself By the end of Kane and Avery s journeyAlways begins with Kane and Avery meeting and falling in loveand follows their lives over the next forty years If you re a fan of MM romance, and Kindle Alexander then I definitely recommend giving this one a shot While it was emotionally driven it still had plenty of the Kindle Alexander spice Another great read ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

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    Oh boy Okay, this book didn t work for me on almost every level 1 I ve read these characters before in every Kindle Alexander book The exact same things that annoyed me in Up In Arms and The Current Between Us and in Double Full annoyed me here Every single Kindle Alexander book starts with a supposed alpha male type character who doesn t need anyone and by the 20% mark of the book he s turned into a whiny, needy thirteen year old girl Every Single One In this book Avery goes from a playboy to declaring this man he s never even talked to the man of his dreams on practically the same page What is that And then after that he s manipulative and needy and so damn cheesy I could not roll my eyes any harder And also, just like that, Kane turns from this competent business man into the classic trope of the Too Stupid To Live character He s insecure, he s hesitant, he needs Avery to tell him when it s okay to breath I was already checked out by the 20% mark and I only read onwell I ll get to that later 2 The massive jumps in time didn t work for me at all We got about 30 pages of Avery and Kane s courtship Avery decides he wants to have a child, we have the only real point of conflict in the entire book, it lasts for two hours and then they have babies They bring those babies home and then we fast forward to nine years later What How am I supposed to care about this family or even this couple when their lives are just glossed over I m beginning to think that this book should have instead been a series of books because I never connected with Kane and Avery and I definitely never cared about their children.3 The cheeseoh, the cheese If I read my mister one time I was going to throw my iPad across the room And I m not a fan of skipping over large chunks of their lives just to get back to another sex scene where at the end Kane and Avery tell each other how they love each so much and for always Boring You can t just tell me how much these people love each other, I need to see it I need to see them dealing with the everyday challenges of life which this book largely skipped 4 if I can make one plea to Kindle Alexander, it s to start writing her male characters like men I need her characters to have some integrity I just can t believe that love changes these characters so much that they re no longer the people they were before, and even worse, they turn into girls Great authors who write men as men would be the male authors in this fandom or Abigail Roux or Heidi Cullinan off the top of my head Write a strong male lead and then KEEP HIM a strong male lead Write an independent type who doesn t do relationships and then make him actually struggle with his first desire to be in one Don t just have him go from the strong, independent type to declaring his love in a heartbeat It s not realistic Secondly, okay angst is okay It s okay for characters to have disagreements that last longer than a couple of pages In fact, it makes the story interesting and believable 5 Kindle Alexander became an author that I immediately fell in love with after reading Texas Pride Unfortunately, every book after that has suffered the exact same problems I like her and I d like to see her grow as an author This will probably never get read because she seems to be specifically trolling for five star reviews but I feel that it s worth being said I think she s a good story teller but she s got to stop telling the same story with the same characters I auto bought this book but I ll think long and hard about reading another Kindle Alexander book if nothing is going to change.

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    5 Heart Achingly Beautiful Stars This book was really an amazing read The journey I got to experience was so beautiful, but also caused me great pain This book follows the lives of two men Two men who fall in love and end up sharing their lives together We get to see their highs and lows and even their middles We see them fall in lust and love, experience loss and blessings It was just truly a beautiful story.The book starts off in the present, where we meet Avery and Kane for the first time I didn t know anything about these men, but that didn t stop me from getting teary eyed for them You could already feel the love that these two had for one another Then the story goes back in time into the 1970 s where Kane is retelling how he met Avery.Avery Adams is working his way into becoming a Senator, just like his father He is a confident wealthy gay man who goes after what he wants He didn t seem too interested in any kind of relationship that lasts He does one night stands, that is all he has the time for But that all changes the moment he goes into the restaurant La Bella Luna and meets the restaurant owner, Kane Dalton Avery has never felt so drawn to another person in his entire life He doesn t know Kane but already he knows that Kane is his and was meant to be his The wooing quickly begins and he won t quit until Kane says yes They were opposites in most ways but together, they just worked beautifully Make no mistake, I will romance you, Kane Dalton, just not now Right now, I need to fuck you Fuck you hard, and soft, and then do it all over again Kane Dalton comes from a family with Christian beliefs His father was a pastor, so his coming out experience was not a great one He gets kicked out of home with nothing to his name and becomes estranged from his family Kane still practices what he has learned from his childhood and believes in their moral code Because of this, sometimes Avery and Kane didn t see eye to eye all the time But they made it work Kane falls hard for Avery, even though he was reluctant to Avery shows him that loving each other is not wrong Kane was a bit on the shy side and sweet, but that didn t mean he didn t voice his opinions Be was strong in a quiet way and loved whole heartedly He was perfect for Avery.Boy, did Avery make me melt and swoon hard He was a romantic and just so freaking sweet I loved the man I loved the way Avery treated Kane and how he cared and protected him, and vice versa I loved how hard Avery worked to get Kane I m not at all surprised how Kane fell for Avery, because he can be very persuasive I loved seeing this couple grow and learn each other inside and out They become strong as a couple, especially during a time where they weren t accepted Avery wasn t afraid to show his love for Kane out in the open Kane wasn t as confident about showing their relationship to the world With Avery becoming a Senator, their lives became exposed and the media loved every moment of it It was hard on Kane but he wasn t going to stop loving Avery because of the comments You re my other half, my soul mate destined to with me through eternity You re my always and forever As the years go by, roadblocks appear There were moments where they thought they wouldn t make it, but in the end they would make it work Because they were each other s lives and they didn t want to give each other up They also get great blessings and have many moments of joy and happiness They were lucky to be surrounded by people that loved and supported them They all made one big unconventional family, but a family nonetheless I loved it and the secondary characters.This was my first Kindle Alexander book and I am glad I decided to read it because it has become a favourite of mine It was very well written, and the story grabbed me not wanting to let go I fell in love with both Avery and Kane, and the long lasting romance they had There were some really steamy moments that helped show the unbreakable connection between them The ending goes back to the present and it was very hard for me to read This book made me cry so hard Rivers and rivers of tears fell from eyes reading the last portion of the book But it was all worth it It was beautiful and heartfelt and I don t regret reading it At All One of the best romance books I have read in a while So, that should tell you that I think you definitely should read this one I loved it and was happy with the conclusion Just beautiful

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    DNF at 48% I didn t know I really didn t know.If I had known I would have NEVER picked up this book Elsbeth let slip something about this book last night and I harassed her til she told me how this book would end And I m so glad I did Not that it helped, I was already too invested in the characters to not care if I read it myself or simply heard about it.There are some things I don t like to read about.I love angsty books if one of the MC s has had a very hard life and is even suicidal Because with all that hurt comes the comfort And the comfort is so goooood But I hate unnecessary angst The miscommunication kind.I also fiercely dislike the breaking up for your own good scenario. no thank you And cheating is a massive no no in my books I can read about it but it will annoy me to no end and take away my pleasure of reading the book None of these things occur in this book I was simply mentioning them to tell you about my dislikes I must warn you, what I m going to say now is a MAJOR spoiler for this book If you don t want to be spoiled, don t read it I will use spoiler tags But with this book I have reached my utter limit I will NEVER read a book about this subject Because it will stay with me for a long long time.I can t read about view spoiler one of my MC s or both of them dying I can t and I won t I understand that this book spans the entire lives of Avery and Kane well, since they met They are soul mates and go through a lot together I felt it, the desperation with which they needed each other Even when I didn t know how it would end it had a bittersweet taste to it already So when this book starts with Avery in the hospital when they are in their sixties, I never would have thought it would end with him dying What Elsbeth has told me Kane can t handle it and is so heartbroken he goes to the cemetery where he sees Avery waiting for him to join him, so he does But they do leave their adult children behind It is simply too much for me to handle I am even now crying while writing this review Of course I see the beauty of this, but it has too much of an impact on me hide spoiler

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    Always brought tons of emotions to me It was such an emotional read definitely By the end of book, I was weeping like a baby Thumbs up to Kindle Alexander, my first read and I was hooked Kane and Avery, these two boys had such a beautiful journey in their life despite of all the challenges they faced Avery, Mr Politician And Kane, our darling Mr Restaurant Owner One beautiful day, Avery enters to eat at Kane s restaurant and dear me, he wants Kane They both were trying to distract themselves from each other But how long can they succeed No long that s for sure.They are hot and steamy, I believe Come home with me No, fuck home I want you right here Make no mistake, I will romance you, Kane Dalton, just not now Right now, I need to fuck you Fuck you hard, and soft, and then do it all over again Shit How can I say no with you touching me like that If you are into M M, I def would recommend this brilliant emotional read Ciao Happy ReadingD xoxo ARC provided for review

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    4 Soulmate Stars This is the story of the relationship between Avery Adams and Kane Dalton The relationship between these two spans almost 40 years Their story begins in 1975, when Avery goes to eat at Kane s restaurant, La Bella Luna. Avery is an up and coming politician in the area and comes from a long line of politicians Kane feels he has done something wrong and looks to set it right by sending him flowers Little does he know that Avery was stunned by Kane and has fallen head over heels instantly Kane, a devout Christian, was banished from his family by his preacher father when he admitted to being gay He met up with Paulie, who unofficially adopted him, and helped him learn how to cook and together they worked at building the restaurant together, La Bella Luna. His boyfriend Brian, just broke up with him and he is considering using Avery as a possible rebound Avery has other plans however Sidenote I m not a big insta love fan but the development of their relationship and over time I overlooked the fact that they got into a relationship so fast.I will say I had to remind myself that this was the seventies and many of the things that happened were acceptable then Anyways they get married a year later and we get to experience many of the trials and tribulations they experience as a gay married couple as well as with Avery s political career We go through the good, the bad, and the sad The sex scenes between these two..MY MY MY Honestly this was just an overall beautiful story about how the love of two men overcoming different obstacles that are thrown their way The many people who remained in their life and supported them I absolutely loved You re my always, I love you so much I would just like to say, Kindle Alexander Also view spoiler I knew it was gonna happen but still WHY hide spoiler

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