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    The first two stories and the last two stories were my favourites. D'Ambrosio has a rough slickness to his writing, if his other works are like this, I'll soon be putting him above Carver in skill. Very good read

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    I purchased this book after reading one of the short stories ("Her Real Name") in a fiction anthology. The story was so incredible that I wanted to read everything that I could find by the same author. (I ordered his other book, The Dead Fish Museum, at the same time. I have already read it and reviewed it.)

    This collection did not disappoint. The stories feature unusual characters in difficult situations. And D'Ambrosio's writing is incredible: everything from his choice of words and images to the way he structures his stories.

    I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves short stories that are raw and painfully true to life.

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    Just loved the final story, "Open House,"
    in this, his first collection. Unfortunately,
    his second collection, already read, seems
    to be his last. Leaving me needing more
    Charles D'Ambrosio. Write on, Chuck !

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    Published in 1995, The Point was Charles D'Ambrosio's first collection. In it are quiet, sometimes nearly impressionistic stories that, despite their length (the shortest of the seven stories is 24 pages) I never got bogged down while reading.

    The title story, "The Point," is the jewel of the collection and was included in Best American in 1991. In this story we have a teenaged first person narrator who acts as an escort to his mother's drunken friends after cocktail parties, walking them home and making sure they get safely into their homes. D'Ambrosio does something very interesting in this story - he somewhat casually introduces a crucial element early in the story, but he doesn't provided the details for what happened until very near the end, at the point (no pun intended) where readers have probably forgotten. The effect is. . .well, you need to read the story. Of all the great stories in this collection, "The Point" is the one you'll probably return to. I think it has that kind of resonance.

    Of the other stories, "Her Real Name" comes in an extremely close second to "The Point." In this heartbreaking story, a sailor just off the boat is travelling across the country and he picks up a teenage girl who is pumping gas in southern Illinois. The girl is sick, and the story tracks their unique relationship.

    I also enjoyed "All Aboard," and "Lyricism," a set of two stories, "October" and "January," that give readers a look at a couple in two distinctly different times in their relationship. "January" is especially strong. In "Open House," D'Ambrosio deals with mental illness, a theme that comes back in several stories in his follow-up collection, The Dead Fish Museum.

    All in all, D'Ambrosio can flat write. There's absolutely no reason why he shouldn't be considered among the best short fiction writers today.

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    It took me awhile to read this book because I started it and read the first two stories, but the second, Her Real Name, rocked me so much I had to stop for awhile. I read several other books in the meantime. I had recommended it to an ex-boyfriend who reminded me of D'Ambrosio. The interviews I've read with him, particularly the excellent one with his now ex-wife Heather Larimar in particular in a TinHouse collection, lay the man bare; his nightmarish father, a brother's suicide and another's schizophrenia and attempted suicide, his difficult relationship with the Catholicism of his upbringing,his need for solitude and extreme isolation, all inform and shape his view of the world, and thus, his work.

    When the ex wrote and thanked me for the recommendation and said that it was an astute choice for him, I opened it up again and finished it in a few days.

    These are deeply profound stories, some difficult to read, but all brilliant. There isn't a weak story in the bunch but a few resonate more than others.

    The only one with any humor was American Bullfrog and I loved its unique take on adolescence. Some are poignant, some emotionally devastating. Along with Her Real Name, Jacinta was, for me, the strongest work. It was just so heartbreaking, and more than once made me look at my own child with a renewed gratitude.

    D'Ambrosio seems like the kind of person that many of us have in our circle of friends, the tortured genius, the one we are in awe of, and at the same time, wish that we could apply a magic salve to heal his soul. His pain is palpable, but like my ex said, it has awakened something in him, something long dormant, that he needed to feel again. Reading these stories can be a positive experience, in that (to sound like a weak cliche) it opens your eyes to the beauty in your own life and makes you deeply thankful.

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    The title story is one of my absolute favorites. It’s on my list of near-perfect fiction. His writing in all of these stories is singular and evocative, there is a personality to it that I can identify just from the flow of his sentences. He knows how to imbue broken individuals with a curious, almost playful interest in the world around them. He doesn’t brood while dealing with outrageously messed up situations. Some of these stories do seem overwritten, bloated by pretty language that doesn’t really earn its keep. Much of them could be edited down for sure. But I enjoyed each one, some standing out in my mind more than others. I also love the PNW settings, being a denizen myself. He’s talented as hell, I loved it.

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    These stories are brilliant. I especially loved the title story. Read, read, read.

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    Not sure if these stories flow really well intentionally or just because they’re all really similar. Either way, SUPER HAPPY CHEERFUL TIMES.

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    The stories in D'Ambrosio's first collection lack the breadth he achieves in his second, though D'Ambrosio demonstrates an enviable ability to shift tone even within a single story. The narrator of the long story "All Aboard," leaves the funereal mass of a friend of his, a practical joker who had once loved the narrator's wife, to visit the site of the accident in which his friend died, facing in the course of the narrative the realization that wife's love for this man, whose own bravado exposed the narrator's reticence, may reach deeper than the narrator had first realized. The much lauded title story navigates a wide emotional range that includes seduction, comedy, and intense longing, as a young man struggling with his father's untimely death helps a recently widowed socialite across a beach after a booze-fueled party at his mother's beach house. The other stories flit about in equally surprising, mostly successful ways, but it is the second story, "Her Real Name," that contains one of the most heartaching conclusions I've ever read. This narrative takes the form of a road story, following a young discharge names Jones who picks up a young woman fleeing her Fundamentalist father and the pain of slowly succombing to cancer. The two strike up a pained love as Jones cares for her during her final days, and in the course of the story D'Ambrosion raises questions about the possibility of grace in the face of mortality, the often destructive consequences of strict faith, and the likelihood of connection when such forces threaten to shrink us into ourselves. Truly a gorgeous story.

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