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  • Red Dirt Heart (Red Dirt, #1)
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  • 17 August 2019

10 thoughts on “Red Dirt Heart (Red Dirt, #1)

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    5 stars for my second read Now on to the sequels, which I haven t read yet 5 stars, favorites shelf, loved it Highly recommended

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    Re Read4.5 Stars Loved it even the second time around On to book 2 Original ReviewSo this was my first N.R Walker read.I thought it was well written It was a really sweet story.very sugary Little to no angst at all Plenty of steam for my smut loving friends The storyline really wasn t anything new It was pretty predictable But I enjoyed it nonetheless And honestly the whole time I was reading all I could think about was the movie Brokeback Mountain So bewaremost of my gifs will come from that movie Charlie runs Sutton Station.one of the world s largest working farms in the middle of Australia He s an in the closet gay He moved back to take over the farm after the death of his father A father who didn t approve of Charlie s lifestyle No fucking fairy will run this station It takes a man s man to survive out here Charlie s never been able to move past those words He believes what his father told him and as a result, the last two years he s been back on the farm have been lonely ones Denying himself any happiness because he doesn t think he deserves it.Travis is an exchange student of sorts who is going to help out on the farm for four weeks He is of course gay and he and Charlie are attracted to each other Charlie tries to deny his feelings for Travis but eventually decides to enjoy these four weeks and take what he can.There s a bit of excitement towards the end that leads up to Charlie s lifestyle being exposed and he s forced to confront his feelings for Travis Travis knows what he wants.But will Charlie admit how he feels Can he move on from the words of his father that still affect him Overall, this was really sweet and sugary Travis and Charlie were a great couple I d really say this was of a novella It was just over 150 pages.it read quick and was of a HFN ending I did see at the end that there will be a second book which I will definitely be reading.

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    The setting was stunning red dirt dessert sand, long lines of unbroken landscape, shimmering heat, and peace stretching for miles There is a wonderful set of secondary characters, including George and Ma who are like parents to Charlie and a horse newly named Texas.There were no hysterics or dramatics, just raw emotions and two men drawn to each other despite being from different ends of the earth Cowboys at heart, Charlie and Travis laugh and push and run scared and make love And stay.

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    4.5 starsWellduh It s NR Walker Soya knowI m obviously gonna love it.And, writing this in the glow of having just ended this fantastic book, I throw down the gauntletit s one of my favorites of hers I like Kira Matt in the Turning Point series I adore Carter and Isaac and don t even get me started on Mark and Will in the Blind Faith series And I ve made it no secret that I LOVE Thomas and yeah, yeahCooper too in the Thomas Elkin series But, butCharlie and TravisI m thinking they re pretty much the sweetest couple she s written and I LURVE THEM.Set in the glorious red dirt farmlands of Australia on a MASSIVE station aka ranch , we meet Charlie, the young owner and Travis the visiting student from Texas And there s the parental figures of quiet George and feisty Ma And there are horses and helicopters, motorbikes, and station workers And there s something so BEAUTIFUL about it all.The people, the emotional struggles, the labor, the animals, the landscape There s a powerful beauty that flows through this book Not so much in the quiet, gracefully slow way of Julie Bozza s Butterfly Hunter But in the always entertaining contemporary way that NR Walker has perfected So yeahbeauty smut hee and hotties.But what really elevated this book was the emotion The ghost of Charlie s father and the accusations made towards him that have haunted him The struggle to feel deserving of loveto battle away the resignation to a life of loneliness The fight for me, damnit feelings from Travis The protective love from George and Ma Even the loyalty of Charlie s horse, Shelby So many FEELZZZZ in this book.And just as I finish and feel blissfulthe last page says Red Heart II WHOOOOOT MOAR So, yeahit s not a 100% original story But if you want a really entertaining, emotional, and satisfying contemporary to readset in glorious Australiathis is the one I closed my kindle with tears in my eyes and a smile on my face.PS and since the location is really a character itself in this book, here s the link to NR Walker s photo album of the Northern Territory

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    So many praising reviews are out there about this book and it is really an outstanding story I loved it so much.But now, days later, after coming off the high, I realized I have some issues with it Easy Not many So the characters Charlie I felt his fear of being out a little exaggerated He was a bitter recluse and doomed himself to live alone forever at the age of twenty something, just because view spoiler his father was a jerk and had said mean things to him hide spoiler

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    4.5 STARS I thought you had demons, you know, like everyone else But you re not fighting demons, Charlie You re fighting a ghost And you don t even want to win Charlie Sutton is a man that is running Sutton Station, a ranch in Australia, after his father passed away There are a few select people who know he is gay, his father was one of them and that didn t turn out so good His father told him to hide who he was because it took a real man to run a ranch This is why he isn t eager to shout it out to the whole world that he is attracted to men Things become a bit difficult for him when an agronomy student from the U.S named Travis Craig, arrives to Sutton Station to work temporarily in order to learn about the landscape No matter how much Charlie wants to ignore how he feels, he can t, because with each passing day the attraction grows stronger It doesn t help that Travis seems to be interested in him as well You re right I m different around you I can be me around you From the second I saw you sitting in Ma s kitchen, I knew I was in trouble I really loved this book Charlie was a stubborn man, who can t seem to forget the words his dead father said to him He can t help by doing exactly what his father told him to do, hide his sexuality I felt for him because he seriously believed he could never find happiness and that no one would ever love him Especially when he was fully committed to the isolated ranch I loved that Travis challenged him I loved that Travis didn t give up and kept pushing Charlie into realizing he deserved love I absolutely loved the chemistry between them I couldn t help but smile because of it Travis I adored completely, he was a southern gentleman, so sweet and hot all at once Charlie I really liked as well, but he did frustrate me at times Together they were perfect It s real, and you re the best thing to ever happen to me He told me I would never be happy, that I didn t deserve it But I am happy and I do deserve it The story was well written and I also really liked the supporting characters This book was a bit emotional with a touch of angst, but it wasn t overwhelmingly so I loved that I was able to feel the connection between Travis and Charlie The sex scenes were scorching I was worried about the setting of the story being in Australia, but I actually loved it, and I liked learning a bit about the terrain It was such a wonderful story I am so glad that their story continues because I just loved Charlie and Travis so much I can t wait to get into the next I definitely recommend this one.

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    hides in a corner Red Dirt Heart was a decent read The writing style deserves much than three stars but I have to rate the book as a whole so pls don t throw tomatoes my way yet.This story had all the elements I usually need to love a book but it didn t happen this time although I reckon it s a good read Charlie is a gay guy in the closet who runs Sutton Station and Travis is a student who is going to spend a few weeks with Charlie s team I loved reading about Australia I read a book about the Outback last year and I absolutely loved it I also loved how straight forward Travis was I love it when I read about a character who knows what he wants The sex scenes were really hot too.I didn t love the lack of angst Real angst if you know what I mean I need conflict in all the stories I read and there wasn t a huge conflict here IMO The end was kind of predictable and even though Ma was lovely she didn t seem too real for me.Once again, this is just my silly opinion, pls go read all those 4 5 stars reviews because I am pretty sure it was me and not the book.Susan is one of the reviewers I trust the most here so pls check her review and ignore mine ll read books about this author because a lot of my GR friends told me she rocks and I really liked her voice.

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    I m ashamed that I put off reading this beautiful love story for so long Bad Chelsea Bad This was everything Sweet, romantic, sexy and definitely had me tearing up at the end I loved Travis jump in with both feet attitude and Charlie s quiet hopefulness They complimented each other perfectly and I have a feeling I could read about these two for days and it still not be enough.

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    I may as well call 2014 My Year of Reading N.R Walker In a little less than two months, I ve read ten titles by Walker Every last one of them has well developed plots, three dimensional characters, witty dialogue, and so much cuteness that a basketful of fluffy kittens would lose a head to head competition.So, imagine my delight when Walker s latest novella, Red Dirt Heart, was released last week I m serious, people I was Jessie Spano on caffeine pills levels of excited.And I was not disappointed Red Dirt Heart won me over immediately with its descriptions of the Australian Outback Walker s words painted the most beautiful pictures in my head of hard packed red dirt, thick layers of dust, scrub brush, rabbit proof fencing, and weather worn everything I could feel the sun beating down and the drops of sweat rolling down my temple I could smell the pungent scent of livestock ahhh Eau de manure and leather saddles I could hear the cows mooing and the creak of the boards as Charlie and Travis stepped on the veranda In my head, the landscape is hard, unforgiving, and just a little romantic.I haven t been this captivated by Australia since reading Bryce Courtenay s books nearly a decade ago.The characters had me falling headlong into love almost as quickly as Walker s descriptions did It s hard to articulate, but there was just something about Charlie and Travis and the way that they interacted with one another from the very first moment that sort of settled over me quietly It was like putting on a favourite sweater the one that s soft and thin from a thousand washes, maybe a little stretched out and fraying at the cuffs, but you know you ll never part with it because it s warm and familiar and comforting Charlie and Travis were warm and familiar and comforting But their first conversation just a casual recitation of the Station rules, really gave me butterflies Reading it, I was all dreamy sighs and dopey grins.I swear, I was crushing so hard on these two characters that I think I would have flirted with my Kindle if it would have flirted back And it only got better from there The chemistry between Travis and Charlie is awesome The book is filled with all of these tiny, meaningful moments trembly kisses, silent conversations in the kitchen, a hooked foot under the dining room table Each and every one is special And yet the sex was hot as sin It was so hot that I was absolutely horrified at the thought of Ms Walker shoving these boys together with only ten condoms between the two of em I think that might constitute cruel and unusual punishment, Ms Walker to your readers if not those poor boys Ten condoms are not nearly enough for two men that pretty One of the great things about this book is that while you know from the get go that Travis and Charlie only have four weeks together before Travis has to go back to the United States, nothing about this story feels rushed or forced Time sort of seems to stretch out, and everything about their relationship progresses naturally You can see them falling in lust You can see them falling in love You even know what the end result of the book is going to be And yet, at no point did I get the insta love vibes that always serves to throw cold water on my enjoyment of a book No, their slide into love just seemed so inevitable that time didn t matter Sigh See There I go again.As far as the book s secondary characters go, I thought Ma and George were great They were both characters I d seen before, but ones that I love so much for their love and acceptance and no nonsense attitudes that I didn t care in the least After all, these are the types of characters that remind me that sometimes the best family is the one you choose to build yourself.It s a difficult task to make the climax of any happily ever after story feel truly suspenseful and dramatic, but Walker managed to accomplish this in Red Dirt Heart I figured out very early on in the book what was likely going to happen to Travis before his time in the Outback was finished Even so, when my suspicions were confirmed, my heart started to beat a little faster And when the situation dragged on a little longer than I had expected, I was left squirming in my seat barely refraining from yelling, Stop torturing me, already at my Kindle.Then there was the bit with Charlie We all know that he was going to be outed it had to happen in order to free him from his father s ghost and allow the boys to move forward together But it didn t happen quite the way or with quite the timing as I was expecting And I LOVED that element of surprise I also loved seeing that moment of vulnerability with George afterward it was heart wrenching.And then there was that final moment where the dumb boy finally realizes he s being a dumb boy and that if he could just stop being so dang dumb for one freakin minute he could be insanely happy Yup I loved that moment too.This book, you guys This book You need to read it Red Dirt Heart has easily become my new favourite book by N.R Walker It transported me to Australia and dazzled me with characters and a setting that refused to be ignored If you love Walker already, you will love this book If you haven t discovered her yet, you couldn t pick a better place to start It s awesome.Quotable Quotes You know, I read up on all the deadly animals you got out here I m guessing you don t have any antivenin handy and we re He looked at his watch ooooh, a mere three hours and hello complete respiratory failure from the hospital Peace, I finally admitted He makes me feel at peace And happy And scared shitless George smiled at me Sounds like love to me.

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    A shower of stars for this one, you almost feel as though you re in the Outback yourself I absolutely loved this story, and I have to admit the sheer scale and size of the territory makes for mind boggling readingfor someone that lives as I do on an overcrowded tiny island off the coast of mainland Europe Texan agronomy student Travis Craig arrives at the Sutton Station in the Northern Territory of Australia at the start of 4 weeks work experience, eager to learn how farmers there make a living from one of the harshest environments on earth He s expecting to meet someone called Charlie Sutton, but when Charlie introduces himself, Travis is amazed to meet a guy around his own age who s in sole charge although he has very good help from George, his leading hand and Ma George s wife who s in charge of everything to do with the homestead Something clicks with Charlie from the get go, they talk about everything and nothing, they laugh, they are getting on really wellTravis even shares Charlie s love of the land itself, his red dirt heart until suddenly Charlie backs off and cools things down When Charlie senior discovered that his son was gay, he sent Charlie Jnr off to a Sydney university and told him to get his gayness out of his system before going back to the station, marrying and settling down Charlie was told by his father that no fucking fairy will run this station It takes a man s man to survive out here , but before Charlie Jnr could complete his degree his father died I was distraught at the newshehe Charlie has the weight of his dead father s expectations around his neck and is so used to hiding his emotions and not speaking about them that it takes him a while to realise that he enjoys having Travis around, and of course Ma has noticed that something seems different about Charlieas she and George are of a mum and dad to him than his own parents were, she s secretly thrilled to bits for himAND as we all know, the course of true love if that s what this is hardly ever runs smoothlyCan Charlie learn to swap his loneliness and guilt for happiness and love I ll leave this one here, and I defy anyone not to shed a few tears at the graveside scene.

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Red Dirt Heart (Red Dirt, #1) characters Red Dirt Heart (Red Dirt, #1) , audiobook Red Dirt Heart (Red Dirt, #1) , files book Red Dirt Heart (Red Dirt, #1) , today Red Dirt Heart (Red Dirt, #1) , Red Dirt Heart (Red Dirt, #1) 0d615 Welcome To Sutton Station One Of The World S Largest Working Farms In The Middle Of Australia Where If The Animals And Heat Don T Kill You First, Your Heart Just MightCharlie Sutton Runs Sutton Station The Only Way He Knows How The Way His Father Did Before Him Determined To Keep His Head Down And His Heart In Check, Charlie Swears The Red Dirt That Surrounds Him Isolates Him Runs Through His VeinsAmerican Agronomy Student Travis Craig Arrives At Sutton Station To See How Farmers Make A Living From One Of The Harshest Environments On Earth But It S Not The Barren, Brutal And Totally Beautiful Landscapes That Capture Him So Completely, It S The Man With The Red Dirt Heart Please Note This Book Is Set In Australia, Using Australian English And Lingo

About the Author: N.R. Walker

A VoyeurN.R Walker is an Australian author, who loves her genre of gay romance She loves writing and spends far too much time doing it, but wouldn t have it any other way.She is many things a mother, a wife, a sister, a writer She has pretty, pretty boys who she gives them life with words.She likes it when they do dirty, dirty thingsbut likes it even when they fall in love She used to think having people in her head talking to her was weird, until one day she happened across other writers who told her it was normal.She s been writing ever since