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The 63 Steppes explained The 63 Steppes , review The 63 Steppes , trailer The 63 Steppes , box office The 63 Steppes , analysis The 63 Steppes , The 63 Steppes 7407 The Sixty Three Steppes Is An Historical Novel Set In Britain In At The Height Of The Cold WarJames Brittain, A Scientist And Newly Qualified Priest Is In London After An Aborted Interview A Chance Encounter With Roger, An Old University Friend, Leads Him To Accept An Invitation To Participate In The CND Aldermaston March Over Easter Naively He Is Drawn Into Distributing Pamphlets, Which Contain Top Secret Classified Information As A Result He Is Drawn Into The Shady World Of The Secret Service And Learns From Roger, An Undercover MI Agent, Of A Potential Plot To Assassinate President Kennedy During His Two Day Visit To The UK In June James Becomes The Hunted After Roger Is Knifed In Trafalgar Square And He Is Wrongly Implicated He Flees North To Bradford, To Evade The Assassin And Police In An Attempt To Meet Up With Angela, Roger S Colleague, And Further Roger S Work James S Core Beliefs Are Shaken When He Discovers That Bishop Brennan Is Linked To The Plot To Put The Blame Onto The Soviets To Precipitate Nuclear War James Is Recruited Into MI, To Try And Identify The Assassins The Race Is On To Interpret The Sketchy Information They Have And Identify Where The Assassination Attempt May Occur James Approaches Bertrand Russell, Who Had Befriended Him On The March, And As A Result, BR Contacts Premier Khrushchev For Help In Providing Information On Renegade Soviet Assassins Known To Have Been Nazi Collaborators It Is Learnt That Edensor, Near Chatsworth House, Is One Site At Which JFK Will Stop In Order To Visit His Sister S Grave, On His Way To See Prime Minister Macmillan BR S Hunch That Khrushchev Will Respond To His Personal Request, As In Cuban Missile Crisis, Proves Correct And Vital Information Is Supplied In The Form Of A Twenty Year Old PhotographDespite Elimination Of One Of The Assassins, The Main One Has Not Been Found And It Is Down To James To Fit Together The Final Pieces As The President Arrives In EdensorReaders Comments I Read Your Book Last Week And I Wanted To Let You Know That I Thoroughly Enjoyed It Your Sense Of Humour Comes Through But That Didn T Spoil It Lynne Lewis Just Finished Reading Your Novel I Read It In About Days It Is Great, Fast Paced, Fun And I Couldn T Put It Down Interesting Being Set Around Bradford Peter Ingham Just Finished Your Book, A Really Good Read Jennie Rowan About The Author Keith Edmondson Was Born And Bred In Bradford, West Yorkshire, And Still Lives There Willingly He Was Trained As A Chemist And Became A Wool Research Scientist At The IWS Technical Centre In Ilkley Following The Collapse Of The Wool Market In The S He Was Encouraged To Find Pastures New And Started Working As A Private Consultant, Trading As Envirocare, Assisting Companies With The New Health And Safety Regulations The Endeavour Was Successful And Envirocare Technical Consultancy Ltd Was Formed In , Based In BradfordA Few Years Ago He Stepped Down From The Day To Day Running Of The Business And Ventured Into Producing Collage Artworks, Entirely From Stamps, With Brightly Reactive Phosphor Bands Under UV Light Two Large Collage Impressions Of Famous Bradford People, David Hockney And JB Priestley Were Created The Pictures Were Exhibited In Bradford S Pop Up Gallery In January The Sixty Three Steppes Is His First Novel And Was Inspired By Re Reading John Buchan S The Thirty Nine Steps For Information Visit Stuckonstamps

  • Kindle Edition
  • 181 pages
  • The 63 Steppes
  • Keith Edmondson
  • English
  • 27 August 2019

About the Author: Keith Edmondson

I was born and bred in Bradford, West Yorkshire, and still live there willingly I was trained as a chemist and became a wool research scientist at the IWS Technical Centre in Ilkley Following the collapse of the wool market in the 80 s, for which I vehemently deny having any responsibility whatsoever, I was encouraged to find pastures new and started working as a private consultant, trading a

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