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Yohannes Ishi summary Yohannes Ishi , series Yohannes Ishi , book Yohannes Ishi , pdf Yohannes Ishi , Yohannes Ishi 0545e1a2bd Born In Ethiopia, But Adopted By A British Couple, Yohannes Grows Up Far From His Cultural Roots Following The Death Of His Adoptive Mother, He Is Persuaded To Return To The Beautiful, Yet Seemingly Impossible Nation, To Take On A Teaching JobWith No Memories Of The Land Of His Birth And No Knowledge Of The Language Or Culture, Yohannes Finds Himself A Virtual Stranger He Meets A Whole Raft Of Interesting Characters, Each With Their Own Story To Tell Including Abeba, Who Helps Him Not Only To Learn About His Country, But Also To Make Discoveries About HimselfYohannes Ishi Is A Light Read, But, At The Same Time, It Paints Vivid Pictures Of Contemporary Ethiopia And Successfully Explores Issues Of Identity And Belonging It Is Full Of Memorable Characters And Evocative Locations While Introducing You To, Or Reminding You Of, Addis Ababa It Will Certainly Raise A Smile Or Two Along The Way

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    I laughed out loud, I smiled, I cried Emotion packed story.Yohannes is Ethiopian born but raised by adopted parents in England He thinks of himself as English, not Ethiopian After schooling and at the request of his father, he returns to Ethiopia to teach art in the International Community School This is his story.He doesn t search for his birth mother because he has English parents He is so English that the locals call him faerang white stranger He does, however, search for friendships with locals and desire to learn the language Along the way, he learns the customs and falls in love.In the beginning of the story I didn t think I would like the Yohannes character but he grows on you I found him to be honest and respectful of the local people.Ishi

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    I love this book it s a really entertaining light read full of individuals stories and memorable characters It has loads to say which is relevant to anyone who has an interest in in travelling, in living in other countries, and in working out where they belong, while, at the same time, being extremely readable The pictures it paints of Ethiopia as a country are vivid and the people that you come across as the story progresses are believable, likeable and interesting I found myself really wanting to know what happened to all the characters their stories are fascinating and often, also, funny Mr Bamato has a lovely turn of phrase and I hope that we will be seeing from him in the future.

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    Yohannes Ishi made me fall in love with Ethiopia it was such a gorgeous, memorable book that it will stay with me for the rest of my life.

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    I felt it lacked substantial story But a breezy read.

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    I am sorry to say that I would not recommend this book There were some grammatical mistakes, and the pacing of the book was not good It jumped from scene to scene quite abruptly, and it had some details or scenes that should of been left out Also, while the book was advertised to be about an Ethiopian born man who was adopted as a child, and later returned to Ethiopia to teach, very little of the book was about teaching In fact, it was barely mentioned at all Still, it wasn t a horrible book, and I think it shows promise If it was edited a bit , and some scenes were taken out and others put in, I think it would be a good read.

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    This was a fast, easy read that allowed me real insight as I came to know and understand Yohannes Already knew and loved Ethiopia beforehand, now even so.

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    Only 130ish pages, I bought this off the Kindle store for my around the world challenge without checking number of pages Had I looked, I would have chosen something else, as I like books that give a country character a decent contemplation or reflection.Yohannes Ishi was unsurprisingly easy to read Also as expected, the story did not feel very substantial Nonetheless, for a book of its length, it was good and efficiently combined slices of Ethiopian history tradition current issues, family, community, and love.

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    Delightful story set in Addis Ababa and the wonderful Ethiopian culture It s of a novella than a novel, quick read and truly pleasant I have seen so many kids myself adopted out of Ethiopia going back there to retrace their roots in this wonderful place I wish all their stories had such happy endings It mentions without delving too much into details all the essential modern problems of the country as well as their traditions Took me back to my wonderful days there

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    This is a short story novella 130ish pages Perhaps should be 3 stars because it leaves you wanting so often the case with short stories

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