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Dangerously Happy chapter 1 Dangerously Happy , meaning Dangerously Happy , genre Dangerously Happy , book cover Dangerously Happy , flies Dangerously Happy , Dangerously Happy b5936f7abf375 Aidan Has Always Played It Safe Instead Of Pursuing His Dream Of Creating Innovative Music That Makes His Soul Sing, He Settled For A Degree In Software, A Job In A Cubicle, And A Spot In A Generic Band With His BuddiesAnd He S Always Been Straight But When He S Seduced By Magnetic Local Literary Luminary Dario, Aidan Must Decide Whether To Keep Playing It Safe, Or Succumb To A Ravenous Passion And A Nourishing Love Unlike Anything He S Experienced Before Will He Find The Courage To Go After Real Happiness If It Means Admitting He S In Love With A Man Their Journey Together Isn T Easy Sometimes It Isn T Safe Even If Aidan Has The Courage To Admit He S In Love With Dario, Can He Endure The Repercussions Of The Traumatic Event In Dario S Past This Novel Has Mature Content And Is Intended For Readers Over The Age Of Eighteen Although This Is A Story About Two Men Falling In Love, There Are Extended, Explicit Sex Scenes, Including Some BDSM, M M M And M M F Scenes There Are References To Sexual Violence Which May Be A Trigger For Some Readers, Although There Is No Graphic Depiction Of Rape In The Book

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    2 that s friggin all there was to it stars Review posted May 25, 2014It started off innocent enough, like this and then later on the entire plot excuse me, there was actually no plot at all turned into a HUGE fuck tastic fest Holy friggin um I m going to zip it, I mean my mouth not my pants To be honest, I don t walk around with unzipped pants anyway.To sum it up in a nutshellSchmaltz meets slimy, creep tastic sex maniacs Proper words elude me to express how friggin annoyed I am OMG, I need to calm down before I start to review this book I don t even know what to review here, tbh All right, I did calm down Please bear with me because I will use the term friggin very generously since I don t intend to stress f ck too much The endearments baby, darling and love oh, and let s not forget sweet, irritated the heck outta me Also, that sweet and mischievous smile that Dario put on his face all the friggin time disturbed me and it friggin annoyed me What should have been sweet about that book anyway I can t help and point out how incongruous it felt to mix the terms of sweet, tender, beautiful etc with creeps the likes of Xavier and Dario Well, and don t get me started on the repetitiveness of sad and beautiful All the characters in this story were friggin weird I just couldn t make a connection I felt strangely uncomfortable and oddly detached from what was happening There was absolutely no character development whatsoever and the lack of a proper plot was friggin pathetic The sole purpose of Dangerously Happy was a bunch of oddballs who f cked their brains out AD FRIGGIN NAUSEAM I mean it s ok to fill a novella with sex but an entire full length novel I find it pretty deplorable.And of course we ve had the mandatory view spoiler victim hide spoiler

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    If you re an avid M M reader, you might share my opinion that with this genre terrific covers only happen once in a blue moon So let s take a minute to appreciate this glorious cover by photographer Ekaterina ZakharovaAhh So a few months ago I chatted with friends about the mysterious and sad disappearance of Varian Krylov, an author who has the uncanny habit of tapping right into the darkest niches of your mind, and whose nifty explorations of disturbingly erotic taboo desires evoke a variety of emotions, varying from feeling dirty and excited to embarrassed and squeaked out So imagine the exclamation marks heavy frenzy when Varian Krylov contacted BioB after a 6 year hiatus to let us know that she was about to publish a brand new erotic M M romance Me Holy moly It IS Krylov herself Ilhem Oh My God Varian Krylov is alive and she s publishing Shelley Oh this is so exciting Ilhem Can I say it again Krylov is BACK Just WOOT Some readers are going to be ecstatic Really, it s BIG She s truly a powerful writer she reaches deep, her prose is wonderful, but her stories are not for everyone.Ilhem is right, of course Krylov expertly plays with out of your comfort zone subjects that not everyone will fancy But those who love their darker fare and mind fuckery will be thrilled to be able to plunge into Dangerously Happy This new book doesn t touch upon the scariest taboos that are out there though In fact, it starts out as a deliciously tender gay for you story that combines all the tasty ingredients that come with the trope the quiet lusting, confusing emotions, blushes, cherry popping and sweet angst.There s the blurb, but in a nut shell the story kick starts when Aiden one night misses his band mate s text about canceling their rehearsal at Dario s enormous loft, the result of his successful writing career An awkward Aiden the enigmatic Dario and he never really hung out before ends up playing one of his solo songs for Dario and, when he reads an excerpt from one of Dario s stories in return, he is horrified when the men in the story don t leave him, ahem, unaffected You know, he said, his voice lower and softer now, my book got a rave review from the New York Times But I like this review better I was nervous I babbled You should actually be proud, because thinking about two guys has never had an effect like this on me before Not even close No No This is a first for me, too, he said in that soft low voice I d never heard before that night What s a first I asked, feeling like every word was a life preserver holding me above the thrashing waves of panic drowning me I ve never hit on a straight guy before GFY lovers, get in line And if shy anal virgins aren t reason enough to lean back and sigh, the narrator s voice, his emotions, seemed so realistic to me, that it almost felt as if Krylov plucked my own thoughts out of my head and wrote them down So different from stories in which you have to suspend disbelief when the plot is pushed forward by TSTL MCs who dwell in silly misunderstandings I have to say, in comparison to Aiden s voice, Dario s dialogue seemed overly stylized Maybe I m just envious that I don t have his way with words in real life, but he sometimes came across as a saint rather than a man of flesh and blood.Back to the story itself Sweet and endearing as the beginning may be, Dangerously Happy doesn t remain a cotton candy fest as the plot slowly shifts to dark secrets and past traumas Since it would be a shame if you pick up this book expecting a fluffily romantic GFY and then suddenly get smacked in the face with both MMF and MMM m nages a tr is the F stands for graphic scenes containing girly bits here , I ll point out these things now Other potential triggers include rape fantasies, humiliation, references to rape and, for those who share my pet peeve, the EXCESSIVE usage of endearments baby, darling, love, sweet in certain scenes and in a creepy manner Krylov mentioned that the surplus of endearments will be given the axe in a next version of the book though, so fear not.This doesn t mean that what started as a beautiful GFY ends up in a depraved sexathon Despite Dangerously Happy slowly getting grimmer, despite the lovers risking to drift apart over inner demons, their interactions remain ever so gentle and loving, tipping over the edge into sappiness. at least, on the surface I think there is to this book than just a love story between two guys There s a creepy undercurrent of cunning manipulation, it can thrive in this uncomfortably imbalanced relationship I m sure not everyone will detect or care about this though Isn t it interesting that you can choose how to perceive this story Sigh I keep going back and forth without being able to give a resolute verdict I found that there was a glaring contrast between the first part, perhaps half, of the book and what came after The sweet and amusing GFY takeoff is easily worth 4.5 stars As is the writing, because, boy, Krylov can write But the ensuing soup of loose elements a thin crime thread, past traumas calling for desperate but plausible measures, third persons fluttering in and out of the sex life of the MCs that were all mashed together without a brilliant ulterior motive or even an interesting climax, was a disappointment In the end, this is an intimate, erotic and eerie read And as such I would recommend it But be prepared that it starts on a higher note than it ends and, in my eyes, shouldn t have been published just yet It would benefit from a tidying up session, spelling grammar wise as well as plot wise.Curious about Varian Krylov s interests, works and prolonged absence Check back for her guest post next month

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    Before I get to my review, it is important to me that those reading this understand that this book is a LOVE STORY The author Varian Krylov has placed it in the category Gay Romance Erotica I read and fell in love with this book as a love story Any one rating and reviewing this book as anything other than a love story completely missed the point IMO Am I telling you this to throw shade at another reviewer No Am I telling you this for a kick back on book sales commission No Am I telling you this because I believe so strongly in this book that I want everyone to have all the facts before deciding to pass on it YES.This is a crazy, beautiful ride of a love story between a creatively stunted straight man named Aidan and an incredibly damaged but surviving as best as he can gay man named Dario The men quickly fall madly, passionately in love and the book follows their rocky and sometimes dangerous journey to their HEA Because of a trama in Dario s past, the fact that Dario is Aidan s first male lover and that jealously seems to play a part in Aidan s feelings towards Dario s former suitors, sex plays the main role in this book As the source of great love and comfort and great angst and pain And, holy fuck, was it hot and kinky and some of the best I ve ever, EVER read If you are good to go with all kinds of sex related goodies, don t spoil yourself, but for those that are squeamish, here is a list of some things that may be hard limits for you view spoiler 1 M M F threesome, but it s a one off and the MC s are already in love 2 M M M threesome, MC s are already in love, but it is not a one off and the boys do return to the third man for sex while the other watches 3 BDSM Humiliation play that includes slapping. hide spoiler

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    This is the worst book I ve read all year, and I ve some read doozies so that s saying something.This book features a GFY wherein the straight protagonist is heterosexual for all of 5% of the book The period of questioning lasts the span of a blink of the eye It also features the most horrendously bloated, pretentious, purple, overly convoluted, not deep, drama llama prose I ve come across in a while.The dialogue can be described in exactly the same way except for the rather ridiculous and awkward inclusion of too many endearments There s love , sweet , baby et al in extreme proliferation I mean in every single piece of dialogue and than once in one address, at that.Then there is the psycho sexual abuse that was supposed to be an adventurous exploration of sexual evolution but was the mental manipulation one would associate with an older, lecherous person preying on the naive rather The explanation for why Dario needed to not be monogamous was skin crawling Every time Aidan achieved another plateau here were his boundaries being pushed again or rather his perception being molded into that which allowed Dario to have his cake and eat it too This relationship was just weird and disturbing It was just rapey to me and not in a good way The weirdness was especially compounded by the fact that Dario is, I d venture to say, clinically depressed All the keep Dario happy tasks Aidan must undertake is also evidence of an abusive relationship And, bringing up the rear, as the absolute sickest element in this book is the BDSM This is therapeutic d s at its most ignorant Feeling guilt after enacting vigilante justice, can t recover from past sexual assault, fearful of impermanence in your relationship with your bi boyfriend Never fear, whips, chains, slaps and no safe words are here to heal all that ails you Seriously, wtf So, there you have it readers, this book is stupid PWP But the porn is awful, unsexy, abundant and redundant the prose wherewith the little plot is written is nauseating the characters are paper thin and annoying the premise is disturbing the sequence of events have sprung from poor fantasy and has no bearing on reality and the emotional and sexual manipulation is psychologically rapey.I hated it From beginning to are we there yet end.

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    WARNING ROLLERCOASTER READI m putting my disclaimer first I liked this, but it will not be for everyone It s wordy and angsty and meandering at times I like being in someone else s head, seeing how they interpret and work through things I also like slice of life tales They re not my favorite thing to order off the menu, but I do like them from time to time.Aidan is a curious person, a musician and has never been attracted to a guy prior to Dario He makes some decisions that are ill advised, risky and a couple that left me gaping like a guppy Aidan also circles the motherfucking wagons Often.Dangerously Happy is told entirely through Aidan He and Dario have travelled in the same circles for three years His band is playing regularly at Dario s loft Dario is a writer with a past and enigmatic as fuck Dario is also a hot mess Poor guy Talk about reckless He sure did keep me interested flummoxed which kept me turning those pages These two together are the poster children for codependency, but they have some of the hottest sex Like ever Like this rivals Fight hotness wise Though there was a fair amount of man tears and drama.But the sex Ms Krylov has a gift The gift of erotica There was boy boy sexboy girl sexboy girl boy sexboy boy boy sexkinky sexmonster cocksbondagefelchingwhippinghumiliationmindfuckeryAnd Xavi.I m diving head first into Bad Things Seriously, I may leave skid marks Xavi explodes off the page Xavi carries around ginormous glass butt plugs in his jacket, I guess, just in case Xavi is compared to Drago from Game of Thrones divided by Xerxes from 300 AND he s a sadist quelt Did I mention I was leaving skid marks The writing style is full o words WORDS WORDS WORDS So many words ALL the words.Some are pretty, some are questionable Please don t ever use aperture , fleshy bulb , or turgid dome when describing boy parts in my presence They all make me grimace and or cringe.It bogs down in spots when Aidan goes off on one of his tangents, but there was an authenticity to it that I appreciated I also loved all the musical references coughs Thom Yorke coughs Generally, I enjoy couplings with a structured D s relationship than these two have Given time they could evolve into that if they stay together , but at this point they re exploring kink Did I mention it was fuckhot Not for everyone for sure It was for me, but I ve embraced my inner whackadoodle.

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    4 Stars This was my first book by Varian Krylov and it certainly won t be my last I fell in love with her lyrical writing And the woman sure can write a passionate and captivating erotic scene HOLY HOTTTTTTNESS This story sucks you in from the very beginning and the pacing of Aidan and Dario s relationship was absolutely perfect Even though the story is told from Aidan s POV, you still feel Dario s emotions strongly The two men are so instantly connected, that it makes you wonder what took so long for them to be together Aidan was newly accepting his love for a man, and Dario was fighting to overcome a traumatic event in his past Their vulnerability was endearing and bonded the two men They were truly able to completely be themselves with each other Face every fear and share every desire Fully surrendering to their love Every look he gave me, every smile, the sound of his voice, the way he touched me, every curve of his body, every contour of his skin felt created by some deity of love to draw me to him, to hold me captivated However, Dario s past and Aidan s insecurities about his new lifestyle is a dark cloud looming over them Even though they acknowledged the depth of their love, they both carried the fear that at any moment it could disappear I felt like there was this delicate bubble floating through the air, and if it landed in my hand, I would have real, true happiness But if I reached for it, tried to take hold of it, I d burst the bubble, and the chance of that happiness would be ruined forever That happines felt so, so close, and it felt impossible Unfortunately, the plot lost focus along the way There were times the story drifted towards Dario s sexual openness and adventurism, which I understand was part of Aidan s evolution, but it felt a bit too forced More like filler Or maybe I just can t understand the lifestyle Sharing is not always caring Finally, the book ends rather abruptly and I don t feel like I fully got a resolution of Dario s issues and his emotions surrounding his past.Overall, a captivating read and a new author for me to follow She definitely piqued my interest with the dark and broody Xavier.

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    Dario Aiden This is probably one of the HOTEST most HEART FELT, LOVE stories I ve EVER read, this year, thus far.And this couple makes me. Dangerously Happy The Book HOTIMO, get a fan, it s needed BDSM, is not my thing but it worked.1st person POV, I hate it but, it worked Enter Xavierhummm, not really my thing in books, but, he worked out just fine, I like him, I hope he get s a book I love that this book is so fast pace, with great action and a lot of lovin OkI love, love, love how this love story unfolds.its Angsty, but ooh so worth it Also, it did get a pretty HFN4 Stars because this book is the smoothest, sexist book I ve ever read.

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    Oh my, the cover alone had me HOT and bothered..I can never go into a book blind and always read reviews and in this case although there were many positive there were a few that said it was a sex feast with no story..I actually thought it was a beautiful love story.Loved Dario and Aiden thought their story was beautiful Yes , the SEX was graphic, and the threesome s where totally hotm f m and m m m.but I actually thought it was a beautiful love storyI just loved Aiden and Dario, thought their sexual chemistry was of the charts hot If you ve enjoyed this , check out Author Kora Knight.

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    3.75 If you re looking for steam on top of steam on top of extra steamthis is your book I really liked both MC s What I really loved about this book was the amazing communication between them They didn t allow room for any misunderstandings or assumptions They spoke about everything openly and with the utmost honesty This was a breath of fresh air for me Also I m so that girl that wants to know all the juicy details When did you realize you liked me What did you think of our first kiss When did you know you loved me EtcAnd these guys asked and answered it all All the little things you just want to know The threesome scenes were phenomenal oh yes there are threesomes Now for the things that brought my rating down.1 the excessive man crying 2 the OTT plot twist at about the 80 ish percent point3 they both had the same pet name for each other and used it to the point of nauseam 4 Aidan wasn t outwardly vocal enough during sexy time He did his moaning and groaning in his head I like a screamer.

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    DNF 42% after discussing this book with friends I ve decide to add some of my random thoughts I do like lots and lots of sex in my books, really HOT sex..BUT it s got to make sense KWIM The sex in this book was indeed in abundance at least as far as I read and some of the scene s where very hot from a technical stand point BUT view spoiler your first time having sex with a man and he ties your hands up without asking or discussing it first..but when you tried it on him previously he couldn t trust you,doesn t feel safe with you are you kidding me.after all of that hide spoiler

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