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Salvation (Invicta, #1) chapter 1 Salvation (Invicta, #1) , meaning Salvation (Invicta, #1) , genre Salvation (Invicta, #1) , book cover Salvation (Invicta, #1) , flies Salvation (Invicta, #1) , Salvation (Invicta, #1) 56a3511702dd2 As Kaiden McKenzie And Holt Mitchell Prepare To Celebrate Their Fifteenth Anniversary, And The Grand Opening Of Their New Club, Invicta, They Take A Look Back On How Their Lives Together Began When Holt Wakes Up To An Outraged Father, He Finds Himself Suddenly Homeless And Hungry With The Help And Caring Of A Certain Bad Guy, Holt Finds Life Isn T Quite So Bad As It Seems All He Needed Was The Right Man To Guide Him Along Kade Has Spent His Life Running From Anyone And Everyone Who Tries To Get Close, But When He Meets Up With Holt, He Suddenly Finds Himself Wishing For Something Who Knew He Was Someone S Knight In Shining Tattoos

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    My thoughts before reading I don t give a flying shit what this book is about The cover The cover is Jake Bass Jake motherfuckin Bass, folks After reading You gotta admit the cover is hot I believe he s the muse for main character Kade, the bad boy, damaged hotheaded hero who strips but has been around the block than once Kade is likeable enough He s not a carbon copy of the model on the cover so don t think this is fan fic What is Invicta about This novella is about two lovers, Kade and Holt, who are celebrating their fifteen year anniversary and opening of their new strip club named Invicta The two flashback to the start of their relationship, one surprising one night stand that turned into something for the nineteen year old, Holt who was in the closet and got yanked out and twenty year old Kade who only wanted to have unattached sex But life changes like a two week stretch of homelessness and working at a gay strip joint happen and start the beginning of Holt and Kade, the pair.There are things I liked and things I feel need some work Yes, this story has some editing issues There were a few times that it brought me out of the story, not for every page thankfully.What I liked I liked the theme of the cocky guy falling for the country boy I liked some of the themes explored such as a homeless teen finding love or damaged men finding their way into happiness Also, it s very light and easy to read The main characters are likeable The story didn t denigrate the profession of stripping Things I questioned Some editing issues and questions The flashback takes you to 1999how would twerking and the Harlem Shake be popular back then I am aware that twerking is not a new phenomenon but I doubt it had a name in 1999 The Harlem Shake well what s popular now it has a resurgence and change, since I remember the original dance moves when it first became popular was of a local thing, so I question the popularity in Houston, Texas back then The technical terms for dancing I m not a professional dancer the popular terms I knew But there were technical terms used that I had to Google about Also with some character s dialogue This made the reading not as smooth as I like More telling than showing Kade was not as bad as he was touted as He did have miraculous recovery from injuries at times and he got into a fight I would have preferred to have scenes of him proving why he gets automatic deference There are some areas of the story that don t come off as realistic, so I pulled my reality suspension rubber band out for being able to tell someone is starving from just looking at them Or fighting against a person with a gun while having no weapons and winning Or while recovering from the drug roofies vomiting and leg cramps get ignored to have sex.But it s a love story about two strippers with pasts that aren t as golden as most, so why look for reality The story is sexy, popular and mostly fun It does not delve too deep and is quick to read.Who I think would most enjoy this series Fans of Kindle Alexander, who want to read a book in her same vein This was a lighter, sexier and uncomplicated story Fans of dancer romance, there s a good number of technical terms peppered throughout the story.My rating is somewhere within the 3 3.5 hearts range, so I ll round up.

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    Don t mind me, I m just gonna be over here staring at the cover ________

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    The story was good, sexy and I liked learning about how they met There we re editing issues through the entire book that drove me nuts The cover is perfect I love me some Sexy Jake Bass The epilogue confused Me I wasn t really sure who was supposed to be talking or whos thoughts they we re Thank you to my bestie Amy for the quickie buddy read.

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    Cover love This from someone who doesn t usually pay attention to covers all that much, but JAKE BASS

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    Honestly I bought this book because of the coverI didn t even read the blurb before I started reading it.

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    3.5 stars Beautiful cover The story itself was good, sex was incredibly hot, but there were some editing issues It wasn t that expensive of a book, so I won t get up on my soapbox about the typos and missing words, though it was kind of distracting I will continue on with this series Can t wait to see the next cover, hopefully it s Holt

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    A veritable pornicopia of smuttiness, but not a whole lot Still an enjoyable, light read I liked it And hey, it s Jake Bass on that cover

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    DNF.Mechanical and occasionally nonsensical writing.Boring story.Boring sex.Boring, boring, boring

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    The story of Kaiden and Holton is not only the steamiest m m romance I ve ever read but it also has great depth.They each have a past that is heartbreaking but in finding each other a connection forms that is almost instantaneous and together the healing process begins Every time Piper Kay writes a book I deem it my favorite, that is until her next one comes out and that one quickly becomes my favorite I have watched Piper become a master of m m romance Frankly before Piper Kay I had never read m m before because I was just not interested in it.Well I m here to tell you that she took me by the hand and led me into her world and I m not leaving any time soon Brava Piper I can t wait for the next book in this series

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    Once you can finally drag yourself away from staring at the cover you are met with a really nice story of growth and loyalty Throw in some freaking hot guys and some very steamy sex you have an amazing book I couldn t put this book down, the connection between Holt and Kade gripped me I wanted to hug them both at the same time, don t mind if I do Also having Jake Bass as a visual isn t so bad either

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