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Teaching English as a Foreign Language (Teach Yourself Series) quotes Teaching English as a Foreign Language (Teach Yourself Series), litcharts Teaching English as a Foreign Language (Teach Yourself Series), symbolism Teaching English as a Foreign Language (Teach Yourself Series), summary shmoop Teaching English as a Foreign Language (Teach Yourself Series), Teaching English as a Foreign Language (Teach Yourself Series) 70cc870e This New Edition Of Teach EFL Is The Ultimate Practical Reference Guide To Becoming An EFL Teacher Riddell S Book Is A Classic It Answers All Those Questions New Language Teachers Havevers An Amazing Amount In A Clear Accessible Way David Carr, Director Of Teacher Training International House London This Book Is Packed With Information On Effective Teaching Techniques Sound Classroom Management Practical Lesson Planning Successful Job Hunting And Career DevelopmentThis Is An Indispensable Book For All New EFL Teachers A Step By Step Guide On What To Teach And How To Teach It This Edition Has Been Fully Revised To Include Insights From Teachers Working Around The World Up To Date Information On Technology As An Aid To Learning Comprehensive Information On The Increasingly Popular Task Based Learning Invaluable Advice On Making The Transition From Learning To Teaching Clear Guidance On Ongoing Professional Development Useful Examples Of Teaching In Different International ContextsRely On Teach Yourself, Trusted By Learners For Over Years

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    This is a fantastic, practical guide for beginners teaching english It answers all your initial questions and gives advice about do s and dont s in the classroom It also inspires you to be a good teacher and really care about it Highly recommended.

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    A lot of useful and helpful information on the subject, gave me a good first perspective preparing me on what to expect getting into teaching of this kind.

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    It refreshes all memories of the intensive course and helps you realize certain practical situations that you will encounter as a teacher.

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    For Your CELTA This book pretty much secured my Pass B grade during my CELTA course I can t really place a higher recommendation than that

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    Basically the CELTA course in a book As mentioned in other reviews, a good refresher and useful if you didn t begin teaching immediately after finishing the course.

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    I bought this book when I started a new English teaching job, and felt rusty after almost a year long hiatus Although the author states in this book that it isn t intended for people who already have teaching experience, I was never a very confident teacher and I thought there might still be something I could learn from it However, after finishing it, I ve found that this really and truly is only suitable for complete and utter beginners with no prior experience When I was starting out, and particularly while I was doing my TESOL course, I probably would have loved this book and gotten a lot out of it, so I highly recommend it to anybody new to the field, or considering it If you re looking to brush up on a few things, however, there are better books for that out there, like The Practice of English Language Teaching , which most qualified EFL teachers should have already because it s required reading on many courses But this definitely wasn t a complete waste of time and money for me As I have it on my Kindle, it s a book which I can always browse through for ideas and inspiration any time I might need some basic reminders about the job which happens a lot.

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    I ve been teaching English to adult immigrants for several years, so for me, this book gave me some reinforcement of techniques and ideas that I already use I was in agreement with and could relate to a lot of things the author said I can t say that I learned that much from the book, but I can see that it would be a good training book for someone who was just starting out as an ESL teacher One problem is that the author is from England, so some of the grammar and pronunciation examples that he used were not quite right for American usage.

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    I think I expected from this book Perhaps I set my sights too high It had the basics in language acquisition, but rather than a book to assist teachers and prospective teachers, it felt suited to children who want to pretend to be teachers.

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    Covers the same basic ground as the CELTA good refresher Well written, clear instructions A practical resource book for newly qualified teachers or teachers who haven t been in the classroom for a while

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    Great guide to think or re think teaching strategies.

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