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Yeshuas Yoga download Yeshuas Yoga , read online Yeshuas Yoga , kindle ebook Yeshuas Yoga , Yeshuas Yoga 2d3d87c398bf I Suspect You Will Find This Book Quite Exciting, Comforting, And Also Challenging The Gospel Of Thomas, So New On The Scene Yet Perhaps The Oldest Of All, Is Waiting For Just Such Insight And Commentary As This This Is A New Opening For All Believers To Unitive And Non Dual Consciousness Fr Richard Rohr, OFMThe Gospel Of Thomas, Unearthed In Nag Hammadi Egypt In , Remains One Of The Most Exciting Archeological Finds Of Recent Centuries But How Prepared Are We To Approach This Text On Its Own Terms How Accurately Are We Able To Discover What It Is Saying, Immersed As We Are In Years Of Platonic And Dualistic Christian Orthodoxy Thanks To The Influx Of Eastern Knowledge And The New Crop Of Western Teachers Willing To Re Approach Their Christian Tradition As The Eastern Event That Jesus Was, We May Finally Be Able To See The Meaning And Philosophical Structure Of This Ancient And Truly Remarkable Text The Gospel Of Thomas Delineates The Way Of Yeshua, A Spiritual Path That Guides Us Through Six Clear Movements Of Searching, Finding, Trouble, Wonder, Reigning, And Rest The Resonance With Classic Yogic Paths Makes This Document The Bridge Many Searchers Need To Reconcile And Fully Embrace The Wisdom Of Both The East And The West Kim Is A Consummate Teacher, So Who Better To Advance The Gospel Of Thomas As The Stunning Teaching Tool It Is Using Poetry, Reason, Sacred Insight, And Spiritual Practice, Kim Provides A Pragmatic And Engaging Pathway Into This Gospel Every Passage Is Infused With Her Passion For Direct Knowing Don T Miss It Rev Dr Thomas Thresher Suquamish United Church Of Christ, WA