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    I received this graphic novel for free as part of GoodReads first read.Chris Stevens has been cursed As a young child on vacation he was bitten by a werewolf With the help of his father s pharmaceutical company and his mother s medical expertise, they are working to find a cure for his curse All of that comes to a screaming halt when Chris wakes up one morning after a transformation Like usual, he awakes in an unknown location, without any clothes or recollection of the night prior The difference is last night, Chris Stevens mother, father, and sister were brutally murdered in their home Now the police consider Chris their prime suspect and he s on the run to find the cure for his curse Along his journey to find a cure, while avoiding police capture, Chris is confronted with monsters, demons, and a fallen angel He must unleash the wolf in order to survive Who will remain in control Chris, or the Howler Pro s This graphic novel has all the makings for a great story I think where this story really shines is the awareness of the Howler In most werewolf tales, the wolf is a mindless, blood thirsty beast, that only lives to feed In the Howler, the wolf is presented as not only a monster, but a separate identity from Chris, with it s own consciousness The wolf has it s own goals, yet it understands he has to protect Chris to ensure it s own survival In the end you find yourself rooting for the wolf, which is unusual in this genre.The artwork as a whole is very well done It is not without flaws, but over all still very good I especially enjoy the cover art It reminds me of an 80 s heavy metal band album cover which I think looks great Bill Young s artistry really shines in part III If the whole book could ve been done in this style I think it would have been perfect It just adds an amazing amount of depth to the artistry and makes it much appealing to the eye, especially in black and white.Con s Although the story has a great premise, I felt it was a bit choppy and somewhat empty in content I understand leaving the readers wanting , but I felt there was too many loose ends and questions For example, who is the mystery character in the first monster battle who takes the Basilisk Is it the same person or creature who also takes care of the Warmonger after his losing battle with the Howler And then there is the Master , who I m assuming is Satan, but there was no real indication of who or what this character is Don t forget about Chris Stevens uncle who is happy when the Stevens family is murdered and Chris is to blame The dialogue at times feels a bit predictable, uninspired, and reminiscent of an old role playing game like Final Fantasy Also, there are a few instances where a very small font was used to make for room for many lines of text and made it quite difficult to read Instead the narration should have been shortened or broken up Some of the illustrations felt hurried and were difficult to follow the action Another point is that a fair amount of the characters have essentially the same face Such as the Captain, Detective, and Chris Stevens uncle Same goes for the news anchor woman in the beginning, Chris Stevens mother, and Chris friend Teresa Overall I thought this was a very good graphic novel with an interesting plot, and different twist on the classic werewolf story With some minor changes, I think this could be taken to the next level I would recommend the read, and look forward to future installments of The Howler.

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    I received a copy of this book from a first reads giveaway.This was a pretty fun, fast paced graphic novel about a not so bad Werewolf The action moves quick as the protagonist tries to sort out a whole mess of issues There are multiple creature types throughout the story to keep things mixed up The plot was interesting and keeps you reading but the art work for the graphic novel seemed very bland and that definitely hurt it a little bit The art isn t bad, its just not very exciting, and I have to agree with another reviewer that said some of the characters looked too much alike Overall it is a fun read and recommended to fans of horror comics and graphic novels.

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    I just read THE HOWLER , a graphic novel by writer Vincent Varvara and artist Bill Young Set in Toronto, the story follows young Chris Stevens accused of murdering his family How could a nice boy like Chris do such a thing It turns out he s a werewolf the Howler But is he really to blame Especially when we also have powerful warlocks, rampaging basilisks, vile Wendigos, and a scheming uncle in the wings All these mysteries Chris must sort out and the Howler must battle through to discover the truth of what happened that horrible night.It s a good idea, evoking memories of Marvel s Werewolf By Night and DC s The Demon, and even the old Fox TV show, Werewolf, but as it turns out, it s a mixed bag While I liked much of the story and plot, I d have to say the production is a little amateurish.The Cons Young s art is scratchy, inconsistent, and not up to a professional level the eyes don t match, noses vanish although I ve seen worse in a couple pro comics Even when the art is good, like a close up of Captain Harney on page 11, a similar close up of Edward Stevens on the same page looks crooked and rushed These two men, along with Detective Schell, all have the same face Fortunately, the features of the protagonist, Chris, are distinct, though he looks brutish and angular when he should appear youthful and sympathetic The female faces are better, but no distinct Young has some great ideas in his artwork, but he could benefit by additional studies of anatomy, especially faces.In places, Varvara s script is a little overwritten It s a comic book, not a dissertation Tipoff if you need to reduce the dialog to 6 point type, there s too much of it Break it up in smaller doses or cut it out just keeping the highlights In a few places, Varvara s dialog is stilted and doesn t sound like real people talking.Continuity When Chris shows the scar from being bitten, it s on his right arm But in the flashback, he s bitten on the left arm.The Pros At 167 pages, The Howler is certainly an ambitious project It s told in five parts and the parts contain as many as 55 pages The page and panel layout and the angles are all dramatic and well thought out The story is told almost exclusively in dialog, with precious few captions.Interestingly, the afflicted hero and the werewolf are two different characters They just inhabit the same body This does back to the old idea that a victim of lycanthropy is experiencing demonic possession I m not sure I ve ever seen this idea used in popular fiction The book gets kudos for that.Curiously, beginning with Part III, artist Bill Young begins applying ink washes to his inking and this helps his art immensely, setting an ominous mood and making the story dark and scary The shadows obscure some of the details, but that only makes the story all the ominous I wish he d used that technique right from the start Unfortunately, by Part IV, Young goes back to line art The Howler is a great first attempt by two creative young men Varvara and Young seem to both understand what makes a good comic story, but they both need to hone their craft I d like to see from this team in the future.

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    THE FOLLOWING REVIEW WAS WRITTEN BY DAVID ROYCE AT HORRORCABIN.COM Howler is a graphic novel about a man named Chris Stevens who was bitten by a werewolf as a child As his curse progresses, he tries harder and harder to stifle it, but to no avail The opening of this horrific tale begins with the brutal murder of his family His father, mother, and sister have all been slaughtered Chris thinks it s his doing because of his curse, but did he REALLY do it This is the mystery behind Howler and it s greatest asset Too often we see werewolves as inherently evil We are led to believe they have no impulse control over their affliction and are bound for murder and mayhem This graphic novel suggests otherwise Howler sees the cursed as a fairly normal human being that has been thrust into something he doesn t completely understand, but wishes he did We are told early on that Chris parents have taken it upon themselves to solve this mystery and help their son anyway they can.As the story progresses, we see Chris in a different light than what the rest of the world has cast him in His quest to find the werewolf that started his insane journey and the subsequent pain and torment it brings him is dramatic, emotional, and downright scary at times.The art in this graphic novel is in gorgeous black and white It seems there s a bit of anime and manga inspiration involved, but it works wonderfully for the story presented A lot of times in these comics the artwork will be greater than the story or vice versa I think they both complimented each other in Howler While some may think it s overly wordy , I think it s brilliant storytelling The story of Chris comes to the forefront and the art enhances the story The transformation of Chris from human to wolf in just one panel is awesome and we know when that happens things are about to get terrifying.I recommend the Howler graphic novel to anyone who has a love of werewolves as much as I do It s not perfect, but neither is Twilight so shut up Just click on the picture above to buy it right now from My hats and eyes off to writer VIN VARVARA and artist BILL YOUNG for this great example of what two people can do with a passion and motivation for the subject matter.As always, your comments make me howl at the moon so let me know what you think of Howler below And don t forget to visit MY OFFICIAL WORLD OF TERROR PAGE for all your horror movie needs.Keep it bloody.DAVEGraphic Novel, Review Dave

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    Chris Stevens was bitten by a werewolf when he was a child and now that his family was brutally murdered he discovers himself among demons, monster and a fallen angel The wolf itself is different from Chris Will make a great movie someday.

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    I enjoyed reading The Howler mostly because of the fast paced action and enjoyable storyline, though I found the graphics boring and bland not a bad book but the graphics really kill the mood

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