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Natural Disaster chapter 1 Natural Disaster, meaning Natural Disaster, genre Natural Disaster, book cover Natural Disaster, flies Natural Disaster, Natural Disaster bcb1ce10c8b0c Jake And Tor Return In This Long Awaited Sequel To The Bestselling Bareback Having Bought The Ranch They Ve Worked On For So Long, They Re Now The Proud Owners Of A Spread Of Their Own There S Than Enough On Their Plate Coping With Their New Responsibilities And Their Arguments Over Ranch Management, And It S Not Long Before Even Trouble Hits When He Learns His Sister Has Died In An Automobile Accident, Jake Is Crushed His Grief Is Tempered By Tor S Loving Support, But They Re Forced To Be Apart While Jake Deals With The Family When They Bring Jake S Nephew Back To The Ranch, Things Stretch To The Breaking Point From The Day To Day Difficulties Of Running The Ranch To Dealing With A Teenager Who S Just Lost His Mother, Jake And Tor Wonder If They Ll Be Able To Survive In The Fury Of The Storm, The Two Men Fall Back On The One Thing That Can Get Them Through Each Other Can They Keep It Together When Everything Seems To Be Falling Apart Around Them Chris Owen Gives Jake And Tor A Triumphant Return, Bringing Back A Cast Of Characters That Are As Well Loved As They Are In Love With Each Other Settle In Against The Storm And Read Natural Disaster Today

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    4 StarsWhere Bareback was often intense, infuriating and gut wrenching, this sequel was much sedate I like both books equally but for very different reasons I found myself emotionally wrung out by the time I finished Bareback, and I was definitely worried that Natural Disaster would have the same forceful effect on me going in Although the themes here were often heart breaking, they were much easier to handle for me as a reader This story picks up a good year after the end of Bareback Jake and Tor are now the owners of the ranch they ve been working on all these years, and are finally at a good solid place in their relationship Unfortunately, things can never just go smoothly for poor Jake and Tor, and straight off the bat Jake is dealt a harsh hand when he learns that his sister, Lissa, has died in an accident On top of having to deal with his own feelings of loss and heartache, Jake is quickly informed that Lissa has bestowed guardianship of her teenage son Jacob to Jake and Tor The first half of the story heavily deals with feelings of loss and mourning, and follows the day to day happenings that often follow the death of a loved one The situations and reactions here were quite accurately and beautifully portrayed The reader is definitely left with a sense of grief reflecting what the characters are going through By the halfway mark, Jake, Tor and Jacob are back on the ranch and now have to assimilate to their new lives and responsibilities as a new family unit I enjoyed all the day to day interactions between the guys and I loved how Jake and Tor worked tirelessly to provide Jacob with a sense of home and family in his time of loss I definitely enjoyed this sequel and I appreciated that the focus wasn t so much on Jake and Tor and their relationship angst as it was in Bareback I can only handle so much devastation and heartache at one time and I m glad this story went in a new direction, while still building on the relationship formed in its predecessor view spoiler I think I m just going to pretend there is no spin off trilogy of this series, because lord knows I can t handle any fucking drama between Jake and Tor, especially after they get such a lovely HFN, here hide spoiler

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    Story Rating 5 StarsCharacter Rating 5 StarsRomance Rating 5 StarsHeat Level 5 StarsOverall Rating 5 StarsI m so very sad now that I just finished this book Not that the book ended sad but because I want This story was so good that I could have just kept reading and never stopped Chris Owens did a fantastic job on these two book s The story kept me turning the pages and not wanting to set the book down The characters were all original and I found myself caring about them as if they were real people This book was all about caring, giving, taking, understanding, trusting and most important LOVE along with so many other things I loved reading how these two cowboy s went through some very hard times but always found ways to make it work I could just gush on and on about this story, it really was AMAZING.I look forwards to trying many of Chris Owen s book s After reading this story, she has a huge fan in me.

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    his is the sequel to Bareback and I enjoyed this one This was the continued story of Jake and Tor, and life on the ranch I was surprised that the steam level was a lot less in this book, but then again there was so much hot hot sex in that book that I guess it could be expected The story started out very sad by the death of Jake s sister, and all the drama that happens Family arguments, bigotry and when Jake finds out he and Tor were named as guardians to Lissa s son Jacob it gets worse Once again I was drawn in and I cared deeply for Jake and Tor Jake is not the usual hot alpha man in a lot of books i read, he actually whines sometimes I found him real and less then perfect, still full of flaws and issues, struggling like us all to handle everything life throws at us Tor is quiet, steady and emotionally strong It was wonderful to see how far he has come since Bareback when Jake needed to lean on someone he didn t have to worry, Tor was always had his back What I wished for was something to happen, some Natural Disaster that would threaten to pull them apart or bring them together even and deeper Now adjusting to life with a teenage boy was definitely a life altering event, but not the disaster I was expecting.If this had been a stand alone book, I would have given it 3 stars But since it is a sequel, and it was a short book I am lumping them both together I am giving this 4 heartwarming stars.

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    So glad I read this one I really needed the extended hea after Reading Bareback There are some things going on and there are some really sad parts, but most of it is drama free and loving 4 stars and I ll miss Jake and Tor He really redeemed himself as far as I m concerned The steam was way less in this one but still very nice

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    Jake and Tor One of my favorite romance couples are back for Natural Disaster And though it was angst light, we get a another slice of established couple life from my two favorite cowboys It was good, pretty good actually but it can t top Bareback I still get a little emotional about when I think about that scene from Bareback I justI know what happened and I get the why but I still question it It s like I was in their relationship or something shakes head AnywayJake and Tor are stuck together like glue and nothing tears them apart Not homophobic family members Aunt Jess is a mean old bitch who needs to take a long walk off a short pier or secondary character deaths pouts or unexpected adoptions I love their nephew Jacob he acted like a typical teen and was not annoying or domestic woes though I might think about dumping you if you call me to just talk about checkbook balances while there is hot phone sex to be had.Shit just continues to get real for Jake and Tor and they handle it.And they have sex not as much as Bareback but smoking hot sex with some dirty talk, frottage and phone sex thrown in to spice it up.I agree with another reviewer, this was just like an extended epilogue I m happy their HEA kept getting better But I d like them to stay that way I m fine if there are no updates about Jake and Tor They are solid as a rock The quick fix remedies of the homophobic family members was a little disappointing for me I thought there could have been a little expansion on that I d have love to read it over the checkbooks or roof shingles needing to be replaced.All in all, a nice followup with a favorite couple, hot sex, low angst, some sad moments but good story Not as great Bareback but a good story.

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    Natural Disaster is the final re read from Jake and Tor s story It s probably been at least a couple of years since I read these books and I really enjoyed revisiting this series This one wasn t as angst filled as Bareback but I still found it to be equally as interesting The sex was less frequent but definitely every bit as intense as the first book Jake and Tor are now the ranch owners and along with adjusting to such a huge responsibility they suddenly find themselves dealing with the loss of Jake s sister whom he has only recently been reunited with, this happened in Bareback As a result of this loss they take on the responsibility of parenting a teenager, Jake s nephew Jacob So not as much relationship angst between Jake and Tor but several real life stressors added to the relationship for them to deal with as a couple and they do Not without a disagreement here or there or having to do that damned talking thing.Interestingly Natural Disaster also brought with it a shift in the dynamics between these two men, one that I d forgotten about During this story for the most part it s Tor who becomes the practical, level headed onethe voice of reason if you will I enjoyed seeing this side of Tor The strength of his love and commitment to Jake simply melted me and really made me feel like he was truly sorry for his transgressions that occurred in Bareback and I liked seeing that follow through from the first story to this one Unfortunately what I don t like is the follow through from this book to the next book 1 in the Never Too Early series by Chris Owen and Tory Temple, but that s another story for another review.Jake and Tor are definitely at the top of the Hot Cowboy list for me and revisiting them really has been a fun trip but now it s time to move on to other stories and maybe I ll find another cowboy or two along the way.

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    Jake and Tor finally own their own ranch They ve just settled in when Jake receives a call that there s been an accident His sister, Melissa, has been killed in an accident and he and Tor were named Jacob s legal guardian There s a lot of adjustments to be made, for everyone, but I think Owen handled it really well Everything feels very realistic to me I love that Tor takes over and is able to keep a clear head when Jake needs him most He was a perfect spouse partner, attentive and loving, taking care of what he could when Jake, his sister, and Jacob were too affected by grief It really was tender and loving and perfect.I was a little surprised that Tor didn t realize that Jake s sudden need to control every little thing stemmed from being unable to control his sister s death, which had been my first thought While there still seemed to be bunches of sex, I also thought there was a lot plot and characterization this time around And it was good to see that they still have to work on actually talking to each other but are making the effort It was also nice to see that they seem to be mostly accepted by the community I was a little sad that the big dance had been reduced to one day I get that it was never Jake s thing, but it seems to me the point of the dance was never about the owner, it was about giving the ranch hands a break.There was also one of those annoying time jumps in the very beginning of the book A year passes between the first chapter and the second I get why they wanted to include events of the first chapter, but it may have been better to leave it out to avoid the jarring jump.I really liked this book a lot It seemed like a realistic continuation of the last book and I felt like the focus was on the relationship between Tor and Jake with less emphasis on the sex.

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    possible spoilers if you haven t read Bareback Natural Disaster is the sequel to Bareback and once took me to the ranch of Jake and Tor After six years their relationship is still going strong, they bought the ranch from Doug Gillain and preparing for a family gathering Life is good for both of them until one phone call sets their world spinning on its axes The moment I found out Bareback had a sequel I was in ecstasy because I felt that Jake and Tor s story wasn t fully told in Bareback I couldn t get my hands fast enough on a copy of Natural Disaster to find out what was happening between these two men I came to cherish so much So when it arrived I was rapidly immersed in the day to day life of Jake and Tor and it was written in the down to earth writing style of Chris Owen that fits the cowboy and ranching backdrop to perfection I found myself in ultimate bliss getting myself reacquainted with them when Jake and Tor s world comes crashing down and I had to reach for my tissues again.A death in the family sets the two cowboys up for a major change in their lives, namely the responsibility for their nephew Chris Owen gives the feelings of loss such rawness that it reverberated with me throughout the novel I was so moved by the effect it had on Jake, the way he tried to hold strong for everyone and the way Tor tried to support and comfort him Loss can cripple a person emotionally and to see this play out between two men was so beautiful to see Yet their actions also contained a head on approach to deal with the situation which is typical for them.Much of what I loved so much in Bareback was felt and read in Natural Disaster but I would ve enjoyed the story even if the author had pages to tell the tale of these men in morning The emotional rollercoaster of becoming a guardian over a teenager and the journey of coming to terms with the loss is not given the depth I came accustomed to in Bareback Jake, Tor and Jacob need to adapt to a new situation and while it was all given to me with sincere feelings the months sped by in short chapters and it lost a bit of its impact.With 228 pages it is still a heartthrob of a gay romance with erotic elements in them The erotically charged need between Jake and Tor was as much a physical one as it was to find comfort and reaffirm the love between them However, there were pressing matters to attend to for them and while the eroticism didn t have the same high octane factor as in Bareback it was unmistakably present I don t feel it is fair but at the same time it is inevitable for me to compare the two stories and say that Natural Disaster is a delightful addition to the original tale but is unable to reach the same level Simply because it missed the pages to unfold and deepen each characters emotional stirrings and development I would say Natural Disaster adds another layer to Bareback that gave me the absolute well rounded feeling I was looking for upon closing their first story.This second novel may not have the full impact I had when reading Bareback but I did get to experience again the great love Jake and Tor share It is so real, not shying away from the fact how hard it can be to nurture a relationship It is a delicate balance and needs must be spoken out loud for the other to take it in consideration I can t get enough of how this gay couple communicates together, how essential their physical relationship is and how natural it feels between them It is like witnessing the real deal between them, attaching me to them and feeling all their ups and downs It is why I wanted that glorious, almost over the top, happily ever after for them What I got was a real one and my heartbeat went up a notch in romantic ecstasy creating that moment where every reader wants to leave there leading couple.Natural Disaster was about loss, grieve, hope, love and new beginnings which also needed Jacob, Elias and Cath to tell the tale and though it was a small it also was an important secondary cast, their presence was adding an intimate feel to the novel If they already weren t a cherished person they became one in this novel Especially Jacob got a bigger role, he is teenage stubborn, he is endearing and he is coping with the new situation He also presented change within the relationship of Jake and Tor and I enjoyed the effect from a dramatic point of view For where can true romance soar Only when it is challenged and ever changing to become stronger This is definitely what Natural Disaster is all about and only for this fact you should catch up with this incredible set of ranching cowboys Natural Disaster contains the true essence of a happily ever after that makes me say that Jake and Tor are my true first love in Gay Erotica Romance and will forever be treasured on my shelves.Quote Tor owned him, body and soul, and there wasn t any way Jake would change that He breathed the air around them, and drew Tor into his lungs, into his blood, and it was better than right, it was living.

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    4.0 StarsIn this sequel to Bareback, we revisit with Jake and Tor who have settled down on their newly acquired ranch Disaster strikes when Lissa is killed in an auto accident Jake learns that Lissa appointed him to be guardian of Jacob in the event something happened to her In addition to coping with their new responsibilities and their arguments over ranch management, Jake and Tor face new challenges in raising a grieving teen who s just lost his mother.It was nice to revisit with the delightful cast of characters from Bareback Jake and Tor are much settled in their relationship and seem to be getting a handle on their new responsibilities as ranch owners Where Barebackwas one helluva emotional roller coaster, Natural Disaster felt like a relaxing tube ride down a lazy river The tragic and sudden loss of Jake s sister was devastating, no doubt but aside from that, nothing exceptionally bad or heart wrenching happened in this book Instead, this book showcased the strength and stability of Jake and Tor s relationship and how they were able to find safe haven in each other as they faced the pitfalls and adjustments forced upon them by circumstance Tor is truly yin to Jake s yang they are two halves of one whole and absolutely devoted to one another It was nice to see them in this light Despite the HEA of Bareback, the view spoiler betrayal by Tor hide spoiler

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    I love how this little family is growing What good guys to take on raising a teenager The ending was India anticlimactic but over all a very nicely done story Looking forward to the conclusion in book 3.

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