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  • Kindle Edition
  • 201 pages
  • Invicta: Sanctuary
  • Piper Kay
  • English
  • 03 March 2019

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    Heat Level 4 out of 4 flames Overall 3.5 out of 5 stars Reviewed by Naughty Book Snitch MindySee Mindy s Blog Review Here Sanctuary A place of refuge or safety Shelter, retreat, hideaway, hideout, haven, refuge, harbor People automatically sought a sanctuary in time of trouble Hellooooo cliffy Dammit I don t feel good today so I ll make this brief Of course the sex is amazing it is Piper Kay were talking about here I did have a problem with the way Mickey was handled right after he got out of his abusive situation If it were me, I don t think I would have come back to Invicta or even talked to those guys again But then we wouldn t have a story now would we The story was good and has potential but it ended right when things got super interesting I mean, I couldn t believe it when I read The End I love the humor Piper Kay throws in her books She just cracks me up Oldie locks But my most favorite quote in Invicta Sanctuary is I m fairly certain that if you sneak a peek in your drawers, you ll find a little wee wee between your legs too, and it probably looks a lot like mine So don t flip your froggies behind me being naked Its how I sleep and to be honest, I m not used to having someone knock on my door in the middle of the night To sum it up, It was ok Sex is good, there are some funny moments and the story has potential but I don t like cliffhangers This isn t that bad of a cliffy, but just when the story started to escalate it ended., Also, I need to know that Sweetpea is okay Then, WTF is going on with Toryn s past coming back to haunt him and then Mickey s ex psycho I guess we ll find out in the next book I just hope it s soon I received a copy of this book via the author in exchange for an honest review.Click below for Naughty Book Snitch reviews

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    REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCEFollowing straight on from book 1 Invicta is now open for business and Kade and Holt are determined to treat the young male dancers that work for them as part of one big family The difficulties they suffered at a young age are never far from their minds.This is Toryn and Mickey s story Mickey reminds people a little of a young Kade Tattooed, brash, cocky and quick tempered but in the last 12 months all his self confidence has been leeched out of him An abusive relationship has changed his personality and now his temper rises even quickly usually in self defence.After being rescued by the guys from the club his temper lands him on the wrong side of Toryn after he punches him in the face Kade and Holt, ever the mother hens, have Toryn take him home for the night to keep him out of harms way and maybe because they recognise a little bit of themselves in the two men The sparks are flying between them as well as the fists.They go from fighting to fucking very quickly and that would be my only complaint about the story It just happened so fast Toryn may be nursing a black eye but his emotions take over and he can t stay away or turn down Mickey The man has brought him pain and now it seems he is going to bring him pleasure After a passionate night together Toryn tries to get Mickey to stop over analysing everything and take back the power from his ex.Just as it looks like the two men are planning to spend time getting to know each other Piper ends the story..but who is the stalker sitting outside the apartment and what chaos is he going to cause

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    I loved this Piper I didn t want the story to end I read the book in one sitting, it was that good I didn t want to stop reading it I m happy that nothing happened to the puppy or I would of lost it My heart was in my throat a few times with that Oh my gosh , I hope Mickey Toryn get to have their HEA get their exes out of their lives for good I was so happy to read that Holt Kade are still so in love had some of their story in this book too Can t wait for the next book

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    Sometimes in our lives, there are situations that happen that may make us run, fight or put our guard up For the men of Invicta, they have all been in situations that have caused them to do just that I have to admit, this story started off a little confusing for me with all the alternating POVs But, once I got a handle on who was speaking I really enjoyed this story From the get go, I knew that Toryn was going to be a character who was full of passion I was surprised by Mickey s character I saw him as a broken, self conscious individual, but then I got further into the story Where I thought that Mickey would need to be consoled he turned out to be the one who did the consoling Toryn and Mickey together are hot I am a lover of the M M genre and I admit, I am very picky with my love scenes I felt like the sex scenes between the two men were believable It wasn t something that was just thrown together for the sake of having a M M romance There was a passion between them that jumped off the pages There is another story weaving its way through the pages and we learn that Toryn and Mickey are alike than maybe we thought Just when it seems like both men will get what they have always wanted in a partner, the past comes crawling back and begins to haunt them I enjoyed this story and I am looking forward to reading about Toryn, Mickey and the rest of the men of Invicta.

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    I love the series We continue to follow our MCs from book 1 I adore the relationship between Kade and Holt, former go go boys now owners of Invicta a high end dance club in Houston Mickey finds his way to Invicta after fleeing an emotionally abusive boyfriend Trevor Kade and Holt recognize the fear and anxiety in Mickey and correctly guess he has had a difficult time in life Mickey sees Toryn on the stage and is enthralled There is a chemistry between the two Boy is there fans self Trevor threatens Mickey to come home by pretending to hurt Mickey s sweet little dog This works and Mickey flies off for home to rescue his beloved Sweetpea Holt and Kaiden pride themselves as being the protectors of their club family Thus Sanctuary from life s storms I just love these guys so much Toryn and Storm decide to follow Mickey home incase he is in danger Mickey finally takes his power back and flees Trevor with his dog The Invicta family wants to help Mickey who doesn t trust them He also has major anger issues and takes it out on the guys He goes home with Toryn and things get hot hot hot hotA blast from Toryn s past unexpectantly show up and life eta interesting for all involved Is it Spring 2015 yet Grabby hands for book 3.

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    What do you get when you cross a cocky but sexy troubled young man in a bad relationship with a club dancer who has had some bad experiences of his own You get chaos and chemistry You get Mickey and Toryn You get Invicta Sanctuary A second book in a series always has to be as good as the first and with Invicta Sanctuary, Piper Kay does not disappoint She gives us great characters like Mickey and Toryn who are as complicated as they are adorable and sexy and makes us fall in love with them However, what pulls the whole package together is the revisiting of character Kade and Holt from the first book in the series.I cannot wait until the next release, and to find out what else unfolds in their lives and behind the doors of Invicta Five stars all the way

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    Where do I begin Invicta Sanctuary is a tale of passion If you ve read the first Invicta and I suggest you do before reading this sequel we get to see some of the original characters from the first Invicta installment However, make no mistake, this is not a retelling or a direct continuation of the first book This book is all about the newbies that are bringing it on the Invicta stage At its core Invicta Sanctuary is mostly about breaking free of other people s constraints and embracing your life, your future, and your desires on your own terms It s funny well, that was gonna be a given, Piper Kay always makes us laugh it was sweet, and it was HOT I don t think it gets much better than that.

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    Holton and Kaiden s story continues with added characters who grab your heart Older and wiser they try to help younger versions of themselves The club they opened Invicta is a success and now their goal is to show their employees compassion and let them see that even though life can be hard there is always a way to happiness if you work hard for it Toryn and Mickey are kindred spirits so it s not surprising that they each have a past involving psycho exes This series is Fantastic and I highly recommend it I can not wait for the next installment Piper Kay digs deep into the trials that being gay sometimes brings and she shows us all that what matters is a persons heart not who they share a bed with.Brava Piper Well done

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    Oh my what an amazing and yummy m m read This book is awesome and not like any other m m reads that I have read Mickey is a hot blonde man who is dealing with a twisted twit of a man that try s to control him But the way he tries to control him is just evil Until he meets Toryn Toryn is one sexy, hot and flexible man He s so yummy that Mickey can t seem to leave him alone Just an amazing read

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    Once again Piper Kay has you addicted from the first page The story of Mickey and Toryn has you laughing, worried, yelling and then blushing at just how damned hot it gets But most of all it wraps around you and gets under your skin cannot wait to read of these amazing men s story, bring on book 3

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