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Corruption summary Corruption, series Corruption, book Corruption, pdf Corruption, Corruption 86bffc4918 The Thrilling Finale To Bestselling Author Jessica Shirvington S Disruption Series How Do You Live With Yourself When You Ve Deceived The One You Love How Do You Move On When The Person You Ve Been Fighting To Save Betrays You Two Years Ago, Maggie Stevens Began The Hunt Four Weeks Ago, Maggie S World Fell Apart, When She Finally Found What She D Been Looking For And When Quentin, Who Had Blindly Trusted Her, Unravelled Her Web Of Lies Now, Maggie Lives In The Dark But She S Not About To Stay There Not When She Still Has To Bring M Corp Down Not When There Is Still A Chance She Could Win Him Back In The Exhilarating Conclusion To Disruption, Maggie Must Do Whatever It Takes To Show The World The Truth And The Price For Her Quest Everything But For Who Ages

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    I CANNOT EVEN BEGIN TO DESCRIBE MY EMOTIONS RIGHT NOW I m just a blob of FEELINGS, okay FEEEEEEEELINGS I aboslutely love this freaking duology It s has my most favourite OTP in the universe It has characters I will cry for I DO CRY FOR I justI cannot.I picked it up feeling like this And it quickly zoomed into this IT WAS FREAKING PERFECTION I will cry happy, but I will also stomp my foot because it s only a duology and I could ve read 294208 million books about these characters It was the CHARACTERS that stole the show for me I can t even begin to describe how awesome the protagonist, Maggie, is She has guts and gumption She ll punch you in the face rather than look at you BUT SHE HAS A SOFT SIDE She loves her family fiercely minus her dummy dad, DUH and if she loves you she ll fight to the death for you Her character development is phenomenal in here After being starved for 4 weeks, she has this food fettish She s literally stuffing cookies in her pocket for no reason It s so so detailed and accurate She felt 100% REAL And she s so much broken in this one Then of course there is QUENTIN MA BABY I ship him and Maggie so hard I literally procrastinated reading this book because I loved them so much They had to be together or I would SCREEEEEAM My OTP Just marry, please, and have lots of little vicious children view spoiler And I got my wish and then some It was so perfect I love them together I love how they learnt to trust again I love how Maggie NEVER lied to him again I have a tear Scuse me hide spoiler

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    See reviews at YA Midnight Reads4.5 starsI am a mess right now Honestly, I have no idea where to begin because Corruption has my mind reeling But let s start off with this I will read anything this woman writes I ve read pretty much every novel written by Jess Shirvington with the exception of Empower the last book to the Violet Eden Chapters and each book gets better than the next I can see this author s writing skills getting better and better with each book And this latest series she s just written Totally swept me off my feet.I m going to tell you a story about a girl who lost her dad and had her world fall apart And then I am going to tell you the story about the woman she became.Maggie s world came crashing down when the person she had always believed in and loved, betrayed her Now, after being trapped in a dark room for weeks and weeks, she s than ready to fight back Maggie Stevens has become a female protagonist that I ve become to idolise Sure, she s a bitch at times, struggles to trust people, is always manipulating, but her inner strength, resourcefulness and witty remarks are what bring her on top She isn t your typical kick ass protagonist and brings a wagon full of flaws with her, but it s hard not to love her for all her other qualities.Corruption brings us constant heart stopping action and an intense storyline There wasn t once where I didn t feel like my hands were digging into the covers of the book, and yes, I finished this book in one sitting Corruption, while is very much action centered still explores all our characters We do get into finer details with Maggie s character and her struggle with trusting people but also her relationships with her family, Quentin and good ole Gus There s so much character development in here, and each page was well spent.Romance wise, Jess Shirvington doesn t disappoint Quentin and Maggie s relationship is a very fragile one, and I absolutely loved watching them try to mend it and make it stronger The romance for me was a little overpowering and over done, admittedly just like in Disruption , but I m not complaining These two are full of swoons.Now, it s time to talk about that terrible thing ONLY, click the spoiler if you ve read Corruption view spoiler GUS GUS GUS GUS MY GUS I didn t see this one coming at all, and my heart broke into so many tiny little pieces I ve always adored Gus and Maggie s snarky dialogue and their relationship, and I couldn t bear to see him go I cried, there s no point in denying it sniffles Just a random note, I was not happy about Gus and Maggie kissing, and then making it seem like Gus had non platonic feelings towards her I got pretty pissed, because I love their relationship and that did taint it for a while there hide spoiler

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    You know how dystopians end up taking a utopian approach in the end The government technology spies were evil and they ve controlled us for too long It s time we controlled them and threw them to the bottomless pits of Moria for the Balrog to feast on Not exactly realistic.This dystopian knew better Perhaps being set only nine years in the future contributed to the fact But one way or another, this dystopian knew better As to how it chose to leave things, well spoilers But if you can get your hands on this puzzlingly Australian only duology, the answer is right there And the road to this sociologically aware ending was entirely too entertaining.

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    I was hooked after the first book and this one was even better More action, romance, danger, just. A truly fun duology that I loved every minute of and just couldn t get enough of This is a must for anyone.

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    Tad n karaa karaa okudum ka g nde ilk kitaptan daha iyiydi bence genel olarak aksiyonlu bir o kadar da komikti Gus n laf yeti tirmeleri beni benden ald zaten favorim gus oldu ke ke b yle arkada lara sahip olsam ba ka bir ey istemem herhalde Quin de tatl yd Travis,Morriste ama ne biliyim Gus kalp ben Yine Serap abla bana g zel bir kitap okuttu o almasa unutmu tum bile bu kitabi

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    About Corruption is a fiction novel written by Jessica Shirvington It will be published on 3 7 17 by HarperCollins, 435 pages This duology composed of book 1 called Disruption and book 2 called Corruption The genres are young adult, dystopia, science fiction, and romance This book was originally published in 11 1 14 in Australia.My Experience I started reading Corruption on 2 10 17 and finished it on 2 15 17 This book is filled with so much actions and pleasures I love this duology This book continues where Disruption left off The main character and the only point of view in this duology is Maggie Mags Margaret Stevens and she was locked up, hungry, and left in the dark Even it feels like the end is near, she still try her best to survive In book 1, Maggie s main focus was to rescue her dad In book 2, Maggie finds out what s been hidden from her and she will have to make a tough decision to set everything right again Maggie is an awesome badass heroine What I love most about her character is that she always challenge people and questions everything instead of accepting the answers or instructions given to her It makes reading this book exciting because Maggie always evaluate the possibilities, her strategies, and her surroundings before taking action I like that a lot and I enjoy following her thoughts I couldn t be the person everyone wanted I could only be me And right now, the only version of me I could cope with was the one who got things done p210I love Gus in this book He s full of comebacks I like his friendship with Maggie I like that he has mad skills with the computer I like the witty banter between him and everybody, but especially with Maggie The first book introduces the technology called Phera Tech which helps rate love compatibility where the best side is true match while the opposite side inform them that they are a neg A neg is a person likely to cause trouble and is therefore send to a rehabilitation center to improve themselves M Corp is a corporation owned by Garrett Mercer who controls this technology His youngest son is Quentin Quin Mercer and he s hot He s described as good looking and I liked him in book 1, but book 2, Gus definitely dominate my attention Fighting back doesn t make us villains We tried And yeah, we failed But that can t be an excuse to give up We just have to find another way p278The technology play a big role in this book and how Maggie s family and Quin s family is involved in all of it There s a group of people who called themselves Pre Evo or Preference Evolution that is against the future of this technology Phera Tech does than finding your true love, it also monitors a person s heart rate, fatality, even provide contraception, and many Whereas a technology provide benefits for the people, there are those that have different intentions Besides the tech talks and the intense scenes, there are some family love, friendship love, and other love in between This duology is awesome and I highly recommend the read Pro page turner, heart pumping, mind racing, adrenaline rush, awesome characters and plot, humor, twists turns, strategy, suspense, badassCon noneI rate it 5 stars Disclaimer Many thanks to Harper Collins for the opportunity to read and review Please be assured that my opinions are honest.xoxo, Jasmine at www.howusefulitis.wordpress.com

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    Sadly, I didn t like Corruption as much as the first book in the duology, Disruption Just as in the Divergent books, Disruption was dystopian and romance y, whereas this one was like ALL subsequent books in YA dystopian duologies and trilogies filled with rebels sneaking around on missions, something I m not such a fan of While I liked the big twist in Disruption view spoiler The fact that Maggie s father wasn t a victim but a villain hide spoiler

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    It s been just two days since the last book came out and I m already in serious need of finding out the publication date of this Jessica Shirvington, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring it out this year Please makes Bambi eyes UPDATE THE RELEASE DATE IS IN NOVEMBER HELLO IN NOVEMBER YOU HEAR ME Please let the cover be silver Shiny And dare I suggest another event for the release of this book And that the event first be in Victoria So we get it before the release date XD UPDATE X2 OKI M LITERALLY DYING HERE IT S KILLING ME WAITING FOR THE COVER HOW DOES ONE STAND TO MAKE US WAIT THE TENSION IS GETTING TO ME

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    Can I rate this without even reading it No Oh Well, too bad.

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