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    Up until recently, shifters in general and werewolves in particular were my least favorite paranormal creatures Little Red Riding Hood was never my favorite fairytale, but wouldn t you know it, werewolves and werewolf porn are beginning to grow on me Especially when they are funny, cocky, sexy and protective Alphas like Clayton and Holt Double the pleasure, double the fun wink wink Down on her luck college professor and anthropologist, Amelia Baxter, really hits paydirt when she accepts a mission that means she will have to sneak into the Breach, a parallel world where werewolves exist alongside humans She s to study, observe and report back but is soon waylaid and courted by the sexiest set of twins she s ever laid her eyes on, and Holt and Clayton are not about to let her go As it happens, Amelia has crossed over just in time for the annual Alpha Claiming Festival, and she can kiss her anthropological ideals goodbye Because sometimes, being eaten by wolves can be the best thing that s ever happened to you Not to mention, deliciously tempting After all, it s just for a couple of nights, right A solid, short and sweet little story There s some danger, some secrets that threaten their HEA, but who needs a knight in shining armor when you ve been Claimed by two sexy beasts Overall a very enjoyable story with a couple of m nage scenes thrown in for good measure I wouldn t mind reading MacKenzie s story later on, not to mention how Karlie is weaned off Bob

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    I have read books by Georgette St Clair before and I knew I wanted to read by her why it took me so long to finally pick up another one of her books I will not know but I finally have and I have to say I am not surprised that I fell in love with this series too As a child my least favorite fairy tale was Little Red Ridding Hood but as I became an adult I shifted to enjoying reading about the Wolves I guess sometimes as you grow some things change I enjoy reading books by Miss St Clair I m always guaranteed a good time Her storytelling technique is smooth flowing, her characters are likable.

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    Very pleasant and easy book to read I enjoy reading books by Miss St Clair I m always guaranteed a good time Her storytelling technique is smooth flowing, her characters are likable and honestly, I love the HEAs in all her books I m also very appreciative that her books are priced at 0.99 initially, before going up I really feel rewarded as a loyal reader of her stuff I look forward to lovely books by Ms St Clair

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    Wonderful What a great m nage shifter story with a different take on shifter territory both heroes were truly good guys and the heroine was a determined special person

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    3 starsI m actually interested in Mackenzie here And maybe her sister So I m glad I read this book so I can read the others.

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    This review was originally posted on Bears Read Too 3.5 stars Twin Alphas Claimed by Georgette St Clair is a nice little read It s a novella and I m not entirely sure if it s a standalone or not I m guessing that it ll become part of a series based on how we met some secondary characters in this book and they re screaming to have their story told I could be wrong, but I hope not.Amelia Baxter can cross the Breach into the other universe where werewolves thrive She has been able to since she was a child with her younger sister She is a college professor and her job right now is to go across and observe and come back to report her findings When she crosses she realizes that she crossed smack dab in the middle of the annual werewolf claiming festival Two alpha males aka Twin Alphas has got their sites on her and they don t plan to let her go easily She does not know the rules of this universe and she can t stay She must report back but what s the worst that could happen with two of the hunkiest men she s ever seen When she does cross back home she finds things were not what she thought and she s in danger.I really like Georgette St Clair s style of writing She s got passion, suspense and a lot of humour all packed into a quick little read She knows how to hit on all the pertinent points and tie everything up nicely even though it s a small little book Some people have a hard time doing that with a full length novel but it s much difficult to get everything in there in a short piece She does it very well.I love the idea of the parallel universe in this book I read a lot of shifter werewolf books and this is new It s very inventive and I like it There is a huge element of danger revolving around the whole Breach Both with what can come in and what can go out It s a great idea.Ms St Clair also writes really good characters who you can really relate to and fall in love with Which brings me to something I didn t really care for I as a reader really fell for all three of the main characters Amelia, Holt and Clayton , however, I didn t find that there was much connection between them as mates They liked each other and spent a night in the mating cabin, but to me it felt like a one nighter rather than a night with their forever mate view spoiler and Amelia didn t even know she was mated She didn t find that out until she went back across and got really sick Other people get sick when they cross and die, but her sickness was because she was away from her mates, not because of the crossing itself hide spoiler

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    4 starsWarning may contain spoilersTwin Alphas Claimed is the first book in Georgette St Clair s new series and it was great I liked that it was a little different with 2 separate worlds one for humans and one for werewolves although in the world of the werewolves there are mage s and the humans who live in this world live knowing and accepting this world On the other side there the humans live knowing werewolves exist but that s about it, so on this side lives twin sisters Amelia and Karlie Accepting a job to investigate the other world Amelia crosses the breach which it appears only her and her sister can do and steps into the Alpha Claiming festival and it goes from there the usually happens 2 alphas claim her, she leaves them and then gets kidnapped and they rescue her and her sister I really liked this book it was a little short for me and I while I think the author did a great job I would have liked it to be a little longer and see everything develop a bit slower but even saying that it was done well, it s not meant to be real life it involves magic, werewolves and different worlds, and I didn t feel like anything was missing.

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    Another Fantastic BookI love the new direction the series is taking, with a rift opening between an Earth with no shifters and the Earth with the author s shifter human mage population Amelia crosses to the shifter Earth to do a study for the university she works for There she meets twin alphas who want to mate her, as well as a whole lot of problems But the problems she faces on the shifter Earth may not be as great as the problems she faces on her own Earth I love how the author sets up her books, with the romantic trio meeting then having to deal with very significant issues It makes for an interesting page turner, one I cannot put down until I finish.

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    I really enjoyed this one Creative world building, sexy werewolves, a bashful BBW and enough plotting behind the scenes to make for an interesting story There is a good set up with two newly connected worlds and lots of room to take future stories in many different directions.After an earthquake opens a breach between two worlds there is hope for travel between them But complications ensue and life is disrupted, especially on the Earth side of the rift One family has a secret portal to Clare de Lune and Amelia sneaks across in an attempt to help her family financially.I m definitely looking forward to book two.

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    Could have been betterAlthough the premise had potential, the book didn t quite deliver it for me Again, lack of proper editing leads to a lot of grammatical errors, inconsistencies, and it makes it seem like the author had little interest in publishing a good quality book As far as the actual plot goes, it s OK There were parts that I thought were not needed and the word count should have been used to add maybe depth to the characters It s not the worst shifter book I ve read, but it s also not even close to my top 10 or even 20.

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Claimed (Twin Alphas, #1) download Claimed (Twin Alphas, #1), read online Claimed (Twin Alphas, #1), kindle ebook Claimed (Twin Alphas, #1), Claimed (Twin Alphas, #1) 154074a55677 Amelia Baxter S Got One Simple Assignment She Is To Sneak Through The Breach Into The Universe Where Werewolves Exist And Observe, Document, And Report Back But When The Sassy Mouthed, Chubby College Professor Discovers That She S Crossed Over Right In The Middle Of The Annual Alpha Claiming Festival, She S Fascinated And When Two Handsome Alpha Brothers Beg Her To Spend The Weekend With Them In Their Mating Cabin, She Can T Say No Of Course, It S All For Research, Right After All, No Human From Her World Has Ever Had This Opportunity To Get This Close And Personal With Werewolves Before Unfortunately, Leaving Behind Two Deliciously Sexy Alphas Who Have Locked Their Sights On Her As Their Forever Mate Isn T As Easy As She Thought It Would Be And When She Crosses Back Over To Her World, She Walks Straight Into A Nightmare Of Betrayal And Deadly Threats To All She Loves Most Will Her Alphas Get To Her In Time, Or Will Secrets From Another World Prove To Be Even Deadly Than Those Who Seek To Betray Her