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Compliance (Heart of Fame - Stage Right #2) chapter 1 Compliance (Heart of Fame - Stage Right #2) , meaning Compliance (Heart of Fame - Stage Right #2) , genre Compliance (Heart of Fame - Stage Right #2) , book cover Compliance (Heart of Fame - Stage Right #2) , flies Compliance (Heart of Fame - Stage Right #2) , Compliance (Heart of Fame - Stage Right #2) c6101b7a20d6e Courage Is Sexy The Last Time Bethany Sloan Was In Australia She Helped Two Guys Fall In Love With Each Other This Time, It Looks Like She S About To Be Responsible For Two Guys Beating The Hell Out Of Each Other Not Exactly How She D Planned To Spend Her Long Overdue Vacation, That S For Sure Especially When What She D Really Like To Do Is Have Wild, Wicked Sex With Both Of Them At The Same Time Because A Threesome With A Sexy Nerd And A Sexy Jock Is Her Idea Of A Perfect Fantasy And Then Her Heart Gets Involved Damn It IT Guru And Self Made Billionaire, Logan Hill Wants The Hot Little American Who Strides Into His Best Mate S Bar The Second He Lays Eyes On Her The Trouble Is, His Best Mate And The Man Who Once Saved Logan S Life Falls Instantly In Lust With Her As Well Logan Would Give His Right Arm For Curtis, But The Moment Bethany Sloan Smiles At Them Both, Logan Is A Goner Sometimes A Nerd S Got To Get The Girl, Right Curtis Clarkson Never Pulls Punches And He Always Gets What He Wants It S Been That Way Since He Was The Captain Of The School S Cricket Team And Has Been That Way Ever Since Retired From Captaining The Australian Cricket Team, Curtis Spends Most Of His Time Running His Bar When Your Life Is A Scrutinized By The Media As His Is, Sexual Relationships Bring Nothing But Trouble And Then The Sexy American Tourist Walks Into His Club, With Her Sexy Accent And Her Sexy Attitude, And Curtis Wonders If It S Time To Rethink That Stance But What The Hell Does He Do When Introverted, Woman Shy Logan Makes It Clear He S Interested In Bethany As Well Bethany S Got A Solution One Neither Guy Has Considered One Beneficially Pleasurable To The All She S Just Got To Convince Them To See Things Her Way After All, Two Hot Aussie Guys Are Better Than One At Going Down Under This Menage Romance Novella Can Also Be Found As A Part Of The Down And Dirty Box Set It Is Intended For Mature Audiences Yrs While Compliance Can Be Read As A Stand Alone, It Should Be Noted Bethany First Appeared In Heart Of Fame Book Three, Guarded Desires

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    3.75 Sexy Nerd Stars Well, this was a pleasant surprise for a quickie smut readfrom friends to lovers Bethany, Logan and his best buddy Curtis the Hot Jock Extremely enjoyable, intelligent story line,Heartwarming evenand a HEA who d have thoughtlol I m a sucker for a Hot Sexy Nerd You ve turned my floppy into a Hard drive already Yay Logan M F M

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    At first, I didn t think I would end up liking Bethany She was all about courage, didn t like nerds who need an inhaler as if they could do something about it and was angry at her brother for having committed suicide no bravery there, of course, harming yourself when all your instincts scream otherwise Then maybe I thought she d simply been hurt by her brother s death and it was her way of dealing with it My second objection that I hadn t read about was that Logan was a billionaire yes, another billionaire, again , but at least, there was no showing off wealth, private jets and expensive dresses Logan was a rather sweet guy, not a dominating alpha even if was the master of the bedroom, and I prefered this much .Once again in this boxed set, a threesome ends up in an actual couple Sweet and sexy.

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    If you want a steamy hot book that is going to melt your panties off, well then look no further because this is exactly the story you want

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    4,75 starsYay Another Heart of Fame story and double YAY, Bethany from GUARDED DESIRES is the heroine I d been hoping for her story ever since I read that book Many readers didn t like the role she played in the story but I did and I m thrilled to read her own story now An uncertain and introvert nerd, a confident and compassionate jock and a feisty and brave PA comprise this m nage story While it sounds like the beginning of a corny joke there s even a bar , it s far from that This is one red hot m nage story that set my e reader on fire Lexxie Couper never fails to please with her scorching and heartfelt stories As with the first story the outcome wasn t exactly what I expected but it totally worked Memorable Scene the one with Australia s national anthem You ll know why when you read itFavorite Quotes Logan moved.A single stride that destroyed the distance between them.Stare locked on hers through the lenses of his glasses, he buried his hands in her hair, lowered his face to hers and took possession of her lips with his.Liquid shards of heat sank into Bethany s core She gasped into his mouth, the action granting his tongue access to hers He took it, a savage kiss of dominating hunger and need.The acceptance of the moment, the erotic perfection of the two of them working in such intimate harmony to bring Bethany to the peak of sexual pleasure flayed at Logan s control.

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    Compliance by Lexxie Couper is the story I ve been dying to read ever since I read Guarded Desires and met Bethany I ve been wanting her to get her own story and now she has two sexy guys to meet her needs I ve always loved how strong Bethany was and not afraid to take action Logan and Curtis are best buddies who have captured her heart and body and boy, she really surprised them when she let them know her intentions I chuckled at their reaction and then soon found myself swooning and panting I loved how quiet Logan became the aggressive one in their threesome sex scenes and that outgoing Curtis would defer to his best buddy This made him even sexier in my eyes The author did a brilliant job getting these three together and I so wanted .

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    I really wanted a permanent threesome between them I don t really understand why there wasn t one The men loved each other even if it was brotherly They seemed to really have enjoyed being with her together so for me I was a little disappointed that they just left it with two It was kind of sad how that ended even with the HEA..I actually was waiting for something to happen between Logan and Curtis, that would have been good too It seemed like it would lead there and then it all changed Not too much character background just enough to get you involved and feel why they loved each other.Would have liked for it to be longer but only if it was a permanent situation.

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    Really beautifully written I love intelligent erotica I was happy from the start to the finish It was so descriptive that it was so easy to visualize, facial expressions, body movement I felt there in the moment Loved it loved it.

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    Love revisiting characters from the Heart of Fame series and this book delivered If a hot two guy one girl threesome is what you are after, this is the book for you.

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    Wow, wow and wow some Hotter than Hades and fits perfectly with the series

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    LovelyLexxie has a way with words that just makes you happy and smiling like a fool The characters in this book are heart warming and totally loving to each other True mates.

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