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Blaze (An Elemental Series, #2) summary Blaze (An Elemental Series, #2) , series Blaze (An Elemental Series, #2) , book Blaze (An Elemental Series, #2) , pdf Blaze (An Elemental Series, #2) , Blaze (An Elemental Series, #2) fdaa42ae61 Aira Must Be Kept Safe From Harm After She S Rescued From A Covert Operation To Enslave Her And Exploit Her Elemental Powers Fierce Winds Are The Least Of Her Problems When Those That Wish To Possess Her And Use Her Abilities To Forge A Better Tomorrow For Themselves Will Stop At Nothing To Overpower Her With Two Elementals Assigned To Protect Her, Aira Is Torn Between Leading The Life She D Always Known Or Learning To Hone Her Powers While Not Falling Prey To The Surges Her Body Cannot Ignore Rampant With Elemental Impulses That Challenge Her Every Thought, Aira Desperately Needs Her New Cohorts To Ground Her Before It S Too Late

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    I was given this book for free to do a honest review Larissa Ladd continues this book where she left off with Whirlwind Here Aiden and Dylan are trying to protect Aira as she comes into her full powers You will find things heating up with Aira as she finds out that coming into her powers one of the side effects are a highly intense sexual awareness Can she control her lust for men or will her lust get the best of her and will Aiden and Dylan be able to protect her You will find yourself turning the next page to see how everything plays out This book will leave you wanting It is well written and you will find yourself connecting to Aira.

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    Unparalleled Paranormal Romantic Suspense The second book in the series takes up where Whirlwind left off only building in intensity and suspense Dylan and Aiden have their hands full watching over Aira as she comes into her powers and becomes prey to devious schemes from other elementals I thoroughly enjoyed every delicious second of this book and look forward to continuing their journey in Whitecap.

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    Book 2 of 5 in this paranormal romance serial The story only gets better and intriguing I m addicted to the characters and can t wait to see where the author leads us as the story progresses Thank goodness she has finished all 5 so i won t have to wait forever to satisfy my curiosity This was another great read Time to read book 3

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