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    Piers Anthony always has some interesting story ideas, and the plot works well in this standalone novel He combines some outdated technology with ideas that aren t ready yet Where this quick read breaks down is the characters, rendering it merely ok.This novel hearkens back to the late 1980s, where stereotype players of computer games were kids and shut ins This novel also contains the stereotype hacker, Phreak These characters are way over the top, and their backstory distracts from the plot, which is pretty good The protagonists are new to the game, and their novice adventures allow the author to describe the setting well Their creativity later on really makes the story.It seems like Anthony leaves the ending up for a sequel and fans of the author are not shocked , though none has been written to date A good story, a quick read, and characters that are just too much results in an average rating I selected this to read because I have read plenty from this author, and also as an early example of LitRPG, a genre I plan to explore this year.

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    I really enjoyed this book I thought that the total immersion game theme was fun and well done, a chance to put modern people in Medieval and other situations I didn t have any major problems with the plot or characters I actually thought they were both very well done I would rate it higher except I think it may have become a bit dated in recent years, and it kind of threw me off at times Baal, the main female character, has diabetes, and is completely ostracized for it Everyone is afraid of her and doesn t want to hang out with her because she has this disease they might catch Maybe that s how it was in the early 90 s, but I think people nowadays know better At least, two of my friends dads and one of my roommates have diabetes and I hardly ever even remember, let alone freak out about it Since this was a major part of the storyline that I couldn t relate to, it grew a little old.The computer virtual reality stuff, on the other hand, is surprisingly non dated.

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    Probably the book by Anthony that I liked best A little strained and such but an enjoyable read Trapped in a virtual world unable to extract yourself due to a crazed hacker a phreak Interesting idea The protagonist who s body is injured and restricted to a wheelchair but who can still be the hero in the virtual world of Killobyte is one of Anthony s better creations in my opinionbut then over all I can t be said to be an Anthony fan either Still, some problems aside the same ones I see in a lot of the author s books I like it.

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    I ve read a few Piers Anthony books before and they tend to be whimsical fun reads Killobyte started that way As the game wore on, the characters were fine Until Phreak came into play Could not stand that character If you look past that, the concept is interesting but I feel it would have worked better as a short story.

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    Standard bit of Piers Anthony story telling with Piers being mostly serious His style is light and breezy even if the subject matter isn t The info about the phone lines is a bit out dated but otherwise it s a nicely built world.

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    This book comes straight out of a time when fascination and apprehension about virtual reality were very fresh in the public psyche Anthony had stated at the time that he thought the technology for the type of game he created would exist by 2003 While this has not happened, the book is very prophetic in envisioning the future of what is now known as Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games and the culture of gaming and the types of relationships that would ensue from these kind of games The characters are all intriguing Oddly, I actually learned about Diabetes from this book than I ever had before The typical Anthony themes are present Romance, nudity, games and puzzles, sex, and a blending of Science fiction with fantasy.

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    I got this book when it was new, which is a good 20 years ago now Back then the virtual reality aspect seemed really cool and cutting edge Now the gaming is all very dated and awkward I can t imagine people enjoying it much today who aren t either Anthony fans or re reading the book after having read it long ago I still own my copy because of the nostalgia factor, but I can certainly recognize its flaws I d say one of the biggest, then and now, is Anthony s obsession with suicidal teen girls with sexual self confidence issues Back in the early 1990s I was very uncomfortable with it, and that s never gone away I read Anthony when I was a young teen girl age 12 14 , and I always felt that he really believed he was doing a fabulous job writing young teen girl characters, whereas I felt he was doing a horrible job of it He seemed so self congratulatory about it, and mildly creepy Even when I was reading his books constantly I never hoped to meet him because of the way he presented young girls in his books Additionally, I always felt that he overdid it with the diabetes thing I knew several kids with diabetes when I was young, it was not in any way a big deal Yes, it sucked for them to be sick, to have to test, to have to deal with insulin, etc But nobody else cared in the slightest Nobody teased, nobody bullied, nobody ended friendships, nobody was afraid of catching it, it was not considered a problem It was on par with being allergic to bee stings to the rest of us So since the entire character of the female protagonist was built around how her diabetes had ruined her life, it just never rang true to me Strangely, my favourite parts of this book were what I learned about Beirut.

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    I picked this one up on a whim at the library I was curious if they had any in the Xanth series, which I m currently picking my way through, and I stumbled upon this gem instead It s not perfect A book hardly ever is However, this was pretty dang good There s a good amount of romance, action, and humor enough to make sure everyone is taken care of The premise is interesting and doesn t let you down And the writing, as usual, is excellent I only wish there were novels in this world so I can keep re living it over and over again.

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    I had a lot of fun The characters were very strange First, the woman with Type 1 Diabetes who was still really good friends with her ex that dumped her because his grandmother had to do the needles and he just couldn t deal She falls in love with a cop who got ran over by a dude who s exgirlfriend was paying him in sex for protecting her from said boyfriend what Anyway they fall in love in VR after being attacked by a Phreak aka a hacker aka a sad 14 year old boy This Phreak is the son of a snake cultist who died from a snake bite etc This book was really silly.

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    I found this book in my senior year and it was one of the first books that really connected with Video Games Although it s not the best written nor most riveting, I feel like this book was the granddaddy to books such as Ready Player One in that it delves into the world of virtual reality and what that means for people who are not happy with who they are in real life Again, not life changing, but not awful either.

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