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    My favorite part was when they all helped make the pi ata because they did team work they all worked really hard Sof a

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    Sofia Martinez Abuela s BirthdayWritten By Jacquelina JulesIllustrated By Kim SmithFountas Pinnell IBook Level 1st GradeBook Summary This is a story in a series about a Hispanic girl This specific tale is about Sofia and her cousins wanting to make they re grandma s birthday extra special There s an unforeseen event that happens while they re preparing for the party Genre Picture Book, Multicultural Literature, InformationalThis is a picture book because almost every page has a colorful illustration on it.This is a multicultural book because the characters are Hispanic and they re preparing for and celebrating in a traditional way This is an informational book because the author substitutes some English words and phrases for Spanish ones She also includes a glossary at the end Bookshelf Mentor Writing Traits Organization There was a clear structure to the story The story starts with Sofia walking in the front door with the ingredients to make a pi ata and it progresses until Abuela s birthday party Conventions The author makes good use of punctuation to create a tone throughout She also sprinkles Spanish words and phrases throughout This book could be a fun way to introduce the celebration of birthdays in the classroom or in preparation for Spanish class.

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    This was an entertaining story about getting ready for Abuela s grandmother s birthday party I liked that it had a few Spanish words on every page highlighted so that you can learn them as you were reading Sometimes the train of thought in the story seemed to jump around a bit, but kid s probably won t notice and will just want to know what happens with the pinata.

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    Sofia wants to make her grandma s birthday extra special With the help of her cousins, she has the perfect plan But an uninvited helper might ruin the entire surprise.

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    When Sofia and her cousins try to make a pi ata for their grandmother s birthday, things don t go as they planned Bella the cat tracks flour all over the house, and they make quite a mess But Aunt Carmen agrees to let them try one time The book is easy for youngsters to read, and because it contains some Spanish vocabulary and a glossary, they will have the chance to either learn Spanish or have their own knowledge of the language supported There are brightly colored illustrations in the book, but it is all too predictable Still, young readers are likely to enjoy it and want to make their own pi atas.

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    Finally, an easy reader series about a Latina Features Spanish words and a glossary, as well as questions to discuss.In this volume, Sofia plans a party for her grandmother, with messy results and lessons learned.

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    A great, easy chapter book for beginning readers with a simple, yet fun, plot Sofia and her cousins make a mess while trying to make a pi ata for their grandmother s birthday.

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    full color illustrations, a few words in Spanish.

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    Read with my 4yo daughter.

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    26 pages

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Abuelas Birthday download Abuelas Birthday , read online Abuelas Birthday , kindle ebook Abuelas Birthday , Abuelas Birthday 8edf89f40d87 Sofia Wants To Make Her Grandma S Birthday Extra Special With The Help Of Her Cousins, She Has The Perfect Plan But An Uninvited Helper Might Ruin The Entire Surprise In This Early Chapter Book A Spanish English Glossary Is Included In The Back Matter