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Leahs Seduction summary Leahs Seduction , series Leahs Seduction , book Leahs Seduction , pdf Leahs Seduction , Leahs Seduction ffefca2e32 When Gianni And Leah Return From A Romantic Trip To Rio Their Life ExplodesA Lawsuit Is Suddenly Hanging Over Gianni S Head, And It May Rip Them Apart He Cannot Protect Leah From The Onslaught Of Publicity Their Relationship Intensifies, Bringing Them Closer During The Stressful Time Then Just As Everything Hangs In The Balance, Leah Is In Tears Over GianniLeah Is Swept Away To Romantic Rio, And Is Hopeful About Their Relationship Back In New York New Circumstances Strike Fear In Her Heart, But She Hesitates To Tell Gianni When Attacks Are Directed At Him, Leah Is By His Side Yet Just When She Feels Safe, Leah Makes A Discovery That Rips Them Apart Lately, I Have Seen Gianni Looking At Me Differently It S As Though He Wants To Say Something, But Doesn T I Cannot Figure It Out I Don T Know If I Will Be Able To Understand Gianni, No Matter How Hard I Try He Remains A MysteryDespite Our Closeness, He Is Still Emotionally Distant He Has Told Me That He Feels Responsible For Me For My Pleasure, My Safety, And So Much To Be Strong, Gianni Must Feel That He Has To Bury His Own Emotion Would It Weaken Him If He Felt Love That Is Hard To Envision I Think Love Makes You Stronger But As A Man, Gianni May View It Another Way He May See Being In Love As A Weakness I Certainly Hope Not, Because My Dream Is For Him To Love Me Truly Love MeGianni Takes Leah Dancing In One Of The Most Romantic Cities In The World He Feels Closer To Her In Rio Than He Has Before Yet He Has No Time To Work Out His Feelings A Legal Matter Demands His Attention And May Ruin The Relationship He Values Most Then Leah Uncovers A Secret That May Take Her From Him Can Gianni Save The Relationship With Leah Series Description Gianni Rinaldi Was Introduced In The Touched By You Series, The Endearing Romance Of Tanner And NatalieGianni Was The Owner Of GR Showroom, And Showcased Natalie S Fashions He Was A Source Of Jealousy For Tanner, Although His Relationship With Natalie Was Strictly Professional In The Touched By You Series But He Was Deeply Involved In His Own Romance, Which You Can Now Read About In Leah S Seduction The Story Unfolds Over A Series Of Novellas Each Is An Episode In The Ongoing Tale Of Seduction Into The Secrets Of The Fashion Industry, And The Temptations Of Love

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    Once again I enjoyed another book in this series I love Gianni and Leah together and was happy to see some growth in their relationship during this book, not where I want it yet but at least saw some hope I liked the storyline with Ava it seemed to liven things up and I liked to read about then them just having sex, that is the only thing that causes me to give these books 4 stars I feel at times there is sex in the book then actual action or getting to know about each character I love the sex scenes, mostly the ones where he introduces her to something different but I like a balance I am glad one of the biggest secrets is out and I was happy with how Leah reacted but I was also happy that the author did not let it drag on I am anxious to see what is going to happen with this Ava business, I don t like her even though I don t know her very much lol I can t wait until the next book.

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    Leah and Gianni have a blast in Rio When they arrive home and are getting along Gianni s past is coming back with a vengeance Leah goes home to warn her parents and when she surprises Gianni, she finds out he has always had her old journal Can this be the end Great read.

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    Gianni and Leah continue their love affair without commitments Gianni feels content to continue as they are Suits him fine to maintain the status quo but is this the right path for Leah Leah still is looking for a unique commitment from Gianni A promise of exclusivity and perhaps a future with In the meantime, they travel and enjoy each other Their trip to Rio is memorable, with Gianni being the seductive lover Leah is in love with.Here is when things start to heat up I knew Ava would not sit by and let Gianni be happy with another woman Let s face it, she fell for him to the point of attempting suicide to try and get him to commit to her A woman scorned remember that adage Beware Gianni, Ava is coming for you Personally, I think Leah is in danger Think about it If Ava is not able to secure Gianni s commitment now, who is she going to blame And just when you think what else could go wrong, something does Don t worry, no spoilers here I want to go through this installment and comment in your reviews Ha, ha, ha evil laugh never keep a secret from someone you care for because you will always be found out Emily Jane Trent has become one of my most favorite authors She weaves a great story and as you are reading it you do not realize how deeply involved you become This is the seventh installment of ten I cannot wait for the next one to see how far Ava will take this obsession I am into this hook, line and sinker

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    Book 7 of Leah s Seduction has me excited to get my hands on the next 3 and is also bittersweet because i certainly don t want it to end, Then i am almost certain that this isn t the last we will hear from Gianni and Leah Gianni and Leah are getting into a rhythm working together at GR showroom and the threat of Vadim seems to be in the past That is until Leah get s a suspision that all isn t what is appears to be and someone from Giannis past threatens to come back and ruin their happiness Is the connection between these two lovers strong enough to endure demons trying to destroy what they have Continue the journey to Rio where we revisit scenery, sights and tastes we got to visit in previous series It s like you are there with them with the detail Emily Jane Trent gives with all of her stories Is GIanni finally coming to his senses that Leah is the woman for him in the long term sort of way Will Leah prove to Gianni that he is capable of giving and receiving the love Leah yearns for Will a secret Gianni has been keeping fianlly come out and destroy everything that they have and leave Gianni alone I can not say enough about this story and of all of Emily Jane Trents romances, they are steamy and full of passion with enough suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire book HOT HOT HOT Click today This review is based upon a complimentary copy of the work provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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    Another secret is out I was gifted this book for an honest review I just LOVE this series The sex play gets HOTTER and HOTTER In this installment we see if Gianni and Leah s relationship can survive the threat of a law suit from Gianni s ex girlfriend He s not worried about his reputation, however he is concerned how it will impact Leah s Afraid of her parents reaction to the law suit, Leah plans a visit, to explain the situation personally In her absence, Gianni realizes just how much he misses her He seeks comfort in reading her journal while she is away Leah misses Gianni too, so she comes home early to surprise him Only it s her that gets a surprise when she finds Gianni in possession of something unimaginable Now that this secret has been revealed, will their relationship last knowing that the issue of trust has been broken I can t wait to see what issues get thrown at this couple next I NEED the next book Missy reviewer for Mommy s Naughty Playground

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    While there is dance, we still have hope Wow another great installment of the Gianni Leah saga In this book Gianni and Leah are off to Rio de Janeiro for fashion week, another romantic hot trip Gianni asked for Leah s opinions and ideas, that s something new for him, to include someone that he s in a relationship with new level He knows that Leah wants a deeper love relationship But can he and still be dominate and in control Leah feels uneasy and feels she s being watched and confines this with Gianni Who could that be A woman scorned In light of new developments regarding Gianni Leah s relationship mostly Gianni s past relationship , Leah visits with her parents to enlighten them before details were made public Leah decides to come back home one day early to surprise Gianni, but who is one surprised And will their relationship survive Can t wait for Book 8

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    I am soooo addicted to this series In this installment, Gianni and Leah s relationship has hit a point where secrets that where hidden are out in the open Not only that Leah feels like she s being watched all the while Gianni gets some really bad news In this book so much is revealed and comes to a climax that only promises excitement and temptation in the next installment.With the last few books coming into play, I can t help the anxiety I feel for what is to come A great series with LOTS of five alarm heat, a great storyline and some very vivid, and captivating characters Bring on the next book

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    Gianni continues to sweep Leah off her feet I love traveling with this couple as they get to work and explore the world together Rio de Janiero was a very glamorous stop for them and Gianni shows how his feelings have grown deeper for Leah Then someone from Gianni s past surfaces, Ava, his last long term submissive and she seems believe Gianni should want to return to her I expected her to be jealous but wow, her methods are pretty crazy and something I didn t expect Then Gianni s biggest secret from Leah is revealed the lost journal Can they emerge from these challenges stronger Or will this drive them apart

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    Essentially my favorite installment in the series Leah settles into her new job with GR One would think that working for the man you are in love with would be distracting but both are able to keep things professional minus a few stolen kisses As it seems that Leah and Gianni are as close as they ve ever been and old lover and a long kept secret is revealed threatens their relationship Leah has confessed on many occasions that she loves him What needs to happen for Gianni to realize that all the care and adoration he gives Leah is love It seems things will get better before it gets worse but at least they have each other.

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    Things are always changingfor the good and the bad..but when old flames and secrets come to light will it be good or bad for Gianni and Leah s relationship When Ava rears her ugly head and reappears in the picture no one knows when she will expose Gianni She threatens and threatens but then she is quiet.the calm before the storm.But Gianni has to worry about loosing when Leah come s home early from a visit to her family and she discovers Will Leah forgive Gianni or will all of his flowery attempts go to waste This is the most explosive book so far in the series..Explosively Hot, Explosive Emotions, Explosively Unsure of the Future..

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