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The Blind Wish txt The Blind Wish, text ebook The Blind Wish, adobe reader The Blind Wish, chapter 2 The Blind Wish, The Blind Wish 1a0431 Two Sisters A War And The Wish To End Regret The Magical, Evocative Follow Up To The Fire WishThe War The Lies That Started The Conflict Are In The Open Now, But The War Between The Humans And The Jinn Is As Bitter As Ever And Becoming Far TreacherousThe Sisters Najwa And Zayele Have Just Learned They Re Half Jinni, Half Human Twins Najwa Is Now The Jinni Representative At The Human Palace, Working To Bring Peace But Her New Role Comes At A Price She S No Longer Allowed Alone With Her Cherished Prince Kamal And As Zayele Adjusts To Life Among The Jinn, She Discovers That She S A Magus, One Of The Most Powerful Jinn In The Cavern Suddenly, She S Thrown Into Special Training, And The Strongest Young Men In The Army Are Competing To Be Paired Up With HerThe Wish Once Again, Zayele Makes A Wish A Wish That She Doesn T Think Can Possibly Go Wrong A Wish That Neither Sister Could Imagine Would Change The Outcome Of The WarPraise For Jinni Wars I The Fire Wish War, Magic, And Romance Kept Me Reading Nonstop Tamora Pierce, New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Beka Cooper Trilogy A Fantastically Compelling And Romantic Read From A Shining New Voice In YA Laini Taylor, New York Times Bestselling Author Of Daughter Of Smoke And Bone

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Amber Lough is a life long traveller and learner of languages When not reading or writing, Amber can be found hiking on a mountain ridge, swimming with sharks, gardening, watching a musical, or wishing she was doing so After a short career in the U.S Air Force, Amber discovered that if writing was her true passion, then she should write Amber lives in Germany with her husband, two kids, two ca

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    Review posted on The Eater of Books blog The Blind Wish by Amber LoughBook Two of the Jinni Wars seriesPublisher Random House Books for Young ReadersPublication Date July 14, 2015Rating 3 starsSource ARC sent by the publisherSummary from Goodreads Two sisters A war And the wish to end regret The magical, evocative follow up to The Fire Wish.The war The lies that started the conflict are in the open now, but the war between the humans and the jinn is as bitter as ever and becoming far treacherous.The sisters Najwa and Zayele have just learned they re half jinni, half human twins Najwa is now the jinni representative at the human palace, working to bring peace But her new role comes at a price she s no longer allowed alone with her cherished Prince Kamal And as Zayele adjusts to life among the jinn, she discovers that she s a magus, one of the most powerful jinn in the Cavern Suddenly, she s thrown into special training, and the strongest young men in the army are competing to be paired up with her.The wish Once again, Zayele makes a wish A wish that she doesn t think can possibly go wrong A wish that neither sister could imagine would change the outcome of the war.What I Liked Ah I just realized that this book is a July 14th release, not July 28th When did that change I m kind of meticulous when it comes to my review schedule, so this review is totally out of place it s with the July 28th reviews, not the July 14th reviews, ugh Anyway, I guess in the long run, that s a good thing This book is heading your way even faster In this novel, Zayele attempts to wish her half brother Yashar into good health she wants to cure his blindness, which was brought on in the desert so it was kind of her fault, which is why she is desperate to heal him But Zayele is no healer, and the wish goes poorly Yashar is brought to the Cavern, and Zayele is now training like she should have been as a magus Meanwhile, Najwa is forced to avoid Prince Kamal, as he has accepted the position of vizier With the war looming, Najwa must discover who is the third player in the war, the third side that is sabotaging the jinn efforts for peace Neither sister can prepare for or stop the impending force of war that crashes upon the jinn and the humans.While I m giving this book three stars, I actually really enjoyed the book The story was great, if not a little slow Lough digs deep into the story, and pushes along the series Now that everyone knows about Najwa and Zayele, the sisters can each do their part and helping the jinn find peace with the humans and stopping the war Each sister has a distinct role to play.I usually don t like books split in two, with dual perspective, especially when it s not a guy girl romantic pairing or some sort of romantic pairing In this case, it s third person sister sister dual perspective, which I didn t mind in The Fire Wish But I didn t really like the dual perspective in this book, and you ll see why in the next section It wasn t bad, but I didn t like Zayele in this book.I really like Najwa She is depressed throughout this book, missing Faisal her mentor , her mother that she never knew, and of course, Kamal It s like everything has been taken away from her, and she has no one not even her new sister, who forgets about her for most of the book one of the reasons why I didn t like Zayele in this book Najwa has lost so much, and is still fighting for her people She is a million times stronger than her sister, through physically magically, one wouldn t think so.There is romance, though the romance between Atish and Zayele is prominent than the one between Kamal and Najwa Kamal and Najwa s romance is bittersweet, and it s constantly there, but neither of them can act on their feelings while Kamal is vizier, so physically, their romance is stoppered Atish and Zayele are training to be a Dyad kind of like parabatai in The Mortal Instruments A Dyad is a member of the Shaitan warrior Atish and a magus powerful jinn in terms of magic Zayele.The plot is a bit slow, but things take off like a rocket in the last one hundred pages or so The climax creeps up quickly and the story is over before you know it High stakes, high action, towards the end Make it to the end and you ll see that it s worth reading this one, despite the slow pacing of the first half of the book.What I Did Not Like Zayele I did NOT like her in this book, for so many reasons One, she s selfish She selfishly assumed that she could fix her blind half brother, that he would want to be fixed She couldn t fix him AND he didn t want her to try She tried anyway selfish And failed miserably.And then she had the nerve to get angry with everyone else when Yashar is brought to the Cavern to be treated she made his blindness worse She acts like it s everyone else s fault but her own Zayele does not ever take responsibility to her actions.And then there s the fact that she s practically rewarded for being a stupid and powerful magus Yes, she needs training, but she is so impulsive and ruins things time and time again She deserves to till soil or something She is SUCH a spoiled, conceited person She s also very entitled Being the powerful of the two sisters, she just assumes that she s powerful enough to do this or that, or that she can do this or that without needing permission She is only concerned about using her jinn magic and indirectly showing off.Poor Najwa She has little magic, yet being a jinn is all she s ever known And then her sister takes over her life, and is now a much powerful jinn than Najwa could ever be So heartbreaking for Najwa Throw in the fact that Zayele is the WORST SISTER EVER, never remembering her sister throughout the book Najwa is suffering from jinn depression and all Zayele thinks about is her powers and her upcoming Dyad bonding and basically everything that doesn t have to do with Najwa, or even the war Najwa serves the jinn over and over, but Zayele is in this for the fun and romance Her Dyad is going to be the boy she is falling for Good for her.It s obvious that I liked Najwa a lot than Zayele I just didn t like Zayele in this book I struggled with her in The Fire Wish too She s just a terrible person, forcing wishes on people that don t want them Stop being selfish So, yes, this book loses two stars it might have gotten five at least four because of Zayele.Would I Recommend It Despite my severe dislike of Zayele, I d still recommend this book I LOVED The Fire Wish, and I definitely enjoyed this book minus Zayele Too bad her perspective covered half the book alternating chapters with Najwa Najwa s story was fleshed out, real, raw, developed Zayele seemed like a toddler flailing around from start to finish But hey, you might like her than I did, who knows Rating 3.5 stars rounded down to 3 stars I hope there is another book in this series Though I can see this series ending as it does, because the ending of this book was quite satisfactory.

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    Actual rating 3.5 starsCheck out my series review here 3 out of 5 starsGosh, I m so disappointed in this sequel The plot in this book was not as exciting as I expected it to be It was slow and some parts of it were really boring It felt like there were two separate plot lines, again both driven by the two different main characters but even that didn t make it entertaining I did like that it delved deeper into jinni life, death, grief and the different wishes My favorite part of this series has always been the world building and it s still top notch But the end was really convenient and I didn t get lost in this book like I did the first.Writing Style 4 out of 5 starsPretty simple but incredibly descriptive, It s very short and the sentences are tight so it makes it easy to read quickly However, it became really redundant after awhile The reader knows things before the character and things are constantly being explained again and again There s a lot of telling and not showing which didn t bother me in the first book but did in this one because the plot isn t as exciting The great thing though is that the world is really creative and imaginative and I loved it.Characters 3 out of 5 starsThis is the worst part and the source of my biggest disappointment in this book I hope that the main characters would improve and develop in this second book but that didn t happen, at all Najwa is still just as anxious and just as insecure in the beginning of this book She feels very vulnerable after the events of the first book and is very withdrawn She s still obedient and loyal and brave and smart but it just doesn t really matter to me It was like meh I didn t care for her point of view but it was not as bad as Zayele You d think this girl would ve learned something after the catastrophe she created in the first book but nope She s still stubborn and reckless and again she makes a wish without thinking the consequences through and causes so much mayhem and pain to other people She means well but she s too impulsive and ends up screwing things up instead of fixing them like she wants By the halfway point I had no patience for her and her tantrums so the bit of growth she did have went practically unnoticed The biggest problem for me is that they remain two seperate entities The relationship between the two main characters is practically nonexistent and that feels like such a wasted opportunity Also, the romances are super weak and the insta love continues And the ending definitely did not do justice to the amazing world and it s history.Emotionally view spoiler These are definitely the greatest books literature has ever seen but I really loved the first one and it was very disappointing that the second one didn t live up to par with it.The second book was incredibly disappointing specially after how much I loved the first book but this one offered nothing new to the world that I love.The plot is slow We follow half jinni sisters twins Najwa and Zayele as they try to end the war between the jinnis and humans I thought this was going to be full of excitement and action but it really disappointed me I loved the first book because the world was so vivid and it was exciting to read and this book just brought the entire series down It was really long and drawn out, some parts were really really boring and felt completely pointless Since these books are dual point of view, I understand getting to see different parts of the plot from each character but this book just felt like two separate plots that tried to connect but don t manage to do it well at all The lack of excitement and energy only managed to make the problems, that I could ignore in the first book, stand out times a million in this book The writing style was really repetitive and juvenile in a way Besides the descriptions and imaginative world, it doesn t give anything new and didn t help drive the book at all There is practically no character development from the first to the second book and the ending was really rushed and way too convenient after what s supposed to be years of struggle and the history within this world Nawja spends the entire book grieving because of the loss she faces in the first book and while I understood her, there was a point when I just wanted to shake her because there were important things going on She follows orders to the letter even the ones she doesn t agree with and I just got tired of her playing the good, obedient one all the time Zayele on the other hand keeps screwing shit up but worst of all, now she gets a reward for it That s right, she gets a really really awesome thing after you know doing a bunch of petulant, selfish and self centered things One thing I was hoping would happen in this book is that the sisters would spend time together and create a connection but nope, that didn t happen either They re still the same strangers they were in the first book and they live together It was such a wasted opportunity to show some great development and ugh What did get attention were the romances which were feeble at best The insta love is still strong in this one and it just got tiring These kids don t spend enough time together to care about each other let alone love and now they re stopping wars and bonding magically together, puh lease I was just completely and totally disappointed and I wish I hadn t read this sequel.Overall, I wish this series could ve turned into favorites for me but the second book ruined it all While the first had it s problem, the world building and mythology were spectacular and I hoped the technical things would improve and develop in the second book Unfortunately that didn t happen and I finished this duology with a bad taste in my mouth because the sequel lacked all the charm the first one had and it just made all the problems stand out even I m not sure if I ll be trying out books by this author or not hide spoiler

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    2.5 stars.Even though each chapter starts with the name of the girl whose POV it is, I would find myself having to go back and read the chapter heading again and again because I couldn t tell them apart Their internal voice and personalities are virtually the same, and I even kept forgetting which girl belonged to which name I said I thought Najwa and Kamal were cute in the first book Not so here they had zero chemistry and I pretty much wanted Najwa to dump him for that mind reader guy by the end of the book.Atish and Zayele had some sort of chemistry, I guess, but I didn t really care if they actually ended up with one another or not.The best part of the book, in my opinion, and the biggest thing which kept me reading, was Yashmer I wanted to see of him and the girls interacting with him There wasn t as much as I was hoping of them in the book, but I appreciated that he was in there at all and what little we did get Though you d have thought we d have gotten , considering that the title kinda revolves around him But whatever Oh, and Taja and Saam were my faves The ending is extremely open for a sequel, view spoiler what with the Mongols attacking and the exiled Jinn teaming up with them to attack both the Jinn and the humans in Baghdad, hide spoiler

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    I loved this sequel Once again, this story is full of magic, romance, friendship, wishes and evil villains I liked how not everything had a happy ending I mean, like some things will never change, like Zayele and Melchior, would never get along, no matter what or Yashar would never be accepted into his family, because their stupid believes Because, unfortunately, that s how things are But, the characters, all found their way in their lives Anyway, both sisters, half jinni half human, got stronger, mature.We also have some actions and a good resolution, in the end So, yes It was a very nice reading

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    3.5 5Nice sequel to The Fire Wish Just like with the first book, I really like the atmosphere that the author crafted for this story I appreciated how the story wasn t really centred on the love stories but on the political intrigues This duology is, in my opinion, perfect for middle graders who want to start reading YA books There is a little bit of everything in this series love, war, magic, legendsI think that it would agree with the majority of teens.

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    Pretty great follow up I really enjoyed it

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    Between reading the fire wish and waiting for my library to carry the blind wish, I couldn t quite remember all the details of the first book But I dove in and it all came back to me Ok again I had my review all written and when I save it and post all but the first paragraph is deleted Ugh So here goes again trying to hurry and type my thoughts again, it probably won t be as detailed as I have less time now I really enjoyed the two sisters in the fire wish but found myself loving the changes and growth brought into their characters in the blind wish The supporting characters were wonderful too I enjoyed Abdas and Firuz, even though they are pretty minor characters, they were just great Zayele has to learn to control her emotions and impatience when making her wishes because her impulsiveness is causing good intended wishes to backfire Although in the long run her haste is a blessing Najwa is forced from the palace and her friendship with Prince Kamal but still steps up steady and loyal trying to help heal the wounds of war to the humans and Jinn She struggles to deal with the lose of loved ones and trying to figure out where she fits in The two sisters are so different but are a strength to each other The story alternates every other chapter between each sister s POV There is not a lot of interacting between the sisters as they are both being trained and asked to accomplish different tasks I m excited with how it ended because it leaves the possibility of another book in the series Please I know the blind wish was just released but I will be super happy to read it when it does The way the story ended setting up the next possible conflict struggle bad guy will be fun to read If you haven t read the fire wish then hurry and do so, finish it and grab the blind wish Amber Lough weaves magic into her stories and has the readers sucked into the mystical world of Jinni and human I m definitely watching for many great things to come from Amber Lough Happy Reading

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    This book was just as fun as the first, with lots of friendship and romance and adventure, as well as some really original lore and world building I liked watching both girls grow into their new roles and figure out their place in the world The romance here was minimal, but that was okay, because I d rather watch the girls grow into themselves than swooning over the guys, even if it did leave a lot of their relationship questions unanswered.If I had to complain about anything, it would probably be that it was too short a lot was packed into under 300 pages, culminating in a massive battle, and I could have done with a bit shaitan training for Zayele, insight into their grief and confusion Everything moved really quickly, which was great for the pace, but left me feeling a bit unsatisfied.I really liked this second book, and while I think it could probably stop there, I m definitely interested to see if there will be a third.

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    Great non Western YA Fantasy4.5 5 stars I really enjoyed the The Blind Wish right from the beginning As with The Fire Wish, the worldbuilding was breathtaking I especially loved the Breaking and the Haunted they really were perfect The ending could have been a touch stronger, but still, I highly recommend this series

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    I absolutely love this series I cannot wait for the next It is so original and beautifully crafted After so many disappointments I am finally happy picking up another book again I would recommend it for anyone who is tired if Mary Sue stereotypes and he ll yes I want to read whatever this author conjure up next.

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