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    I honestly hate giving a book less than 5 stars.But I felt like the book didn t span over a long enough time period.I ve never been crazy about a book that stretches over a few days or even a week there s been a few exceptions, maybe 2 or 3 but this one did not have enough information and didn t stir me enough to make the little amount of pages seem longer than they were.Nonetheless, I ve always wanted to try a cowboy themed romance and my introduction was not too bad Did I mention they visit an actual door swinging saloon Loved that The Fire Mountain sounds amazing and the Cowboy sounds like sexy piece of assI d recommend it if you re looking for a quick little read Sorry if it sounds a bit harsh D

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    Great reafThis is a series you can read over and over I enjoyed every part of this series Thank you

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    An Awesome Read I enjoyed reading Cowboy Crusxh Cowboys of Fire Mountain Part One A Billionaire Western Romance, all about Harmony Creed Jeremy who meet at St Blane in the park where she will be working for the next few months Harmony is a biologist for MP Environmental Consulting in Washington D.C Back east She was sent to St Blane to watch the Teal Ducks to see how their migration track will effect a resort that is planned for major parts of this park Jeremy is the head Park Ranger at this park and he is in charge of Harmony while she is at his park, and staying in one of the rural cabins on the parks premiss The author wrote a very interesting story, and the characters bring the story to life In part one Harmony is sent to the park, meets a gorgeous Park Ranger who has the same blatant regard to wild life as she does and who finds him irresistible Read this story it will make you laugh, sigh, shake your head and cum a bit I can t wait to read part two.

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    Adventurer and traveler Harmony Creed was bored with her office work at M.P Environmental Consulting, missing the adrenaline and satisfaction of field work An Arizona assignment to study the migration of the cinnamon teal, a duck species, was just what biologist Harmony needed to recharge her exploration desires Her arrival at St Blane sparked not only her sense of discovery but also an instant connection with Head Ranger Jeremy and a guarded curiosity for the owner of Fire Mountain, the isolating billionaire Catch Hanson.Part One of Cowboys of Fire Mountain titled Cowboy Crush quickly introduced its characters for good reason this e book contained only five chapters It was written in an easy flowing style delivering short informative details and a quick strike in the romance area set the interest for the next installment Short and to the point characterization was emphasized yet with enough details to form an image of each character This was a pleasant, short read for an afternoon This review was based on the 2014 free e book from Smashwords.

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    I received an ARC of this book for an honest reviewThis book appears like it s going to be a love triangledon t really enjoy those books This book doesn t give you any real background on any of the characters, except for Harmony I understand this is a series but give us some information, some background I had a bit of a problem getting into this story, again, little background if any on any of the characters Harmony is in Arizona to do some research on the Cinnamon Teal Duck and meets the park ranger, Jeremy there is an instant attraction between the two while out at a little restaurant bar Harmony meets Catch Hanson, the man who owns Fire Mountain, the man she needs to allow her on his land to do her research Jeremy warns her to stay away from Catch saying that he is trouble and whatnot nobody in the town seems to like Catch.not sure if I want to read the next books in the series

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    Crushing EndingI have read numerous books that were written as a series The characters were introduced in one book, their story told, and an ending to their story provided They would probably be mentioned in book two of the series along with new characters possessing a story to be told Cowboy Crush introduces the main characters in the first book and if you want to read their story you have to purchase book two I m not certain how many books you have to purchase to get to the ending of their story and I do not plan to find out Cowboy Crush may have stopped mid storyline as a marketing ploy so readers would purchase additional books I find the action insulting and will never read one of this author s books again, even if they are 99 cents.If you are interested in reading a series with interesting characters and great storylines look to one of the masters such as Robyn Carr, Nora Roberts, Susan Elizabeth Phillips or Jodi Thomas.

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    What a promising start to a story The frustrated biologist Harmony finally gets to go on a research trip Her boss is a douche, her park ranger is a hunk, his assistant bubbly but protective and in the immediate offing a showdown with a mysterious millionaire recluse who s mountain stands directly in Harmony s path My disappointment lies in the fact this didn t feel like it was written as a series, it felt like a novel split up for me that ruins the consistency.

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    I hate the splitting of stories, and I refuse to read of this series because of this fact I feel cheated out of a story and there is no good excuse for this type of ploy Had I know this was a serial, I would have never downloaded it.

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    This was my first A.L Loire book I was enjoying it until I got to the end and realized it was yet another story split into than one book I hate splitting books into parts So, instead of getting 4 or 5 stars, this one gets 3.

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    Waste of timeThis whole series was a waste of time Five parts of illogical stuff then twenty pages in the final part is suppose to explain the whole new storyline and we are supposed to buy into it Don t waste your time

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