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Isabel and The Wolf, Part 1 chapter 1 Isabel and The Wolf, Part 1 , meaning Isabel and The Wolf, Part 1 , genre Isabel and The Wolf, Part 1 , book cover Isabel and The Wolf, Part 1 , flies Isabel and The Wolf, Part 1 , Isabel and The Wolf, Part 1 cf1c2c158076b She S Looking For A Dominant Man He S Looking For A Mate Can They Find What They Need In Each Other Isabel Alexander Has No Idea That Werewolves Exist Until Now, This Hadn T Been An Issue, But She S Just Moved To The Only Region In The Southern States Where Wolves Still Roam Free And Where There Are Wolves, There Are Werewolves Her Quest For A Dominant Man Gets The Attention Of One Such Specimen The Sexy, Mysterious Peter However, His Wolf Is So Close To The Surface That He Can Barely Keep It Hidden From A Human Female After A Storm Ruins Their First Date Plans, Isabel Is Confronted By A Man As Unsettling As He Is Captivating At The Same Time, She Can T Shake Her Attraction For The Good Looking Stranger While Sense Tells Her It Might Be Dangerous, Stronger Emotions Lead Her To His House, Where, For The First Time, She Learns What Alpha Really Means Isabel And The Wolf Part One Is A , Word Novella And The First Episode In The New Werewolf Erotic Romance Serial By Ariana Hawkes It Contains Strong Sexual Themes And Is Not Intended For Readers Under The Age Of

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    Often when you pick up the start of a self published series on , you don t expect a lot If you re going for romance or erotica especially, expectations of great editing, clear and concise wording, truly interesting characters, and a plot worth following will usually only end in disappointment That s not to say I don t have respect for self publishing I absolutely love indie authors, heck, I am one but we d all be fooling ourselves if we didn t acknowledge that most of what s available is kinda awful At the very least, not very polished.Ariana Hawkes has none of the negative hallmarks of a self published author.Ariana s covers are stunning, her characters are incredibly intriguing, and the story is a total page turner It s truly rare to find so much world building in such a short installment, but Book One rings with authenticity and realism You believe the world we re in, and even if you don t agree with the characters, they too ring true as fully developed, interesting people who you want to get to know It s easy to become so involved you end up wanting to shout at the characters when you see them doing something no sane person would do like going to a strange man s house when you ve never even really met him I kinda wanted to smack Kara for encouraging Isabel to do the hook up of course as my sister has always said of me, I m a paranoid killjoy who would rather spend a night in shouting at fictional people than taking any real risk outside my front door, so maybe I m over reacting a bit.And just a bit of a spoiler he sniffs her HE SNIFFS HER Ladies, this is the point where I would giggle like a maniac and leave a Looney Toon dust trail behind me as I fled the scene But he totally makes up for it with that first kiss The heat between these two is palpable, and Ariana is an expert at crafting sensual prose By the time this first installment ended, I wasn t near ready to stop reading, and was quick to seek out Book Two This is a series and an author that will definitely be going on my must read list If you want wolves, hot romance, and an alpha male as frustrating as he is alluring, this is the series to read.

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    3 Stars

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    ISABEL AND THE WOLF by ARIANA HAWKESBOOK 1Thank you Ms Hawkes for the honor of reading your book for and honest review I d like to start by saying that Ms Hawkes has a smooth, precise way of writing I was easily grabbed into the story and had no problems picturing the world she was weaving This first book is only 3 chapters and mostly deals with introducing the 2 main characters to the reader and their first encounter It starts off with Isabel wanting to live out a fantasy of being dominated sexually by a man She goes about finding this man through an online web site the allows for dominates to find submissive hook ups On the site she meets Peter, who she refers to as the Wolf and they make plans to meet up at a bar I have to say Peter sounds totally hot looking He s also very mysterious and a bit to dominating Which of course makes him prefect for what Isabel is wanting I found myself wanting to know all his secrets.Isabel to be honest I had a little trouble relating to I prefer strong female characters that are challenging to the alpha male character Having said that, I don t dislike Isabel or necessarily see her as weak so much as deficient in judgment and maybe a bit docile needy There are times when she does show some spark of strength but ultimately she gives in to whatever he demands of her I do hope that she gets a little back bone as the story progresses Over all I found the book to be interesting enough that I plan on continuing reading them and recommend them to anyone who likes to read SubDom stories.Lisa C..

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    I really loved the start to this new serial by Ariana Hawkes If you like reading books by Viola Rivard , Lorie O clare, Anne Marsh Eva Langlias then you should give this series a try.It s a unique Paranormal Fantasy storyline filled with Romance ,Intrigue , Heartbreaking emotion, suspense and very weird steamy,erotic scenes that will have you Red faced , dizzy and Breathing Heavy Isabel meets Peter the Wolf on a dom sub dating site on the internet,they exchange texts to meet at a place with a specific time on time or Else , but fate has other plans All i know is i probably would have bowed out and never texted him again , but Isabel gives him another chance.They instantly have some sort of connection that makes them long for each other on such a deep sensual level The scenes after she arrives at his house,happen very fast ,but are intimate on a whole other level She enjoys herself , but He is a selfish , dominating son of a B tch I couldn t let myself fall into a situation like that so fast Yet , it gets Raw and Emotional for Isabel really fast once she realizes The wolf likes to give , but shuns anything from her in return.Those scenes are very emotional.He makes her feel alone , vulnerable , used and cast aside.I don t know how she ll bounce back from this betrayal so soon in their odd ,heavy relationship Not sure I should call it that yet What i do know is Ariana is known for her Cliffhanger endings.Don t worry about that because they are awesome and you ll be so hooked to the story you ll be begging for .I know I m ready for the next installment out on October 31.

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    Isabel and The Wolf is a serial about a woman from Chicago who moves to a remote area Isabel has set up a blind date with Peter, a man who lives in a local small town.Peter wants a woman strong enough to be a submissive and insists Isabel be on time but, a freak rain storm causes a tree to fall across the only road into the town or so she thinks When she arrives at her destination, Peter is gone.Although Isabel is angry that Peter has left, she agrees to meet with him again at his house He wants her to come to his home without wearing underwear and she is excited yet in fear It is at this point in the story that I must admit, I found the storyline a little hard to believe I would have been thinking, serial killer Yet, Isabel goes to Peter s home where she receives the best orgasm of her life.Here s the thing, while I understand that this is a serial and is designed to be short, I really didn t feel we had a chance to get to know the characters For me, characterization is a big part of a story if I am going to truly be invested in the read 45 pages just wasn t enough At this point, I think I m going to read the other reviews of episode two before moving forward with this one If you are interested in this book, it is currently being offered for free on .com.

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    Be very care what you wish for After moving to a new state following a serious relationship break up Isabel decides she needs to act on her long suppressed fantasy of being dominated by an Alpha Male A Dom sub hook up only website seems to be the perfect answer to her Enter Alpha male, Peter Displaying an almost irrational lack of patience and social adeptness, he does deliver on the hot, rough, domineering, mind blowing sexual release Isabel is looking for He very obviously wants her physically but refuses to actually f k her After holding her in his sleep all night, The Wolf Isabel s name for Peter is gone when Isabel wakes up in the morning This author writes in a well thought out, easy to follow style She draws you in, and even while you are yelling at the heroine to act responsibly, you can actually feel her confusion, hurt and euphoria That is this author s gift Parts 2, 3 and 4 here I come

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    Isabel meets Peter on a D s dating site and after a failed first attempt at a date they meet again at his house where he orders her to strip naked.I didn t read anything close to a D s read what I read was a man with very strange behaviour, who likes to sniff,bite and give Isabel the greatest orgasm of her life through foreplay Isabel refers to him as the Wolf but as a reader you know we don t know that he is one yet so this could be read a tad confusing An alpha male yes, a Dominant, No.Peters amber eyes, his Physique and mannerisms give it away to the reader but he acts almost feral.It was a very short read and I feel that by releasing 4 books it s a money making exercise where as if the books were longer, they d read and perhaps make sense.I will buy book two to see if there is any improvement.

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    Great start to a four part serial Isabel wants to break away from the norm and explore some of her fantasies She meets a man on a site that is for doms and subs not really knowing what to expect They finally decide on a place to meet in person only for her to be delayed by a fallen tree and then for the very man she was to meet to crash into her at the bar and then run out the door leaving her stunned and confused especially when she finds out that he was the one she was meeting Unsure of herself and what she is actually doing she tries to figure things out only to be left confused all over again on their second meeting Author Ariana Hawkes leaves you wondering and wanting to know what is going to happen in this short story.

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    DELIGHTFULLY DELICIOUS I loved it This is my first experience with this author and I am in love with this series This is the third installment and can I just say WOW Exciting Well Written Smart Mysterious Intriguing Captivating Thrilling Sassy Addictive Romantic Arousing Sexy The characters are so quirky,fascinating and intriguing, The story is smart, well written, and original and the dialog flows beautifully Hawkes exhibits exceptional talent and writing ability And this series has it all Sexy mysterious alpha males check Beautiful sassy artist check Great menagerie of characters check Mystery, romance and great sex triple check I was enthralled It just gets better and better I can t wait to read the next

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    This is a 4 part story and should be read in that order It s not so much that there are spoilers, as the story will make sense Bought part 1 which is free for now and was given parts 2, 3 and 4 for an honest review Couldn t wait to finish the story and now I am sad that I finished them so quickly Isabel is meeting a man she met on an alternate dating website She thinks she would like being a submissive Her date told her to be on time, but that wasn t going to happen She was already late and the big tree laying across the road will make her even later She didn t see Peter anywhere in the bar so she waited some and then started back home They hadn t swapped phone numbers so she had to get home so she could send him a message.

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