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Recipe for Love (The Andrades #0.5) chapter 1 Recipe for Love (The Andrades #0.5) , meaning Recipe for Love (The Andrades #0.5) , genre Recipe for Love (The Andrades #0.5) , book cover Recipe for Love (The Andrades #0.5) , flies Recipe for Love (The Andrades #0.5) , Recipe for Love (The Andrades #0.5) 8fd356cecf150 Before Abby Met Dominic Before Nicole And Stephan Got Back Together Confessed Secrets Drove Madison Andrade Away From Her Family And Into The Arms Of An Arrogant, Lusty Frenchman All She Wants For Christmas Is A Place To Hide, But She Cooks Up Much Than That In Their Short Time TogetherRichard D Argenson Is Gaining Fame For His Talent In The Kitchen, But He S Missing The Most Important Ingredient To Any Recipe Love Will He Find It In The Steamy Night They Spend Together, And Can What They Share Survive An Andrade Christmas Invasion

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    Standalone Cliffhanger Standalone Ages of H and h Multi Luv n M nages view spoiler No hide spoiler

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    It wasn t what I thought it would be I love romance and I love sex, but the book had little story line Maybe if I had read the others in the series I thought it was going to be of a holiday romance A very adult book with very adult content Just didn t cry out Happy Holidays to me I like a build up to the sex, not falling into it on page 3.

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    Maddy and Richard was the perfect couple that brought two worlds together A secret, followed by a lie allowed the two to meet far from the borders of the US Richard, a chef and restauranteur, felt affronted with this young woman, at first However, soon he realized there was under the skin of the young woman who lived in his house He had some issues to overcome but Maddy quickly made him forget and accept what was once in his past.It is filled with family drama, romance, love and doing the right thing even if one had to be send away for the other to open their eyes A short story that is part of the Ten Christmas Brides Box set So far it was money well spend and a book I can recommend if you are in the mood for a quick Christmas read.

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    Final feeling This one rubbed me the wrong way It simply did not ring true to me Maybe it was how quick Maddy was to lose her virginity to a stranger, maybe it was the way Richard flipped personalities There s so much to romance It s disappointing when a writer has such promising ability but can t move past a shallow plot 1.5 stars From anthology Ten Christmas Brides

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    I always look forward to Maddy s antics and what comes out of her mouth.In this sweet novella we see Maddy in her younger years.Maddy meets a man that can cook what s not to love A delicious story of love and growth

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    We finally get Richard and Maddie s story and ir s charming Trying to outrun family lies, Maddy escapes to a small village in the south of France Fate steps in when she decides to elude her bodyguard She s aided by Richard s sister, Alyssa, who takes her to stay at Richard s house Richard is not happy believing that Maddy has escaped a bad love affair only to find out it couldn t be farther from the truth The problem is he is enchanted by the seemingly innocent Maddy After refusing to return home with her parents, Maddy and Richard fall in love and though he wants to marry her he realizes that until she resolves the issues that sent her to France in the first place she will never truly be happy It takes being around her family again to really realize how important they are to her Once she lets Richard no that as much as she loves him she can never leave her family he knows that his life will be in America at Maddy s side.

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    Maddy and RichardThis story is set before the Legacy and Andrade series I ve already read both but enjoyed this story anyway Maddy runs from her family after learning a secret She meets Richard and things heat up The secret isn t resolved at the end of the story but that carries into the series Maddy and Richard s story is resolved with an HEA.

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    Recipe for Love A Hot Andrade Christmas Novella The love story of Maddy and Richard Maddy is mad with her family and she run away She meet a woman who think She is run from a boyfriend and tell her she can stay at her brother s home When Richard come home he find Maddy sleeping on his couch with his car and fall in love at first sight Great love story.

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    Very cuteMaddy the matchmaker in future books meets her one true love, Richard He is a renown chef in his French village People flock to his restaurant She was running away from a tragic secret her father let her know Together they fell in love and built a new life together in New York.

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    GreatGreat story of Maddy and Richard, loved how she wound up in France, and in Richard s house, but he knew he would have to let get go so she could sort out her differences with her family.

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