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Insight Kindling files Insight Kindling, read online Insight Kindling, free Insight Kindling, free Insight Kindling, Insight Kindling a13e295b9 Calla Faces Charges Against Her For Changing The Past Her Use Of The Travel Glasses Resulted In The Creation Of Two Writings That Affected The Lives Of Edgar, The Inventor Of The Travel Glasses, And Valcas, Their Prior Owner Now Calla Must Explain Her Actions Before The Time And Space Travel Agency The Hearing Does Not End Well The Travel Commissioner Finds Calla Guilty As Charged And Forces Her To Choose Between Two Harsh Penalties Despite The Risk Of Becoming Lost Herself, Calla Accepts A Dangerous Travel Mission That May Help Her Find Her Father She Teams Up With A Group Of Talented Travelers While Working With Them, She Soon Discovers That She Has A Special Travel Talent Of Her Own Pursued By The Sentient Being Of White Light That S Been Tracking Her Father S Bloodline, Calla Fears Her Newfound Talents May Not Be Enough To Protect Her And Her Teammates Before They Complete Their Mission

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    I don t know, maybe this would be appealing to a middle grade audience I just didn t connect and it triggered one of my pet peeves Also I read it after reading a different book that was a stunning time travel novel which could be influencing how I feel about this book While this is a time travel series, there was no time travel in this book.I felt like very little really happened in this book and that the focus was on the relationship between Calla and Valcas I m telling you right now, I am NOT a fan of her love interest Valcas is brooding, high maintenance, non communicative, distant, and all around asshat. I also didn t like the insinuation from her father that SHE had some obligation to be careful with Valcas heart WTF does that mean It sounded almost like she was being told she had to love him back because he was so fragile Serious pet peeve for me here Just because he s a sad sad broken manboy , doesn t mean you need to be in a relationship with him or try to fix him When you see someone like him, run away in the other direction as fast as you can. He can t love himself, let alone someone else He is NOT relationship material view spoiler I also can t stand that the moment he tells her they can t be together, she is so damn brokenhearted she becomes obsessed with going back in time and trying over and over to make it work consequences to herself be damned hide spoiler

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    Thank you netgalley for sending me this book in exchange of an honest review Overall I think this book is a decent read, it focused a lot on Calla and Valcas relationship Which I guess I m fine with, since i don t really hate the pair Fascinating, isn t it Plaka said to me the worlds are beautiful, despite being cluttered with all the moves around them and us Everything happens so quickly that we don t get to appreciate the full beauty of all of it until we are frozen in time His words rang in my ears I just love this quote

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    Great SeriesI am really enjoying these books Traveling adventures, Calla and how she learns who she is and an adventure in finding her father through not only familiar worlds but unfamiliar worlds as well Definitely a series I have not been able to put down I can t wait to see what comes next I loved the character development in this book.

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    Beware of mild spoilers.Insight Kindling starts off right where we left off with Travel Glasses, which was amazing since I started Insight Kindling within the same hour I finished Travel Glasses I read a few other reviews before writing this one, as it s pretty complicated to review a sequel without making it very much alike to the first.I ship Ray Calla plenty than I do Calla Valcas I find Calla Valcas very weird, especially by the ending of this book, Calla s reaction to Valcas confession thing was very unreal, overdramatic and a bit childish As mentioned in my review for Travel Glasses, we grow to dislike Valcas, then he turns out to be good and Calla begins to swoon It was too quick He kidnapped, terrorised and stalked you Calla Yet she still likes him, and gets extreme when her heart gets broken by Valcas Valcas was so caring for Calla through this novel, I liked him Then this action, this STUPID action which he believes is to protect Calla, it ruined it for me I don t like Valcas any, especially after the epilogue Valcas became something we call Jerks He kissed her, leading her onto a romancy, we can be together now, then it switched around No No romance No we can be together Its all, your life is too short compared to mine, its not worth it, go love this guy instead I understand most of Calidora s reaction to this, but I don t understand how she came to love him so quick Oh, and when Valcas said he would do anything to regain her trust, or something among the lines of that, WHAT A LIE.Ray was always sweet, always charming and smart He is a complicated character, or atleast I predict he will be in the next book Ray was very kind to Calla ever since the start, Calla had a liking for him The novel began to lean towards of a romantic theme than the sci fi There was a bit of repetition with certain scenes and dialogues However its is still a quick and gripping read Dessalls writing was just as smooth and simply followable as the first novel.I hate Calla s father I cant stand him He is so annoying, has no clue how to be a father, really pisses me off Plaka Callas Father gives no thought to his actions at all, or he is just so very selfish I cant I cant come to liking him An example is that when he reunited with his daughter, his reaction is to get angry at Valcas Plaka even critiques Calla There was never any fatherly moments, there were times when Calla would start one, but Plake would just shoo them away.Calla continues to develop, my linking for Calidora expanded into another world She is a complicated character yet easy to empathise with Heck, even I felt deeply betrayed by Valcas Ivory is introduced in Insight Kindling is is truly a character anyone would come to love She is fun to read about, has plenty of talent, along with wit and quite the humour World building was perfect in Insight Kindling I absolutely loved the fire falls That whole setting was vivid, was so damn original Just like the story, so damn original.I look forward to the next book in the series as this was an amazing continuation of Travel Glasses.I received a free review copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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    If you ve read my review of book 1, you probably know I didn t really like Calla..i m happy to say i don t have that problem any Calla really won me over in this book, i don t know if it s the transformation of her character itself or that she just seemed brave So the last book ended when Valcas was taking Calla to the TSTA for breaking some rules and she now has to face her judgement She has to pay a huge fine or help Valcas in finding a lost person Lost people are those who get lost while time travelling, And it just so happens to be that the person Calla has to look for is her very own father But Calla knows it s too much of a coincidence especially when Valcas seems happy about her going on this mission Valcas true intentions are revealed and we find out exactly why he did those things in book 1 I have to admit, he is a kind of devious genius The mystery of the white light that s been targeting Calla is finally revealed It s called an uproar and it feeds off the energy of some talented travellers Calla, Valcas and her two new companions, Ivory and Ray journey together to find her father with the Uproar hot on their heels We unravel and of Valcas past which seemed to be OVERFLOWING with secrets.I get that the first book focused on the world building but this one was just pure thrilling adventure There was still intriguing stuff we learned but i just loved the journey they had to go through and everything just came together perfectly And get this there s a waterfall of fire they have to cross to get to the cave behind it A FIRE WATERFALL And then the author went on to put the layers in the waterfall so the first is fire ergo you get burnt, the second is a soothing balm and the third is water These layers are used to make sure you get to the cave without looking like a barbecued sausage But how do they get out if there is no soothing balm and water layer in front of the fire See, to go out they have to go in reverse water first, balm and then fire but how are they NOT gonna ended up like a barbecued sausage I just LOVED that idea it really amazed me The epilogue really left me breathless I really can t figure Valcas out, what else could he possibly be hiding But hiss will probably be his biggest secret to dateand we have to wait till book 3 to find out what it was curls up in a corner and prays for book 3 to come out faster The second book in this thrilling story is full of adventure and romance with a plot that will definitely keep you hooked till the very end Cannot wait till the third book My favorite part is definitely the waterfall though if you hand t guessed from my rambling P

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    Reviewed By Lit Amri for Readers FavoriteChess Desalls The Call to Search Everywhen series continues with its second installment, Insight Kindling Calla Winston faces charges against her for changing the past Her use of the Travel Glasses resulted in the creation of two writings that affected the lives of Edgar, the inventor of the Travel Glasses, and Valcas, their prior owner Now Calla must explain her actions before the Time and Space Travel Agency Unfortunately, the hearing does not end well The agency finds her guilty and forces her to choose between two harsh penalties.Insight Kindling introduces new characters as Calla teams up with a group of talented travelers to search for her father Book Two answered most of the questions that readers might have from Book One, but new questions arise, adding intrigue to the story As I had already familiarized myself with the world building, the plot direction is easier to follow and gives exciting twists There s not much chasing this time but searching, as the plot takes a slightly different turn One of the highlights of this book is when Calla discovers her own special travel talent, which may or may not be enough to protect herself while completing her mission.Desalls maintains the excellent imaginative traits of the story Calla still makes questionable decisions at times, but she is mature and focuses on important resolutions All in all, fans of the series would be pleased to know that Book Two does not disappoint This is another enjoyable read from Desalls.

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    After reading Travel Glasses, I could hardly wait for the next in the series to come out It was worth the wait Insight Kindling picks up right where Travel Glasses ends.This one follows Calla as she teams up with other travelers to search for her father.The story is brilliantly written and the new characters are introduced seamlessly In some ways, the travelers journeys and exotic locations brought me back to some of my favorite childhood fantasy films, such as Labyrinth and The Princess Bride But what drew me in to this tale was Calla s emotional entanglements, both romantic and otherwise The character is complex, but real and easy to empathize with The I read, the I d recommend this series to fans of Doctor Who Much like the television series, the ability to traverse both space and time is integral to the tale, but in an ever present background sort of way Once again, I can t wait for the next adventure.

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    I cant believe I have to wait months for the next book my review in Persian 5

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    Calla faces the Time and Space Travel Agency to learn her punishment for altering the past She is surprised by the TSTA s decision Accompanied by a travel team, she must find her father Doing so will take her on a journey she never expected Will she find herself while looking for her father Or will Calla end up just as lost as Plaka

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    Couldn t put it down I m absolutely hooked and I can t wait to find out what happens in the next book I stayed up way too late reading this one and can t wait to dive headlong into book 3.

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