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A Cup of Murder (A Roasted Love Cozy Mystery #1) quotes A Cup of Murder (A Roasted Love Cozy Mystery #1) , litcharts A Cup of Murder (A Roasted Love Cozy Mystery #1) , symbolism A Cup of Murder (A Roasted Love Cozy Mystery #1) , summary shmoop A Cup of Murder (A Roasted Love Cozy Mystery #1) , A Cup of Murder (A Roasted Love Cozy Mystery #1) 451e099f It S Been A Rough Week For Laila Rook, The Barista At Roasted Love, A Community Favorite Indie Coffeehouse That Serves Coffee In Ceramic Cups And Features Art From Local Artists On The Walls A New Upscale Chain Coffeehouse, Sunrise, Opened Across The Street, And Laila S Customers Are Leaving The Owner Of Sunrise, Michael Simms Wants To Put Roasted Love Out Of Business And Enjoys Letting Them Know With His Rudeness And His Mean Doberman Jacob Weaver, The Owner Of Roasted Love Won T Back Down, And He S Not Being Too Quiet About It, Either When The Owner Of Sunrise, Michael Simms, Is Found Murdered By Poison In His Coffee And The Jacob Is The Prime Suspect, Laila Has To Decide If Jacob Could Be Guilty And Figure Out How To Save Roasted Love From Closing Not To Mention Balance A Cute Paramedic And An Orphaned Doberman Between Jacob S Mood Swings And Things Not Adding Up, The Clock Is Ticking On The Future Of Roasted Love Book Of The Roasted Love Cozy Mystery Series More Cozy Mysteries Are Coming Book Of Roasted Love Cozy Mysteries Is HOT COFFEE, ICED SANTA Part Of A Culinary Cozy Mystery Series

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    A Cup of Murder A Roasted Love Cozy Mystery, Book 1 by Cam LarsonLaila Rook is the barista at Roasted Love coffeehouse A coffeehouse chain, Sunrise, opened across the street and Roasted Love is losing business The owner of Sunrise, Michael Simms wants to put Roasted Love out of business But Jacob Weaver, the owner of Roasted Love won t back down When Michael Simms is found murdered by poison in his coffee, Jacob is the prime suspect Laila tries to solve the crime and keep Roasted Love in business.A fast paced cozy murder mystery Laila is likable, and a nice person The plot moves swift and there are many suspects A Cup of Murder is the perfect blend for a cozy murder mystery Those who like this genre should enjoy this fun read.

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    Fair The book has a decent story but the protagonist is just a little too formal There is something about a barista that call for a relaxed approach to life This book is an easy read If you are looking for a simple story with an obvious plot this is the one for you.

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    Not even a full potOf coffee could keep me awake for this one I recommend a good editor and a red pencil Words improperly used and elementary sentence structure is the tip of the iceberg.

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    As cozies go, not bad for a first book but not great Would make sure it was proofread and coffee drinks were correctly described Picked this up as a Free Kindle book and it s a perfect throw away read while waiting for various appointments.

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    I ve been reading many Cozy Mysteries lately and I have come across several coffeehouse based series This series was unfamiliar to me and I decided to read the first book I m sorry to say, I won t be reading book 2 From the beginning, the characters did not fit the setting Jacob seemed far outside his element, was first called the manager and then the owner, and his temper tantrums were over the top The Doberman was my favorite In a book about humans, the dog should never be the favorite.The lack of quality editing was very noticeable and because I m unfamiliar with the publisher, I suppose they don t provide that service If you re going to write a mystery, you cannot skip the editing and beta reader process.I wouldn t recommend this book to a friend, it was lacking in plot and just didn t hold my interest.

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    Cozy Coffee MysteryThis is one of the free books that are offered on , and to be honest, I have found a lot of really great books this way This one is not an exception This book was really good and I just couldn t put it down It was so good I am going to have to look for other books in the series The characters are wonderful and it was easy to get to know them I love the writer s style and it was very easy to find myself wrapped up in the story The story was unique and full of action What I liked best of all was Thor, he was not a cute cuddly pet but was the center of attention and kind of saved the day It was a really good read and I hope you give this book a chance.

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    I liked A Cup of Murder by Cam Larson Laila Rook is the head barista at Roasted Love in West River, New York Her boss, 38 year old Jacob Weaver, is worried about business when a rival shop, Sunrise Coffee Shop, opens up nearby But real trouble starts when the shop s owner, Michael Simms, is discovered poisoned to death and Jacob is arrested for murder Laila goes into sleuth mode to exonerate Jacob and get things back to normal I really liked Thor, Michael s dog who is adopted by Laila.

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    A terrific read that is down to earth and realistic.A great read Very down to earth but with a plot that had numerous suspects and motives When a competing coffee shop owner is killed and her boss arrested, she pulls on her sleuthing hat and starts looking into things further Can she piece together the crumbs laid out for her Very realistic characters and reactions If you are looking for escapism then this isn t for you but if you want something that could actually happen then this meets the bill A great melding of the past and the present with no answered questions.

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    A Cup of Murder A Roasted Love Cozy Mystery Book 1 I read this, Book 1 after, I read book 3 and then 2backwards but nonetheless very good stories I recommend these books because they don t have bad language and the story lines are believable, which I think is a great base for any good story If anyone would like to read good, clean Mysteries, these are for you Whodunnit is a mystery, haha

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    A good murder mystery Keeps the reader guessing right through to the end No boring moments, and the hint of a budding romance is kept within friend limits, which is what kept me reading till the end How a team of cops had to be helped on the right scent by a coffee house barista seemed to me a little unrealistic, but hey, this is fiction, after all, and it is otherwise written well, the mystery keeps building in layers as you go along, keeping it quite interesting So overall I liked it.

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