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10 thoughts on “Rat Queens #9

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    3.5 Stars, buy it even if its just for the collection Funny as usual even if its really confusing at first Betty is definitely my favorite Rat Queen and she just isn t in this issue very much This issue is good but not as funny as others and is really confusing for a bit Fortunately it sorts itself out but still I felt this issue wasn t that great compared to some of the others.

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    El debate sobre hasta d nde debe llegar la b squeda de conocimiento me apasiona Espero que se hable mucho m s de esto Mis maravillosas mujerzotas se van a la guerra 3

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    2 5 stars for Rat Queens, Vol 2 The Far Reaching Tentacles of N rygoth 1 1 for plot1 1 for characters and character development1 1 for writing style and art style 1 1 for pace1 1 for world buildingSame badass shenanigans you d expect after the first volume My one complaint is that the art in the second half looks a bit sloppy compared to the first half, such as very bold, scribbly outlines instead slim, clean outlines.My review of Rat Queens Free PreviewMy review of Rat Queens, Vol 1 Sass SorceryMy review of Rat Queens, Vol 2 The Far Reaching Tentacles of N rygoth

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    This one seemed short to me or maybe I was just so into it I couldn t read it fast enough The cover by Frison is wonderful I do love Stjepan s work, but I know he has a lot of titles going on right now Sunstone, Death Vigil, IXth Generation, etc Perhaps it was the sudden need to replace Roc, but the art in this one looked very rough and rushed I hope there is some time to smooth it out some as we go along His style is very apparent in the faces of our heroines, which is not a bad thing, but it will take some time to get used to the new look Usually I give every issue in this series 5 stars, but this one seemed to stumble a bit Hopefully it will find its footing again and continue to wow us.

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    This issue was just full on freaking awesome It had it all My favorite part was Betty kicking major ass after escaping the backpack she thought was a dungeon I ve found the exit, friends The town continues to be extremely messed up even to the point that The world feels like sex and the redbirds of wrath confuse our most peaceful friend.

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    4.5, no estoy completamente feliz con el nuevo artista, pero la historia sigue siendo la misma y eso me hace feliz

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    Not gonna lie, I m not into the new art I loved the look of the series before, and a lot of it just looks off now Especially Hannah and Betty Still love the story though.

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    Oh Rat Queens, how I ve missed you Please don t ever leave me again.

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    3 1 2 stars I hate cliff hangers but I know they are a necessity It just seemed to stop right in the middle of even before the arrow frame Still love it.

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    So excited Rat Queens is back at last

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