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The Duet pdf The Duet, ebook The Duet, epub The Duet, doc The Duet, e-pub The Duet, The Duet 5922a01f5c9 When Year Old Pop Sensation Brooklyn Heart Steps In Front Of A Microphone, Her Love Songs Enchant Audiences Worldwide But When It Comes To Her Own Love Life, The Only Spell She S Under Is A Dry One So When Her Label Slots Her For A Grammy Performance With The Sexy And Soulful Jason Monroe, She Can T Help But Entertain Certain Fantasies Those In Which Her G String Gets Play Than Her GuitarsOnly One Problem Jason Is A Lyrical Lone Wolf That Isn T Happy About Sharing The Stage Nor His Ranch With The Sassy Singer But While It May Seem Like A Song Entitled Jason Monroe Is An Arrogant Ho Basically Writes Itself, Their Label And Their Millions Of Fans Are Expecting Recording Gold They Re Expecting The Duet

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    Now live on 4 stars Though I don t read many of them, sometimes it s great to unwind with a lighthearted, humorous read and when I picked up The Duet it hit the nail on the head with light and funny Though the premise isn t anything I haven t read before, the witty banter, nearly drama free plot, the close camaraderie between the two Heart sisters and the two very charming main characters totally won me over and I had a blast reading this book Pop singer Brooklyn Heart is a hoot She s the quintessential popular girl with an occasional wild side, and is fiercely loyal to those she loves In order to rack up an audience and even wider recognition, Brook s label has her paired up with the hero Jason Monroe to perform a smashing duet on Grammy night Problem is, she and Jason couldn t be different from each other and though she s got the hots for him, her bubbly attitude and his ice cold indifference clash again and again Both resign to the idea they have to work with each other for one month to collaborate on their duet and for inspiration, they head out to Jason s ranch out in Montana It isn t too long before their inspiration ideas come from sex and they agree to the rules no relationships, no complications, just sex.As to be predicted, feelings get in the way He gets jealous She feels jilted A little drama scene in between Usually I ll start rolling my eyes but instead in here I just couldn t stop laughing The story is just simply too funny, and even when things got overly dramatic because of Brook s exaggerated antics, the book remains lighthearted so it s hard to take some things seriously and it all felt comical I think I enjoyed this one a lot than I normally would because I was in the mood for this kind of read Having read another book from this author I feel like her writing forte is to channel the wild, spontaneous side of love in the characters relationships, and it worked really well here Mind you, I didn t exactly go gaga over these characters but they re extremely likable and despite their fame and popularity, the author portrayed them both as characters everyone can relate to in some way I did feel like the love on Brook s side leaned towards obsession because seriously, this girl was daydreaming about Jason way before she even met him and then after she did, it was bananas and so in terms of their romantic connection, I thought it was weak, hence the 4 star rating But everything else, from the laugh out loud hilarious writing to the awesome character dynamic to the killer ending is a thumbs up from me.The Duet is a fun romantic comedy standalone and sets up the stage for another standalone companion that stars Brook s younger sister Cammie ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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    4 Stars RS Grey and Iwe just get along I ve read and enjoyed all of her books and The Duet was no exception.I love that all of her books are completely different from each other I love that not every book turns in to a multi book series They don t have cliffhanger endings They aren t filled with juvenile drama and annoying MCs And best of all, they make me laugh.Brooklyn was a great heroine.maybe a little in her head too much Despite being a pop star she was down to earth and fun Jason is her fellow label mate but they couldn t be different Jason thinks Brooklyn is an entitled princess and Brooklyn thinks Jason fits the brooding musician role perfectly Jason and Brooklyn are forced to write and perform a duet together at the upcoming music awards While Brooklyn is all for itI mean why not Afterall, Jason is definitely easy on the eyes.Jason on the other hand wants nothing to do with Brook However, they end up on Jason s ranch in the middle of nowhere trying to write this duet Over time, both Jason and Brooklyn learn there s a lot to each other then they ever thought My favorite thing about RS Grey s books is the banter This one had me LOL throughout the whole book While the steam was low, it was there And the ending.I was doing some major swooning And to top it all offCammie and Grayson get a book ARC kindly provided by R.S Grey in exchange for an honest review

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    4.5 Sing to me starsAfter reading The Duet,I was led to a huge,life changing revelation.One that was formed in the back of my mind since V is for Virgin,one that started putting down roots after Like Gravity,and now will be my downfall I want to marry a singer.A cocky,sexy as hell singer who writes songs about me because is there anything hotter than this Thank you R.S Grey for narrowing down my chances of finding a real life book boyfriend from zero to Alaska temperatures Loving you would be as easy as taking a breathBut to look at you,that s a dance with death No insta love.On the contrary,when their record company assigned them to write and perform a song together,their hatred was a being of its own.Jason Monroe was the assholiest person Brooklyn had ever encountered,his ego was so big it couldn t fit in a room.His only redeeming quality was that he was so hot that made hell look like a common sauna.While Brooklyn was a funny woman who spoke her mind without thinking,Jason was always serious and annoyed.They could not compose a decent song together even if their lives depended on it and their careers actually did ,they kept insulting each other and pushing their buttons until one crossed the limits and they would stop talking.But it s out of hatred that the greatest romances blossom Before you,I could be aloneNow I can t stand the thought of you out thereOut there on your own If the premise or the song lyrics haven t convinced you yet to read The Duet,I m going to try a little harder Argument No 1 Jason Monroe is hot .He is a fine specimen of men.In the first chapters I wanted to strangle him for being so pompous and obnoxious,but then he won me over.Besises the quiet,brooding artist,he proved that he was a good man and a good friend,even though he tried to push Brooklyn away,at least for a while So come back Brooklyn,come back to me Argument No 2 The female characters.That s right, characters.One of R.S Grey s best assets is that the women in her novels aren t the type that make you want to drop them to the ocean and feed them to sharks.You can relate to them,you can understand even their stupidest decisions,you sympathize and admire them.I loved the sisterly bond between Brooklyn and Cammie,they made me feel fuzzy and warm inside.They lost their parents but having each other was enough Argument No 3 The Duet is a humorous read,there is no doubt about it Brooklyn s POV makes you laugh until you hiccup and everyone glances at you curiously not that it happened to me.Sassy remarks,pop culture references,poisoned fruit baskets and certain bathroom incidents make sure of that.R.S Grey s writing is witty,she combines said humor with surprisingly strong heartbreak and broken trust,in a way that prevents you from sleeping until you finish the book and happy dance in the middle of the night it didn t happen to me either.And the chemistry between Jason and Brooklyn is off.the.charts.Serious steam overdose.Not convinced yet Then there is nothing I can do except use my recently acquired powers of compulsion And I warn you,I can be very persuasive.

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    5 AMAZING STARS 3 3 OMG I can t even express how much I love Rachel s writing She knows how to write funny,sweet,romantic and sexy stories So far I thought With This Heart was my favorite book but this book has something that stole my heart sigh Everytime I read a new story from Rachel I m excited because each book has something to give me I m a huge fan of her and I m always so excited when I read a book of hers I really loved this book from the first page It captivated me and kept my interest till the end I loved how the romance was building and the characters are so likeable even the secondary ones How difficult can it be for a pop singer Brooklyn Heart to do a duet with the hot singer Jason Monroe It seems very difficultTheir record label forced them to do a duet, they have a few weeks to write a song together and be ready to perform it at the Grammy s But Jason isn t too happy about that.They will have a month to prepare full of tension and funny moments.Will they be ready to sing their Duet I loved so much Brooklyn and her sister they are hillarious Brooklyn is sweet,funny and beautiful Jason OMG I loved him He is so intense and hot While we can see that they are opposite as it comes in music and their personal lives too, but when they come together it s impossible to not see how similar they are I loved their chemistry They have so many funny moments And there is so much tension but they are attracted to each other I hope you got a good look because you re never going to see this ass ever again, No worries, Sweet Cheeks I ve been told I have quite the memory If you need a brake from all of the drama, then this funny and sweet book is exactly what you need Thanks again so much Rachel for the arc 3 you know how much I love you Can t wait for Cammie s book

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    4 Stars.Brooklyn and Jason are both very famous a successful country singers, both nominated to the Emmy s But as they attracted different groups of fans, their agents have a brilliant idea bring them together to perform a duet during the Emmy s that join their public.Jason immediately rejects that idea and is pretty vocal about it and Brooklyn doesn t understand why she attracts such a cold front from him Since they have no other choice, are stuck together in a Montana ranch and that s when things start to change They begin to get close and Brooklyn starts to understand why Jason acts that way and what make him have such a cold front When those feelings starts to grow from hate to love, that s when reality strikes again When you are in a seclude ranch things are easy, but when you have ghosts and the world watching you how much are you willing to take This was a very fun and heartwarming book with pretty steamy moments I like how Grey writes these very good books who are completely different from each other and all of them are pretty awesome I didn t like this one not even close to Scoring Wilder my ultimate favorite from hers but he was a nice reading and if you re in need of something light and funny with not much drama, you probably should read this one Rating 4 Stars Characters Development Brooklyn was hilarious and I liked how she wasn t a two goodie shoes heroine and was true to herself My only complaint is that she spent too much time having monologues in her head Jason was an enormous asshole in the beginning, and for that reason was hard for me to completely like him Yes, I know he kind of redeemed himself, but still, in the end I still couldn t fully connect with him However, that is a story that I m VERY curious to read, and is Cammie and Grayson s I can t wait for their book Steam Some hot scenes Sensible Subjects view spoiler Not really hide spoiler

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    3 stars Review at Of Pens and Pages.Brooklyn Heart and Jason Monroe are the two biggest talents in their music label while Brooklyn conquered the pop charts with her love songs, Jason won his legions of fans with his soulful music and sexy mysterious aura They ve never worked together and never really thought it would ever happen until the higher ups thought it was a perfect idea Now they ll have to write a song together and perform it at the Grammy s No big deal.Except it is How can they write a hit song if they can t get along Jason wants nothing to do with Brooklyn and prefers to write alone in his ranch in Montana Brooklyn thinks he s an arrogant a hole who looks hot as sin As much as they wish to do anything other than write and perform a duet together, they can t really go against the big bosses So, off to Montana they go I realized that I was in the middle of some bizarro Romeo and Juliet balcony scene where Romeo was standing on the balcony instead of Juliet O Romeo, Romeo Wherefore art thou Romeo And all he said in reply was Begone, wench They write songs differently, and they didn t know how to start It didn t help that they didn t get along and barely knew anything about each other They try to bond over horseback riding and a coffee non date at the cafe in Montana Still, it didn t work And when they try to get over the awkwardness and feelings of restraint with sex Worked like a charm.The sex was just a way to soften them up let go of what s holding them back Jason made it clear from the start that he s not interested in starting a relationship with her, and Brooklyn is okay with itUntil Jason isn t not interested in starting a relationship with her, and Brooklyn is feeling With secrets hanging above them, you know a crash is bound to happen.I just realized I m trash for musicians I thought it was just the brooding type that instantly melts my heart and ovaries Granted, Jason is a bit of a brooder himself, but damn There s just something about a man who can play an instrument and sing a tune And this one writes If you re looking for a book to make you laugh, I suggest picking up an R.S Grey book because it always does the trick for me Some of the narrative and dialogue in The Duet made me laugh out loud Since it was told in Brooklyn s POV, you can easily see her personality and sense of humor I loved her interactions with her sister and best friend, Cammie, who s just as funny Obviously, a good sense of humor runs in the family.However, it could have done without the comedic relief in the steamy scenes It wasn t the relief I wanted if you get my drift hehe Brooklyn s jokes in her head derailed me from fully getting into the scene.I liked Brooklyn and Jason, but I couldn t really relate or connect to them that much It felt like they didn t have enough interaction to ignite the spark For me, their series of one night stands didn t have the emotional ground to make me fall in love with their love story I didn t know when or how their relationship transitioned from barely tolerating each other to falling madly in love.Despite my reservations with this couple, the ending made me swoon Holy sh t I was aww ing and was a mess when they finally performed I wanted to quote a verse in the song, but I want you to experience it for yourself Because swoon Another couple got my attention Cammie and Brooklyn s friend, architect Grayson Cole From what s in The Duet, there s some tension there, and it was obvious something s going on I m jumping over to The Design to find out.Overall, I still enjoyed the story The Duet is a standalone romantic comedy told in Brooklyn s POV If you re looking for a fun, light read with singer MCs and a swoon worthy happily ever after, you might enjoy this book Recommended to readers age 18 and above due to strong language and explicit sexual content Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram

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    3.5 StarsThis story is light and fun Brooklyn and Cami are hilarious but the love story between Brooklyn and Jason was just okay for me.

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    4 duet stars I was a little hesitant to read this book since I wasn t that impressed with my first RS Grey book But after seeing some of my trusted friends positive reviews friends that don t usually care for this type of stories I knew I just have to read this And I loved it Sure it wasn t super deep or super emotional but it was super fun and the characters were endearing and relatable despite the fact the MCs are both celebrities They are my least favorite MCs to read about but Brook and Jason were great together And Brook is hilarious She s the popular girl you d love to hate but can t because she was real and funny And I love her relationship with her sister Cammie They re sisters who happens to be the best of friends, and they are hilarious together Jason is the perfect foil for Brook He s quiet and broody Too bad we didn t have his POV But it wasn t too bad since Brook carried the book well Overall, this was a fun, light hearted read A definite must read if you re hankering for some fun in between those dark, intense reads.

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    Title The DuetSeries Untitled 1Author R.S GreyRelease date November 10, 2014Rating 3 starsCliffhanger No HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler

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