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Treble Maker (Perfect Harmony, #1) pdf Treble Maker (Perfect Harmony, #1) , ebook Treble Maker (Perfect Harmony, #1) , epub Treble Maker (Perfect Harmony, #1) , doc Treble Maker (Perfect Harmony, #1) , e-pub Treble Maker (Perfect Harmony, #1) , Treble Maker (Perfect Harmony, #1) df6015a55a7 On Perfect Harmony, The Ambitious Competitors Heat Things Up On Stage And Off Cody Rivers Is Determined To Be A Rock Star, But Couch Surfing Between Bar Shows Gets Old Fast Joining An A Cappella Group For A New Singing Competition Show Could Be His Last Chance At Real Fame Unless The College Boy From The Heart Of The Country Messes It Up For Him Lucas Norwood Is Everything Gothy, Glittery Cody Is Not Conservative, Clean Cut, And Virginal But When A Twist In The Show Forces Them Together, Even The Sweetest Songs Get Steamy As The Attraction Between Them Lights Up The Stage Lucas Wants To Take It Slow, But Cody S Singing A Different Tune And This Time It Maybe A Love Song

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    4.25 I want to go home, Lucas said He needed out of this place and out of his own head To Iowa No To us There is nothing real about television Every competition reality show is staged, every elimination carefully scripted Cody knows this and is willing to play the game He has an incredible voice and moves like Adam Levine, but he s living out of his van and has no prospects on the horizon Cody slinks around in his tight pants and eye liner, working the modern Goth look He s snarky and unabashedly, flamboyantly sexy When Cody first meets Lucas, he openly smirks at the farm boy from Iowa Lucas is gay, though, gay and out sort of He s taken a virginity pledge to save himself until marriage But Lucas doesn t fantasize about the sweet and tender He yearns for the raunchy and dirty he yearns for Cody Cody and Lucas do the whole hot and cold thing Neither wants to admit that their relationship is than just friends getting off Cody pushes Lucas, but Lucas judges Cody Watching Lucas give in to temptation is hot DAMN HOT Mutual masturbation turns into something much MUCH steamier I loved the dual POV here, as it helped me understand both men Lucas craves his parents approval, and Cody, who is used to being lonely and unloved, is scared to trust I loved watching them come together, and seeing the connection between them Words still weren t cooperating, so he did the only thing he could and kissed Lucas Not the earlier gentle slide of lips but a raw, emotion driven attack His brain played a soundtrack of every love song he d ever sang The secondary characters in this book are very well sketched We see all the pettiness and jealousy that can happen during a competition, when people whom you thought were your friends turn their back on you I especially liked Ashley, Cody s slightly bitchy friend, and Trevor, Lucas s friend from the same conservative college who crushes on Lucas While Lucas s parents are clearly strict and controlling, the predictable family melodrama doesn t happen The family dynamics are far subtle than that Likewise, the competition, which is central to the plot of the novel, doesn t overwhelm the romance Indeed, the resolution who wins may surprise you While a couple sections dragged a little in the beginning, the last 25 percent was perfection.These boys are hella sexy and sweet together, and Annabeth Albert s writing is a joy to read This is a fun, enemies to lovers, coming into your own story with complex MCs, lots of music, and a big smile worthy HEA I can t wait for Trevor s story in book 2

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    I have something to confess I m a HUGE a cappella fan In fact, my college all male a cappella group was on the show, The Sing Off, that this book is based on, and I watched intently all season I became sort of an a cappella groupie, and so I was THRILLED when I saw the plot of this book I ve also been loving everything I ve been reading from Annabeth Albert She is relatively new to the M M scene, but she has just been owning it recently Cody and Lucas were electric together This book is kinkier than you might expect, albeit a pretty tame level of kinkiness Kink lite. Still, I found Lucas s love of being bossed around and toppy topped to be SUPER hot And you guys know I LOVE me a virgin All of their sex scenes were so yummy to read, and I got really into them as a couple The plot was nicely done as well I liked reading about Cody s struggling music career and Lucas s home school situation It felt authentic and well executed All the people in the book, from the important side characters to those that just made a cameo, were really thought out I liked everything about this story, and even though the plot had a few moments where it dragged a little, I give this book super high marks Sing on, Annabeth Albert Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    3.5 Stars Rounding down because I skimmed quite a bit of the last half or so I thought this one was too long Too drawn out Cody and Lucas spend the first half to three quarters of the book going back and forth with each other Hot and cold It started getting old And I started getting bored I started to lose interest in both Cody and Lucas and what happened between them I also seem to really dislike at least one of Annabeth Albert s MCs In this case it was Lucas If I were Cody I would have said a long time ago Not so sure Lucas was worth the trouble I will say once they do get their shit together, their was relatively no drama with Lucas and his family which was a definite plus All in all, this one was just okay for me Not my favorite my Annabeth Albert read ARC kindly provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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    Boy was I excited for this book after falling in love with previous books I ve read from this author She s got this nack for writing these sweet and steamy romances that are so much fun and endearing Although I did enjoy this book I didn t love as much as other books of hers I ve read.What I loved Opposites attract trope Love both the main characters Steamy It had some very fun momentsWhat I didn t love so much These two boys would go from to After a while the constant back n forth and back n forth caused the book to drag a bit I just wanted them to get together already I think about 10 15% of this book could ve been scrapped and it would ve been great or maybe substitute some of the time Lucas spent fighting his attraction and added relationship get to know each other time I don t know.That being said after the 50% mark this book became what I have come to love and expect from this author Would I recommend it Yes Will I read book 2 Abso freakin lutely 3.5 Stars rounded up because the book got better as it progressed ARC kindly by the publisher via Netgalley for an honest review

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    This books was a real mix for me, parts that I liked a lot, others that I was not so crazy about It s a long story about two young men who enter an a cappella competition Initially competitors, they end up in the same group, with very different expectations, and their interactions alternately blow very hot and very cold I might note here, beware of POV section changes between the two MCs with no indicator whatsoever once I realized the POV would sometimes switch from one paragraph to the next, it became a less frustrating thing It s not headhopping, just an all too familiar format issue Cody is a guy whose grocery money depends on how well he does with his music career He has no savings, no home, no back up plans, and a lot of single minded determination to make it big He s out and loud, eyelinered and tight clothed and in your face about it He lost everything by coming out, and he s never going to hide again He is willing to barter sex, and schmooze and scheme, and do whatever it takes to make an impression and take a step forward in his music career Any relationships he has are all about pleasure, or usefulness, nothing .Lucas is on the show because his college group is He s not so much into winning for himself as he is part of something bigger, a brotherhood of singers from his small, conservative college He s out as gay, but he s bought a precarious acceptance in his college and family by embracing a very circumscribed version of being gay He, just like the hetero guys he sings with, have taken virginity pledges and made commitments to live a righteous life, saving sex with either gender for marriage, and avoiding temptation But Lucas never bargained on meeting Cody.I liked many things about Lucas His integrity, his kinks, his kindness, and his confusion Cody not so much To be sure, his past rejections and precarious situation excuse a lot But I didn t like the way he assumed that it was impossible for Lucas to really mean what he pledged about no sex before marriage, etc Cody made no attempt to see if Lucas was serious He kept tempting and teasing and pushing him and pushing him, until Lucas fell, bit by bit And that was treated as a good thing.As the book goes along, you do come to believe that external pressures rather than personal beliefs are responsible for Lucas s position of rejecting anything less than a monogamous, permanent relationship But that wouldn t have to be the case If we had a book where the girl said she didn t want to have sex before marriage, and the guy kept pushing her a bit further and a bit further Oh, it s just touching How can you know if you really like sex with men unless you try it Frotting doesn t really count Oral doesn t quite count Try it, you ll like it Would we be cheering that guy on, or wanting to kick him in the nuts for not respecting her chosen position The guys were hot together and the sex was plentiful, maybe too much so The music parts were great in fact I d have loved a bit of that, in place of some of the sex The second half got better, as Lucas began to take a deeper look at who he was and what he really wanted, when his past assumptions were stripped away The secondary characters added a lot to the story The ending was a bit too easy, keeping the guys from having to address a couple of conflicts, but still it was a warm HEA In the end, I did enjoy the book, but that little bit of disrespect for Lucas s initial position rubbed me wrong, all through the first half.

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    This artfully written tale is amazing This is the romance of two young, 20 s a capella singers competing in a contest show on TV Lucas, 21, a bass from Iowa, gay, but inhibited by the contract his folks and school hold him to comply , keeping him restricted, keeping him from being his true self Cody, 23, a magnificent singer, left Iowa years ago I m picturing some Adam Lambert rock because of the attitudes there He s becoming famous, he s a tall, slim Goth man with tats and piercings And for Lucas, Cody is the carrot in front of the horse, teasing the celibate Lucas Wow, these two are drawn to each other, and each fights it Although sometimes Cody enjoys baiting Lucas, because he s easy to rile, and it s fun Lucas has his fantasies, but has never been with a man, not even a kiss Nope As they explore this attraction, they are funny, so sexy and open, but Lucas is very guilt ridden These characters are well written We understand each one ride along with them on their discoveries, throughout the contest, and the interactions with other contestants And of course, the sexy times Big time scenes of Lucas s first times are fabulous Annabeth Albert is really in tune with her characters, as she keeps the tale moving along It s interesting, fun to read, and informative It s delightful I recommend it ENJOY At the end of this lovely story, check out the playlist she provides that coincides with the story from beginning to end You will get a better understanding of the type of songs they sing, the meanings, and the fun, too I checked the videos out, and they are fabulous.

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    What s not to love Lucas, a tie sweater vest combo wearing Iowa boy from an uber conservative college in Austerity, Iowa with a great bass voice, and Cody, a Goth twink with a killer tenor pipes who basically lives in his van in LA while trying to make it big meet on the set of Perfect Harmony, an a cappella singing contest reality show think extremely low budget American Idol I loved the complexity of the characters in this story Cody has come a long way from Des Moines, Iowa and sure, he s ruthlessly focused on his career, but he hasn t had a lot to depend on other than his talent and persistence On paper, Lucas looks like he s won the lottery for support and encouragement Attending a conservative college in Iowa complete with purity pledges , he is gay and out and his liberal Christian parents support his gay lifestyle as long as that lifestyle means chastity until marriage, no gay bars, no booze, and controlling his actions since he can t control his wiring Lucas problem is he doesn t want a good conservative Iowa gay boy with whom he can lose his virginity within the bonds of holy matrimony he wants Cody every tattooed, pale, graceful inch of him You You You I want you In all sorts of terrible, wonderful ways I want you to hold me down, make me beg for it I want of this I want every kinky, twinky thing you can dream up Put me at your mercy.Once Cody and Lucas end up as roommates, the sexual tension ramps up until you could bounce a quarter off of it And, as the singing competition ramps up, Lucas wonders if Cody is only looking out for himself, while Cody despairs if he can ever crack through Lucas misconceptions and doubts.The only complaint I have about the book is that there is an awful lot of wondering, pondering, misunderstanding, questioning, angst around the 2 3rds point of the book, and Cody tends to be way too self centered, while Lucas isn t willing to examine his worldview.Toss in some great a cappella singing you ll want to check out Annabeth Albert s play list at the end of the book , a really awkward meeting with the parents, a Bass Off, a not so perfect perfect ending, and you ll be eagerly awaiting the sequel Love Me Tenor.

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    I ve been putting this off because of all the mixed reviews but I ended up loving it I m really not a fan of a capella, and although this story is based on it I didn t get bored, not at all.I loved The complexity of the characters, they are so diametrically different or so they think but they work together so well Piercings Hell yes, Cody has this Goth look going on and multiple piercings The television music show is realistic Fake and staged Steam So very steamy No melodrama, just a guy who starts making his own choices instead of letting others decide how he should live his life.I m so looking forward Trevor s story.Short review is short.

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    3.5 StarsThis is a tricky one to rate Unfortunately, I am not a fan of many of the themes explored here All the religious repression that Lucas struggles with throughout the story just brought my mood right down There was a bit too much judgement and moral superiority going on for my liking As sweet as Lucas was at times, I just didn t like what his hot and cold attitude did to poor Cody, who was already struggling with issues of his own and certainly didn t need the added pressure of feeling shitty about himself from someone he was growing to care about Putting aside the whole I can t go there, it s wrong bullshit, I liked what ultimately developed between Lucas and Cody, particularly during the second half of the story, which I believe was much stronger than the slower, slightly frustrating first half As always the writing is fantastic, providing emotional weight and great character depth to what is essentially a new adult story about a singing competition I will say that I had a small issue with some of the abrupt scene transitions and the sudden POV changes, which isn t an issue I ve ever experienced while reading a story by Albert, so it came across as unexpected and surprisingly out of place As a huge music lover, I ll admit that I did love the a cappella reality competition backdrop It was fresh and fun and it helped balance out the heavier moments throughout the story And although not technically part of the story itself, I also went a little nuts over Albert s Treble Maker Playlist that she so graciously supplied at the end of the book I spent a good hour post read on YouTube watching all the a cappella groups she mentioned and I may or may not now be slightly obsessed with the Dartmouth Aires good one, Annabeth This may not have been my favourite Albert read to date but I certainly look forward to continuing with this series, even if it s just to get to Michelin s story in book three.

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    Oh my gawwwwd I freakin loved this book It had every single thing I enjoy reading about A hot young gay couple Talented singers New adults forging their brand new lives Learning about each other Discovering themselves Standing up for themselves and each other The sexiest of sex scenes because love of course.Five humongous heart melty stars

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