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    This book is a simple, clear, earnest look at what it takes to develop a writing life The authors speak from their own life examples and it sounds like both had to overcome many obstacles to establish themselves as writers Many aspiring authors will relate to their stories The 12 habits they describe may seem obvious but it really helps to have a fresh take because as writers we are always in the process of beginning again We need fresh reminders of what we must do daily to keep doing the wonderful art we practice.

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    This was a very practical book, exploring different aspects of being a writer with chapters on Identify, Arrange, Surround, Notice, Write, Send, Promote, Discover, Engage, Plan, Rest, Limit and writing prompts at the end of each chapter The authors wide variety of writing experience adds depth to the book, as well as the appendices at the end full of helpful resources Struggling with the idea of promotion is something I can relate to The idea of promoting my writing has always betrayed an ambivalence The way I see it, there are two sides to most writers the proud, confident one that says, My life, words, and thoughts are good enough to write down and share with others, and the insecure, embarrassed one that says, Why would anyone want to read what I have to say I wrestle with these sides of myself nearly every time I write, and it colors my perceptions of promotion I appreciated the way they further explored this specific topic and the way their ideas can be applied to many different kinds of writing.

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    On Being A Writer 12 Simple habits for a writing life that lasts Ann Kroeker Charity Singleton Craig, Ossinging, New York, 2014 kindle edition Are you a writer do you tell other people that you are a writer Do you tell yourself that you re a writer Why do you write These are some of the opening questions in this book The authors also state that writing is not about being published, but about writing itself and if you are writing only to try and get published then you may want to rethink This book is for anyone who writes We should write because we love to write and not because we want others to read what we have written, but writing for writing s sake and not for any other reason I do tell people i write a blog and i am trying to put together a novel, but this book has showed me my failings and how to overcome them and produce a masterpiece There are 12 chapters Each chapter is broken down into the two sections First section.Stories Each of the two women authors share parts of their own writing history and frustrations too This is a good place for all of us to begin writing as we all have a past and we can all write about it, whether it was good or bad.Second Section.Exploration Live, Respond, Write, Bonus, Discuss Here the authors present ideas that allow you The Writer to practice your skills.Then there are several Appendices to give you help and guidance on what to do next.Appendix 1 Tools for a writing life.Appendix 2 Recommended reading.Appendix 3 Artist datesAppendix 4 Resources for writing a book proposal.Appendix 5 Resources for launching a writing group.In fact there is everything you need to get started, even a How to use this book guide It is suggested that you read one chapter a week, followed by using any or all of the material at the end of each chapter to write Although i have read this book in like 12 days than 12 weeks, i will be going back over it to get the best use out of it as it does need to be read slower, spending time with each chapter and writing Did i say you need to write Write even if no one ever reads it Plan out what you are going to write, write it, read it, re write it, polish it and then only then allow others to read it And if you are a writer, then call yourself a Writer Be a Writer And write, Write, WRITE

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    On Being a Writer 12 Simple Habits for a Writing Life that Lasts explores the concept of writing in a refreshingly inclusive fashion, and offers ideas and tips for building and strengthening helpful writing habits.As someone who writes daily, but who spends time on corporate writing than on fiction, I appreciated that the authors of this book took a wide view of what it means to be a writer Often I get the feeling from writing books that only novelists need apply, although my experience has been that the writing I do in different genres only serves to improve my writing in other formats On Being a Writer invites the reader to explore what a writing identity means to him or her, and the ideas found throughout the book could be usefully applied to fiction, nonfiction, blogging, or any other sort of writing you do Read my full review here

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    I have read books by Ann Kroeker before and she is a very level headed, intelligent and thoughtful writer I enjoyed that she made this a little different format for us by bringing in Mrs Craig It was so practical and helpful Each chapter has a perspective from each of the authors and then practical exercises and challenges at the end to take us deeper on our mission to become better writers The two women have very different backgrounds and that brings a depth to the experiences shared and makes it valuable to a larger audience They share personal stories and resources that are readily available If you are a beginning writer or a writer who wants to jumpstart your craft or push yourself to the next level this is a great resource for you.

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    Derived from a writers workshop that the authors conducted, it has good insights into the creative life demonstrated primarily through narrative Each chapter has application sections to implement Though the principle of writers write resounds through all, the focus is on what one would do to actually have writing as their primary occupation I didn t underline much, but the ones I did are keepers If you wish to be a writer, write Epictetus Reading is the creative center of a writer s life Stephen King You owe it to all of us to get on with what you re good at W H Auden Write as if you were dying Annie Dillard.

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    A very nice and encouraging book While I would assume it is not specifically intended for women, as a man I found it a bit of a woman s writer book Not in a sexist way, but in a life stage way Lots of mom, wife, etc examples I an neither Good insight, good ideas, and great now go do it applications.A worthy read.

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    Two authors offer basic advice and encouragement about doing the writing, creating a life that supports it, and creating a community to enhance it Practical and inspirational.

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    An encouraging read with personal stories of the writing life and helpful exercises.

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