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    Whiskey David.Didja turn into a cyborg killing machine Congratulations, you re NOT a Deathlok Right now Nathan Edmondson s essentially writing three variations of the same Marvel character The Punisher, Black Widow and Deathlok, ie non super powered anti hero killers with guns Also, none of those titles are very good If you ve read his Punisher or Black Widow, you ll know what to expect in Deathlok lots of generic standalone action missions with our main character firing at faceless baddies within a poorly defined quasi arc.The difference here is Henry Hayes, the latest Deathlok, doesn t know he s Deathlok He s an army vet with prosthetic limbs supplied by an organisation called Biotek Except Biotek have brainwashed him so when he sees the words Whiskey David his mind goes blank, he collects some gear, and goes off on another black ops mission Only he thinks he s in Doctors Without Borders thanks to Biotek s false memories implanted into him after each mission.No clue as to why Hayes was chosen specifically to be a Deathlok it would ve been nice if Edmondson had included some pages on that Why not get someone totally disconnected from the world and have them as Deathlok the whole time and do away with the subterfuge of Hayes life I don t know either what Biotek s getting out of Deathlok s missions or what their goals are, but I suppose that ll be explained in the next book a book I ll probably never read thanks to this unsatisfying first volume You don t gotta give me everything but you gotta give me something Hayes is a single father with a teenage daughter so there s some uninteresting backstory about the two being distant because he s away so often I guess that s Edmondson trying for a heart to the comic but it feels clich d than anything There are also a couple of half assed subplots about some SHIELD agent trying to find Deathlok, and Domino being hired by someone mysterious to find out what s up, Deathlok But generally there s little here that s especially compelling to entice the reader.Some of the action wasn t bad, thanks largely to artist Mike Perkins fine work in this book Like Hayes when he s Deathlok, it s pretty mindless stuff to see but mildly entertaining in its way and everything looks great.I ve never read a Deathlok book before so I can t say how it stacks up against the older, different Deathloks But Nathan Edmondson s take on it is the same as with his Black Widow and Punisher comics forgettable bang bang stories that shoot blanks often than not.

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    Ive always like the Deathlok character My first experience was in the 90s with the Limited Series that introduced Michael Collins To me that s the best Deathlok series to have been published Then I went back and read the original stories from the 70s, which were also good but really far out.This series falls somewhere in between for me You have a new Deathlok, this time the twist being he doesn t even know he s Deathlok The main character thinks he s a Doctor with Medics Without Borders or something like that, and the computer in his mind makes him think he s on medical missions when instead he s on military missions slaughtering people The art is really good, sort of reminds me of Cowan s art from the 90s series If I had any complaint I thought the story moved a little slowly, but I suppose they do need to set a foundation Overall a good read, especially for fans of the Michael Collins Deathlok who has a cameo, along with Tony Stark.

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    Ugh I did not enjoy this first volume of the new Deathlok book The story was mind numbingly been there done that I mean, we ve all seen Robocop, right Also 1 Who exactly was crying out for a new Deathlok book Anybody Thought not.2 If we accept that some people out there might like Deathlok enough to warrant a new book, surely they d rather see Luther Manning or Michael Collins return, not some new guy 3 If this comic has come about due to the popularity of the Deathlok from the Agents Of SHIELD t.v show, why not introduce the Mike Peterson Deathlok into the comicbook Marvel universe The whole affair just seems remarkably dunderheaded to me The only reason I ve given it two stars is because the artwork isn t entirely awful, although it s very similar to Mike Deodato s style.Look, I don t mean to bang on about this but seriously I d ve rather had a Death Locket solo book than this

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    This is a great collection Lots of sci fi action and throw in S.H.I.E.D and their agents and background and you have a good story going on I love the Deathlok character and this is a new twist on the story of Deathlok Not sure why the mysterious agency that runs Deathlok would give his character a daughter, maybe cover But when Henry is in the Deathlok mode, he is dangerous.Can t wait to move to issues 6 to 10.

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    This was far better than I thought it would be I wouldn t say I was expecting it to be terrible, I just thought I would look it over, read a bit, and then skim the rest I mostly just got it because it was at the library, so I figured, why not.However, this book got me right from the beginning It reads like a espionage spy thriller with some military action thrown in I don t like comparing books to tv shows, but in this case I think its the best way to explain how this book reads I really got the feeling that the first five issues were the pilot episode of a TV show We get introduced to the characters and the relationships between them, but we aren t giving a lot of background on them I get the feeling that happens after the event that happens at the tail end of the book The fifth issue seems to be where the status quo is really established, so the previous for issues are trying to get you to that point That s kind of a long journey to take, but it was fun to read It didn t feel like it dragged out.I like how the book also has multiple characters all dealing with the same issues, but none of them really interact They are just tied into the mystery of who is Deathlok and what is he doing It s cool to have multiple storylines going that are really just one story.I liked the art in this book It seemed to have a similar feel of the kind of art Marvel uses in its other espionage books like secret avengers or Brubakers Captain America book.So, while I did say that I feel like the characters will start to be fleshed out , now that the book seems to be where it really wanted to go, there is definitely a big problem of no character development There is some effort made, the characters aren t generic or anything, but even at the end I felt like i didn t know Henry, and he s the star of the book.Some of the action in the book is kind of dumb as well I know that they are trying to show Deathlok as this really super efficient killing machine, but he never seems to take any damage The guy is going up again SWAT teams and special forces and walking away clean Stretching it a bit too far for me.Overall a really nice surprise of a book I would definitely keep reading it if I get the chance.

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    Reprints Original Sins 1 and Deathlok 3 1 5 August 2014 April 2015 Henry Hays is a recovering war vet who now serves as a member of Doctors Without Borders or so he thinks Henry actually has been mentally hijacked and is an agent of a shadowy company called Biotek who uses Henry as Deathlok As S H I E L D tries to track down Deathlok, Domino has also been sent out to stop Deathlok and Henry Hays thinks he s just struggling to raise his teenage daughter AriaWritten by Nathan Edmondson, Deathlok Volume 1 Control Alt Delete reprints Henry Hays first appearance in Original Sins 1 August 2014 and the first five issues of third volume of Deathlok The series features art by Mike Perkins.I always wanted to like Deathlok than I liked Deathlok The original Deathlok from the 70s had great art, but the stories were often either too heavy or just so so The 90s Deathlok suffered from the problem of being too 90s and diving deep into techno garble revolving around the internet which generally is a turn off for me in stories I hoped that the newest revival of Deathlok might fix these issues, and to some extent, it does.Like the 90s Deathlok, Henry Hays is a reluctant hero in fact, he doesn t even know that he is Deathlok The owners of the system have hijacked Henry s mind and are using him against his will This is a bit of the same set up as the 90s Deathlok in the limited series where Deathlok had to regain control over himself Here, Edmondson plays up the action and espionage side than the technical side and that is a plus.Unfortunately, Deathlok faces the threat facing all new comic books today The character really has to grab the audience immediately, or it runs the risk of cancellation Deathlok feels very cancellation prone with a story that doesn t really bring in enough of the Marvel Universe to make Deathlok important in the big picture It has Domino, but I often feel that some of the fringe characters need a better planned launch with the challenges of comic book sales today.The art for the comic ranges from good to fair I think some of Perkins action layout are strong, but some of his character illustrations are a bit weak Worse than anything, it is inconsistent, and consistency is another aspect that sells comics.Deathlok 1 Control Alt Delete is an interesting first step for a character that has been relaunched time and time again It is the fact that he s been relaunched so many times that is a bit frustrating, but fortunately, Michael Collins is part of the storyline so that should ease the pain of people who liked his Deathlok Deathlok is fighting and uphill battle, and in dangerous comic book times, it could be fatal Deathlok 1 Control Alt Delete is followed by Deathlok 2 Man Versus Machine.

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    Deathlok has always been better in concept than character to me Here, Nathan Edmonson pulls it all together I m so pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed this so much This take on Deathlok is full of intrigue and mystery Henry Hayes is a genuine character who is than guns and ammo All that being said, the guns and ammo portions of the book are very good although I don t love the uniform Mike Perkins art is really good, as usual Overall, I think the book is very good and a new high point for Deathlok.

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    I didn t know where the story was going until the very end, especially since it s my first foray into his world It was very difficult connecting with the man who s life isn t his own Reminds me a lot of Bloodshot, although I know Bloodshot came later.Still looking forward to reading the second volume only to see if it can come together.

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    This is a good setup It s just one or two issues too long The action scenes, which could be the heart of a book like this, feel like they are examples rather than thrilling reading The premise didn t need as much elaborating as the author gives it, and by the end, we feel like we ve just finished the prelude.

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Deathlok, Volume 1: Control. Alt. Delete. download Deathlok, Volume 1: Control. Alt. Delete., read online Deathlok, Volume 1: Control. Alt. Delete., kindle ebook Deathlok, Volume 1: Control. Alt. Delete., Deathlok, Volume 1: Control. Alt. Delete. 3d17180c839d A Medic Who Travels To War Zones To Heal The Wounded, Henry Hayes Has No Idea That When He S In The Field, He Is Activated By The Mysterious Biotek Group And Becomes The Ultimate Weapon Of Assassination And War Deathlok But Now, Other Parties Good And Bad Are Taking An Interest In Him Deathlok Tackles Globetrotting Missions Including Racing The Clock In The Philippines, Infiltrating A Hostage Situation In Stuttgart, Germany, Taking On An Aerial Assault On A Battlefield, And Even Stopping An Airplane In Mid Flight Meanwhile, SHIELD Agent Andrea Hope Investigates Henry Hayesand She Ll Go To A Avenger For Help As Domino Finds Michael Collins, The Previous Deathlok, Henry Hayes Lands In The Hospital While Searching For His Daughter But Will SHIELD Or Biotek Track Him Down First Collecting Deathlok Material From Original Sins