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Guardians 3000 chapter 1 Guardians 3000 , meaning Guardians 3000 , genre Guardians 3000 , book cover Guardians 3000 , flies Guardians 3000 , Guardians 3000 2bdcfb1e3c2b1 The Original, Classic Guardians Of The Galaxy Return Vance Astro, Yondu, Martinex, Starhawk And Charlie Fight To Save The St Century From The Badoon But They Soon Discover An Even Worse Threat Time Is Collapsing, The Very Future Is In Danger, And The Only Possibility Of Salvation Relies On The Guardians Shoulders But As The Team Finds Themselves Caught In A Deathtrap, And Vance Encounters A Guardian That Has Been Wiped From All Memory, They Must Find A Doorway Into The Past To Save The Future And That Means Striking A Deal With The Most Dangerous Being In The Galaxy Even With Allies Like Star Lord And The Last Nova, Can The Guardians Meet Their Greatest Challenge Not Just Guarding The Galaxy, But Saving The Universe Collecting GUARDIANS And Material From GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

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    Welcome, the original Guardians of the Galaxy long, uncomfortable pause cartoon coughing sounds nervous, uncomfortable shuffling of feet Okay, who are they, Jeff Here Okay, who are they, Jeff I had no idea before reading this but from left to right Vance Astro Major Victory once the super soldier of the future , covered in adamantium, he s good at hand to hand combat, lived over a thousand years and has psychokinetic abilities.Charlie 27 Engineered to work on Jupiter s gravity If he s anywhere else, he has enhanced strength and speed The best Charlie there is Martinex Can alternately freeze or burn evil doers Totally bad ass ability, no Super duper smarty pants too.Yondu He s a weapon specialist and can guide arrow to any target by whistling The character from the Guardians movie is based on him.Here s how they are currently drawn The dude on the left is Starhawk He s got Psi and some pre cognition abilities.He s not here Go away kid, you bother me A plot synopsis because you Anne demand it.The Badoon have enslaved most of the known universe The Guardians seek out Geena Drake, enslaved by the Badoon, because she holds the key to restoring some sort of order to a time stream that s in trouble Stark bots, looking for cheap booze and hookers, are at the center of the plot line, as well.Bottom line I hate time travel and or space opera stories, but this one is a small gem The first issue is slow, but Abnett picks up the pace to give readers a fairly entertaining, fun and funny collection Definitely recommended for those of you who like The Guardians of the Galaxy in book or movie form.

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    If you re the kind of reader who like comics where the characters make the Grrr Angry face a lot, you re gonna loooove this one If not, brace yourselfIt took me a few issues before I stopped hating it, but by the end I thought it was sort of cool insert me pondering here Yeah, now that I think about it, I really want to find out what s happening going to happen with these guys.Warning Some SpoilersSo what s the basic story Something is wrong with TIME.It s slippingskippingsomething And the only one who can see it happening or remember that it happened , is this young woman named Geena.Geena was in a Badoon labor camp, and was rescued by the Guardians in GotG 14 , because Starhawk told them she was somehow important to saving the universe After the rescue, they invited to help save everything by joining the team.She said, YES claps wildly Starhawk, or He Who Knows now, She Who Knows , is the group s precog, and the one who kind of sets them on the right path Ish It appears that every timeer, time resets, Starhawk s gender changes And Geena, being the only one who remembers the alternate time, is also the only one who notices awkward Beyond all of the timey wimey stuff, the gist of Guardians 3000 is that the Badoon have taken over the whole universe, and everything is in tatters The Guardians are sort of the Rebel Alliance, if you will They re still fighting the good fight, but they can t seem to make any headway because of time keeps resetting, but they don t know that Well, not at first.But now that they do, they re gonna fight to fix it These guys are all sorta weird, so I think it took me a while to warm up to them Now, if you re a huge fan of cosmic stuff, it might be a whole lot easier for you than it was for me The first few issues, you re just kind of thrown into the craziness of the battles with the Badoon, the stuff about time resetting, and all of these characters with their strange powers However I did think that this volume did a good job after those initial issues of introducing some of the characters, and explaining enough for me to feel somewhat comfortable And even if I don t know all of them, it gave me the impression that if I hung around long enough, I would Just keep swimming, just keep swimmingVance Astro aka Major Victory has a little bit of an origin story in this, and you learn that he volunteered to be frozen and shot into space in an explorer like mission It was the only way for him to travel to the end of the galaxy or wherever , because hyper super duper light speed or whatever wasn t possible But, unfortunately, when he was found and thawed outOops Sorry, dude Yeah, we cracked that code 500 years ago.So, yeah, he was kind of obsolete, and his mission was useless Whatever the scientists had done to him, though, gave him super something And his life force no actual idea was sorta saran wrapped inside of him, making him immortal Also, for some yet unexplained reason, he has Captain America s shield.So, now he fights galactic crime There s also Old Lady Nova forgot her name , who is the last surviving member of the Nova Corps Is it just me, or does that seem to happen a lot to the NC How many times can these guys get completely wiped off the map, anyway Doesn t matter I thought it was pretty awesome that this geriatric was still a bit of an ass kicker, so she gets my vote to stay on the team Oh And look It s some distant relative of our Star Lord He s a rascally rouge named Peter, as well So, yeahcute.Yonduwho controls his arrows by whistling Martinex, who shoots controls fire and ice I think And Charlie 27, who was again, I think genetically engineered to work on Jupiter, so he has super bone density muscle mass Which, makes him crazy strongeverywhere but Jupiter Last, some chick named Nikki Not sure what she does, but she sure as hell liked blowing shit up Unfortunately, nobody on the team seemed to remember who she was, so I m guessing their memory of her went to the same place as Starhawk s penis Maybe this time stuff ties into Secret Wars I m tempted to keep going with this title for that reason alone, but even if it doesn t, this team grew on me enough to read the second volume.

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    Everybody seems to love this book but me I suppose it s going to have to remain one of those instances where the rest of the world and I agree to disagree there are lots of those.Unlike the vast majority of folks whose first exposure to any group of Guardians of the Galaxy was the recent movie, I was there for a lot of the original run, so this isn t a case of these aren t the GOTG Where re the raccoon and the tree WAAA To me, the Guardians 3000 are the REAL Guardians of the Galaxy Kids today When I were a lad all this was fields Get off my lawn etc Why didn t I enjoy this book then Well, dear friends, it s because it was a mess and an ugly mess at that The plot was a ridiculous hotchpotch of time jumps, pointless battles, reality shifts and, to make things worse, a new Mary Sue character who is the key to everything I m really sorry Mr Abnett, especially as I ve loved your work in the past, but this was a fumble.It didn t help that I cannot stand Gerardo Sandoval s artwork There s no grasp of basic anatomy, it reeks of mid nineties grit teeth and big guns and it s so hyper kinetic that it looks like there s a pitched battle going on even when the characters are just standing around talking There s no tonal contrast between scenes whatsoever it s like the comicbook equivalent of a Michael Bay movie in case you were wondering, this is not a good thing.I ve heard there s a new artist coming aboard for the second volume so I m hopeful this title will improve, as I like these characters and think they deserve better Again, though, I realise I m in the minority here so your mileage may vary.

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    Oh thank gods And of course it s Dan Abnett that s saved the day Or the week, rather Of the 50 bucks blown on comics last week, all Marvel dogs This one s a real gem Totally loved it Brings back some of my favorite characters from my 70 s childhood The art s a bit over stylized in a 90 s way for my taste but the brilliant Alex Ross covers makes up for that a bit Love seeing Ross doing Marvel work Good story Certainly knotted up in the Secret Wars prelude stuff Time out of wonk and what not Certainly enough to shoot up to the top my current favs, comicwise.

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    Original classic Guardians come back in a time anomaly setting.

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    I thought this was an intriguing sort of spin off I d already been introduced to the storyline back in Guardians Disassembled, if I m not mistaken, and I was utterly clueless as to why it was relevant Maybe it s part of the space time thing that only Thanos, Peter, and Angela know about But if this book told me anything, it s that something is wrong with time The Hideaway Parliament was a good idea, except no one knows how the Badoon were able to find it Did they have a d key Starhawk s gender swap was interesting, but I m not sure that I like him better as a woman It might balance out the main cast a little, but it was kind of nice to see a band of male guardians doing their darndest to protect the only one who can perceive the time loop, Geena Drake I still find it hard to believe that the Badoon are the ones who took over the entire universe, pretty much, and that they enslaved all surviving races The A Sentience using them as brute force makes sense, but I feel like the Tony that we know would have created something intricate and complex that recognizes the shades of gray enough to not kill the Guardians on sight It kind of seems like Geena fancies any guy that she s close to, though I think guy of the moment just so happens to be Peter Quill Speaking of the Star Lord, how did he make it to the year 3014 AD And I m pretty sure that during one of the time glitches, his hair turned black At least he s helping the Guardians, but is this the Peter we know or is he another casualty of the timeline The weird thing is, even though the keep repeating the same battle, they end up differing and giving disparate outcomes Kallark of the Shi Ar empire, scoundrel and sexist pig that he is, seems to still be kicking as well I appreciate that the Guardians ship is called the Captain America And I m pretty sure that Vance Astro has his shield Vance s backstory was actually riveting I had no idea that he was born in 1969 and was sent to the closest planet with life on it over a thousand years later only to find that future humans had beat him there Yondu may not say much, but I admire his loyalty and his extensive knowledge concerning weapons Rael Rider may be the last of the Nova Corps, but in the end she came through for the Guardians and I m not sure what the Hunger is, what it will do, or what it has to do with anything, but I do know that Rael made the right decision Stark Body Unit was a good machine and I liked him Some of the future jargon threw me off at first, but in time I learned to understand and talk like a flarking person I don t know who Nikki Gold is, but she doesn t need to be coming in guns blazing to a negotiation where civilized conversation was taking place between half of the Guardians and A Sentience Overall, I liked it and would recommend it to those with a love for AUs This sure felt like one.

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    I really enjoyed this one

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    Read as single issues,This series is one of the most consistently enjoyable that I ve read Dan Abnett is a higher tier writer and his space based stories are fun and interesting and complicated enough without being impenetrable It s nice to see Vance Astro again and I like the characters, the way they speak and the art, though it s definitely an extreme style that some readers will not enjoy so much This series makes me miss the days of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning writing the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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    Reprints Guardians of the Galaxy 3 14 and Guardians 3000 1 5 June 2014 April 2015 Vance Astro, Charlie 27, Martinex, Starhawk, and Yondu are the Guardians of the Galaxy or are they When they rescue a young temporal anomaly named Geena Drake from a slave camp, they discover that they might be fighting an endless battle and the original Guardians might not be as original as they thought When a group called the A Sentience begins to pursue the Guardians, the Guardians hope to reach the heart of the universe to safe their reality from collapsing.Written by Dan Abnett, Guardians 3000 Volume 1 Time After Time is a post new Guardians of the Galaxy relaunch of the original team of the Guardians of the Galaxy The comic features art by Gerardo Sandoval and also collects the back up story from Guardians of the Galaxy 3 14.The original Guardians of the Galaxy comic the 1990s one in addition to their appearances before that were some of my favorite comics The 1990s series was very soap opera based and featured tons of melodrama with the characters and their relationships I was really looking forward to Guardians 3000 and was sorely disappointed.Dan Abnett really proved himself to me when he teamed with Andy Lanning for the Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy relaunch, but I also wished that the old Guardians would be part of the mix Approaching Guardians 3000, it was immediately off base The original Guardians are reintroduced minus Nikki to Geena who plays the young optimistic character While this wasn t necessarily a wrong approach, it misses the mark.The comics play with the timestream, but in a way that doesn t feel original or coherent The Guardians apparently keep dying like Edge of Tomorrow , and Geena is the only one who knows it It takes any suspense out of the story because the story relaunches with all the characters alive in the first issue promising that it will happen again if they die again It feels really lazy.Later in the volume, Nikki is finally reintroduced and redesigned in a very uninteresting way involving her fire hair , but it too feels lazy because she apparently is a bit of an anomaly as well since she remembers her time with the Guardians and Starhawk is an anomaly as the One Who Knows but doesn t seem to know much taking away the little interest I had in Geena Add to it bad battle scenes and uninspired villains in the A Sentience, and you have a rather poor comic.Guardians 3000 stings than other comic book failures in that it really reduces the chance of the original Guardians getting another chance If you liked the old Guardians the story isn t appealing and if you like the new Guardians, the story also isn t appealing I will always give the original Guardians of the Galaxy a chance, but this does sour me toward the characters if they were to appear this way again though I do like the Alex Ross covers Guardians 3000 Volume 1 is also a bit of a misnomer in that there isn t a second volume Guardians 3000 1 Time After Time was followed by Warzones Korvac Saga which tied in to Marvel s Secret Wars storyline The series was cancelled after Secret Wars.

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    This had a ton of potential even if I m not sold on the Sandoval artwork His chaotic style fits the rather slapdash storyline And I ll even buy off on the characters acting entirely way too Over The Top OTT , going against many decades of GotG canon But to combine all of that plus the cliff hanger ending view spoiler featuring Galactus hide spoiler

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