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A Highland Pearl (Highland Treasures, #1) pdf A Highland Pearl (Highland Treasures, #1) , ebook A Highland Pearl (Highland Treasures, #1) , epub A Highland Pearl (Highland Treasures, #1) , doc A Highland Pearl (Highland Treasures, #1) , e-pub A Highland Pearl (Highland Treasures, #1) , A Highland Pearl (Highland Treasures, #1) dc9288bf1cb Inspirational Scottish Historical RomanceA Sweet Romance Blossoms Amidst Feuding And War With Her Reputation At Stake After Being Accused Of Practicing Witchcraft And Hated As A Member Of A Rival Clan, Maidie Considers Leaving Clan Munro And Returning To The Home Of Her Birth In Clan Cameron Fierce Battles, A Tragic Encounter, And A Handsome Clan Chief Compel Her To Make Crucial Decisions In This Haunting Romance Set In Theth Century Highlands Of ScotlandMaidie Is Summoned To F Rdach Castle Of Easter Ross Shire To Assist In Caring For The Wounded Of Clan Munro After A Battle With Clans MacKenzie And Cameron She Dreads The Task Since Her Husband, Kenneth Munro, Was Killed In An Earlier Battle Maidie Is A Healer, Taught By Her Mother, With The Skills And Knowledge Needed To Tend The Wounds Of Chief Andrew Dubh Munro Who Is Seriously WoundedPeople In The Castle And Those In The Village Of Drumainn Turn Against Maidie Angus, The Castle Physician, Resents Her For Taking His Job In Caring For The Chief She Is Hated By Some, Because She Is A Member Of The Enemy Clan Cameron And Came To Live In Ferindonald, The Munro Lands, With Her HusbandMaidie Considers Returning To The Land Of Her Birth In Clan Cameron With Her Young Son, Sven, But Falls In Love With Andrew While Caring For His Wounds Although Her Neighbors Now Call Her A Witch, She Wishes To Stay In Drumainn Because Of Her Love For The ChiefAgainst An Effort To Guard His Hardened Heart From Another Hurtful Encounter With A Woman, Andrew Falls In Love With The Tender, Caring Healer, Maidie He Wants Her To Stay In Drumainn, But His Enemies, The Camerons And MacKenzies, Have Other Plans They Use Andrew In An Exchange For Maidie And Sven After Their Warriors Capture The Munro Chief Her Father, The Brother Of Chief Ewin Cameron, Wishes For Maidie S Inheritance To Stay Within His Hands After The Exchange, Andrew Vows To Get Maidie Back And Plots Her Return To Him And Clan Munro While Inside Castle Lach, The Seat Of Clan MacKenzie, Andrew Meets A Small Child Who Is His Daughter He Takes The Child With Him To Provide For Her When He Leaves Castle LachGavin, Andrew S Brother, Falls In Love With Maidie She Is Attracted To Him, But Knowing His Roving Eye, Avoids His Amorous Attentions Gavin Tries To Woo Maidie And Win Her Heart Away From Andrew He Offers An Alternative To Rescuing His Brother Instead Of Using Her As An Exchange For The Chief Maidie Will Not Put Andrew S Life In Danger And Refuses She Resigns Herself To Going Back To Her Father S Home Gavin Decides He Cannot Stay At F Rdach Without Maidie And Makes Plans To LeaveDavina, The Younger Sister Of Andrew And Gavin, Harbors Resentment Toward Maidie Because Of Her Brothers Attentions To The Healer Davina Is Also Jealous Of The Young Warrior, Tavish, Who Andrew Assigned As Maidie S Bodyguard, And Who Is Infatuated By Her Sweet Charm Davina Secretly Loves Tavish And Wishes To Marry Him, But Her Brothers Desire Her To Marry The MacKenzie S Son To Bring Peace Between The ClansAlthough Maidie Loves Andrew, She Knows Their Love Is Forbidden Too Many Adverse Circumstances Surround Their Relationship Being A Devout Believer, Maidie Is Concerned About Andrew S Lack Of Spiritual Convictions She Realizes They Can Never Be Happy With A Gulf Between Their Beliefs Will Laird Andrew Dubh Munro And Maidie Cameron Munro Overcome The Barriers Standing In The Way Of Their Love

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    Inspirational Highland RomanceSet in Ross Shire in the Highlands of Scotland in 1508, this is the story of Maidie Cameron Munro, widow and healer, who is called upon to tend the wounds of Laird Andrew Munro, the Black Falcon of Ferindonald.Maidie and Andrew are caught in the middle of clan warfare that has her father at war with Andrew who she is coming to love Along the way, Andrew ends up in a dungeon where he finds his faith.I like the way Taylor writes Very visual, very clear, and authentic to the era Her descriptions make me I feel like I m in the room with Maidie She obviously did much research into the Munro clan for the book, too I loved the developing romance between Maidie and Andrew and the fact that others wanted her, too I did think Andrew s conversion a bit sudden and then shortly after he kills a guard that he might have just hit over the head There s lots of action to keep you turning pages.If you like sweet Highland romance with sexual tension but no love scenes and action, and some inspiration, you will find it in this one.A Highland Pearl is the first in a series called Highland Treasures so watch for to come

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    I am voluntarily submitting my honest review after receiving a copy of this ebook via NetGalley.I tried to like this book I really did But two words sum it all up for me far fetched and sappy But first SPOILER ALERT STOP READING NOW if you don t want to know some elements of the plot in advance SPOILER ALERT First, it is inconceivable to me that a clan s tanist and the chief s brother would keep secrets from the laird There is simply no way that Gavin would not have told Andrew right away that Davina had asked her maid to steal Maidie s bag, particularly since it contained herbs she needed to heal Andrew Gavin would never have withheld potentially lifesaving treatment from his brother and other clan members Further, it is impossible to believe that Andrew wouldn t be angry upon learning that Gavin lied about Davina s betrayal In addition, Gavin and Andrew s initial capitulation to MacKenzie, Frazer and Cameron s demands is ridiculous There is no way a true laird in that time period would ever sign a divorce decree falsely claiming adultery on his part, particularly when doing so would mean the loss of a significant inheritance Also, the notion that any man of this time period would trade a much coveted, strategically placed castle for a corpse is ludicrous What makes Scottish Highland historical romance novels so appealing are the strong, decisive, tough, fair, gallant and heroic men s men you just don t find the modern era This novel is totally devoid of those essential characters And while Maidie, Nellie and a few other women in the novel are well drawn and likable, they simply aren t enough to carry the entire book The pacing of the plot is a little awkward as well one minute, Maidie is a widow and a healer who has been under Andrew s nose for seven years and the next he is in love with her, but nothing happens, then the plot resolution seems to unfold in a great rush There is also a large dose of Christian indoctrination in this novel had I realized that, I wouldn t have selected this book, but readers who enjoy inspirational reading won t be troubled by this aspect Still, sadly, despite my love of all things Scotland, I can t recommend this novel.

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    Loved this inspirational Scottish romance Clan Cameron and Clan Munro are feuding and Maide Cameron and her son are in the middle of it Can Andrew Munro prove his love for Maide and bridge the gap in their faith Maide is an outcast, considered a black witch for her healing knowledge Can Maide and Andrew bring peace to their clans before it s too late If you enjoy inspirational historical romance, you ll love this Scottish romance Brenda Taylor brings the 16th century to life in A Highland Pearl For a step back in time, including clan rivalry, historical facts, and romance, this is a great read I received a free copy in the hope that I would mention review it on my blog I was not required to give a positive review, only my honest opinion which I ve done All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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    Though several years have passed since she married into the Munro clan, Maidie is aware few trusts her Now a widow, she considers returning to the clan of her father, the rival of her husband s clan However, she is summoned to tend to Chief Andrew Dubh Munro, and her heart shows her a different path.This was a sweet read Maidie was an interesting character to follow Her concern for her son and her desire for him not to be trained for battle made her sympathetic Her insecurities about being her dead husband s clan made sense for the situation.That being said, I did find it hard to believe Chief Andrew would be up and riding after having a stomach wound Maybe things were different back then, but it seemed highly unlikely that he would recover so quickly.Overall, I would recommend this to readers looking for a sweet, Scottish historical read.I received a complimentary copy from NetGalley and am reviewing of my own accord.

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    This was probably the gentlest love story I ve read in a while Attraction might have been almost instant between Andrew and Maidie, but it took time to grow.Andrew is Clan Munro s Chief He s a skilled leader, fair and just He s also a fierce warrior who protects his clan at all costs An enemy s battleax felled him in war, and the healer who tended him came at his request She is Maidie, a young widow with a son The art of healing with plants was passed to her by her mother, and she is good at what she does She does her best to heal Andrew her skills with herbs, teas, and salves is unrivaled in the clan It doesn t take long for her to come to care for Andrew as than her Chief, but as a man as well.Maidie s spirit washardy I m not sure if that s the correct word to describe her She was strong in the face of rumors and opposition She helped even when others deemed her a witch and swore she used black magic to heal She willingly gave herself up so Andrew could come home If that s not a hardy woman, I m not sure what is Through everything she faced, she never complained as her goal was never for herself but for the safety and health of others.Andrew is chief, could probably have any woman he wants, but his heart and his dreams always seem to lead him back to Maidie Her soft touch when she took care of him and her beauty were lures he couldn t resist She was, ultimately, his undoing but not in the way it sounds He wasn t injured in battle because of her, neither was his capture her fault But she wound her way into his life and shattered his resistance to women that was born from his first wife s betrayal She made him care, showed him that love done right can be wonderful in the end.Their love story isn t fast paced or adventure filled A lot of this story is spent in narrative or internal dialogues from Andrew and Maidie I ve read this story twice before writing this review, and I can honestly say I enjoyed the way Ms Taylor wrote it The narratives and internal dialogues are insightful into the hearts and minds of the main characters, which, for me, made their conversations and emotions meaningful There was weight behind the words they spoke and sound reasoning for what they felt It s what made this sweet, gentle love story a great read for me.If you ve got time and want a book to get lost in, if you re looking for something a little slower and sweeter than your usual fare, I hope you give this book a try I know sweet and slow aren t for everyone I wasn t sure it was for me until I realized I was halfway through my first time reading it and anxious to find out what would happen next Received from Pump Up Your Book for an honest review

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    A HIGHLAND PEARL by Brenda B Taylor is an exciting Scottish Historical Romance set in 16th century Scotland 1 in the Highland Treasure series What a beginning Fast paced, action packed romance from the Highlands of Scotland, fictional facts weaved with some actual facts as well Ms Taylor did an amazing job of weaving romance, historical facts, and real life events into an amazing Scottish romance.A romance blooms amidst chaos, clan rivalry, and a feuding war between clans.Meet, Maidie of Clan Munro, who is a healer, and widow, of Kenneth Munro, who was killed in a battle between Clans MacKenzie and Cameron She is called to the Castle Drumainn, for her skills to aid the seriously wounded, Chief Andrew Dubh Munro With her small son, Sven, she journeys to Castle Drumainn.Thus begans a turbulent relationship between Andrew and Maidie Maidie finds resentment and hatred, in the village Where the castle physician, Angus, is the cause of some, others dislike who she is and what she represents, a healer Some call her witch Others find her skills amazing, and the clan leader Andrew finds her amazing and a love growing between them Thus begins their journey to find love and happiness amidst turmoil, danger and clan rivalry.I loved the way the author brought, Andrew and Maidie together, their way of finding their own happiness, and their battle with their growing passion and romance An amazing tale of romance and love A sweet Highland Romance, that will have readers turning pages and holding their breathe in awe Simply amazing I can t wait for the next installment in the Highland Treasures series Well done Highly recommended to Scottish Romance readers who enjoy an amazing Highland Romance Received for an honest review from the publisher Rating 4.5Heat rating SweetReviewed by AprilR, courtesy of My Book Addiction and More

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    There are many historical romances that follow a nice, neat formula They re fun to read, but you pretty much know what s coming and when and how you ll get there I was pleasantly surprised that this story was not cookie cutter , that it, instead, included some unexpected twists It read like a book in which the author created characters and allowed those characters to dictate the direction of the plot Along with the organic feeling progression of the story , were a few other attributes that contributed to a sense of realism The characters were pretty 3 dimensional, and we were not spared from the unsavory realities of the times, like bitter resentments, plots and side arrangements for power, barbaric medical practices, and the untimely loss of people even characters we ve come to know and care for Of course, while there was some gritty reality , it was well balanced with love, devotion, loyalty and spirituality, so it all added up to a very pleasant read.

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    I love historical fiction, but I struggled with this one and nearly didn t finish it I didn t love the characters and I wanted to However, the story moved too fast for me to get to know them or truly understand their situations I also found it difficult to believe that Andrew could be up on a horse so soon after a terrible abdominal injury that required surgery The ending was a bit too neat as well There are many Gaelic phrases and while I was familiar with many, I didn t discover that the glossary was at the end until I finished the ebook I think that putting it in the front so the reader knew it was available would have been helpful Still, the descriptions are rich, and Scotland is one of my most favorite settings for a novel.

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    I would like to thank netgalley and Bethabara Press for a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.Overall the plot is intriguing, but I did have issues with some of the story The male MC is incredibly controlling without it really being addressed properly and the female MC makes a comment about another female character being on her period because of her mood I did like the use of Scottish Gaelic and the particular focus on clothing.

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    Indeed a PearlThat this was a clean read story added to my 5 star rating I m looking forward to next book in the series The story was good and kept my interest Definitely a book to read It was helpful to have the glossary.

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