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    Nice teaching book about nature Need like Flowers has lots of bright colors and facts easy for kids to understand about bees, pollen, pollination, and flowers Very nice.

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    I absolutely loved this book It is really adorable and after reading just this one from the series I am convinced that the Mummy nature Series is fantastic to say the least.The illustrations are very suitable for a children s book All faces have smiles, a lot of colors are used and each object of insect is very clearly portrayed It is definitely a great way to attract the little one s interest and can even raise one s spirit I was in a very good mood while reading it The story is told in verse and it even has its own melody I could easily see this in a song.These particular drawings make the story understandable and appealing telling a bee s story to a child who s afraid of being stung is quite challenging, but the author has done it in a very enjoyable way What s important is that it is a very educative book as well For example, there are lessons at the end in regards to different kind of flowers and kids are encouraged to find them in the story It is both interactive and helpful.As with most books I receive, I have a copy in a kindle format, so I can only state my opinion in regards to the electronic version However, I do advise to purchase the paperbacks of all the books in the series I can tell you I am adding this to the list of titles for my future child, whenever he or he may decide to come 5 amazing bees and flowers for this lovely book

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    Really lovely bookMy Grandson who is 4 really enjoyed The Story And we ended up reading it twice The Illustrations were amazing and so colourful My grandkids my 8yr old granddaughter also joined in reading on the second read Good facts about bees and flowers that we discussed, we ll definitely read it again

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    This nicely illustrated book for young children gives a nice introduction to the world of science and a clever way of discovering the important roles that the bee plays in the cycle of life It also helps us to remember that bees do not need to be feared, but they should be respected, especially for the resources they provide to us all.

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    My daughter loves this story It is very cute and informative story From my daughter its 5 star.The 5 star is from my daughter She loves the story and afterward she asked a ton of questions about bees.

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    Gives You An Appreciation For BeesI love bees They are an important part of our world This books helps me appreciate them even Great way to educate the little ones about the value of bees.

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    A pleasant, short educational story.The illustrations are clear and bright The font is small and clear This story is told in rhyme At the end there s a mini quiz This is a safe and trustworthy read Great for young kids.

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    Read it to my niece and nephews Read it to them for bedtime and gave them each a teaspoon of honey That was months ago They are visiting again this week They requested this book because they know it comes with a teaspoon of homey.

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    Great mini lesson on Bees for kidsI rated this five stars because it is a concise but easy to understand read for children It does a great job of explaining things about bees and about what bees do Great work to the author for this work.

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    This is a wonderful book to introduce your young one to bees I was very please to see they got things so right Most cartoons and books paint all worker bees as males This one talks about the jobs of bees and the hive and the benefit of them to both mankind and plants Wonderful book.

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Bees Like Flowers summary pdf Bees Like Flowers, summary chapter 2 Bees Like Flowers, sparknotes Bees Like Flowers, Bees Like Flowers 5e5070f BOOK In The MUMMY NATURE Series Of Children S Books Watch Our Happy, Helpful Friend The Honey Bee, Always So Busy And Buzzy And Find Out Why Bees And Flowers Are Such Good Friends Illustrations Using Vivid Colours Include Many Real Flower Species Which Children May Recognise From Their Garden Or Have Seen Growing In The Wild, Of Them Are Named At The End Of The Book Too The Narrator Shows Us What These Fascinating Bugs Have Been Getting Up To In Her Garden What We Can Learn Concepts Simple Ideas About The Life Of A Bee Bees Are Insects Some Common Flowers Daisy, Poppy, Sunflower New Words Insect, Pollen, Nectar, Hive, Honeycomb, Blossoms PAGES WORDS LEVEL Preschool To Yrs Other Books In The Series Meet Bacteria MUMMY NATURE Series Nurturing Children S Curiosity Each Book In The Series Is One Mini Nature Lesson Wrapped Up In Colour And Rhyme These Books Are Intended For Very Young Children Including Toddlers And Will Give Them Just A Glimpse Into Some Of The Wonders Of The Natural World Illustrated For Maximum Vibrancy And Visual Impact, Using Rhyme To Engage Young Minds And Encourage Participation Read The Rhymes To Your Children And Soon They Will Be Reading Them To You The Narrator Is A Small Child And Keen Observer Who Tells Us In Short Rhyming Phrases Everything She Thinks We Should Know, And All About The Magical Things She Sees Around Her Sometimes She Is Camouflaged In The Long Grass And Other Times She Has To Climb A Tree To Get A Better Look

  • Paperback
  • 26 pages
  • Bees Like Flowers
  • Rebecca Bielawski
  • English
  • 03 April 2017
  • 9781502481313

About the Author: Rebecca Bielawski

Once upon a time in England there was a Kiwi girl She was unsatisfied with her job peeling onions at a factory in Norfolk and yearned for a better life where she could harness her untapped artistic potential and unleash all her pent up rhymes One day when she realized she had no tears left to cry for the onions she packed up and moved to Spain, fell in love with a handsome Systems Administrator,