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Snow Globe pdf Snow Globe , ebook Snow Globe , epub Snow Globe , doc Snow Globe , e-pub Snow Globe , Snow Globe c9edeffd9ba Length Minutes A Story From The Dreamspinner Press Advent Calendar Collection HeartwarmingKris Hamilton Escaped The Rat Race In LA To Live His Dream Of Owning An Art Studio And Making Snow Globes In A Christmas Themed Town In Northern Minnesota But Life In A Tiny Town Isn T As Peaceful As Advertised, And Being Treated Like An Outsider Is Making Kris S Tourette S Flare Up When He Inadvertently Offends Tyr Tollefson A Beautiful Blond Giant Of A Man Kris Is Ready To Chuck It All But He Strikes Up An Unlikely Friendship With Tyr S Cousin Bun, Who Shows Them The Magic Of Christmas And Gives Them Both A Lesson In Love And Acceptance

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    I m a sucker for a man with a disability, especially a verbal sort of disability like our MC in this story Kris has form of Tourette s where he says adjectives out loud about whatever he is thinking It was pretty fascinating to read about, and as the sister of a stutterer, I immediately connected to the MC I really enjoyed the first part of the story It was Christmas y, touching, and just gave me the warm fuzzies inside I was melting hard and fast for this story.But then it sort of lost me I starting to have some issues with POV changes and then their relationship took off at lightening speed I wasn t quite on board with it, and when the drama started up, I started to disconnect from the story Another issue that I had was with the audiobook Now, the narrator has a great speaking voice, to be sure, but he is clearly not American I kept rereading the blurb and re listening to parts of the book, waiting to see if this book was secretly taking place in Scotland and the blurb and the story just didn t get the memo At least, I think it was a Scottish accent Anyway, it was distracting because it wasn t what I pictured for that locale and those characters Also, I could have used a bit vocal differentiation between the MCs I found the dialog hard to follow at times because the two guys sounded alike to me A cute Christmas story that had the potential to be Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    3 stars Snow Globe is a short and sweet Christmas story I wish I could rate it a little higher than 3 stars, but as much as I liked Kris and Bun, I never connected or really even liked Tyr Also, it was odd to me that the audio narrator had an accent when the book took place in MN.

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    This is one of my favorite reads this holiday seasonand not because it s especially sweet, or that it s especially hotbut it sdifferent It s not this over the top joy to the world kinda book It s about hard times and dealing with life s challenges It s about not judging a book by it s cover and about what lies beneath the face value assumptions we make It s about disability and sickness and family being beyond blood to bond together it s about acceptance and love It s about strength of character even in the midst of imperfections There s something really uplifting about this bookand I thought it was beautiful.Shortbut less about the story and about the message Enjoy

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    On the one hand, I LOVED this story.I love the way the disabilities are handled The love of a family, the goodness and innocents of Bun.The sweetheart called Kris, what a wonderful man Loved Eddie The snow globes and Kris creativity and love of them and his bravery was really fitting to the heartwarming theme I so wished Kris had gotten a better man one who deserved the treasure he is.On the other hand, I m going to rant You are being warned Now Tyr..well, let s just say, he did NOT grovel enough for me He did nothing for Kris, it was Bun who invited him, it was Eddie that offered him friendship Tyr took him to another state for a date He did nothing to make his life better, he literally threw him under the bus I have no sympathy for him and honestly Kris forgave him far too easily and quickly for me Kris and Bun get 5 Tyr and the town..big fat zero stars.

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    I was intrigued with this one because I saw one of the MCs had a Tourette s and I thought Kris was quite a lovely character I would love to read about him and his dealing with Tourette s His connection with Bun, a girl with developmental issue, who is the cousin of Tyr the love interest was also lovely Unfortunately, I thought the story moved back and forth between Kris and Tyr a bit too quick for my taste As quick that I couldn t feel that I ve developed enough sympathy for the two of them It was nice, good premise, but somehow lost in execution for me.

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    Lovely story I liked the writing style a lot, adored the name Tyr, loved Kris pretty unique word problem I at least had never heard of that particular brand of Tourette s before , the snow globes were a good idea too, and Bun and her father were awesome Things got a little rushed at the end unfortunately, but still a great pro Christmas read if you re in the mood for that

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    4.5 starsGood depiction of migraines Very angsty The little guy tops Great that in the end,

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    This is an amazingly tender story, and one of those that took me totally by surprise The way it is told is actually really clever, adding little bits and pieces to the whole picture as time passes, but it did make it difficult for me to get into what was actually going on Just like it must have been difficult for Kris, who suffers from Tourette s, to see some of the connections between the people of the small town he has made his new home But what a rewarding feeling at the end when it all comes together in a truly heartwarming way.Kris is an artist, and a very talented one who makes snow globes, but he is not exactly a social person His tendency to spout off strings of words is not one easily understood, and when he and Tyr start being visibly attracted to each other, the small mindedness of the townspeople takes over and make his life and Tyr s a living hell Because Kris is the stranger they think it s easier for them to get rid of him than dealing with long time resident Tyr, but they forget that Kris has his own idea of what is right.Some of the scenes were really beautiful Tyr s cousin Bun has her own mental issues to battle with, but she is such a loving person, she made me smile She has an ability to clarify what s really important, and, in the end, plays a key role in helping Tyr see what needs to happen as well as spurring Kris on to doing what s right And while the romance between Kris and Tyr develops slowly and mostly off scene, it is undeniably one of the most moving love stories I have come across.If you like stores that are undeniably different, both in style and the characters they are about, if you enjoy reading about men who struggle against both internal and external obstacles, and if you re looking for a read that is intense, rewarding, and truly heartwarming, then you will probably enjoy this short story NOTE This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.

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    Oh what a gem I had problems in the beginning to get into the story, it felt a bit incoherent But on the quiet it got to me I loved the very distinctive writing style and this story could have been much longer But that s the only niggle.Good idea to start my reading year 2014 with this story

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    I ve been celebrating the coming holiday with Christmas story after Christmas story and so far each story has been getting better and better Well I think that streak may have ended because I don t know if anything will top this one for me I was going to try and explain how in less than 50 pages an author broke me into a million itty bitty pieces and did it beautifully, but then I realized I d have to tell you about too much of this story and that would spoil it So instead I m going to say that if you want to read a story about the hope, faith, love and joy that this holiday season encompasses, if you re not afraid to shed a few tears and you like your characters to be different and strong in spirit and so beautifully amazing then you need to read this story I am so crazy about Kris, it s just not even funny He is strong, adorable, amazing and yet so very vulnerable with an inner beauty that many hope for and few achieve Tyr iswell he s Tyr, a big strong hulking, viking god, he loves his family and is so devoted to them, but they need than he alone can give and that is all I m going to say.The characters in this story are so unique, so special in their own way It s a short story packed with so much emotion So worth the little bit of time it takes to read it.

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