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    This is how one should write an advanced language tutorial as a walkthrough of new language mechanics mixed with both best practices and potential hang ups.I ve read through this once, but I know I ll continue to use this as a reference as systems move toward C 11 14.

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    U dlouho jsem se tak nebavil p i ten odborn knihy Jeden z nejlep ch autor , Scott Meyers, o jednom z nejlep ch programovac ch jazyk C 11 14 Kniha by se mi hodila u v roce 2011, ale i v roce 2014 je dobr zkonfrontovat sv best practices se Scottov mi doporu en mi Pro lidi, kte s C 11 14 za naj a horko t ko zvl dli novou syntaxi, se jedn o povinnou etbu, proto e jsou jinak na projektech nepou iteln empiricky na n kter ch projektech ov eno a na t chto projektech nebylo n kter m lidem ubl eno jen proto, e m me osv cen 21 stolet a nadbytek deviantn ch p ru ek o korektnosti a laskavosti p i ka d m code review .

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    First of all, if you re involved with C in any capacity, you pretty much have to read this book because, to be honest, there isn t much good literature around Also, ever since the introduction of move semantics, lambdas and other advanced goodies, things got really complicated which means that everyone and especially people involved with C tools or IDEs now need to know how to deal with the added layers of supposedly necessary complexity.

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    Man, C is ridiculous fan of straight C and find C s craziness hard to swallow at times , but this book is fantastic because it doesn t teach you to program It shows you what is new in C 11 It gives specific action items and patterns to follow when you re coding Likewise, the book is easy to follow provided that you are familiar with the C concepts from previous versions that it uses to explain the new features.Effective Modern C came recommended by a mentor when I asked for recommendations on how to think in C.I still am not a C convert, but this book fit the bill and I have a better understanding of the language.

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    I m on a fence On one hand, Effective Modern C is very well written book Actually, it is clear that the author spent an enormous amount of time perfecting every aspect of the book, including the coloring of the code examples to make the book as good as it can be.On the other hand, I m not sure about the target audience the book is not a reference or even a textbook on C 11 14, so this is definitely not a book for someone who doesn t know the languages and it even recommends going to study the language reference on some pages However, for someone who does know the language, most of the tips would be obvious and not as useful.

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    Recommended for any c programmer Made me really fall in love with the language I d almost recommend that a person learn c just so they could read this book.

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    Great book However, it seems to be for experienced C engineers Every chapter in the book is about some very subtle situation I feel like I would need to come back to this book later.

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    Must read for all C developers

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    This book is excellent Perhaps I could stop right here, but this work is actually so good that it deserves a couple of words, thus let s get over with the obvious first This book is not for those who got acquainted with C just yesterday The author assumes you have some prior knowledge about the language, and as such, there will be no introductions whatsoever to any of the language features On the other hand, the author doesn t expect you to know everything there is to C either, so among other things, quite a lot of explanations about some deeper language mechanics will be presented all of which you should know about anyway to make sure you understand all the techniques and recommendations So let s get started.The first few Items topics of the book are all about making you understand some rather important language mechanics and terminology, e.g type deduction for templates and auto, the real difference between the types of variable initialization, making a distinction between rhs and lhs values, etc Later chapters build on the knowledge established here heavily, so expect to turn back here for some refreshers a couple of times The book then continues with the presentation of modern or revised features of C introduced with the 2011 and 2014 standards and why these should be preferred over the old C 98 style solutions The really neat thing about these, is that where there is an actual difference between C 11 and C 14 solutions, both of them are presented The book also never falls short of explaining underlying language mechanics and the pitfalls associated with them for any of the new or old approaches, so it never preaches It deliberates Fortunately, this methodology of explaining persists till the end.The second half of the book is then mostly concerned about move semantics, references, forwarding and lambdas What I truly liked about these, is that even if you didn t use the aforementioned features frequently, you would probably still become closer friends with them, mainly thanks to the length and detail of the discussions The second to last chapter made my head scratch a bit, as it discussed concurrency in such a casual way, as if some people were discussing yesterday s weather As I have mentioned in the first paragraph, the author really does assume prior knowledge, but this assumption is triply true for concurrency Unless you have some hands on knowledge of this topic or read Anthony Williams book on C concurrency which was actually cited here , it will be really hard to make use of this chapter And this would be my only complaint about the entire book if I was pressed hard to come up with one, but to be frank, I still wouldn t call it a complaint, as the author never set this book up to be any kind of intro to anything.So all in all, I m really satisfied with this book and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who at least has a basic knowledge of C Those, who just started out with C recently on the other hand, shouldn t defer themselves from buying this book either, as it will come in handy soon enough and they will be glad to have this prepared on their bookshelves when the time comes.As always, thanks for reading.

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    A free pre release edition, that upgraded itself when I was halfway through it.In short, a survey of the new features available with the newest revisions of C , along with suggestions on the best ways to use them Clear and concise, with each item explained so straightforwardly that it is instantly understandable But with dashes of humor, to give your brain short respites between the avalanches of facts and logic.I began by reading the book in the proper order, starting with an explanation of template type deduction The same that I d used in the STL in older versions of C And now, after all these years, can finally say that I understand From there I continued on into the new features But after a while I realized that there s no reason to read it in order Each section can stand alone True, there are references to other sections, but as often as not they re pointing forward in the text rather than backwards And, in the ebook at least, they come with handy hyperlinks so you can bounce to the reference and then right back So I started hopping Straight to the chapter on lambda functions, to see how they could possibly fit well into an OO language And by gum, it ended up making perfect sense.I d definitely recommend this book to old fart C programmers who want to catch up with the new stuff It s a keeper, if only to dip into from time to time to refresh that feeling of understanding it all.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 336 pages
  • Effective Modern C++
  • Scott Meyers
  • English
  • 14 May 2019

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Effective Modern C++ book, this is one of the most wanted Scott Meyers author readers around the world.