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Small Change, Big Results pdf Small Change, Big Results , ebook Small Change, Big Results , epub Small Change, Big Results , doc Small Change, Big Results , e-pub Small Change, Big Results , Small Change, Big Results 1e328bb1da9 Every Year, Millions Of People In The US Promise Themselves That They Ll Make A Change To Better Their Lives The Goals Include Improving Their Relationships, Reducing Stress, Saving Money, Landing A Better Job, And Getting Healthier Often The Changes Are Attempted While Dealing With An Already Overloaded Schedule Many People Do Succeed However, The Majority Give Up Trying According To Author Pat LaDouceur, PhD The Secret To Success With Change Is Not About Thinking Big But Rather To Think Small In Her Newly Released Book, Small Change, Big Results, The Psychotherapist Shows How Breaking Your Ultimate Goal Into Small Doable Steps Can Get You To The Finish Line The Powerful Strategies Offered In Small Change, Big Results Were Gleaned From What Worked For Thousands Of LaDouceur S Therapy Clients Over Than A Quarter Century In Her Sessions, She Directs Clients To Check Their Progress Each Week On Stated Goals, And She Also Takes Notes On What S Been Helpful In The Book, There S Advice For Tackling Change In Personal Relationships, At The Workplace, And With Habits LaDouceur Designed Her Techniques To Work In Many Areas Of Life LaDouceur Backs Up Her Practical Advice With Scientific Studies Two Topics The Science Looks At In Eye Opening Ways Are Habits And Willpower For Instance, The Reader Learns How Much We Rely On Habits On A Daily Basis For Routine Actions You Also See How The Pull Of Our Old, Habitual Behaviors Can Make It Hard To Do Things Differently LaDouceur Warns That Willpower Isn T As Reliable As We Thought, And It Gets Depleted As The Day Goes On Solutions Are Offered To Deal With Both Areas The Success Stories Presented Show How Dramatic Changes Can Ultimately Become, Though Based On Small Changes These Stories Are Based On Real Clients, With Identifiable Characteristic Changed, And Some Are Composites For Instance, Originally Corey A Software Developer Constantly Worried About Job Security Since His Field Has High Turnover The Solitary Nature Of His Job Was Also Potentially Changing, As Upward Movement Meant Management And Interaction Corey Started With The Small Step Of Noting How Many Interactions He Had With Other People Each Day From There, He Set A Target Number Of Daily Interactions Then, Over Time, He Expanded The Duration And Quality Of His Participation With People At The Job And Off After A Year, He Not Only Kept His Job, But Also Got A Promotion Small Change, Big Results Offers The Hopeful Message That Change Is Within Reach Life Can Be Rough, The Author Acknowledges But For Most People, There Are Simple Shifts You Can Make To Create Ease And Joy Even If You Believe You Ve Tried Everything To Achieve A Change You Want, There S Likely Another Angle, Another Perspective And Once You Have That Angle Or Perspective, The Real Change Is Likely Easier Than You Think

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    Small Change, Big Results How Simple Actions Can Reshape Your Life is designed for readers with big dreams who want to link these ideals with concrete goal setting skill sets While many a book approaches this similar topic with of an idealistic viewpoint, the goal of Pat LaDoucer, a licensed psychotherapist, is to explore how dreams translate into goals and then reality, and she offers specific tools that can be used to foster such changes.One might anticipate that these tools would take a good amount of time to learn and employ, but one of the pleasures of Small Change, Big Results is that they are actually quite simple and backed by the latest scientific research, not idealistic thinking.It s a process so don t expect a series of quick stand alone admonitions, but a succession of tools that interact with each other to form a game plan for identifying and enacting change Yes, they are easy to learn but the importance here lies in absorbing the entire process in chapters that reinforce the idea of altering thought patterns to accept the most creative paths possible.It s a system that promises to reduce feelings of overwhelm and negative stress, and one which is paired with easy reinforcing exercises and getting started tips that take key points and translate them to simple actions.Readers ready for positive change will find Small Change, Big Results How Simple Actions Can Reshape Your Life the best place to begin.

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    This valuable book looks at how you can be successful with changes when the changes you are making are extremely small This sets you up for success rather than trying to do too much and failing Small successes build up momentum, and then you can get even done.

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