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On Top of the World : Cantor Fitzgerald, Howard Lutnick, and 9/11: A Story of Loss and Renewal txt On Top of the World : Cantor Fitzgerald, Howard Lutnick, and 9/11: A Story of Loss and Renewal, text ebook On Top of the World : Cantor Fitzgerald, Howard Lutnick, and 9/11: A Story of Loss and Renewal, adobe reader On Top of the World : Cantor Fitzgerald, Howard Lutnick, and 9/11: A Story of Loss and Renewal, chapter 2 On Top of the World : Cantor Fitzgerald, Howard Lutnick, and 9/11: A Story of Loss and Renewal, On Top of the World : Cantor Fitzgerald, Howard Lutnick, and 9/11: A Story of Loss and Renewal d180d1 On The Morning Of September Nearly Seven Hundred Of Cantor Fitzgerald S One Thousand New York Employees Were At Their Desks On The Top Floors Of One World Trade Center When A Hijacked Passenger Plane Struck Eight Floors Below Not One Of Them LivedTheir Friends And Colleagues Who Survived Did So Through Random Luck They Missed A Train, Had A Business Trip, Took A Sick Day, Or, In The Case Of CEO Howard Lutnick, Dropped Off His Son At His First Day Of KindergartenOn Top Of The World Tells The Story Not Only Of That Tragic Day But Also Of The Complicated And Emotionally Charged Events That Followed In Its Wake It Is An Intimate, Often Harrowing Look At How Private Families Processed A Public Atrocity, How Corporate War Room Strategy Sessions Saved The Company From Liquidation And The Efforts Of Opportunistic CompetitorsThe Book Examines The Media Scrutiny That Followed Lutnick, A Man Who Lost His Brother And So Many Friends, Who Struggled To Be At Once The Compassionate Leader The Grieving Families Needed And The Tough Minded CEO His Decimated Company Required Finally, On Top Of The World Tells The Story Of A Group Of Men And Women Some Of Whom Were Just Starting Out, Others Who Had Succeeded Well Beyond Their Expectations Who Were Building Homes And Raising Families Together, Who Hired Relatives And Friends, And The Brothers And Sisters Of Those Friends That Their Business Has Survived And Even Flourished And That An Initially Uneasy But Ultimately Significant Covenant Has Been Formed Between Those Who Lived And The Families Of Their Lost Friends Is A Powerful Testament To The Ability Of A Community To Endure

About the Author: Tom Barbash

Tom Barbash is the author of the award winning novel The Last Good Chance and the non fiction book On Top of the World Cantor Fitzgerald, Howard Lutnick, and 9 11 A Story of Loss and Renewal, which was a New York Times bestseller His stories and articles have been published in Tin House, McSweeney s, Virginia Quarterly Review, and other publications, and have been performed on National Public R

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    I ve always felt really sorry for Howard Lutnick I really can t imagine being in his shoes, grieving over 700 people and having to live with an extreme amount of survivor s guilt and struggling to keep a bond trading company afloat after it was nearly destroyed He s definitely a hero to me, vowing to set up funds to help the families of victims after the September 11th Attacks, and though he did succeed, it was a difficult journey and he soon found that mourners were turning their anger towards him personally This book, akin to the 2012 documentary Out of the Clear Blue Sky, discusses not just the life of Lutnick but also how a community developed in the wake of a horrible trauma, and how Cantor Fitzgerald struggled to maintain itself after all five floors of its offices were collapsed and over half its employees tragically lost their lives It s a very sad story, but a compelling one.

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    On Top of the World examines the events of 9 11 through a unique lens Cantor Fitzgerald s surviving employees This company, which has been a heavyweight in the US bond market for decades, suffered by far the largest number of fatalities that fateful day 658 of its nearly 1000 NYC employees perished because they were above the point of impact in the North Tower and had no way to escape I found this book very compelling, for several reasons For me, personally, it struck a chord because I used to work as a research analyst in equities, and I know well the deep camaraderie that develops in a work environment such as Cantor s I cannot imagine losing almost all of the people I knew and loved and worked with at Cantor, 100 of the 114 people in equities died that day Entire desks had to be shuttered because no one no one was left to manage and sustain the departments.As an educator, I highly recommend this book because it makes 9 11 real to a generation of students who now are most likely to understand the attacks as a historical event rather than a lived experience incoming college freshmen were 4 years old when 9 11 happened But this book lays bare the suffering of the victims, the struggles of the survivors, the horrible losses felt by the families and friends of those who perished, and so on It explains the events of 9 11 as they occurred, from the first fireball to the jumpers to the collapse of the buildings and the desperate search for survivors, but manages to do so without sensationalizing these difficult details It also explores about 6 months of the aftermath of the attacks, dealing not only with the efforts of trying to put the firm back together but also the emotional and practical aspects of people trying to recover from the personal losses they suffered Despair, sadness, anger, bewilderment, determination, courage it s all here From a practical standpoint, this work also will appeal to the college crowd because so many of those who died were so very, very young in their 20s and 30s even the Chairman and CEO was only 40 years old and thus relatively easy to put one s self in the shoes of both those who died and those who survived As a reader, I was impressed with author Tom Barbash s ability to make clear that the firm didn t just suffer traumatic losses although it certainly did it also faced an immediate and vital threat to its very existence as the market maker in bonds and other derivatives, and so Chairman and CEO Howard Lutnick had to make a series of difficult business decisions even as he was forced to confront the deaths of his brother, his best friend, and hundreds of employees, all of whom he knew personally Barbash does an admirable job of explaining what Lutnick decided to do and how he and many others attempted to cope with what had happened There were moments when the book gets a bit sidetracked defending Lutnick against some bad press he received in the wake of the attacks, but I chalk this up to the fact that Barbash was a close friend of Lutnick s and that he brought the book to fruition within months Had he waited and published it years later, it would have been a very different book All in all, a gripping and emotional yet also informative it even discusses the ins and outs of the Victims Compensation Fund read.

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    This was a quick, very emotional read Although it does look to put Cantor Fitzgerald in a positive light, I believe it s correct to do so after reading this book.Howard Lutnick faced loss, hearbreak, devastation, and choices that, hopefully, none of us will ever have to endure I admire him for his courage, feel for his personal losses, and congratulate him on keeping his company and, in turn, the families of those that were lost together.A really good read.

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    I really enjoyed reading this book and appreciated learning about the almost superhuman effort the remaining Cantor Fitzgerald employees made to keep the company afloat after 9 11 in order to help the families of the 700 employees they lost that day The book is really a combination of the CEO s, Howard Lutnik, personal memories and the compilation of many activities and events and other personal accounts by Lutnik s friend, author Tom Barbash who flew to New York City at Lutnik s request to keep a record and document all that was happening It is told in an easy to read format of one to three page chapters and communicates a lot of sad facts about those who died, those who survived, and those who were left that gave me a new perspective on 9 11 I try to read something each year as the anniversary approaches this book is definitely one I d recommend.

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    I bought this book at the gift shop at the 9 11 Museum in Manhattan thinking that it looked like an interesting read and wow, it was As I read this book, on every page I kept saying to myself this is horrifying, how can people go through this What the individuals, family and friends who lived on went through is beyond words The book was extremely interesting from a business perspective but the human story behind this was so much I hope that each of the loved ones of the seven hundred killed have made a peaceful and happy life now with joyous memories of the special person they lost This was a story that should never have happened but could have had a far worse outcome had Howard Lutnick not taken the challenge on and succeeded on behalf of all affected.

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    This book covers the immediate aftermath of Cantor Fitzgerald s loss of over 700 employees in the north Twin Tower on 9 11 It s a book of loss, mourning, anger, perseverance camaraderie.

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    This was a 911 story that I could not put down It was about Cantor Fitzgerald A company I had never heard of before reading this story Howard Lutnick was the owner On September 11, 2007 it was a day like any other Except Howard chose to take his son to his first day of kindergarten Howard was not in the building with 658 employees and countless others when tower one and then tower two were struck Howard watched the whole thing from the street It was an incredible story How the company was able to stay open and rebuild after losing 658 employees He paid 10 years of insurance and 25% of income for 2007 It was a story how media and television can convict someone before the truth is actually out and how much public opinion is swayed by media It was sad to see them go after Howard like vultures and attack him as a person Great that he got his company and life back So sad that on that day so many lost their lives, husbands, wives, sons, daughters and that will never be replaced.

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    Read, and re read, this several years ago Exceptional 911 memoir Ten years ago, the CEO of Canter Fitzgerald dropped off his son at kindergarten, delaying his arrival to his company s offices of in the world trade center Something like 90% of the Canter Fitzgerald s workforce died in the 911 attacks The book shows the remaining employee s attempts to recover emotionally, aid the other survivors are relatives of the victims, and rebuild Cantor Fizgerald.

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    Interesting book, and surprisingly moving in parts The author an old friend of Howard Lutnick manages to put Lutnick s side of the story very well For someone like me with previous exposure to Cantor Fitzgerald and an awareness of their reputation prior to 9 11, it was interesting to see the other point of view.

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    This is an old story written in 2003 but so very moving An enthralling read that I literally could not put down So fascinating from the human side and so interesting about how they literally put the business back together Well written, informative and yet surprisingly personal.

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