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Daredevil chapter 1 Daredevil , meaning Daredevil , genre Daredevil , book cover Daredevil , flies Daredevil , Daredevil 073f93abb5f4d When Your Big Brother Dares You To Do Something, You Do It, No Questions Asked That S Ben S Problem He D Do Anything Sam Tells Him To, Even If It S Hard, Even If It S Dangerous, Even When He Knows It Will All Go Horribly Wrong A Tense Teen Thriller Particularly Suitable For Struggling, Reluctant And Dyslexic Readers Aged

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    NOTE This is a dyslexic friendly book Daredevil was a quick yet gripping read about two brothers Sam the older often treated Ben the younger like absolute trash and it was heartbreaking to read about The book was a little unrealistic but touching enough and I suppose it s quite suitable for its intended audience I also like how although there were lots of events happening in the story, the book didn t feel rushed at all Overall, a book that was set at just the right pace and with the ability to keep the reader s interest Short and sweet and the perfect read for a half hour breather Confession I read this just to get ahead in my reading challenge

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    I liked this book It is a short and easy to read book about two brothers I could understand the struggle the younger brother had with trying to be like his brother, but not having the skills to be able to do what his older brother does The older brother is acting out, he knows he can manipulate people to get his will, and he uses it.Even though it is a very short book, the pace was never slow A lot of events took place, but they did not feel rushed.This is a good book for those who do not read very often and want something exciting and shorter.

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