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Big Daddy Sinatra 2 (The Sinatras of Jericho County #2) chapter 1 Big Daddy Sinatra 2 (The Sinatras of Jericho County #2) , meaning Big Daddy Sinatra 2 (The Sinatras of Jericho County #2) , genre Big Daddy Sinatra 2 (The Sinatras of Jericho County #2) , book cover Big Daddy Sinatra 2 (The Sinatras of Jericho County #2) , flies Big Daddy Sinatra 2 (The Sinatras of Jericho County #2) , Big Daddy Sinatra 2 (The Sinatras of Jericho County #2) 88a261276e25e Handsome Businessman Charles Sinatra And His Regal African American Wife Jenay Are Living The Good Life In Jericho Despite The Bluebloods In Town Who Despise Their Wealth And Power And Will Stop At Nothing To Bring Them Down Jenay Continues To Run Charles S Bed And Breakfast, And Charles Continues To Run The Rest Of His Empire With The Same Ruthlessness And Uncompromising Fearlessness He Is Known For He Also Continues To Be There For His Grown Sons, Despite Their Many Issues Even His Oldest Son Brent Has Found Somebody To Keep Him Warm, Even Though That Somebody Is Jenay S Best Friend But When Jenay Becomes The Target Of Somebody S Twisted Revenge, Charles Will Stop At Nothing To Protect His Family And To Show The Haters In Town Just How Far He S Willing To Go With His Protection In The Latest Installment Of The Sinatras Of Jericho County Series, The Entire Sinatra Clan Comes Together To Serve, Protect, And Defend Their Family And Their Good Name

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    Just what you would expectIn this installment of the Sinatras ,we begin with a bomb and end with a bang A really good read and I like it a lot,the drama, suspense, and mystery along with a love story, beautiful Charles and Jenay are living their life and loving it Together with his sons and the beautiful baby daughter,Bonita they feel on top of the world, but trouble is on the horizon.It seems the good citizens of Jericho,Maine are not taking to kindly to Jenay ,not to mention her friends Norm and Denise who arrive in Maine to work at the Bed Breakfast Add to that the movers and shakers of the town come to Charles and issue and ultimatum to Big Daddy,that has him seeing red and making a shocking move of his own Meanwhile one of his sons is taken with a beautiful young waitress who just happens to be Jenays friend and their relationship may lead to some unnecessary drama for everyone If that s not enough both Charles and Jenay have to deal with their scheming ex s who have plans of their own for the Sinatras,all of this while trying to find the person responsible for planting a bomb in his wife s car, and that persons identity is a shocker to everyone There is never a dull moment in the life of Charles Big Daddy Sinatra.This story was very interesting and had me hooked It had a little mystery to it which I loved I thought I knew who was responsible for trying to kill Jenay,but in true Mallory Monroe fashion, you just never know until the end The love and loyalty Charles and Jenay shared was beautiful this book that her others had me interested in the secondary characters,the brothers interaction was hilarious and at times heartfelt,I found myself wanting to know about them and I have a feeling we will get of them in future books and I can t wait Great job

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    Charles aka Big Daddy, Jenay Sinatra and their family are back in Book 2 and it is riveting I love every single page of their story I will be back to give a detailed interview very soon.

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    Big Daddy Sinatra 2 If I Can t Have You was a thrilling roller coaster ride from chapter one to the very end of the tale Also, Big Daddy Sinatra 2 was a very suspenseful read due to unsuspecting characters from Big Daddy ex wife, Arianna , Jenay ex husband, Quince with children, Ashley and Carly and his son s Mom past coming back into their lives to destroy the family while leaving an innocent bystander, Nanny Tess dead to make the story like a whodunit Big Daddy remains ruthless and cunning with his blunt conversations and many beat downs left me speechless but sadly the very people he thought were his friends fooled him throughout the story from Chief Joffee, Will and even Mary, his trusted secretary Denise, one of Jenay s best friends from Boston was just Denise but who knew she would be so much like Norm said she was immature and stupid too The most important point to this book was love and loyalty to Jenay and if you messed with his Jean , well Big Daddy Sinatra just did what he did best, he paid each and every obnoxious blue blood back in Jericho County, Maine in spades What he did to Stoke was too hilarious with the very cake Jenay baked for the meeting she attended SO don t mess with the Sinatra clanEVER Loving this flawed yet close knit family but hating it took me so long to take Mallory Monroe storytelling seriously Now after reading Big Daddy Sinatra and Trevor Reese s story with the major characters from several families, I KNOW THAT I M HOOKED NOW Question Why did Sprig leave her husband Gabrini and her sons with Charles help Why are Charles and Sprig no longer close 5 Big Daddy Kane, oops Sinatra stars

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    This story had so much potential and it was just wasted The plot that was to create tension by placing the heroine in danger via an explosion was underdeveloped Also, there were too many poorly developed plots, subplots, and misdirections the result is a book that didn t really deliver romance, interesting and hot sex, suspense, or become a good who dunnit Also, the dialogue written for a 40 year old white business man at some times seemed appropriate for street hustlers or urban youth.Now that Big Daddy is married to Jenay the town racists are out to undermine her, obsessed women are out to take her place, at least one of her stepson s dislikes her, her best friend is screwing and screwing over another of her stepsons, her ex husband is back and is involved in a plot to end her marriage to Big Daddy, and someone wants to kill her There is just too much going on in this book so, in my view, nothing was well developed and every storyline fell flat and felt incomplete.Drawing out the idea that Daniel was behind the plot to kill Jenay would have added complexity, and been the foundation for good family conflict The real bomber and the reason behind it could have driven the story forward without adding all the other needless drama with Denise and Brenton, the problem with Robert, the issues with the town s bluebloods, and the ex wife who wants a relationship with her now adult sons and or a relationship with Big Daddy Based on the ending, expect a sequel to this book After reading this book, I think this author just might be losing her edge.

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    Now this was a crazy ride I thought for sure that I was going to go out of my mind wondering what happened to cause the beginning of the story Jenay was a sideline in this one I think She was right in the middle of all the action but it was Charles who was running the show He seems determined to take the lead across the board and make sure he holds everyone, not just his customers and businesses but his family as well I thought for sure Robert was going down I hope he has his act right now but I m waiting to see what happens Donnie still needs to grow up but that sense of entitlement I doubt will ever go away I was thinking he had involvement which I m sure will come up but hopefully it s not as bad as I want it to be Then Denise That heffa is out of her mind for real I m sure she ll be running back but I hope her chances have been given and done with The circus is sure in Jericho, that Sprig was hell on wheels and I actually liked that she was telling it like it is Can t wait to see what these girls have planned but hopefully nothing then they already have done Can t wait for the next one.

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    BIG DADDY SINATRA 2 IF I CAN T HAVE YOU The Sinatras of Jericho County Book 2 certainly did not disappoint It literally started out with a bang Quince Franklin is approached by Arianna Sinatra to break up the marriage of Charles and Jenay to get back into the lives of Charles and their sons Even though Charles doesn t like the name Big Daddy, he will put a whipping on his grown sons, as he did Donald when Donald nearly beat his wife to death in Book 1 and Robert when he found out he was dealing drugs Charles Sinatra might be Big Daddy Sinatra to the people of Jericho, but you cannot denied that he loves his family and will destroy anybody who seeks to harm them In book 2 someone is out to kill Jenay and Charles will stop and nothing to find out who that is What shocks him as well as Jenay is who it is Brent has some drama going on in this book in the form of Denise Jenay s best friend Looking forward to see what book three Big Daddy Sinatra 3 The Best of My Love The Sinatras of Jericho County has in store for me.

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    A Tear Jerker BRAB ONLINE BOOK CLUBWhat can I say, this book had me reeling It had non stop suspense that had me guessing throughout the book and not being able to guess the answers.This is the second book in the series that highlights the romance between Jenae and Charles Big Daddy Sinatra, his four sons and beautiful baby girl The series of events that kept me on edge includes a bombing, murder, blackmail, embezzlement and betrayal Charles and Jenae s relationship became even closer, as others tried to tear them apart I don t know when I ll get enough of this family I m ready for the next book.

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    Definitely better than the 1st book but I have a few questions as to why some situations weren t answered I guess I ll have to read the 3rd installment EDIT So, I took a day to think about what I read and my conclusion is that Charles is an abuser He physically beats his adult sons, Robert and Donald In the previous book, Donald went to prison for a year for beating his ex wife Yea, it s understandable for Charles to beat his son up in the first book, but he did it again in the second Beating his sons are the reason why they ve done some of the things they ve done It s ridiculous and hypocritical of Charles He slapped his son to get the truth from him only to find out that he s suffering from depression Ok, he found out that his son had nothing to do with the attempted murder of Jenay and the murder of Tess but Donald is a grown ass man, he doesn t have to tell Charles everything and to slap him is nonsense All of his boys are a product of him Yes, they are grown but they want their father I m 34 and I still want love and affection from my parents so when a new woman shows up, gets married and has a kid with their father, of course it messed up their already unstable world Just like Mick s kids, I feel sorry for Charles kids.

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    Bring on the SinatrasMy girl has done it again It s no wonder that msg Mallory Monroe is my favorite series writer Charlie Sinatra is one alpha daddy with a super swag all of his own I love the chemistry between he and his equally tough wife..oh and can t forget his sons especially Brent although I think Tony will also be one to watch. Mallory is the type of writer that you really hate to start reading her books because you can t put it Seriously once you start you become so engrossed in her excellent storylines that will not want to stop until the end and then you don t want it to endAs she has done with her Mob Boss series, which I have read every one and getting ready to read her latest dapper Tom and Grace sequel..can t wait I thoroughly recommend this book and every book she has written You won t be disappointed.

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    I am loving this new series by Miss Monroe.I love the relationship between Janay and Charles I like that fact that he did not let her go to Richmond on her own he was right there next to her and was able to handle that rubbish that went down I like it that they are honest with each other about everything and Big Daddy is not afraid to call his sons out on their rubbish.What is Denise thinking That girl has demonstrated to me that she is dumb woman for someone who went to university On to book 3.

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