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    From the People Who Should Apologize To the Trees For Killing Them To Make The Paper For This Department Or Different verse, same as the first Self published books are usually self published because they aren t very good And all my alarm bells start ringing when I see nothing but 5 ratings on a self published book Look, not even William Shakespeare gets 5 from everyone on , or Good Reads And if the Bard of Avon self rated his stuff this way, I d find it just as shameful, though accurate But this author is no Shakespeare Here we have classic bad writing is this free verse or is extravaganza supposed to rhyme with banana Amateurish art Bad layout with multiple typefaces some of which are very hard to read Poor editing of things like punctuation Gentle Reader, let us take a moment to pause in abject horror of the Prince Charles Medal award winning poem entitled I Want to Be Your Sweatpants Extra ROFTLMAO points for the author s friends who are comparing this to Shel Silverstein Thank you for the entertainment Certainly than I got from the book.

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    Such a great and funny poetry book for all ages I had a blast reading this book with my nephew I found myself stopping a lot to show my boyfriend some of the poems We laughed so hard at some of these There are a lot of life lessons within these poems and some of them really reminded me of myself I absolutely loved Kelly the Kittens Rough Day That is so me I highly recommend this book for kids as well as adults You will have a blast reading through his book

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    I decided to download this book for my brother who is in middle school and is going through some changes in his life He really liked this book because of the humor and how it related to his life He actually told me that Grounded was one of his favorite poems because he could relate The illustrations fit each poem well and represented the work as a whole I read the book myself and it did actually remind me of Shel Silverstein s books that I used to read as a kid Some of the poems were funny, some were happy and all were relatable I just really enjoyed this one and it gave me a happy feeling Would recommend this one to all ages

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    Wow What a wonderful collection of children s poems This is a great book for youngsters, the subjects range from school to day to day situations to somewhat serious The poems are funny yet poignant Bridget Renshaw has written a great book that will be enjoyed by both kids and parents I highly recommend buying it for the children in your life.

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Cornucopia summary pdf Cornucopia , summary chapter 2 Cornucopia , sparknotes Cornucopia , Cornucopia 3b6a87a A Bundle Of Touching Comedic Children S Poems, Cornucopia Encompasses A Group Of Light, Quirky Poems About Growing Up And Living Life The Collection Includes Light And Offbeat Intellections With Titles Such As Selling Happiness , Scattered Thoughts , Kelly The Kitten S Rough Day , Mom S Clever Little Trick , And The Feels As A Kid Growing Up, One Embarks On A Journey Of Living Life, Being Happy, Finding Humor In The World And Explaining Things Cornucopia Encompasses The Weird Explanations And Thoughts From A Growing Kid S Perspective

  • ebook
  • 140 pages
  • Cornucopia
  • Bridget Renshaw
  • English
  • 03 November 2019

About the Author: Bridget Renshaw

Bridget Renshaw spent her childhood in Allen, TX, writing poems, raps and stories from a very young age She now spends her adult years doing the same thing in Los Angeles, CA Bridget received an MBA from Texas Tech University in 2008 Bridget s first book, Cornucopia, is a group of quirky, fun and deep poems that she says is an extension of her childhood heart She is thrilled to be sharing th